Friday, May 14, 2021

Brinkley & Diesel's pups are two weeks old today!

They have settled into the Puppy Room enjoying some of the sunshine and listening to all the other doodles and house noises.

Gabriel likes having them 'next door' to his pen.  :+). Brinkley comes and goes as she pleases.  Their eyes and ears have just started opening but they need more time to focus and see well.  

They are plump and content.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Gabriel misses his buddies!

 I hope everyone is doing pretty well.  I know the first few days can be a bit daunting.  Gabriel  misses his buddies but I am also getting him use to our home and other doodles which is going as expected - some are fine and others have their noses tweaked.  This too shall pass as he meshes into our household.  He did sleep last night with a few stuffed animals for comfort which I was happy about.

I just wanted to post a couple of pics of him since he was not posted on the AnnaBlog on Go Home Day.

Outside watching the 'girls'.

Gunny is being quite tolerant of him 'hanging' around.

That face!!

Saturday, May 8, 2021

The JONNIE X HOBBS LITTER goes home today!

Thank you everyone for being on time - so appreciated!  It was great to see you all with smiles and excitement on Pick Up Day for your pups.  :+) 

I do hope one clever person will set up a FB page for this litter so all of you can keep in touch.  It is so much fun to watch siblings grow up together and share the trials and tribulations of raising a new puppy.

I hope you learned a lot at the meeting and took notes!  If not, you all know how to contact me!

Hopefully, Milo is everything your daughter wanted in a pup!

This is Nellie #3 for this couple.  Micheal said 'It has been a great name for two others, why change it'?

This couple was hoping for a sweet, cuddly kind 'o' guy.  Grady fits the bill. 

'Joe' will keep this couple entertained with both laughter and activity.

A second doodle within a year and a half from ADNE!  Guess you 'just can't have one'!

I am expecting lots of funny emails from this couple with Mosby!

Remember to have patience, laughter, determination and lots of love to make your new pup the best it can be.  I provided you with the easel, you need to paint the picture.  Enjoy!

Friday, May 7, 2021

Surgeries went very well for Jonnie's litter.

Yesterday morning, Jonnie's litter was at my vets to get their surgeries.  As is typical, I am on pins and needles until I get the call that all went well.  :+)

A bunch of them had 'cones of shame' on their heads because they were licking the surgical site, but I had them removed as I prefer using a different 'collar'.  You will notice them in the pics.  I make them from sherpa and they are soft and no one bumps into things.  They can also eat and drink without an issue.  I keep them here because I use them as necessary but if your pup continues to 'worry' the incision site, you may need to purchase one for a few more days.  I may actually have a couple of the plastic ones around here if any of you want one.  Just let me know.

When I feed the pups, I then allow them to be outdoors for about 20 minutes using the pup yard and enjoying some playtime.  After that, I put them back into the Pup Room Pen to remain more calm - although they wrestle with each other lots.  My biggest concern is them running too much to open the wound.  As of today, I checked them all and they are nice and tight and dry which is perfect.

To allow the wound to keep healing, please refrain from playing too hard with your pup and keep running to a minimum for 7 more days (no bathing either!).  You can play tug gently but the best you can do is encourage them to accept their harness (get comfortable with it on) providing lots of treats and connecting it to a leash.  Do this IN THE HOUSE numerous times before taking them outdoors 'for a walk'.  By encouraging them to accept both the harness and the leash indoors, you will have a higher success rate for teaching them to walk on a leash outside where there will be lots of environmental stimulation and excitement.  This is when having a fenced area comes in really handy for potty time! They can just 'go' outdoors without the leash or harness and be safe.  Remember your pups have been raised on turf, stone pavers, tile and washed stones.  They have not been on grass.

Expect every one of them to be a bit shy or cautious when they meet strangers or other dogs.  This is normal and some may have a big reaction while others may be just fine.  It is very dependent on how your pup interprets the stranger or dog.  Give them lots of time to acclimate on THEIR terms.  A stranger in the house may need to sit on the floor and allow your pet to approach them - providing treats helps with this.  A new dog takes longer and they need to figure it out themselves.  Give a wide berth on this.  No 'forcing'!!

Meeting new people and dogs can be very scary to a new pup that only knows my home!  Be patient, provide stellar treats and allow them to 'meet & greet' on their terms.  It will all come together in a week or so.  :+)

My husband says 'they look like they have on straight jackets'!  Bellamy is already at her Guardian Home so is not in the pics.  Of course, Gabriel did not have any surgery yet as he is just 3 lbs. and I would like him to be at least 5 lbs.  He does love sitting on the top of the slide.  

The Brinkley x Diesel Litter is one week old!

 And boy are they growing!  Such a content group as Brinkley is a doting mommy.  She is constantly checking on them and keeping them happy.  Brinkley is eating well and enjoys being outside hanging out with our four girls when she wants a break.  

In the early morning, they all rush outdoors to check on the baby pigs and all the baby chickens! They all find this so exciting and every time I let them out to play, they all rush to do the same thing over and over hoping to 'catch' a chicken.  They come in with tongues hanging out and happy faces.  Trust me, all the baby chickens are protected from the doodles. :+)

What is wonderful about Brinkley is her utter trust that the other doodles will not hurt her babies.  I don't have to shut the door to the office where they are as she does not mind at all that the girls come and check out her brood.  Brinkley just wags her tail and seems to say 'Are they not adorable?'  :+)

Please be aware that I have NOT named these pups.  I just decided to take a break from color codes and used 'associative names' to identify them.

'Bruno' means the color 'brown'.  He is that!

'Chip' off the old block' as Wyatt is the litters grandfather.

'Amber' because the hue of her coat reminds me of the gemstone.  :+)

'Jade' another lovely colored 'gem'!

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Brinkley and pups went to the vets this morning. (Brinkley x Diesel)

Yes, my vets are open on Sundays and Brinkleys babies needed to be vet checked to be sure there were no abnormalities and had their front dew claws removed.  I always do this to prevent those nasty claws from getting caught in bushes or wire and being painfully torn off.  Groomers are always happy that dews are removed as many times the clippers nick them!

Brinkley was also checked out and deemed 'fit as a fiddle'.  :+)

It was a quick visit and we were home in no time.  Here are a couple of pics.

Don't you love it when pups sparkle in the sunshine?

What were the percentages that there would be two chocolate males and two apricot females?

Proudly hovering over her babies.

Love this shot.  :+)

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Brinkley's babies arrived on Friday afternoon! (Brinkley x Diesel)

I am only getting to this today as yesterday was a bit of a haze!

My 'special' guardians for Brinkley were kind enough to keep her with them during my crazy appointment week (hubby is in the hospital with pneumonia so I did not want Brinkley here alone).  As soon as I returned from the second temperament test late Friday morning, they brought Brinkley here.  

After chit chatting for a bit, they left but did not even get out of my driveway when the first pup presented itself to the world!  Can you believe it??  Talk about timing!!

So, the rest of the afternoon I was on whelp watch to welcome the three other pups waiting their turn.

All was over with by 3:00 pm which I was so grateful for.  Having a small litter was a 'present' to me for sure.  With spring baby chicks, new baby piglets delivered, a truckload of tree logs plate is rather full at this time.  BUT - all is good, and I am grateful.  :+)

Although I have not cleaned up Brinkley yet, she still sparkles.  :+)

I will do my best to contact those on her list, please be patient.

  1. Jade (Female) - arrived at 12:20 pm. Jade is apricot in color and weighs 11 1/4 ounces.
  2. Bruno (Male) - Presented himself at 1:24 pm weighing 11 7/8 ounces.
  3. Amber (Female) weighed 12 5/8 ounces when she arrived at 2:40 pm.  Amber is an apricot and white abstract.
  4. Chip (Male) was a whooping 13 ounces!  Gheesh!  He arrived at 3:01 pm and is chocolate.
This afternoon, I weighed them again and all are gaining.  Brinkley enjoys being outdoors with our other doodles and she is a very easy going mom.  Thank you Brinkley for being such an easy guest.  Beautiful coats.