Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I will know tomorrow.....

if Figgy Puddin is pregnant.  Holding my breathe!

Figgy has been bred to Tango Wool's Dublin and should produce a litter of blacks and apricots at the end of August if all is well.

Dublin is wondering too.

Figgy is not saying anything just yet.

Monday, July 14, 2014

CAMDEN ROSE is showing signs of coming into heat!

Who is Camden choosing?

I just got word Camden will be cycling very soon so that means getting all my ducks in a row for her impending date. At the moment, my plans are to breed her to Dublin but I really liked her litter with Percy Jaxon too. Lastly, I am also considering Emmett Piccolo because I would love to have a 'litter of many colors'. Oh, decisions! decisions! Will let you know when the deed is done!

Will it be the gentle, sweet, curly lap-doodle, Dublin? He loves the ladies and whispers sweet nothings into their ears while convincing them he is a handsome, dashing contender.

This combo will produce an entire batch of curly, soft coated apricot/red hued puppies with black button noses.  Oh my!

Of course there is the 'tried and true' mini stud, Jaxon, who Camden had her first litter with that were all adorable little apricot teddy bears full of life and all it has to offer.  Social butterflies every one!

Their last litter together produced an adorable parti girl named Maybelline that I kept; along with her gorgeous deep apricot sister, Hazel Mae.  Yummy!

Then, there is Emmett! A silky soft coat of dark tendrils that wow humans as well as 'the ladies'.  Who doesn't love what his color genes can provide - a rainbow litter of cream/apricot/chocolate/caramel/red small medium sized puppies???

Emmett's stunning good looks will be hard to resist!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tate and Figgy's upcoming litters.

Can't wait to see what this girl and Thomas will whelp! Although this litter is full, life can always interfere and people sometimes have to make changes. Always worth sending an application in case this happens.  All pups will be in the apricot color range in small to medium sizes which range from 26 to roughly 33 lbs. in weight.

After speaking with Figgy Puddin's guardian home, she seems to be showing signs of being pregnant as well which would be a wonderful thing. I really can't confirm for another couple of weeks but I am so looking forward to her litter of curly blacks and apricots come late August. Figgy is 'over the top' affectionate at this time and taking more naps - good positive pregnancy signs.  :+)

There is room in Figgy's litter but for the most part, my lists are full before pups are born. Figgy's litter will be all medium in size (30 - 35 lbs. in weight).

Monday, July 7, 2014

Ugh, waiting is sooooo hard.

Our Fourth of July was a lot of fun - especially since I rarely get to go out of town to participate in it due to puppies being here.  However, this year my pups were gone in time.  :+)

Now that I am back home and have a couple more weeks of being 'puppyless', I am anxious to know how many Tate is carrying and if Figgy is indeed pregnant!  Like everyone on the lists, I am anxious to know too.

I need to keep in mind that summer is very short here in Maine and to stop and smell the roses while I am free of schedules, doggie meal preparations and the constant vigilance needed with new moms and litters. By the time August arrives, I will be in the thick of puppydom once again so will enjoy the rest of my free time. I hope the rest of you are taking in the sun, beaches and relaxing a bit.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I am thrilled that the ultra sound done this afternoon on Tate O'Reilly confirms that she is most definitely pregnant and pups should be expected in very early August!!!  Yea!  I was holding my breathe as my vet began her 'probe' across Tate's belly and BINGO! a sac showed up on the screen.  I don't know how many she is having as ultra sound is not designed for numbers but an x-ray will be done later this month to tell us that.  Good girl Tate and 'Thank You', Thomas for getting the job done.  :+)

Friday, June 27, 2014

I am happy to report....

The mating this morning between Figgy Puddin' and Dublin was a total success.  I just love it when two potential breeding dogs really like each other at first glance - it does not always happen that way. Wonderfully mannered Dublin was a complete gentleman - wooing and whispering sweet nothings in Figgy's very willing ears.  :+)

I am hopeful shimmering blacks and sparkling apricots will be arriving at the end of August. :+)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Keeping you in the loop!

It continues to be quite busy here.  Along with one of my studs providing a service to another breeder; I am also in the middle of planning Figgy Puddin's date with Dublin.  I do believe that mating will take place by the weekend and hopefully black and/or apricot puppies will be born by late summer.

I am hearing that Tate appears to be showing signs of being preggo and an ultra sound is scheduled for early July - we are all anticipating the proof of this pregnancy.

Still no signs of coming into season from Miss Camden but nobody pushes Mother Nature around so we all must be patient.  :+)