Due to the many requests for a quality dog food made with ingredients from the USA and certified by the AAFCO standards, I have joined the Life's Abundance family.

Although I am a raw food breeder, not all of my customers have our unique circumstances to produce their own food; hence, my constant search for the best possible alternative in a kibble that I can endorse wholeheartedly.

I use to have several dog brands under the Dog Food Recommendations tab, however, none can compare to the quality control of Life's Abundance.  This food has been created by a holistic veterinarian that has studied dog nutrition for over 20 years - unheard of in the vet industry!  It is this dedication that has inspired me to highly recommend that you provide your pet with the safest (never has had a recall), painstakingly researched and great tasting dog food in kibble form. It is also very convenient if you use the auto ship option.

No, I am not going to stop feeding raw, but I did want my own proof that my doodles would eat and enjoy this food and they most certainly do.  This kibble is not slathered with restaurant 'waste' grease to make it 'tasty', or injected with additives for shelf longevity.  It is made in small batches, placed in a temperature controlled environment, rotated for freshness and handled with care.

Go to the link below to order a bag of food and watch it be devoured. Take some time to look at what is available for both our companions and ourselves.  I do believe you will be as satisfied as I am with the integrity of this company and its products.

To order dog food or products, PLEASE USE THE LINK BELOW TO ORDER!  Do not order direct from company. LA uses an ordering system for each individual purchase which helps me keep track of who is using their products and if you are satisfied.  This is important to me as a representative of this company. Thanks, I know you will be providing your companion with the best possible choice of food in kibble form.

Please click Life's Abundance to place an order! Once the page opens, click PRODUCTS, scroll to Dog Food/Treats, etc. and decide on size of bag.  If you do Autoship, you save money!  Thanks bunches!  :+)

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