Thursday, October 8, 2015

Charlotte's pups are three days old and doing wonderfully. :+)

The pups are all gaining nicely with Teal Collar Boy, who is not a sable but a chocolate and white parti whose face will have tan cheeks and eyebrows similar to a tri-pattern, is now a whole pound! Little chunky monkey he is :+)

A breeder is always pleased to see pups gain daily. Mommy Charlotte is eating well and it is showing up on the pups.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

First vet visit!

Charlotte and group all took a ride to my vet bright and early this morning. I like to prevent injury as much as possible, so I do remove the dew claws on all my puppies. A ripped dew claw is terribly painful and bloody if it should happen. Furthermore, many times it is nicked when at the groomers, so it is a step I believe in doing.

This visit also assures me the pups are doing well and mommy gets a 'once over' so I know all is well with her also.

A close up pic to share of the pups' first car ride.  :+) They sure are a colorful group. I am going to call this litter my MORSE CODE

All of them snuggling with mom.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Charlotte's litter has arrived! (Updated with PICS)

Imagine my surprise when FIVE of them are partis! There is one solid apricot female but she has white on her feet so is technically an 'apricot abstract'. One black and white female with her 'twin' black and white brother. Than two apricot and white males that have the most unusual markings! I don't know if either of them will be caramels or apricots. As their pigment comes in, I will be able to tell. Then there is a chocolate parti that I think may be a chocolate parti sable but time will tell on that one as well. All in all, a VERY colorful litter and not at all what I expected! Thank you Mother Nature! :+)

I have given mom a bath and cleaned up the area. They are nursing well and seem content.

How wonderful of Charlotte to give me a perfect whelping on this lovely fall morning!

Purple Collar Girl has white on her feet. She weighs 11 1/4 ozs.

Caramel Collar Boy weighs 9 5/8 ozs. and may have either black pigment or liver. Time will tell. He will also have apricot patches around both eyes as he grows. He does have other small patches of apricot on his body.

Teal Collar Boy is the heaviest pup at 12 3/4  ozs. I believe he will be a chocolate parti. Another one that we have to watch to know for sure as he could express a sable pattern (black tipping).

Hot Pink Collar adorns this 10 1/4 oz. black and white parti female. Her brother is almost an identical twin!

Yep! Black Collar Boy is the twin of Pink Girl - at least on the face! He weighs 8 5/8 ozs.
Only the black pigment on his nose tells them apart.

Isn't this pattern a hoot? Three drops of apricot right on his head... and those eye patches???
Green Collar Boy weighs 11 1/2 ozs.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Charlotte visited our vet today!

Her guardian and I wanted to see how many puppies she was having. We guessed how many little heads and backbones we could see on the x-ray. We pretty much all agreed that six little babes was what we could see. Then Dr. Estle came in and verified the number. I am so happy and can hardly wait until they arrive. My guardian's parting words as Charlotte was being coddled was 'How often can we visit'?  I smiled and said 'as much as you want!'

I love the connection my doodles have to their families and me.  As I type, Charlotte is beside me getting acqainted once again with the house she grew up in.  All is well.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Received great news last night that our Lil Abner...

has passed his Canine Good Citizenship test! I am so pleased and a big SHOUT OUT to his guardian for working so hard for this achievement!

Abner is a smart little guy and knows it. His guardian has stayed on task and I wish they would give her a Blue Ribbon!!  :+)

Here is my little man looking pretty smug after his first professional hair cut. Testing (and new pics) will be done on him next month. I sure hope he will become a stud for ADNE.

Lil Abner at 6 months. Miniature size.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Charlotte will arrive soon and have her pups.

Birthing, puppies, food prep and nursing will begin in earnest soon. Before it does, I do have a few more days of break and am looking forward to spending a week or so entertaining my son's family who is visiting from Pennsylvania. :+)

Friday, September 11, 2015

Nellie x Emmett's pups have all been picked up and gone home. I have an empty nest for a little while.

My hopeful breeding girl Abigail went home last week and begins our 'Pick Up' parade!

Abigail left last Friday and is settling in well at the Davis home.

Diva left on Friday with Paul and David.  I am told she slept all night until 8 am! What??
The Welch family welcomed big 'Ben' with open arms Friday afternoon!
Smiles all over the place for their new addition,Watson, who was picked up early this afternoon.
The last to go today is Miss Molly. She and her owner will have some great times together!

This was a wonderful group of pups and I hope all of you are happy. I know most of you will be losing some sleep but it won't last forever. The memories and love that you will share will more than make up for it.  :+)  Joyce