Monday, November 18, 2019


Many thanks to my website designer for getting my website updated in record time!  She is amazing!  All is current and all new links work properly.  Enjoy.  :+)

Thursday, November 14, 2019


To my great delight I was able to purchase this little nugget from Marci of Tango Wool Labradoodles.  I took a trip down to eastern Massachusetts and watched the litter for a bit before making my choice.  It was between her and a sweet little boy but I really wanted a female.  A couple weeks later, I brought JONNIE CACHE to Maine.  Didn't take long to be blessed with a guardian inquiry from a familiar family who was ready for a second doodle from ADNE!  It was a perfect fit!

Lil Jonnie and BFF Murphy
Nine years ago we started the search for the right family-dog.  With three young children, we had a long list of requirements.  After extensive research, we discovered ADNE and fell in love with these doodles.  We waited for one of the liters and eventually adopted Murphy Tucker.  
Murphy immediately became part of our family.  He is a loving, gentle, kind doodle, who will do anything for a tennis ball.  When Murphy turned 6, we started discussions about adding another doodle to the family.  We went back to ADNE and searched for the next litter.  
At the time, there weren’t any puppies to adopt.  However, Joyce asked if we would be a guardian to a little girl.  She sent us a picture of Jonnie Cache, and it was love at first sight.  We went down to meet Jonnie, and knew it was the right fit.  Even Murphy approved.  So Jonnie became part of our family.
Jonnie is such a fun, loving little girl.  Jonnie spent many of her puppy days at puppy camp – socializing with other dogs and learning her manners.  She enjoys meeting new dogs and playing.  She spends the warm months at the lake, chasing Murphy and is starting to enjoy swimming, like Murphy. 

Every morning Jonnie and Murphy play together.  They adore one another. 
 She is a typical little sister and loves to antagonize Murphy until he agrees to play.  
Jonnie is full of energy and loves to take walks with the kids, run around, and be with people.  She is also a cuddler.  When we sit, Jonnie usually jumps up on our lap to be loved. She also loves to curl up next to the kids when they are sleeping.  
Jonnie has fit right in with our family.  


  • Date of Birth is May 18, 2018 from Tango Wool's 'Over the Rainbow' aka Toto and  Tango Wool's 'Pennies from Heaven' aka Billie. Both parental pedigrees and test results will be included in buyer booklets.  
  • Size/Color/Coat:  Jonnie is a true miniature black and tan phantom who is about 15 inches in height and 20 lbs.  Her fleece coat is soft and silky with a bit of gentle curls.
  • Pattern DNA for interested breeders is:  BbEe, DD, Em/m, S/Sp, Ky/Ky, at/at,
  • Hips:  PH is .43/.42 above average, eVet prelim OFA rating is Good with normal Elbows.
  • OFA Patellea: Normal - OFA HY-PA2473/12F/P-VPI
  • OFA Legg-Calves-Perthes: Normal - OFA HY-P95/12F-VPI
  • OFA Cardiac: Normal - OFA HY-CA2920/12F/C-VPI
  • THYROID: Normal.  No evidence of thyroid disease.  #HML 134805
Cleared by Parents for the following diseases:
  • PRA - Progressive Rod Atrophy
  • vWD - von Willebrand Disease
  • DM - Degenerative Myopathy
Pedigree here:

Christy 'BRINKLEY' has joined our breeding program!

I am so delighted that Brinkley has passed her testing and will hopefully produce sweet puppies that are just like her and her Momma, Daisy who is now retired.  Daisy is my velcro doodle and is extremely loving, sweet and tolerant.  It is this exact type of temperament that Labradoodles are so well known for.  Surely, both of her daughters, Ms. Sadie Benz and Brinkley will follow in her pawsteps :+)

Here are some words from her guardians:

We were hesitant to get another dog only a short while after losing both our beloved 14 yr. old mini labradoodles, Puck and Riley. But our daughter, who was a guardian for a year-old ADNE pup, encouraged us to consider looking at a gorgeous female for whom Joyce needed a guardian home. Once we saw and held Brinkley we were smitten.

This sweet girl was not a replacement for our dogs, but she immediately filled our home with the joy and heart that was missing with her own delightful personality.

We were familiar with the breed, so knew in that sense she was a perfect fit. Brinkley’s manageable size means she can curl up on a chair with me to read or watch TV. She is sturdy and strong enough to enjoy walks and hikes, but if we have inclement weather and can’t get a good walk in, she easily adapts without being antsy or fretful. She loves a good romp with other dogs and was a standout pupil in dog training class. Her groomer adores her and Brinkley loves water, whether in a bath or swimming in the lake. She is a good rider who enjoys both car and boat rides. Her overall temperament is even and mellow.

Brinkley will alert us with a sharp bark if someone approaches our home, but then settles once she’s done her job. We love her wavy non shedding coat that draws everyone to pet her, which she relishes. We have three young granddaughters and Brinkley is wonderful with them. She is always ready to engage in a game of catch or chase, but also quick to settle and just cuddle.

We were unfamiliar with guardianship until our daughter contracted with ADNE for her dog, Sadie. We were able to observe how that worked - and how well it worked - with considerate and cooperative partners. So, we agreed to sign on and thus far it has been a seamless partnership. We couldn’t be happier with Brinkley and we can’t imagine our home without her.

This was the cutest pic ever of Sadie (back seat) and Brinkley (the driver):

Driving Miss Sadie!!!


  • Date of Birth is July 5, 2018 from Pine Lodge 'Daisy' Mae Duke of ADNE and Labradoodledoo's 'Wyatt' Slurp of ADNE.  Both parents bought from other breeders of exceptional lines. Both parental pedigrees and test results will be included in buyer booklets for you to peruse..  
  • Size/Color/Coat:  Brinkley is medium in size and about 30 lbs. and 17 inches in height.  Her fleece/hair combo coat is soft with a bit of gentle waves.
  • Pattern DNA for interested breeders is:  Bbee, Kb/Kb, at/at, S/Sp - carries parti pattern.
  • Hips:  PH is .43/.54, eVet prelim OFA rating is Excellent with normal Elbows.
  • OFA Patellea: Normal - OFA HY-PA2757/13/P-VPI
  • OFA Legg-Calves-Perthes: Normal - OFA HY-LP159/13F-VPI
  • OFA Cardiac:  - OFA HY-CA3254/15F/C-VPI
  • THYROID/Hemolife: Normal.  No evidence of thyroid disease.  #HML 138513
  • PRA - Progressive Rod Atrophy - 9/14/19 GenSol Labs #165652 is Clear/Normal 
  • vWD - von Willebrand Disease - 9/17/19 DDC Lab #179623 is Clear
  • DM - Degenerative Myopathy - 9/17/19 DDC Lab #179623 is Clear
Pedigree here:

Friday, November 8, 2019

Pondering who I will mate for YEAR 2020 puppies!

As with all things determined by Mother Nature, everything is subject to change!  However, I always have 'wish lists' just like the majority of my buyers do.

Let's talk about Ms. Sadie Benz first.  She is a lovely 'lavender' colored girl that was a chocolate color for her first year but, like most chocolates, they 'evolve'.  There are very few Australian Labradoodles that remain chocolate all of their lives due to dilutions that have been introduced into the lines.  So, if your heart is set on a chocolate, my lines will not produce one. They will become Cafe (a mixture of chocolate and silvery colored hair strands i.e. Gunny) or Lavender (a beautiful shade of a silvery taupe with either blue or pink tones - i.e. Sadie)  I will be breeding Sadie to either a chocolate or black male which will produce phantoms, abstracts (solid with some white) or solids in all colors.

Cafes look like my girl Gunny, who appears to look like mostly chocolate but you see the silvery highlights especially in strong light like shown.  Gunny truly is darker than Sadie.

Gunny with her newborns last year.  Notice the chocolate newborns??

I just received a great pic of Sadie in her pretty Lavender color:

Sadie all stretched out in her glory!  Similar to Gunny but much lighter when compared side by side.

Now another color of 'chocolate' is called Caramel.  If you are a fudge lover, you may know of a type called Penuche which is NOT brown at all but a light vanilla shade.  That is what doodle breeders describe as Caramel.  A Caramel doodle MUST NOT have a black nose.  It is a brownish colored nose - some are dark and others are light brown or even rosy brown in color.

This is Phineas, he is a caramel - notice his light colored nose and hazel eyes?

My next girl I may breed is a large miniature named Elsie Malloy.  Elsie is 25 lbs and about 17 inches in height - a nice sturdy girl.  She is an apricot.  Apricots also have 'tones' such as light apricot or dark - almost reddish.  Sometimes they bleach out a bit in the summer sun and then get darker again in the winter months.  Elsie is like that.  I have three boys I am considering:  Duckie, Emmett and possibly Hobbs (who may be too young yet).  All three males would produce some pups in the phantom, parti or solid color range.

Elsie prancing around in the sun.

My last consideration will be my mini, Jonnie Cache.  However, breeding her will depend entirely on timing.  If she cycles too close to the above two, I will pass and breed her the next breeding cycle.  My thoughts are either Duckie Mallard or Hobbs.  Either stud will produce phantoms, like Jonnie (two colors) in either black and tan or chocolate and tan.

Jonnie has the coloration of a Yorkie.  Her black saddle on her back has silver strands.  She is a full phantom pattern.
All of the above doodles have more pics and full health information under the CURRENT BREEDERS TAG on my website. 

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Skye's the Limit has come to visit!

Today is a perfect fall day with a sparkling blue horizon and an abundance of sunshine.  I also have a perfect little specimen for pictures.

The Boomer x Gunny litter was an adorable group of pups and I kept back Skye and Diesel as potential breeding doodles.  As you know, Diesel was recently placed in a guardian home as a future stud.  He is a robust pup in size and will favor his daddy.  However, little Skye is like her momma, Gunny, who is a perfect mature mini size of about 22 lbs.  I just weighed Skye today (at 20 weeks) and she is just about 10 lbs., so I expect her to be about 18 lbs. when full grown.

I am completely delighted with this little girl and hope she will become as excellent a momma as Gunny, who is now retired.

Skye is highly intelligent and a willing learner.

She is also very focused.

A face you cannot resist.  Skye's mature coat will be soft, non-shedding, fleece with some curl. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

DIESEL & SHILO go to their new homes today!

It was a delightful ride to Diesel's new home this morning.  Although it was sprinkling slightly, I barely had to use my wipers.  Down a nice long driveway we went until we came upon his new home - such space to run and play!!  Diesel is going to have a ball running around there.  :+)

Diesel immediately started smelling everywhere in his new house and said 'Hello' to Sophie, the senior house dog who is a Che weenie (Dachhound x Chihuahua).  Diesel was respectful.  Teri and I talked for a bit and Diesel went outdoors a couple of times for potty.  Finally, I left and now I pray all goes well with him adjusting.  It will take a few days.

Teri with Diesel.  :+)

Later in the afternoon, Christy came by to pick up Shilo.  We went over the paperwork, Shilo went outdoors with the adult doodles and then we packed her up for her trip home.  I am told she has a number of people dying to meet her!

She too, has an amazing home(s) one with acreage and then a cottage at the lake for paddle boarding - a favorite past time of hers.   What a life!

I am thrilled with both these placements and I just know their new families will enjoy them for many years to come.  Of course you can call or email me any time for questions.  Service does not end after the sale you know!!  :+)

Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Yes, this boy is still with us.  I keep hoping that a local guardian home may present themselves, but so far - no takers!

Diesel is such a love - a calm, happy pup who LOVES to eat.  Will do just about anything for a bit of food.  He really is calm - I am not kidding.  He gives soft kisses, loves cuddles, is NOT a barker at all and is very good on a leash.  He whimpers for about three minutes when in the car and then just relaxes.  Diesel is one rugged boy and should be about 30 lbs. and maybe 17 inches.  Kind of like a cement block.  :+)

Always sits when asked. He was just trimmed in this pic.

Never complains when placed in his safe zone for a couple of  hours.

A sweet gentle face.  Diesel is truly a mini Lab with a soft, silky, non shedding coat.  
If you would truly enjoy having a wonderful stud as your pet, please let me know by replying here or send me an email.  Information on how to contact me is on the bottom of each page of the website.  Just remember, I need a guardian home for Diesel within an hour of either my vet in Rochester, NH or me in North Berwick, Maine.  Dog experience is a must and so is dog training.  Although Diesel is already trained in the basics (sit, come, down, walks on loose leash), training creates wonderful bonding and that is good for both of you.  :+)

To my great happiness, the Cormiers of Rochester, NH will be welcoming ADNE vin Diesel to their home soon.  I can't wait to take a pic of this couple with this charming guy.  WAHOO!  :+)