Monday, October 20, 2014

Tate's litter has been picked up. Here are the happy families.

I had a very busy day yesterday so am a bit late getting these done but here they are now!  :+)

BAROLO! From what I hear, an exceptional red wine.  I am sure he will soon be
the 'Toast of the Town'!

KEEFER has had many visits from his guardians.
They certainly are taking him everywhere for socialization!

James has waited a long time for his best buddy, BEAU.

Oh GUS! I just know that this family will be totally entertained by
their new pet!  Gus has much 'gusto' to share.  :+)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

An excellent article on what to look for regarding Pet Insurance

This post was copied from the Mercola site.

By Dr. Becker
Currently, there are over a dozen companies in the U.S. and Canada offering pet insurance, and if you’ve tried sorting out the differences between them, like many pet owners, you probably wound up more confused than when you started.
As is the case with insurance of any kind, pet healthcare coverage is a wonderful thing to have if you need it -- and providing there are no big surprises when you submit a claim for reimbursement.
Here’s the scenario you want to avoid: you faithfully pay your monthly premium for years and enjoy peace of mind knowing your pet’s health care will be paid for in the event of an expensive illness or emergency. When that dreaded day unfortunately arrives, you submit a claim to your pet insurance provider for reimbursement… and learn that the illness or injury your companion has suffered isn’t covered by your policy.
So now you’re out thousands of dollars in premiums, and the substantial debt you’ve just incurred to treat your pet or save her life is your burden to bear, and yours alone. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence for people who don’t fully understand the exclusions and other limitations of their pet insurance coverage.

The 5 Most Important Things a Pet Insurance Policy Should Cover

Here are five things every pet owner should consider before investing in healthcare coverage for furry family members.
  1. Chronic disease
  2. Chronic diseases typically appear in middle-aged and older pets and are considered incurable. They include problems such as heart disease, chronic kidney or liver disease, diabetes, endocrine system disorders like Cushing’s or Addison’s disease, etc.
    Look for a plan that covers chronic diseases, preferably without exclusions. Chances are good that if your furry companion lives long enough, he’ll develop a chronic health problem of some kind. Your pet healthcare plan should be designed to cover such eventualities.
    Also be sure you’re informed about any limits on reimbursement for specific diseases.
  3. Ongoing coverage for chronic disease
  4. Just as you want your plan to cover chronic diseases, you also want to make sure it covers ongoing diagnostic testing and treatments for any chronic illness your pet may develop. Some policies only reimburse for tests and treatments for the year in which the condition was diagnosed, which means you assume the full cost after the first year.
    Imagine your beloved pet develops chronic kidney disease, and after a year has passed, you’re still paying your monthly insurance premiums PLUS all the expenses incurred to treat her ongoing illness. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, so try to avoid plans that limit continual coverage reimbursements.
  5. Congenital and hereditary disease
  6. Your pet healthcare plan should cover congenital and hereditary conditions – the kind that are present at birth, as well as those that develop later in life. Examples include hip dysplasia, patellar luxation(floating kneecap), entropion (a disorder of the upper eyelid), liver shunts, etc.
    Try to avoid plans that cover one but not the other, as some pet insurance providers consider congenital conditions “pre-existing.” A good rule of thumb: the more confusing the language in the policy, the less likely you are to be reimbursed. If you’re having trouble deciphering what is and isn’t covered, come up with some “what if” scenarios involving your pet, then call prospective providers and ask if those situations will be covered.
    And again, pay attention to maximum payouts and any limits on reimbursement for specific diseases.
  7. Breed-specific and species-specific disease
  8. Many breeds of pets, dogs in particular, have medical conditions they are more prone to than other breeds. For example, Golden Retrievers are more likely to develop cancer than other breeds; small and toy dogs are more prone to patellar luxation.
    Also, dogs as a species are more likely to acquire certain conditions like arthritis, while kitties are more apt to develop hyperthyroidism or chronic kidney disease.
    Your policy should provide coverage for problems that may arise specific to your pet’s breed or species.
  9. Cancer
  10. Sadly, cancer is common among veterinary patients these days, especially certain dog breeds. And it isn’t exclusively a disease of old age. Traditional cancer treatment for pets (typically surgery and/or chemotherapy and other medications) can get very expensive, so make sure the pet insurance you’re considering provides coverage in this area.
    Insure you understand reimbursement limits, and especially if your pet is a breed genetically predisposed to cancer, consider opting for a plan that provides the most comprehensive coverage available.
    Also, keep in mind that older pets and those with pre-existing conditions may not be eligible for full cancer coverage, so you’ll want to get those details nailed down even if it requires phone calls to various providers.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Camden's puppies are one week old and doing quite well. :+)

Camden has been doing so well tending to her pups but really looks forward to our short walks and numerous 'pee stops' on leash.  She did have some issues with diarrhea which a quick vet visit took care of right away. Pups continue to gain and Camden continues to eat.  :+)

There is certainly a variance of size in this litter which I expected as Emmett is smaller than Camden. I am happy to see the differences.  Glitter Girl was the first born and a big one! She continues to wear the heavyweight crown at a week old. We will see if some of the boys don't catch up as they grow.

(Please note that the pups look much larger than they are because I use a close lens for facial detail.)

Grey Boy is 14 & 7/8 ounces.

Blue Boy weighs 1.2 lbs.

Plum Girl is exactly 1 lb.

Green Boy is 1.2 lbs.

Glitter Girl is a hefty 1.7 lbs.

Copper Girl is 1.4 lbs

Pink Girl is 1.1 lbs.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tate's 10 week olds in the pumpkin wagon!

Ready for action!
The week has been incredibly busy and it will get busier as it progresses.  On Monday, Gus, Barolo and Beau had their early neuters with micro chipping and toenail clipping.  Their siblings, Keefer and Haddie had to take their microchip without anesthesia but were brave.

When I returned home with Haddie and Keefer, I had to re-arrange the pup room into 'stalls' so when the group returned, they would be two to a space similar to a crate.  This arrangement keeps them quiet for continued healing and it works quite well.  Yes, all of them complained for a couple of hours that evening but now settled down quite nicely each night.  The recovery for this early surgery is truly remarkable. The pups barely miss a beat and are ready to 'rock and roll' right after the anesthesia wears off. I do include the option for 'Laser Light Healing' to speed up the cellular repair of the incision site.

The very next day, Tuesday, I packed them all up for their trip to my CERF vet, Dr. Cassotis, for an eye exam.  I always have my pups examined to see if they have any eye disease; and before 12 weeks is the best time to see behind the eye where a severe eye disease will show up. Thankfully, none was observed on any pup. Epithelial and Persistent Pupil Membranes were noted, but those will never affect their sight or cause any eye issues. Most of them are absorbed as they mature. So a good trip with lots of 'oooohs and ahhhhs' from clients and vet techs on how cute they all are.  :+)

Today, after I spent a good part of the day breeding my mini, Hazel Mae to Emmett. On my return,  I set up a spot to take pics for the last time of Tate's group before you all pick them up on Friday and Saturday evenings. I am still working on your puppy packs but all will be done for pick ups. Tomorrow are Figgy's litter temperament tests with assignments and Sunday is a Health Clinic many of my guardian doodles will attend at my vets. I am so looking forward to Monday and a bit less 'action' here at ADNE.  :+)

Barolo, can't wait to run and play!  11 lbs.

Beau, waiting for his best friend to arrive.  9.6 lbs.

Gus, who wants to investigate every nook and cranny.  10 lbs.

Keefer thinks he is King of the Pumpkin Patch!  11 1/4 lbs.

Haddie, sitting pretty for her potential guardian home to appear.  8 1/4 lbs.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I love it when I have Mother Nature to help with pictures! (FIGGY'S 7 WEEK OLDS)!

The autumn is my favorite time of year.  I am not fond of the summer heat; the fickleness of spring or the ice of winter but I LOVE the time of late summer through mid November.  Back to baking, oven roasts and lots of gorgeous color and textures! I would also like to thank my husband, Carl for providing so many wonderful vegetables for us and the pups to eat and decorate with!

Today's weather was perfect for Figgy's little 'punkins' and I am sure you will agree that each pup was the cutest 'pumpkin' in the wagon!!!  :+)

Teal Boy is the heaviest at this time.  8 lbs. 

Gotta love that tongue on Lilac Girl!  6 1/2 lbs.

Dainty Lime Girl is 5 3/4 lbs.

Peach Girl is very inquisitive (and sweet!).  7 1/4 lbs.

Red Boy is 6 1/4 lbs. of  'chill'.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Barolo, Gus and Beau went for their neuters today.

All went well but when they returned home, they had to go into 'crate-like' enclosures and that is NOT making them happy at all.  :+(  I have paired up Gus with Haddie (Haddie is there for company). Barolo and Beau are paired together to help them get accustomed to this new sleeping arrangement. This is also why I HIGHLY encourage all of you to order a Snuggle Puppy online to 'sleep' with your new puppy when you take them home.  Until your pup is picked up, they will be in these crates to get use to it. Hopefully, the adjustment here will make it a bit easier for you.

I will take pics of the poor souls tomorrow as it was too late to do so today.  I might add, they seem to be just fine from the surgery - they ate and did potty.

Keefer will sleep with Figgy's pups for now.  :+)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

A furry 'rug' of ten!

I went by the pup room while I was talking on the phone and all TEN pups were snuggled with Mr. Lion! It was such a 'moment' that I hung up the phone and raced to get my camera. I caught the shot just as Keefer was raising his head. I wish he had stayed down because then I could have gotten closer for a really cool shot but you get the idea! If you look closely, you can see more of the pups to the right behind the potty box.  :+)