Wednesday, September 28, 2022

This is why Wyatt is such a special boy.

 Beth and Wyatt are surely an amazing team.  Yesterday, Wyatt, a newly 'minted' therapy boy went on his first visit to an assisted living facility and brought many smiles and comfort to the people who live there.  What a great pair he and Beth are.  There is no way to describe what a service this is to these people.

Kudos to both you for all the time invested to provide such joy and comfort to so many in such a humble, generous and kindly manner.

Thursday, September 22, 2022


When Brinkley was mated to Emmett and the litter was born, I just knew that Phoebe was going to be my pick to add to the Annabelle Doodle breeding program.  I was not disappointed.  When a local family contacted me for a pet and decided to be guardians, I felt I hit the lottery!  Living barely, three miles from me, Phoebe has a huge yard, doting guardians plus two loving, engaging, busy young ladies to coddle with her every day.  Add a dog loving cat to the mix and you have the perfect life.  :+)

Phoebe was an exceptional puppy and has continued to be a wonderful addition to her guardian family.

Words from her guardians:

'Phoebe Rye joined out family in November 2020 and she has been the light of our life and center of attention ever since! She is exactly what our family needed.  During a challenging year, Phoebe brought pure joy to our home.  She is happy, loving and gentle and she is an extraordinary snuggler.  When we leave the house or come back home, she is always waiting at the window for us. She throws the best parties when we open the door and is beyond excited to greet visitors.  She is super smart, food motivated and eager to please.  She loves to have her belly rubbed, do tricks for treats and to sit on the back of the couch to look outside and observe everything.  She is always around us and enjoys meeting and playing with new people and dogs.  She is easy going and shares her toys and food happily with dogs and cats!!

Phoebe and our cat, Piper, have become best friends and love to wrestle, play outside and be side by side.  Phoebe frequently drops her ball at Piper's feet for him to throw it to her (unfortunately, he hasn't figured out how to throw it yet)! She is incredibly agile and fast.  She LOVES to run, play ball and bring it right back where she drops it right at our feet or on our laps.  She could play ball ALL day long.  She never tires of it, but she also listens and stops when we ask her to.  She is great at self entertaining and she is content to be chilling at home, sleeping in on the weekends or going for a car ride.  Phoebe loves to swim in a pond, go to the beach, play outside in the sun or in the snow in her snowsuit.  She could frolic in the snow all day long if we let her.

Phoebe is a beautiful dog who has the most stunning eyes, sweet face and soft, silky fur.  We always say that her face is so gorgeous that it could launch a thousand ships - just like Helen of Troy! She is complemented wherever she goes.  She is about 24 pounds, strong, compact and simply perfect. I am allergic to dogs and did quite a bit of research and was thrilled to see that Joyce (who I've known since I was a kid) breeds Labradoodles.  I have never had a reaction to Phoebe and she does not shed AT ALL. We are grateful to Joyce for offering us the opportunity to be guardians when we were looking for a pup. 

Phoebe is the best of the best!


  • Date of Birth: 9/14/20. A mating of TW Emmett Piccolo and Christy Brinkley.  Both parents are non shedding
  • Size/Color/Coat - Approximately 17 inches in height.  Weighs roughly 24 pounds and has a cream, soft fleece coat that is non shedding.  Her DNA color stats are:  Bbee, Kb/Kb, S/Sp.
  • Cleared through parental DNA for: IC, PRA, vWD and DM.  Carrier for EIC - will always be bred with a clear EIC mate.
  • Thyroid and TgAA are Normal.  Done on 11/08/21 with Hemopet. TgAA is under 1%. Accession No. HML162295.
  • Hip Structure:  PennHIP is .36/.40 (90%) with an eVet diagnosis of an OFA prelim of Excellent.
  • Normal Elbows per eVet.
  • OFA Eye Exam is Normal. #HY-EYE5646/18F-VPI
  • OFA Heart Auscultation exam is Normal.  #HY-BCA2462/18/F/C-VPI

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Wyatt's babies with Tessie from Sweet Tea Labradoodles!

Late this summer, Wyatt Slurp had a date with Sweet Tea's darling girl, Tessie from Virginia.  What a great match up they were and their mating produced a litter of tempting chocolates and creamy nougats!  Only males are available but if you are looking and don't mind picking up your sweetie in Boston, you should check out Sweet Tea's website.  Here is the link:   https:/  Rozlynn will make arrangements with anyone interested in getting a pup from this litter.  Please feel free to contact her with any questions, etc.  They will be mediums with 'to die for' personalities!

If you highlight the link above - go to Current Litters and you will see the bunch.  They have the distinctive litter name of 'Maine Destination'.  :+)

Here is one of the kiddos with a pup.  The entire litter will have lots of handling for sure!

Sunday, September 4, 2022

We have gone home to our new, wonderful families! Elsie3 x Duckie Litter

The day arrived for our happy families! Soooo exciting! As usual, I went through their puppy booklets, signed contracts, answered questions and then took some pics. It was pretty short but sweet! It will always be a learning curve when you bring a pup into your home but it also provides lots of laughter, entertainment and joy. Nothing is cuter than the antics of a pup! One family has three dog savvy cats and one is already rubbing against their new pup - a wonderful sign of acceptance of a new playmate. :+). Let's hope that the puppy 'potty' stage goes well and training will be begin on a positive note. Start now to mold your pup into a well behaved adult! Have a happy and healthy journey into the next 12 to 14+ years!! :+)

Lola B. with Ken and Mellinda.

Emma with Joan and Joe (picked up on Thursday due to a long travel day).

Luc and Jennifer with Violet.

Mike and John with Cookie.

The gang that came on Saturday to bring their pups home.
What a great photo of all of you!!!  :+)

Monday, August 29, 2022

The Elsie3 x Duckie Litter had their last ride to the vets this afternoon.

As usual, they were great in the car with no mishaps. :+) As soon as I walked into my vets, techs came out to each hold a pup to carry to the room. Lots of loves and pats for all. After each exam check for temp, weight, ears, eyes, patellae, flea check and heart they were given the Distemper and Parvo-virus shot. Then they received their microchip insertion. Each one did a squeak with the microchip but forgave everyone when offered a piece of pepperoni. All did super well and came home for a nap. Thanks to those who have read and signed the SpaySecure contracts - it is appreciated! At the end of the week, all pups will have a bath and pack their bags to be HOME BOUND! :+)

Friday, August 26, 2022

We are EIGHT WEEKS old and getting ready for our new homes next week! (ELSIE3 X DUCKIE)

Oh boy, a lot of our appointments are now behind this litter with one exception - their vaccines on Monday!  Their bags are nearly packed for their new owners, paperwork is being prepared for their take home booklets and they have been assigned, accepted and named!

Here are these little darlings this week:

LOLA B. Assigned to the Abbott household where she will enjoy all the attention.  Lola may also have the opportunity to visit her owner's office often.  No one will get any work done
wanting to cuddle this bundle of curls!  5 1/4 lbs. 

VIOLET is like her namesake (a bit shy) and will be with a savvy, dog experienced home where she will gain confidence and thrive.  Thank you Jennifer and Luc!  5 3/4 lbs. 

Oh the fun the Cook Family will have with their latest addition - COOKIE!  I am sure
Pumpkin and Cookie will keep the family laughing and busy!  6 3/4 lbs.

And little EMMA will get tons of snuggles and pats from the Davis' who will
enjoy Emma's sweet, gentle and adorable demeanor.  4 1/2 lbs.

Remember to read the contract, get your homes puppy proofed (wires up and covered) and be ready to spend a couple of nights with puppy whining.  This is to be expected and normal.  Get the food for your pup - FROMMS GOLD PUPPY in the pink bag or The Honest Kitchen - turkey or chicken.  I give both to the pups combined as I like feeding them both a wet 'oatmeal' type 'raw' food and a kibble together.  They have done well on both of them.    See all of you soon!  :+)

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Off for another appointment today! Elsie3 x Duckie Litter.

This afternoon, the pups enjoyed their travels to the Port City Vet Referral Hospital in Portsmouth, NH.  They all had an appointment with the eye vet to be sure there was no eye issues that could be a vision issue in their future.

Naturally, the staff flocked to gather them up into their arms for cuddles and kisses - it never fails.  :+)  They were so good in the car once again and enjoyed their adventure today.  All are good!  No eye disease that will ever impair their vision in the future.

They just crack me up when they do this.  It stops everyone in their tracks as they come over  to 'oooh and ahhhh' over them - such people magnets!