Monday, March 27, 2023

Just because....

 It is so darn cute!

Talk about over, under and in between!  Phoebe just sits there looking at me like...'how much longer
do I need to do this?'  Sorry Phoebe, at least for another 3 weeks or so.  

Yes, the pee pads are being used very well!  :+)

Sunday, March 26, 2023

A change up!

It is incredible how newborn pups grow and become more mobile.  As the pic says, a couple were able to get out of the original bed they were in, so their 'room' had to be re-arranged.  The bed is now out of their area and momma has full use of it when not with pups.  

The pups immediately settled in with the new arrangements.  :+)

Saturday, March 25, 2023


Had a busy but enjoyable Friday with a welcomed visit from our daughter and grandson.  Then my son invited me to dinner and a movie so pics are being posted today.   Fun time. :+)

Phoebe's babies continue to do well - gaining and growing but not otherwise doing much.  In another week, they will become more animated and look like puppies rather than blobs!  They do seem to be enjoying the Pup Room and it won't be long before I change up their space.

Phoebe is still eating very well but getting thinner due to the enormous demands feeding eight plump puppies requires.  She is an excellent provider. :+)

This black/white parti girl continues to be the largest in the litter.

Orange Collar Male is not far behind his sister.  I believe he will be a Caramel with green eyes and liver points on his nose and footpads.

Ruby Collar keeps up with her siblings and is a whole pound!!

Blue Collar Male IS a black puppy - sorry I made the collar collar confusing.  I should have called him Black Collar Male.  Oh well.

Yes, Lilac Collar Female is chocolate but I expect she will lighten as she matures.

This guy will be an apricot with black pigment.  His 'points' are beginning to darken already.

So is Teal Girl.  Black nose and footpads on her as well.

Bookends!  Both partis are nearly identical in weight and markings!

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

First nail clipping!

The 'first' of many, many more.  As I was doing their early neurological stimulation exercises this morning, I realized that those nails were really picky!  Poor Phoebe having to endure those tiny needles kneading her teats for milk.  :+(. None the worse for the wear - all were quite tolerant of the mild procedure.  It will be a weekly thing moving forward!

Pic because I finally got one that you can actually see ALL of them!  Miss Ruby has her head on Miss Lilac.  Too cute!

All fed, exercised, warm and content.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

We have moved! (Phoebe x Diesel)

This morning as I was doing their exercises, I noticed two pups beginning to open their peepers - Brown Collar Male and would you believe both peepers open on little Miss Ruby! Hmmmmm... I thought, should I move them today?

I had to do some errands and when I got back, made the decision to prepare the Pup Room.  They are now settled in.  It is nice to have a bit more room and some sunshine!  The pups will continue to adjust to the light and the rest of the group will open their eyes on their schedule.

A snapshot of their permanent quarters.  As they grow, the pen will be adjusted to accommodate their needs.  Eventually, the 'dog bed' will be removed and they will have a bigger space to move about.

Saturday, March 18, 2023


If anyone reading this AnnaBlog wishes to comment, feel free to do so but I humbly ask you put your name at the end of your comment so I know who it is.  Okay??  Thanks.  We finally got the darn thing working again!  :+)

Anyone for a snuggle??

Pups are notorious for wanting to stay close and in touch with one another.  Today, I saw three groups somewhat separated but still snuggling!