Saturday, August 30, 2014

Figgy's pups are gaining each day and mommy Figgy is doing a great job. :+)

Seeing how young and fragile Figgy's pups are at less than a week old and being able to see the huge difference when comparing them to Tate's three week old pups is just mind boggling!  Two weeks growth between them and it is simply amazing to watch the development.  :+)

I need a break!

Figgy's pups are fat and content.

In two week's time, Tate's pups are walking, drinking and using the litter box!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Been a VERY busy day but I finally am able to now post Tate's three week olds!!!

Black Boy is the heaviest at the moment. He is 3 1/2+ lbs. at 3 weeks.

Green Boy is 3 1/4 lbs. at 3 weeks.

Blue Boy looks very similar to his brother Keefer. He weighs 3 lbs. at 3 weeks.

GH Keefer (Yellow Boy) weighs 3 1/2 lbs. at 3 weeks.

GH Haddie McGee (Purple Girl) is 2 1/2 lbs. at 3 wks.
Tate's pups have grown by leaps and bounds! The two to three week growth spurt is a huge one as they go from crawling semi newborns to little doggies in a matter of days.  They see and hear well now, feel temperature and environmental changes and are getting more curious.

In this short span of time, they have explored (and used) the litter box, adapted to the shade 'porch' of the kitchen playpen, listened to the annoying city sounds tape and are learning about their home. It is a big world out there and their journey through it has just begun.

I have posted pics of what their weekly development has been like reaching their third week of life. of them interacting with each other and learning how to move their bodies and mouths, as well as their single pics of celebrating their third milestone.  :+)  It appears that both Keefer and Haddie McGee have guardian homes.

Tate has been a perfect first time mom.

This is the 'porch' in the kitchen. It is directly under the fan and on
hot afternoons, when the pup room gets too hot, I move them here.

Blue and Yellow sleeping together in the 'porch'.

Now these three are having some sort of conversation on the 'porch'.

They are interacting with each other now - notice someone did potty in the litter box!

Hattie (purple girl) holds her own against Keefer (yellow boy).

Sometimes litter boxes become extensions of their play area. It works.  :+)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Figgy's litter!

Now that we all know they have arrived and the stats are listed below, I can breathe a sigh of relief that all went well. Interesting, but well.
  • Black Male arrived at 7:05 pm and weighed 8 5/8 ounces (Teal Boy)
  • Apricot Female arrived at 7:25 pm and weighed 13 7/8 ounces (Lilac Girl)
  • Black Male with white chest and chin arrived at 7:38 pm and weighs 11 1/4 ounces (Red Boy)
  • Apricot Female with white markings arrived at 9:05 pm and weighs 12 1/2 ounces (Peach Girl)
  • Apricot Female with some white markings was born outside on the turf at 9:47 pm and weighs 10 7/8 ounces (Lime Girl).  Figgy really needed to walk around to get in the right position to birth her.
A rather interesting fact is that Teal Boy, the firstborn, is a little guy and Fig was pacing my office when she started having strong contractions. She began to leak and I hurriedly tried to get her into the whelping box. We just made it when Teal Boy literally slipped out onto the whelping area. Somehow, Figgy managed to walk, lick, deliver and clean the fellow all at once.  I was shocked to see him looking 'spic and span' on the towels.

Figgy then settled in to whelp the next three without a hitch. As we were waiting for the last one to be born, once again Figgy felt the need to move about. I decided she may need to potty so we went outdoors. I had a towel with me 'just in case' and sure enough - while outdoors Figgy humped up and delivered the last pup right on the turf! I waited until she was done licking and cleaning, then reached for the pup but it was gone! What??!!?? I quickly went to look in Figgy's mouth and there it was! She very smartly pranced right into the house and deposited it in the whelping box with her littermates.  Gotta love a smart mom.  :+)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Some random pics of Tate's pups at 2 1/2 wks. old.

You will notice that I changed up the pen a bit by adding a potty box. No, I do not expect the pups to use it yet, but having it there means that when they are ready, they will seek it out. It won't be long. :+)

All of the pups have had their eyes and ears open so now they listen to a tape of city sounds complete with air compressors, kids screaming, horses clopping, sirens, thunderstorms and many other noises. They listen to this tape once a day - every day to help with sound desensitization.

I continue to handle each of them separately and talk to those little faces about the world and I think they are listening.

They are wearing their new collars and fortunately I also made the next size up.

Tate had a nice walk today and I want to thank her guardian, Elizabeth, for doing such a great job training her to walk on a leash so well - she is a pleasure.  :+)

An aeriel shot.

They love to snuggle with the stuffed toys.

Black Boy enjoys the fan air blowing on him.

A 'three story' pup pile up! Wouldn't you know Haddie McGee is on the bottom!

Blue Boy had no part of that pile up. He found a nice comfy spot with lots of room.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Holiday Figgy Puddin' had her x-ray today.

It clearly showed five good sized puppies waiting to be born. Her guardian wanted to keep her for the weekend and that was fine with me.

I have contacted the people on her list regarding the realities of color, gender and size:

  • There should be an assortment of colors ranging from black to cream to apricot - there will be no chocolate, cafe, lavenders or caramels.
  • All the pups will be of medium size as both parents are mediums so no minis or doodles in the 20 +/- weight range.
  • I don't have a crystal ball, so genders will be known when the pups are born.  :+)
  • As far as coats, most should have curl and be soft in texture.
Until they are born, this is the best I can do!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tate and pups are doing great at 2 weeks old.

Everything is so calm and flowing smoothly at this time. I so enjoy these moments.  :+)

Tate and pups are doing what comes naturally and it shows! The pups are gaining weight each and every day and just a couple more segments of Early Neurological Stimulation to go - yea! The pups don't do much yet and Tate takes care of all their needs - I feed Tate and Tate feeds and cleans them. In another week, that system will change dramatically because I begin introducing food and hover over their potty needs. My job at that time is to introduce them to the litter box often. It takes lots of patience and constant supervising to 'catch' the right moment.  :+)

All their noses are beginning to turn black - some faster than others. This is true of the eyes and ears opening as well.  Purple Girl was the first one to open her peepers and Green Boy is waiting until tomorrow, I believe. All in good time on their own schedule.

Till then, I am enjoying watching both mom and pups. Here are their two week pics and weights!

Green Boy at two weeks and 2.5 lbs. I just love his white markings.

Blue Boy at two weeks is 2.3 lbs. He is solid in color.

Black Boy at two weeks is 2.7 lbs. He, too, is solid in color and the lightest shade.

Purple Girl at two weeks weighs 1.13 lbs. She has some white toes on her but not as much white as Green Boy.

Yellow Boy at two weeks is 2.7 lbs. and the darkest, solid color in the group.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Moved pups early.

I decided to move the pups from my office setting to the puppy room.  Initially, I planned to do this Wednesday but wanted them to be totally settled and comfortable a few days before Figgy comes to stay with us for her delivery.

When Tillie x Dublin had their litter, I moved them at 1 1/2 weeks old and they did much better than when I moved litters at 2 1/2 weeks old.  I realized that the later time took a bit longer for them to acclimate because both their eyes and ears were opening and this coupled with the 'smell' of a different location confused them.  Earlier is better because when their eyes and ears open, they will already be familiar with their environment.

So, the whelping area under my desk has been disinfected and is awaiting the arrival of Miss Figgy on Friday of this coming week.  :+)

I must say that Tate was so happy her guardian visited again yesterday and took her for a walk. I am always so pleased when my guardians come over to spend some 'one on one' time with their new momma. I have never had a problem with the girls settling back down to the routine after a visit. It is far better that they know their owners will see them often, rather then they stay away for the entire 6 weeks. I always welcome these visits and enjoy answering questions or concerns. The more we both understand each others needs or concerns, the more enriched our relationship becomes.  :+)