Thursday, January 29, 2015

Snow, snow and more snow coming. Nope, Hazel's 6 wk. old pups have not ventured outdoors yet.

However, my dear husband has spent the afternoon today getting patches of ground cleared so that EVENTUALLY these little munchkins can go outdoors.  A couple of them are very curious about the dogie door and peek out but have not been brave enough to go through by themselves.

As posted previously, they spend time playing out of their pen but now I let Tillie's threesome interact with them. To date, none of the big pups are 'man-handling' the mini pups. The minis are curious though when Tillie's pups go out the dogie door and then return. Hopefully, by early next week, they will have their first adventure outdoors. Of course, that is if the snow we are suppose to get is cleared up AND another storm doesn't arrive.  Here are their six week pics and weights.

Red Boy 3 3/4 lbs.

Buttercup is at  3 3/4 lbs.

Camo Boy remains the smallest at 3 lbs

Russet Boy weighs 3 1/4 lbs

Green Girl is 3 1/2 lbs.

Purple Girl weighs 4 1/4 lbs.

Blue Boy also weighs 4 1/4 lbs.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hazel went home to her guardians today.

I know they will be very happy to have her home again.  She was all pretty after a bath yesterday and a cut early this morning.

Hazel felt right at home here and meshed in with my girls very well. She especially liked our couch. We enjoyed having you, Hazel!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Well the good news is that we still have power......

but the bad news is that I just finished shoveling 3 feet plus from the puppy ramp and alley. It is a relatively small area but the swirling winds are really loving the spot. I still want the pups to be able to go outside to potty if they choose but the snow was so high, they couldn't even push the dogie door open - yikes! I hate going backwards with their choice of using the outdoors rather than the litter box. Of course, getting to the puppy play-yard is a thing of the past until the snowblower can make it there sometime in the future.

To think, the afternoon is suppose to be worse. Going to get a workout today for sure!

Monday, January 26, 2015

WHEW! We made it! (Tillie threesome)

It was a full day of traveling and let me tell you, these pups are AWESOME car travelers! None of the owners of these pups should have any traveling issues at all. Lovely bunch.

We started out the day with Louie going in for his neuter - which went great! Then a repeat trip to get all three their Health Certificates and lastly, a trip in the opposite direction for their eye exams which were all normal!  Yea!  Stools were also all normal so double Yea! Yea!!

By the way, these pups were held by loving arms wherever I went today. Louie was never in a crate at all at my vets, he just went from one vet tech to the next. They are so irresistible. If spoiled, please don't blame me!!

When driving to the eye vet, the snow began to arrive which was a bit early but I was able to drive home just fine.  We are all now hunkered down and ready for Mother Nature to humble us once again.

I will finish up the puppy packs for each of you tonight and then relax..... is good.  :+)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tillie's pups are getting so big and preparing for their home placements in one more week!

Being someone who is pro-active, tomorrow will be a big travel day for these 9 week old pups. They will start the morning off with a vet visit for their Health Certificates and Louie will be neutered. That same afternoon, we will trudge in the opposite direction for their eye exams with Dr Clode. I was very fortunate that I could change my regular appointments so that I would not have to contend with our upcoming snowstorm that could affect the electrical service in our area and really put a 'KABOOM' on my normal procedures!  Unfortunately, we are still in the 'discussion mode' of purchasing a generator.

It has been a wonderful week for the pups because we have had a few families coming to visit Hazel's little guys and, of course, the 'awesome threesome' also got extra pats and attention.  :+)

This morning, all three pups enjoyed taking on the 'Big Doggie' in the pup room. Hazel's pups watched and cheered them on.

Georgie Girl on the left and Louie on the right. One can see that Georgie is more petite. I don't know where Harrison went to - maybe took a potty break outdoors.  :+)

Once they were done playing with BIG Doggie, they rested. That was the time to grab them individually for their 'Mug Shots'.

Yes, although the smallest - the leader. Sweet Georgia Brown and all 7 3/4 lbs. of her.

As always, Harrison continues 'to drape' whether it is in a bowl, on a stuffed animal or a person's chest/lap. He is a 'melt pup' and I can't think of a single reason anyone would mind that.  :+) Harrison weighs 8 3/4 lbs.

The Louisville Slugger aka Louie has the waggiest tail in town. He is so happy for you, for him and for life in general.  Loves life and shows it gleefully with his tail going a thousand miles a minute.  The heaviest pup at 9 lbs. on the dot!

Louie, Georgie and Harrison outside enjoying the snow. In a couple of days, I am afraid they will not be able to go out as the prospect of two feet of snow is a bit much.

Just LOVE this shot of Harrison.

'Look into my eyes', says Louie.  Adore his 'snowball' muzzle!

Georgie loves the snow and usually comes in and jumps on me to warm up. Brrrrrr....

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hazel's litter is celebrating their FIFTH week of life today!

It blows my mind away each and every time a litter reaches this age - SO much has changed! They love meeting new toys and exploring climbing equipment, small toy stairs and new foods. Little bodies have grown stronger and wrestling as well as posturing is in the early stages of development. They are awake a bit longer but still need lots of naps.

Mom is now restricted to just two nursings a day to help her dry up gently - one more day of this and then she will be down to one nursing a day for a few more. Hopefully, by then she can go back to her guardians.

The pups now get 'puppy room' time. While I am cleaning their area, I take them out to run around the room. Of course, Tillie's threesome are still here for another week, so they remain in their pen as the little ones scamp around. This morning several of them were very brave to even venture outdoors for several seconds but Hazel came back in and they followed.  :+)

Buttercup at 5 wks and 3 1/4 lbs.

Camo Boy weighs 2 1/4 lbs at 5 weeks.

Red Boy is 3 lbs at 5 weeks.

Five weeks old and Blue Boy is the heaviest at 3 1/2 lbs.

Not quite as light as Camo Boy but still a little guy. Russet is 2 1/2 lbs at 5 weeks.

Green Girl is 2 3/4 lbs. at 5 weeks.

The heaviest Girl is Purple and she weighs 3 1/2 lbs. at this time.

The pups have been playing with the crunchy turtle, the floor gym, exploring the cat tunnel and even using the litter box consistently.

 They love climbing up on the stuffed caterpillar and I typically find several of them sleeping on top of it.  :+)

All these 'adventures' help them develop their motor skills. Them using the litter box always makes a happy camper.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Males versus Females Article

Currently, it seems all the inquiries for puppies have been from people wanting a female rather than a male. There are many articles that talk about this subject but this one makes some excellent points that seems to include most of the claims made in other articles.

Male vs. Female Dogs: Guide to Dog Behavior

Tips to Help You Know What Kind of Dog to Get

In some ways, choosing between male and female dogs is a matter of personal preference. However, there are some characteristics which are common in bitches and other characteristics which are common in males. It is important to evaluate these characteristics and determine which sex would fit in best with your home situation when you choose a puppy. Additionally, choosing between male and female is important if you already have another bitch or male and are choosing an additional dog. This article will serve as a  guide for genders and will list a few characteristics of bitches, a few characteristics of males, and how to choose between male and female when considering a second or third dog.
The following characteristics often apply to bitches:
·           Independent - Bitches tend to want to be in control of the entire situation. They may come to their owner when they are seeking affection but will often move away when they have had enough.
·           Stubborn - In many packs, a bitch is typically the Alpha dog. Females crave more control of situations and are quick to respond to perceived challenges with fierceness.
·           Territorial - Females mark in the same way males do. A spayed female may continue to mark for her entire lifetime regardless of when she is spayed while most males will cease marking behaviors shortly after they are neutered and the testosterone levels subside.
·           Reserved - Bitches are generally less affectionate and friendly than males. This characteristic is noticeable in puppies and becomes more pronounced with age.
·           Changes in Mood or Behavior - It is also important to note that if you do not spay your bitch, she will come into heat at approximately one year of age and approximately every six months thereafter. During this time, there will be some bleeding as well as a change in mood or behavior. Keep this in mind when you adopt a puppy and make the decision of whether or not to spay her.
The following characteristics often apply to male dogs:
·           Affectionate - Males are typically more affectionate than bitches. They tend to crave attention from their owners more than bitches and as a result, display more affectionate behaviors.
·           Exuberant - A male is also more likely to be fun-loving and outgoing throughout his lifetime than a bitch. While a bitch tends to become more reserved as she ages, a male dog maintains a more puppy-like exuberance throughout his lifetime.
·           Food-Motivated - Males are often very motivated by food. This food motivation can make training extremely easy as treats can be used to lure and reward to display desired behaviors.
·           Attentive - While bitches tend to be more independent, males tend to be more focused on their human companions. They want to always be close to the human and are very eager to please.
·           Aggressive Behaviors - It is also important to note that intact males may display aggressive  behaviors toward other males or exhibit marking behaviors. Additionally, intact males should be kept away from females in heat unless a breeding is planned.
Owners who are adding an additional dog to their home should carefully consider the ramifications of adding a dog of either sex. This is important because the makeup of the existing pack may be more accepting to either a male or a female. The following are general tips for selecting the gender of a second dog:
·           If you already have a male or a female, a dog of the opposite sex is generally the best choice. Dogs of the same sex are more likely to fight than dogs of the opposite sex.
·           If you already have a male, he is likely to be more accepting of a female and you are likely to have fewer dominance issues if you add a female to the pack. However, if you opt to add another male to the pack, they can peacefully co-exist and may even become friends. It is important to closely monitor their interactions early on to ensure aggressive behaviors do not become common.
·           If you already have a female, she is likely to be more accepting of a male. Most males tend to be submissive. If he does not challenge your resident female, she is not likely to have a reason to fight with him. Adding a female to the pack, however, may result in complications. The worst combination is two bitches because they are more likely to fight than a male and a female or two males. However, many dog owners have two or more bitches that live together without problems. As long as there is an established Alpha dog and the other bitches know their place in the pack, there will not be dominance struggles often, although they may still occur.

Selecting a male or female is largely a matter of personal preference. The above characteristics are generalizations, and it is certainly possible to purchase or adopt a female puppy who displays male characteristics or a male puppy who displays the typical female characteristics. Additionally, bitches that are spayed and neutered often do not have the gender-specific problems associated with their sex such as coming into heat or marking.
So, if you're asking yourself, "What dog should I get?", make sure to consider the dogs you already have and the gender that goes best with your lifestyle. When you find a dog, monitor his or her behavior carefully and consider how it will match up with your male or female at home. 


  From my experience, (all 66 years of it) the males have always been the sweetest, cuddliest and most sensitive puppies to date. I have had females all my life but have come to realize what most of my customers say 'boys love to be around and be loved on'.  That is not to say females can't have the same qualities, they sure can but most are also coupled with 'bossy, busy and fickle' - traits you rarely experience with the males.