Monday, April 14, 2014

Pups were moved to the Puppy Room today.

Everyone is a bit confused even momma Tillie but in another hour they will be settled and all will be calm. Since I had to take their weights, I thought I would post this novel way of showing it to you.  :+)

Here they are in the pup room with their floppy eared buddy to snuggle with.
Tillie is not with them all the time now.  She takes lots of breaks and we have even played ball a bit in the puppy play area.  I have to say, Tillie does not like to share - she gets the ball and tries to hide it so the other dogs can't participate. When she won't bring it to me or drop it, the game ends.  She also will spend time sleeping in our bedroom at night. If she hears the pups, she runs down to check on them. Very cute.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Unbelievable, Tillie's pups are a week old today.

What sweetie pies they all are! Nice weight gain on all and the Early Neurological Stimulation exercises I do on each pup in the morning is going well.

I do plan to take them for another car ride today to help imprint car movement as a positive not a negative feeling. This has been successful in minimizing car aversion. It is not 100% but it certainly has helped on many of my litters.

All are doing well and growing like crazy. Tillie takes breaks now and even allows the other girls in the room with them but is still letting them know these are 'her babies'. Tillie is VERY tolerant and I am quite pleased by her accepting demeanor.

Enjoy the Week 1 pics.  :+)

Purple Girl - 1 lb. 8 ozs.

Neon Boy - 1 lb. 4 ozs.

Orange Boy - 1 lb. 11 ozs.

Teal Girl - 1 lb. 5 ozs.
You will notice that their noses are beginning to darken quite a bit from their birth pictures. Each week they will continue to do so until black. They are such content puppies at this stage.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tillie's pups on Day 4.

Tillie continues to eat well and enjoys her brief breaks from her 24 hour job of taking care of the pups. Last night she even took a few minutes to sit on my lap and watch t.v.- a brief break is welcomed and enjoyed.

I don't know why I am always amazed when first time moms do such an exceptional job - especially since wild dogs do this all the time with no people intervention!  :+)

Obviously, Tillie's milk is rich and plentiful because each of these pups are already over a pound in weight!!

You will notice that I have switched from the white pee pads to a blue bedding.  This fluffy looking material is called Vet Bed and it is like a child's diaper - it will whisk any urine down through the fluff to prevent the pups lying on any wet surfaces.  Although Tillie is OCD about keeping her puppies spotless, this bed keeps the pups warm, provides excellent traction for those little legs and is very soft for cushioning. I love that it is machine washable.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Take home date for Tillie's pups!

Tillie's delivery date was sooner than originally predicted which moves her pick up date a week. Please put on your calendars that June 14th is the weekend for pups to go home - right in time for Father's Day!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tillie's pup pics - individuals!

I know they are not a week old yet, but I do like to get newborn pics for myself so I thought I would share. Here are these babies on their third day of life.  I can tell you, these guys nurse ALL the time!  It is showing because they are gaining nicely.  Actually, they must favor their mom who ate TWO bowls of food this morning!  Enjoy.
Purple Girl weighs 12 3/4 ozs. She is solid colored but I do believe she has white on her chest.

Orange Boy weighs 14 3/8 ozs. He has the most white tipping in the litter.

Neon  Boy weighs 11 3/8 ozs.  I do believe he will sport both a white moustache
 and goatee which will give him such character!

Teal Girl weighs 11 ozs. and has a nice dose of white markings.
It is very difficult to tell what the coats will do at this young age. Both parents have curls, so it stands to reason the pups will be curly coated.  Most doodles add more curl as they mature but there have been some that don't.  :+)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

We had our vet check up today!

This morning, I weighed the pups and was happy to note that all gained a bit during the night.  That assures me that Tillie is eating plenty and drinking well to keep herself hydrated to produce quality milk - a very good sign that everything is normal.

I always have my moms checked by my vet after they deliver because if they are not all cleaned out, bacteria can develop and cause complications.  I also have the dew claws taken off the pups so as adults, they don't get torn during play or romping in the woods, etc.  It is done for prevention of a potential injury whether by a groomer or life's activities in general.  Many breeders do not do this but I do.  Although you will find pros and cons for both sides of 'keeping or removing', Labradoodles are not racing or sledding dogs.  They can still run, turn, swim, do agility, etc. without dew claws, so I opt for removal.

The ride there and back was nice and smooth and they settled in quickly when back in their whelping box.

Please welcome Tillie's sweet newborns to the Annabelle Doodle Family!

After a very uncomplicated birth last night, Miss Tillie's newborns are doing wonderfully this morning. No, I did not get my black and white girl, but I sure can't complain about Tillie and Dublin producing four beautiful and healthy babies!

I know everyone has been anxiously waiting for a pic or two of the family, so here they are. Naturally, I will continue to post pics on this Blog as they grow - not everyday, mind you!

In order of birth:

  • Neon Boy is black with a white chest and I think a toe or two.  He was born at 9:00 pm and weighed 10 1/2 ozs.
  • Purple Girl is a light apricot and I am not sure yet if she has white markings.  She arrived at 9:34 pm and weighed 11 1/8 ozs.
  • Next was Teal Girl who is a darker apricot and has a white flash on her head, chest and a white toes, I believe.  She weighed 9 3/8 ozs.
  • Last came Orange Boy- a hefty one at 13 1/8 ozs.  He is apricot with white markings on his head, chest and feet.  He was born at 10:35 pm. 
They have all gained weight and are actively nursing as of this morning.  Tillie has an excellent appetite and only leaves to go to the bathroom.  Five stars to Tillie for a first time mom!