Sunday, November 15, 2020


The puppy room is empty.  I will be cleaning it up and prepare it soon for Elsie's litter but not till  after Thanksgiving.  Elsie's litter is due in early December, so I will have a small reprieve from pup duties.  However, I need to recover from our Thanksgiving holiday with lots of family; engage in some Christmas shopping and think snow!  Lots to do before then.  No time to waste!

Hopefully, the pups will adjust to their new families after a few days and a routine will be established,  Remember to keep checking the Critical Periods as your pup matures and keep me informed of any concerns.

Bye babies!!  Try to be good 'most of the time'.  :+)

Reports from my Guardian Home for Phoebe have been delightful.  They are enjoying
her energy and social skills.  Phoebe might be learning some obedience too.  :+)

Rufus is a wiggly guy that will need lots of support.  Fortunately, this couple has both time 
and patience to provide it.

Cooper, the Drama King.  What a character!  Full of mischief which I know Marie will
take in stride as John and Cooper bounce off each other.

Monty will love attention and some space. A little guy who will have
 a big sister to show him the ropes.

Oh, the fun this couple will have with this lil charmer!
I can't wait to hear what the community says when they take her for a walk in her 'princess' harness!

I certainly hope Miss Mishka makes a good partner for her dad's profession.  Having a cutie
like her for some comfort would be a wonderful accomplishment.

Can I say 'Cuddle King'?  Mr. Black Jack LOVES to be held and snuggles right into you.
His eyes follow you everywhere.  :+)

Friday, November 13, 2020

Drama King???

All the pups are doing very well and healing, eating and playing.....but Cooper is in a league of his own.  Totally unhappy about having the nice, soft, cushy collars I made to be comfortable but dutiful in preventing pups from licking their surgery area.  

Just look at this pic.  I could not resist taking this shot of Cooper because he was finally quiet and I wondered why.  

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Pups are back home and NOT happy!

 I picked them up late this afternoon and gave them a small mouthful of food to keep their bellies settled than right around 7 o'clock gave them their normal meal.  Of course they were hungry but the anesthesia can really make them queasy if fed too much, too quickly. 

I also put soft, lambswool collars on them to prevent licking of the surgical sites.  These collars are about 3 or 4 inches wide and have velcro so they are comfortable and gently prevent them from meddling with the incision.  Actually, Cooper was the worse and was constantly trying to lick his 'wound' and I decided that all of them should have them on -' misery loves company, right?

Tomorrow will be a new day and they will be happier.  I will let them out on the pavers but not the big play area until Saturday when they will be picked up.  I don't want them running around in a large area.  You should also prevent them from full out running for several days and NO BATHS for a week at minimum!

They all did fine at the vets but were very noisy when they awoke from the anesthesia.  They are a vocal group for sure!  

Just thought I would update everyone.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020


 I will be dropping off the pups for their surgeries tomorrow morning so this evening, they all had baths.  They did very well in my kitchen sink complete with sprayer nozzle!  In about an hour, I will give them a big dinner because no food tomorrow morning as they must be on an empty stomach for the anesthesia.  I won't be picking them up until late afternoon and boy will they be hungry!  They do get a mouthful of food at the vets once the anesthesia wears off but are still quite anxious for more food.

While they are at the vets, I will clean up the room again and work on their booklets in preparation for the Saturday 11 am pick up for Riley, Monty and Cooper.  I have two more picking up later in the afternoon (Rufus and Mishka).  Phoebe will be going to her guardians on Friday.   And due to a 'vacation' glitch Black Jack will be going home on Sunday.   :+)  COVID can really mess schedules with regard to having a complete group pick up!  Gheesh!!  

Tuesday, November 10, 2020


Another trip to a vet office, this time in Portsmouth, New Hampshire to see my canine ophthalmologist.  For many, many years I have used both Drs. Clode or Cassotis to check the eyes of my litters at around 8 weeks or so.  Many breeders think I am foolish for this 'extra' expense but I feel it necessary and informative.

The pups continue to be good car riders - some initial whining but they settle quickly (10 minutes)?  Once there I set up my wagon and 'crate' and waited for the vet tech to take them inside.  Of course, while waiting, numerous people gravitated to my car to adore the pups.  They loved it.

This pic is of them in the back of my car waiting to begin our trip.  :+)

Who could resist???

Monday, November 9, 2020


 It has been an intense few days!  For the most part 6 of the 7 pups have been assigned, I am waiting for an updated report before placing the final candidate - hopefully soon!

The pups have so enjoyed this fabulous weather and so have I!  They are going to be so spoiled when the 'real' fall weather comes.  With their nice coats though, you don't have to worry.

This is my last Monday for pics, next weekend, all the pics will be of you holding your new puppy!  Can you believe that pick up day is on the horizon??

The cherubs:

MISHKA (Ebony) Beresin will be living in Massachusetts.

BLACK 'JACK' (Green) Morrisette will also be living in Massachusetts.

COOPER Kelleher (Orange) joins his siblings above in the same state.

'PHOEBE' RYE (Purple) will hopefully be joining the ADNE program and has a lovely 
Guardian Family right here in my town!

MISS RILEY (Pink) will be joining Brian & Caryn in New Hampshire

RUFUS Petersen (Blue) will be in Massachusetts as well.

LORD MONTGOMERY Lewis aka 'Monty' (Red) will reside in Massachusetts.

From my emails, I do believe that the majority of you are all ready for your fur-baby, and if you are not, you had better get going!  :+) You will be very busy with your new puppy and it will take up most of your day.  Plan ahead and things will go more smoothly.  Expect your new companion to be 'a bit overwhelmed' in their new home with some whining and stress, let them adjust slowly.  Keep company to a minimum until the pup is settled in.  Don't overdo by meeting all the neighbors, family and local fur companions.  A bit each day is much better than a crowd oo-ing and ah-ing.  Think of how the pup feels. Give your fur baby time to acclimate.

If you have any questions about when we are meeting, etc. please send an email to me directly. I have it all on my calendar.  :+) Joyce


Thursday, November 5, 2020

Temperament Testing today - Brinkley x Emmett Litter!

 The pups have not been in a car traveling since they had their three 'imprinting' newborn rides.  As expected, there was a bunch of initial whining as we started on hour ride to my trainer.  After about 10 minutes or so, they all settled.

Once at the trainers, I set up my travel playpen and all the pups went in.  We started the training segment and whenever one of the pups in the playpen began to whine, the pup being tested would stop and 'answer'. Hmmm..., so we decided to put half of the pups back into the car (thank goodness it was a FANTASTIC DAY) and then I could keep the others placated as each was tested.

It went really well and I am happy to say that NONE of the pups showed any car sickness at all - no salivation, no vomiting and no wet muzzles.  Did they whine? Yes, but that goes away with repetition and confidence.

Tomorrow, we are on our way again to the vet for Health Certificates and their first vaccines.  I shall see if they still whine or 'remember' the fun time they had on their previous car ride.  :+)

This test shows willingness to go onto an unusual surface using treats. Orange Boy did it as my trainer lured him onto it - willingness to learn.

As you can see, Pink mastered this very quickly. For Pink 'Will work for treats!' :+)

A wobble board can be very scary but Green Boy has no issue with it 'wobbling'. Shows trust with a human.

Most pups get rather intimidated with a moving, singing Santa, but Purple Girl wanted to dance with it. A very confident girl, who thinks things through.

Ebony Girl was dying to play with the 'skunk tail' but waited patiently.  'Treats are good but toys and people are better.'

Red Boy was SO proud of himself as he retrieved the 'crinkly ball'. Likes to be very close to his people.

Blue Boy loved the stuffed dog and was willing to share treats with it. Enjoys retrieving, chasing toys and is very food motivated.  'Have food, will travel' kind of chap.