Monday, January 16, 2017


Daisy and I went to the vets this afternoon for her ultra sound to see if her mating with Keefer was successful - it was!!  :+)  My vet feels there are at least six babies growing!  Of course, an x-ray will tell me a more exact number but that won't be until she is close to whelping.  At least I know have confirmation she is indeed pregnant.  Big smiles here.  :+)

Daisy is a medium size girl with a fantastic temperament. Her hair/fleece combo coat is so easy to maintain.  She loves to snuggle and be right by your side all the time. She has the prettiest prance in my dogie pack. :+)

Sunday, January 15, 2017


They are emerging from neonates to little puppies now. Just this morning I found them realizing they 'see' each other and are beginning to mouth little ears and feet. It is adorable to watch as they explore each others parts! Too funny.

The pups see and hear pretty well now and enjoy trying to 'wobble' about in their area. It will take this week for them to become quite comfortable in the pen surroundings. I took out their green oval bed a few days ago. It secluded them from a lot which they needed at the time. Now, they have a crib bunting just to be cautious about chilly air coming in from the dogie door that is used multiple times during the day and night. When four weeks of age, their bodies can acclimate to temperature changes well and they will seek warmth or coolness at will.

Charlotte continues to be an excellent mom - doing her duties and then romping with her girlfriends outdoors.  :+)

 Snuggle time.

Love the little Missy peeking out from Charlotte's ear.

Holly at 3 weeks weighs 3.6 lbs.

Ebenezer is a solid 3.8 lbs.

Silver Belle was quite comfortable on the stuffed chair. 3.7 lbs. She is actually a caramel.

Missy Toe is the smallest pup at 3.4 lbs. Missy is a caramel too - she and her sis above will have liver pigment.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


A couple of puppy buyers have asked me for the actual pick up day for Charlotte's pups. It is the weekend of March 25 or 26. I can never pinpoint dates until pups have been born and vet checked, so when I first post a litter, dates are tentative.

If this happens to be an issue due to planned vacations, etc., I suggest you move to another future litter or hire a trainer to work with your puppy while you are gone. If that is not acceptable, I am happy to help you find another puppy from another breeder that will fit your schedule better. Yes, I will refund your deposit in full.

Otherwise, as we get closer, I will ask all of you which day works best and what time is preferable. I really do prefer a group pick up as it provides a time for all of us to meet and talk a bit, exchange emails and then participate in a question and answer period that benefits all. I do go over all the paperwork in your packet and take an individual picture of your family with the new companion. Most of the time, it takes less than two hours but I am always available for more help if necessary.

Please take time to read over the contract/warranty on my website and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Pick Up day is when we both sign the contracts.

Do you think they are eating enough??

Sunday, January 8, 2017


The pups and Charlotte love the move to the Pup Room. All are so content which makes me very happy.

During the first two weeks of life, I weigh each of them every day to be sure they are gaining. These pups are blimps. Each is growing hardy and fat. No one cries because of hunger or chill. From now on, I will weigh once a week on picture day which is Sundays. :+)

For this week's prop, I created a 'snow' scene with a sleigh as we had new snow last night and it seemed fitting.  :+)

Except Missy Toe, the pups have white tipping on their toes, chin and chest.

Silver Belle - 2 lbs. 10 ozs. Eyes opened yesterday.  :+)

Holly -  2 lbs. 8 ozs. She opened her eyes on Day 10!

Ebenezer - 2 lbs. 10 ozs. Eben is not ready to peek at the world yet.

Missy Toe - 2 lbs. 7 ozs. She is hibernating too!

Pups generally open their eyes between 10 and 15 days of age but some are early and others late. There is no association with any eye issues as to when they open.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Pups have been moved!

Although I had some computer issues yesterday, they have been resolved so now I can post a couple of pics of the pups' new digs. :+)

Charlotte is very happy to have lots of flexibility for coming and going and the pups adjusted to the area smoothly. I am always happy to have more space under my feet when I move the pups out from under my desk!

It is a proven fact that pups do best when they can enjoy some sunlight and the pup room is full of sunshine by early morning which puts everyone in a good mood. Charlotte can jump the barrier easily to attend her pups and my other girls love to peek over it and gaze at the new furry bodies with envy. Gunny is especially funny as she 'cherkles' with excitement at viewing the pups. Very cute. This morning, I found Daisy WITH Charlotte in the pen together checking out the pups. Charlotte is a very agreeable mom and allowed the sensitive (and admiring) Daisy in without any issues. I think Charlotte was 'showing off' her brood to Daisy.  :+)

All the dogs go in and out the dogie door in the pup room to potty or just play around, so lots of action for the pups to be exposed to which helps desensitize them to noise and activity. I also keep the tv on quite a bit for new sounds and voice exposure. I did keep the heat pad in a portion of the pen and put a large red Elmo stuffed animal for them to cuddle with when Charlotte is not with them. They seem to like it a lot. The room has a radiant floor and a ceiling corner heater so they will always have a comfortable environment. We also have a generator in case of storms, etc., so I never have to worry about them getting chilled.  Enjoy the pics!

Sunday, January 1, 2017


Yup, ADNE sure rung in the New Year! Charlotte's pups are thriving 'bigly' and will soon move to the puppy room.  I expect by Tuesday or Wednesday, they should be ready for more light. I like them to be there before they begin to open their eyes so it is a gentle adjustment.

Here are the darlings at one week of age.

Missy Toe is 1.8 lbs. today.

Holly is the same as Missy at 1.8 lbs. 

Silver Belle is the heaviest at 1.12 lbs.

Ebenezer is 1.11 lbs. at one week.


Thursday, December 29, 2016


Can I say how happy I am that we purchased one two years ago? The storm here is pretty nasty with heavy snow, heavy rain at times and the wind is suppose to pick up as well. Our power went out but the generator came on within seconds.

The pups have a heating pad just to be sure they have warmth if mom should go outside to potty, etc. They are very comfortable as well as quite chunky. All of them are over 1 pound at Day 4 which is typical of a weight at 7, not 4 days. Charlotte is eating well and it shows on the pups! Milk supply is plentiful.

Happily, Charlotte is now enjoying going outdoors and meshing with the other doodles in the house. I had to drag her outside to potty for the first three days as she would not voluntarily leave her pups. I thought her bladder would explode! Today, she is taking breaks to enjoy some patting, cuddling  and socializing. She is a perfect guest.  :+)