Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Pups did AMAZING today!

It was a very busy 'traveling day' and I am delighted to report that the pups were WONDERFUL car riders!  No issues whatsoever.

The Temperament Testing was interesting and somewhat surprising but that ALWAYS happens.  The ones that showed retrieving skills was fun to watch; and the ones that totally ignored the 'noise' tests were a surprise.  All felt very comfortable with the stuffed dog but some still enjoyed the 'people' support.  All wanted to stay with the 'food dish'.  My trainer had to work really hard to re-engage them to the other subjects.  This litter is VERY food motivated!!!

The group waiting for their turn with my trainer.  They were so good

Indigo was all over the 'noise canister'

Eli showed his bravery on the textile surfaces with encouragement.

Petunia 'ruled' the room!  What a surprise!!

Marigold was very willing to try new things like this Wobble Board.

Robin was very tolerant of the 'holding' segment.  

Poppy was sweet and willing.

Yep, Rudy, like the rest of them were very interested in the 'retrieving' segments.

After traveling to Windham, Maine for the temperament testing, we stopped at home briefly for me to pick up the pup wagon and we were heading to Portsmouth, NH for their eye exams.  Happily, all did very well and after waiting in my car for about a half hour (thankful for A/C), they were returned to me 'no worse for the wear'!  :+)

They were excellent subjects for Dr. Clode and were all admired by the staff.
Very glad this day is done!  Now, we wait for my trainers write ups (hopefully by the end of the week).  Still more appointments ahead but not as busy as this day was.  'THANK YOU' PUPS for being very, very good!!  :+)

Monday, August 10, 2020


As you are preparing for your new pup, be sure to NOT buy Grain Free varieties!   I have had the unfortunate experience of one of my past owners losing their sweet doodle to a heart condition that was not noted PRIOR to them changing to Grain Free.  It is not worth the risk!


Oh boy.  This is what pics look like when it rained last night and I did not pay attention and let the pups out.  I did clean them up a bit but you can still tell they enjoyed romping in the play area.  It is one of those days when I could not wait until everything was dried off.  Sorry!

This week is very busy and I will be traveling with the pups quite a bit.  The good thing is that I will know very soon if I have good or not so good travelers.  I can usually tell by the 'wet' muzzles.  I have been very lucky so far that the majority of my pups do well in a car.  Keeping my fingers crossed this group does too.  :+)

We have a couple of visitors on Tuesday and the rest of the week is loaded with pup appointments, so it will be a very social week for the babes.

I am also feeding the pups more and more of the BIXBI Rawbble dry kibble.  They seem to be doing very well on it.  My adults are also eating it and love it too.  You can learn more about this food at this link:  www.BIXBIpet.com. I suggest you check it out and compare with other brands.  There are some special offers providing you 20% off your first order using this code:  tasteofbixbi. If you decide to go this route, order soon so the food will be at your home in time for your pup's arrival.

To the 'morning dew' pics!!

Indy - always alert and attentive. Looking for something to do.

Eli appears to be a very relaxed and calm pup. I think he needs a book to read.

A 'dual' personality like his eyes!  Full of both energy and kisses!

Poppy - Soft like a pillow.  Loves a lap.

Marigold.  'So, what is on the agenda today'.

Rudy....is he even awake yet???????

Petunia.  Compliant seems to be her middle name.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

The best things in life come in small, curly packages!

A bit over a year ago, I made my first (in 16 years of breeding) placement of siblings in the same household.  This couple was so wonderful and understood the commitment of having to deal with two pups at the same time.  I pondered but was convinced they would do a great job - and they did!

At my insistence, they needed to see my Canine Ophthalmologist for a second eye exam when the pups were a year old because of something called Posterior Sutures, which they both had at their pup exam.  Because the Labradoodle is considered a new breed, my vet was not sure if this condition would correct or become a problem, so wanted a recheck.  Happily, both Duke and Zella had a perfect exam result.  


Happily snuggling with Kay is Zella on the left and Duke on the right.  So comfy.  :+)

Tuesday, August 4, 2020


I thought it would be best to provide the buyers of the Clary x Hobbs litter with a timeline of vet visits and appointments I have on my calendar so you are aware of what MIGHT be available for possible pup visits.  The last couple of weeks here are always packed!  :+)

  • Thursday, Aug. 6 - Appointment for one of my doodles.  A 10 am visit can be scheduled.
  • Friday, Aug. 7 - Booked, no visits.
  • Weekend of Aug. 8 & 9 - Can do a couple of visits, if necessary.
  • Tuesday, Aug. 11 - Temperament Testing and CAER Eye Exams.  No visits.  Will contact you with your match by Monday, Aug. 17th as my trainer needs several days to do the write ups.  When I call, I will need a NAME - NO EXCUSES!  Please talk together and agree on a name for a female or a male.  My vet requires a name for their data system for each pup examined.
  • Wednesday, Aug. 12 - Can do 2 pm visit.- now Booked.
  • Thursday, Aug. 13 - Booked, no visits.  Litter is having their vaccines and Health Certificates this day.
  • Friday, Aug. 14 - can do a 10 am visit.
  • Weekend of 15 & 16 - Can do some visits, if necessary.
  • Tuesday, Aug. 18 - No visits, pups go in for surgeries.
  • The weekend of August 22 - 23 - PUPS GO HOME!  I will send an email regarding which day it will be.  I need a consensus.  My plan is to hold this pick up OUTDOORS, SO THE WEATHER IS A BIG FACTOR!  If one of these days is a rainy one, we will have to move to the other.
I hope this helps all of you with the timeline for the pups and what we are doing here at ADNE.  Busy for sure!!  :+)  

Monday, August 3, 2020

OMG! Are they SEVEN WEEKS already??

Indeed they are!  Multiple teeth clamp my toes, hungry mouths gobble up food in a blink, lots of energy to chase, grab, leap, scurry, pull tails, wrestle, dig in the sandbox and lots of belly rubs.  Yes, these are now puppies in all their glory.

The next three weeks will only get busier so their owners should be getting busy too!  Check your house carefully for hanging wires, loose socks or shoes, think of a safe place for your pup when your eyes are not glued to them and DO NOT allow them full access to your home.  All pups should EARN more space with good potty habits.  The more mistakes, the longer potty training will take.

Here are their 7 week pics:

Poppy, a gentle pup with a bit of spice.  Prefers a quiet setting.   Notice those blue eyes?  5 lbs.

Rudy, another snug bunny.  Likes to play but loves to cuddle.  He will lighten up to a cafe or lavender shade.  4 & 3/4 lbs

Robin, the unique!  He has one blue eye and one brown one!  Full of himself - a social butterfly.  4 & 1/4 lbs

Indigo is another 'happy go lucky' sort of chap.  Social, inquisitive & adorable.  4 & 1/2 bs

Marigold.  Looks so demure but full of malarky!  5 lbs.

Eli is a gentleman most of the time.  Someone should name him Paul Newman with those eyes! 4 & 3/4 lbs

Petulant Petunia.  Sweet, gentle and willing to become a lap doodle.  4 & 3/4 lbs
Busy weeks ahead with several vet appointments, temperament testing and squeezing in visitors when I can!  :+)

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Visitors today!

Thank you Lauren and Lorraine for visiting with the pups this morning!  They surely enjoyed it and took a long nap afterwards.

They had a late lunch and then had more running around with Buzz, who relishes playing with all the little munchkins!