Monday, March 30, 2020

VACCINES! (Jonnie x Duckie Litter)

I tell you, it is great when businesses go over and above to take care of their clients.  This morning, I took the pups to my vet 'for curbside service'.  Their vet techs came out to pick up the pups and bring them into the vet for both Distemper and Parvo Virus vaccines and to do a check up for their Health Certificates.  They were coddled and hugged by the staff; and the vet, laughing, remarked in our phone conversation, they were so beautiful but she had to stand on a stool to actually do her exams because they kept untying her shoelaces when on the floor.  Yep, they sure had a good time!  :+)

Here they are being loaded up in my car this morning!

The WONDERFUL vet techs at Broadview Animal Hospital with armloads of puppies!

Saturday, March 28, 2020


The pups are doing very well in their kitchen location.  Sadie has no issues with the other doodles here checking them out and it is easy access for her to be with them.

I won't deny that I am looking forward to them being in the Puppy Room once Jonnie's litter is picked up on Aril 5th.  At least, I am hopeful that will happen!  :+)

If all goes well with Jonnie's pick ups, I am happy to schedule visits to meet Sadie's pups AFTER April 5th.

Sadie's dear ones are eating well, using the potty box like champs and listening to music and the mayhem of the kitchen noises.  Doodles bark, chase each other, cause a ruckus and they seem to be immune!

Every pup in this litter has a different color code!

IRIS will be a caramel.  See her pink nose and light eyes?

FERN is a chocolate abstract.  Determined by her white splashes on her chin, toes and chest. 

RAVEN is a black but does have a tad of white on her chin but no where else.  Considered  a 'mismark'.

BLUEBELLE is an apricot.  She will have a black nose and brown eyes.

COPPER is a 'red' sable.  Her black tips could remain or change completely.

ROCKY is a 'faint' phantom.  His markings are not strong but gently there.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Sadie's pups were moved!

Now that their eyes are fully open, I needed to move Sadie's pups to a new area, but where???  I could not put them in the Pup Room yet, as Jonnie's pups are there and need their space.  Hence, the corner of my kitchen would work for a short period.  :+)

Happily, the move went smoothly.  I also included a potty tray as an introduction to 'using a bathroom' and that clicked with them immediately.  NICE!  Sadie lets me know when she wants to go in to nurse and check them over and the other adult doodles here go over to say 'Hello' through the bars which the pups enjoy.

I also had to put new ID collars on them - they are growing like crazy and quite plump.

They won't be in this area for long but until I come up with a new solution, it works for right now.  The most important criteria is that they get exposure to the house and new noises. Hopefully, our plans for Jonnie's puppy Pick Up Day will go smoothly.  If not, I will think of something else. On Saturday, I will weigh them and take pictures!

You can barely see the urine spots on the potty pad.  They just totter on their shaky legs to do their business.  :+)

A view from further away. Quite content.
Had to add this pic.  Sadie had just finished nursing them.  Rocky is 'milk drunk'.  Look at those full bellies!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020


The pups were just excellent car riders when we went to our Temperament Test early this morning!  No vomiting or whining.  They settled right in and enjoyed the hour there and the hour long drive back home.  Since we had mild weather, I was able to keep them in the back of my car with the hatchback open as I took them in one at a time for their session with my trainer.  The rest slept in the car with their huge frog for comfort.  :+)

I won't have the write ups for a few days but all did well given their early age.  My trainer will view the videos and provide a write up of their strengths and weaknesses for all of us to work on.

For the most part, I took a pic of each pup doing something different in the myriad of tests.

Violet was first and quite nervous initially but finished with pizzazz!

Teal surprised me by checking out the room and its 'occupants' quickly!

Pink was in her element here. Very engaged with all props.

Blue was a gentleman this morning.  He was active and willing to participate.

Green was very 'olfactory' driven.  His nose was everywhere!

Coal proved to be very resilient and brave!

Rose, too, used her nose a lot!  A good fetching candidate.

Monday, March 23, 2020


With such nice weather for the month of March, the pups have been outdoors in the ally quite a bit and love using the ramp to go under, around and over like an obstacle course!  Although we expect snow, it won't last long now that Spring is here.

My plan was to sanitize the Pup Yard so I could get the equipment cleaned off and give the pups the entire area to explore.  I guess I will have to wait a few more days for that to happen.

I do want to thank the Mazzocchi Family for coming over on Sunday morning to play with the pups!  They also had a visit from my daughter and grandson during the week.  Then an unexpected opportunity presented itself on Sunday afternoon for Ms. Sadie Benz's family to enjoy them as well.  With the COVID - 19 pandemic, most people are staying home and not risking visiting the pups.  As long as you are feeling well and we are also well, I still welcome visits.  COVID - 19 is NOT transferable to animals, so there is no risk to them.


This is a BIG week for the pups as their Temperament Test is still happening on Wednesday.  This means that a few days after that, I will receive the write ups and will be calling to tell you which pup has been assigned to each family. This means:

  • If you have not sent me your three preferences, you need to do so asap!  Those who have already sent them, if there is a change or addition, let me know.
  • When I call, I need a NAME for your pet.  Do NOT delay, please. You have had over 7 weeks to discuss this.  They will be going to my vets soon and it is REQUIRED for their record keeping system.  Please be considerate and get to an agreement right away.  The majority of you are home to come to a final decision, so this is a great family discussion.  Thanks.
  • Once you are assigned the pup, you are under NO obligation to take that pup and your deposit will be refunded to you immediately.  I only want families who are thrilled with the assignment, if you are not - no worries, I will help you get a pup from another breeder.  If you are happy, the balance of $2,250 is due.  A personal check made out to:  ADNE, 335 Lebanon Road, North Berwick, Maine 03906. I need to receive that check by FRIDAY, APRIL 3, 2020.  If I don't, we will need to talk prior to you coming here.
Whew, now that the business side is taken care of, let's look at the puppies!

Rose is sweet as well as beautifully marked.  A real gem in 'my' eye.

I call him Mr. Green Jeans.  He is a character - a nice dose of energy and loves people.

Whoever said the littlest can't be the mightiest?  Not Pink Girl, that is for sure.  A curious and playful little sprite!

Where there is a lap, you may find Coal.  He loves to play AND snuggle.  It does not hurt that he is also handsome.

I believe Violet will like water.  She took a dip in the water dish just before my photo session.
Thank goodness she is also adorable.

This face...what can I say?  Teal is a 'lady'.  She would enjoy a pampered lifestyle.

Blue.  See those wet front legs?  I believe he would love an active home with a boat, kids and lots of friends.
A social butterfly who is the life of the party.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

An exception to the rules....

Since COVID19 gripped the nation, most people are afraid to leave their homes.  Since I did not have my typical puppy visitations this week, I want to keep up the socialization of Jonnie's pups and thought - why not ask Sadie's guardians over so they can see their girl and maybe they would like to play with Jonnie's pups while they were here.

Little did I know it was Priscilla's birthday today and it was not a typical celebration for an 11 year old due to the virus.  :+(  However, her grandparents became a 'two man band' complete with Happy Birthday signs and drums to brighten this special day in front of her house.  What a GREAT idea Anne-Marie and John!!!

Priscilla's parents did not tell her they were coming for a visit and it was a complete surprise as they pulled into my driveway.  What a happy celebration when Sadie saw her family - big smiles everywhere. 😁

Priscilla and her girl with big smiles.  'Happy Birthday' Priscilla!!!
After all the hugs and kisses with the adult doodles, hands were washed and Jonnie's pups had a wonderful time getting lots of cuddles with Sadie's guardian family.  A good day was had by all!  Thank goodness they are all sold as Priscilla was 'hinting' at a possible addition.  Ha. Ha.  Nice try, Priscilla!

Saturday, March 21, 2020


Delighted to finally get some pics up of the lovely Sadie litter!  I am sure all of you have been anxiously waiting.  :+)

They are a content group.  Sadie is a very good mom and she has made friends with all my home girls which is such a blessing!  What was interesting with this litter is that they ALL opened their eyes on the same day - today!  Most times, pups open their eyes on different days.

With no further delay... here are the pics.  Please note, I did not 'name' these pups.  The 'color' code I used is simply to differentiate these pups from the color notations on Jonnie's litter since I have them here at the same time.  Keeps me from getting confused!

IRIS - A shade of 'purple/violet'.  Iris is 1 lb, 9 oz.  She is a chunk and I believe will be a Caramel,
which has a rosy brown nose and hazel-amber eye color.

BLUEBELLE - The name of a blue flower.  She is the biggest in the litter at 1 lb., 15 oz.
My thoughts is that Bluebelle will be a cream with black pigment on her nose and footpads.

RAVEN - As black and sparkling as a starry night!  She is 1 lb., 12 oz.  As far as I can tell,
Raven has no markings of white.  

ROCKY - A lightly marked phantom.  You can see some of his 'apricot' showing on his toes. Rocky is
the smallest in the group at 1 lb., 5 oz.

FERN - A chocolate abstract.  An abstract just means she has white markings on her toes, chest and chin.
Fern weighs 1 lb. 8 oz. and may lighten to a 'latte' color as she matures.

COPPER - Certainly a unique pattern called 'Sable'.  She is 1 lb., 8 oz.
Actually the majority of German Shepherds are 'sable'.  This girl may or may not keep her black patch on her face.
This is called a Melanistic Mask - you see it largely on Pugs, Shepherds and Great Danes, to name a few.
Or, her coat will turn more 'coppery' and you will barely see the black tips on the coat.
Sable has a 'mind of its own' as Mother Nature intended.