Sunday, May 19, 2024


I just received a call from her Guardian and we are planning her breeding schedule as I type. First, we need to do some Progesterone testing and once we pin that down, Lucie will be bred and then we count the days to her delivery - which I expect will be around the end of July. So, roughly speaking, pups will be going home in early September. REMEMBER THIS IS A VERY LOOSE CALCULATION. Once, all is said and done, I can be more precise. :+)

Friday, May 10, 2024

Still waiting!

I know how frustrating this is for everyone interested in a Lucie litter but there truly is nothing I can do but wait - just like all of you. I would certainly understand if some of you move on to other breeders. Ultimately, it is about what works for all of you. Don't feel that I will be upset, I will not - it is the life of a breeder - nothing is ever set in stone! :+) Joyce

Tuesday, April 2, 2024


Like everyone else, I am patiently waiting for news that Lucie is cycling. Mother Nature is always in charge as I say over and over again! Fingers crossed that she cycles this spring as planned. Still contemplating who her mate will be - so nice to have choices!! I hope all of you had a pleasant Easter celebration. Now that most of the holidays are behind us, let us move past the incoming snow/rain storm coming to the East Coast and know, it will all be gone in a few days with temperatures signaling Spring!! Stay tuned!

Saturday, February 10, 2024


Phoebe's pups were all picked up today much to the delight of their owners.  The day was absolutely gorgeous with blue skies and mild temperatures.

Once all arrived, we went outside with the pups for some socialization, fresh air and 'blanket' rubs on each pup.  Then we started our meeting to go over the pup booklet.  Later we all went outdoors again for pictures, and the last 'potty' stop before  traveling to their new homes.

Adios my fluffy dear ones!  I hope you make me proud as you acclimate to your new home, people and places you will go!  :+)

Deb and Phoebe Nyx! 

Andrew and Laura with Luka!

Sue and Brad with Hazel!

Sam, Emme, Eric with Moose!

The whole 'family' together. Good luck everyone!

You all know you can always contact me with questions or concerns.   I would also enjoy updates on how they are all doing and most of all, PICTURES every now and again.  :+)

I think Emme is adjusting really well to having Moose in their home. What do you think??

The perfect pair.  ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿงก


Friday, February 9, 2024

WHEW! Pups are bathe, bags are packed and they are ready for their homes!!

Did you honestly think this day would ever be on the horizon????  :)

Right now they are running around the pup room like a bunch of naked toddlers under a sprinkler!  :+)

All of them were great for their bath and amazingly good with the hair dryer! None showed any concern at all which makes me very pleased.  I added their microchip tag to their collars and will put them on tomorrow morning in hopes none of them will allow their siblings to chew it!  Little stinkers!

I am sorry pictures could not be taken during the bath - hubby was busy with wood and I needed double the hands I have....:+(

Please be on time tomorrow.  I have an early wake to attend to (hubby's friend) but will be there for 11 am.  If you are early, please wait in the driveway in your vehicle or go uptown for a cup of coffee! :+)

Looking forward to seeing all the smiles tomorrow as you FINALLY take your companions home.  Remember after my 'talk', each one of you needs to stay in line for pictures - doesn't take long, I promise!!!

Thursday, February 1, 2024

WEEK EIGHT! - Phoebe#2 x Diesel Litter

Yup, time is moving very quickly to pick up day next week.  Are you ready??  

Since today is cloudy but not raining (yet), I decided to try and take a pic of each pup alone outdoors.  They all love being outside and are thrilled to be playing, chasing, finding treasures and just exploring in a lot of space.

I have contacted all the new owners and everyone is quite happy with their assignments!  My trainer was very impressed with this litter which makes me feel good. :+)

One more week and they will all be in a new home with new people wondering 'what the heck happened'?  Just remember to give them time to get accustomed  - they will come around.  Petting, playing and eating make them very happy.  :+)

'King of the Mountain' is MOOSE Cheney!  9 1/2 lbs.

LUKA Morrissette/Marotta being his typical goofy and active self!  10 lbs.

Dainty HAZEL Cohen enjoyed a lick of snow.  6 1/2 lbs.

PHOEBE (we have a 'jr.') Demaso is very focused.  8 lbs.

By the weekend, the SpaySecure contract will be sent to you.  Look for it.  It must be signed by you before pick up day.  SpaySecure will contact me once it has been done.  :+). THANK YOU!

Wednesday, January 31, 2024


Well, we finally got the pups outdoors and I can tell you they all loved it but Cinder and Elf REALLY like being outdoors.  They play and chase each other round and round and use the dogie door at every opportunity.  Jingles and Star needed the taxi driver (me) to introduce them to the outdoors. THEN, they decided they liked it.  :+)  

Here are some shots of their excursion:

The 'body-less' doodle!  Jingles will need a colorful vest when outdoors so you can find him!

Whoopie!!! Where did THIS playground come from??

Isn't this stuff fun?  Huh? Huh?

Hey, where are those two going??

Monkey see, monkey do. Star & Jingles.