Monday, June 24, 2019

Down to the wire...

I have two pups available in the GUNNY X BOOMER Litter.  One for a Guardian Home and the other for a pet.  Go home date is August 17th, no exceptions on the pick up date.

Please read my website and send in an application if you have any interest.

  • I do NOT know which pup is available yet as they are only four days old.  Assignments are made between 7 and 8 weeks.  They go home at 9 weeks. 
  • Please read about 'assignments' under the Pup Prep Tab before inquiring.  
  • At this time, I am leaning towards keeping a male for the guardianship.

Thank you!

Saturday, June 22, 2019


Wow, are these pups ever robust!  Now that Daisy has 'claimed' herself to be their 'pacifier and diaper changer', Clary is off the hook for most of her duties except feeding them every now and again.  How lucky is she??

Watching how animals interact is an education in itself.  Of course, personalities are a huge component - it appears that Clary is just fine sharing duties and does not get upset or jealous of her babies suckling on Daisy.

Think, in a week's time visits begin.  As I have stated in all my other posts for litter visitations, the pups can be a bit shy, seemed scared or be quite amicable - depends on where each INDIVIDUAL pup is in their development.  Don't be disappointed if they are not wagging their tails or acting happy.  This is a HUGE learning curve for them.  As the weeks progress, you will see many changes.  :+)

They are beginning to mouth wrestle, walking a little unsteady but gaining better movement every day and have been introduced to some gruel.  Some have taken to it while others choose to pass.  All will be enjoying it soon.

Pics were taken in one of my large flower pots.  I think they are the prettiest flower in it.  :+)


Friday, June 21, 2019

Okay, my doodles are playing musical chairs.....

I went to visit with Clary's pups and this is what I found:

This is NOT Clary, it is Daisy.  Clary was in the room perfectly content to let Daisy cuddle with her pups.  If this is not proof positive that both these girls have AMAZING temperaments, I don't what will convince you!

Just adorable to see and what every breeder dreams about for a fabulous breeding female.

Look how big Clary's pups are getting!

Oh goodness, these babes are fat!  I literally have to use two hands to pick them up now - porkers!!

They do a lot of sleeping and they cuddle together like a furry rug.  They are just starting to wag their tails when they hear my voice.  :+)

Clary's sleepy heads.  :+)      (All sold)

Our first vet visit and car ride! GUNNY X BOOMER LITTER

A successful ride to the vets this morning!  The pups did great and Gunny, who is not generally a happy car rider, did well too.

Both mom and pups were examined and declared 'doing well' by Dr. LaPine.  I always remove any dew claws from my pups for grooming convenience as well as safety from getting them snagged on brush when outdoors.  There are lots of reasons not to do them as well.  You can research the pros and cons on Google.  :+)

For the safety of the pups and mom, I wait in the car until they have a room ready.  I then carry mom in while a vet tech carries the pups in a soft carrier I have.  This way there is no exposure to any of them from any dog in the waiting room that may be ill or contaminated.  The pups are whisked to the surgical area for dew claw removal while the mom is on a cleaned table waiting for her exam.  Then we carry all of them back to my car.  The pups are way too young to be able to fight any kind of germs, so I prevent exposure.

When I get back home, I keep them in the car until I change the bedding in the whelping box and all come to a clean and fresh area.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

GUNNY X BOOMER - list of birth sequence and ID's

I thought a list of the pups' IDs and weights might interest some of you.

When a girl is whelping, you don't have much time to spend on thinking of ID descriptors.  Clary's litter has the typical 'collar color' IDs and since duplicating the same thing will confuse me, I strive to eliminate confusion!!  :+)

Hence, I decided to be a bit more 'dramatic' and use synonyms of colors for this group.  Listed by time of birth and weight.  I like to be creative.  :+)

  1.   Sage - Female is apricot in color and was the firstborn at 4:49 pm and weighed 7  1/2 ounces.
  2.   Fudge - Male is chocolate and appeared at 5:46 pm and was the biggest pup at 9  1/8 ounces.
  3.   Rocky - Male is apricot and has a grey collar the color of most rocks.   Born at 6 pm and            weighed 5  5/8 ounces, the smallest male!
  4.   Coral - Female arrived at 6:39 pm and weighed 7  1/4 ounces.  She is apricot in color.
  5.   Sky - Female is apricot and presented herself at 7 pm.  Smallest one in the litter at 5  1/2 ozs. 
  6.   Violet - Female was born at 7:18 and is a luscious chocolate.  She weighed 6  3/8 ounces.
  7.   Coal  - Male.  Like his descriptor, he is black with dashes of white on his chin, chest and back     toes.  Coal arrived at 7:54 pm and weighed 6  5/8 ounces.
  8.   Coffee - Female.  I should have had some because I almost missed her!  I noticed a pup without a collar and did another count!  Gunny had gotten up to move around a bit and I            decided to change the bedding and there she was still a bit wet.  Best guess is she arrived around 8:32 pm and weighed 6  5/8 ounces.  Always a surprise.  :+)
Next Wednesday, when they turn one week old, I will post individual pictures of them.  Since I do not have confirmation on the applications yet in my file - I am taking additional applications at this time.


We have both recovered with aplomb from yesterday's whelping.  Gunny had breakfast and the little rascals are vying for their favorite milking bottles on Gunny.  :+). I hear little squeaks as they settle in for a feeding.  I can't believe Gunny produced eight of them with only one breeding to Boomer!

I am sure all of you are awaiting picture(s) of these little gems, so enjoy!

Gunny is an attentive mom and cleans and licks them constantly.

What a lovely assortment of colors!

So tiny compared to Clary's litter of mediums.

Just be aware that the chocolate pups could dilute to cafe, so please do not expect them to be a dark brown at maturity.  Gunny has lightened up some, so more than likely, they will as well!