Friday, May 26, 2017

Lil Abner

I just received the cutest pic of Lil Abner. I believe he is taking painting lessons from his guardian. Perhaps a furry Picasso in the making?

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Supplies and thoughts to share.

A few requests have come through now that the pups are assigned and I would like to direct everyone to the PUP SUPPLIES listing on this blog to help you gather what you need.  The listing on the right hand side is in alphabetical order.

  • A crate for this size should be 24 inches or less. This will be a good size for a few months.
  • A harness should be in the range of 10 to 16 inches. Most of the pups are about 12 inches in circumference today. The collar is for identification only, not used for walking until the pup is fully trained and even at that, I prefer and use the Easy Walk Harness on my doodles.
  • You will be provided with a collar and leash in your pup bag at pick up. Toys are included and a notebook that we will go over in depth.
  • Don't go overboard with your purchases! You don't need everything - just the basics like paper towels, enzyme products for cleaning, etc. Old towels work very well for crate bedding in the beginning.
  • PLEASE order a Snuggle Puppy on line with the 'heartbeat'. Any of the extras are not needed.
  • If you already have a larger crate - great! Just add a large stuffed animal to take up space.
  • The pups eat and like SPOT FARM DEHYDRATED FOOD. It can be purchased at Petco and is human grade. I would advise you add a teaspoon of Royal Canine wet food to each feeding. Only buy the small cans because the large cans are made with a metal that has a toxin in it but not the small ones.
  • The pups must be fed three times a day until about 6 months of age.
  • When walking your pup please pay attention to the length of the walk - the formula to use is:   For each month of age, multiply it by 5. So your pups will be 2 months x 5 = 10 minutes of 'intentional' walking on a leash. Walking is for a bit of exercise but more for SOCIALIZATION. In addition to these walks three times a day, the pup must be allowed to free play with your family. Playing ball means - ROLLING the ball and preventing the pup from jumping up and landing on his feet impacting hip development. NO stair climbing except a few - about five at the most and NO playing on the stairs. Pick up your pup and carry it and close off your stairs so they can't go up them at will. This should be done until they are about 9 months of age to allow the development of their shoulders, hips and knees to grow without stressors on those joints.  By letting them up or down a few stairs will teach them how to navigate stairs but not overdo the impact on their developing bones. (They already know how).
In an email to each of you, I am sending Puppy Training 101 from my trainer. Expect it soon. Read it well and refer to it often - it is an excellent resource.

Don't forget to look for your trainer NOW and go to a class to be sure you like the style of training. It should always be positive based, not with prong collars, etc. Check out groomers in your area because your pup should be taken there every other week or so for a 'Hello' and a treat that you provide that groomer so your pup becomes familiar with them well before she or he is needed. Do not place your pup on the floor - always in your arms until your pup is fully vaccinated. Kennel Cough is quite common at grooming facilities. This is your homework for this time.  :+)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


My trainer asked if she could switch from Friday to today for temperament testing and I was so happy to accommodate!

The pups did super and all pet pup new owners were called with their assigned pup and, believe it or not, each one was assigned their first choice! The shouts of surprise and glee had me smiling all morning.  :+)

The weather reports have been showing rain for tomorrow and Friday, so I decided to take their '8 week old pics' today because I wanted to do them in the garden. Hopefully, none of you mind the early posting. I will weigh them on Friday just to be sure that is current and update this post.

Pink Girl is named PATTY PRUE.  Assigned to the Lajoie Family.  5 lbs.

Red Boy is LOUIE PRIMA THE DREAMER.  Assigned to the Taglieri Family.  5  1/2 lbs.

It's ROMEO! His owners kept Green Boy's nickname.  Assigned to the Franke Family.  5  1/4 lbs.

Annabelle's OKIE BOOMER, G.H.  Assigned to Alexa & Darren.  6 lbs.

Annabelle's ELSIE MALLOY, G.H. PENDING.  6 lbs.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Vet visit for shots! OUCH!

This afternoon, the pups went for a car ride to Broadview Animal Hospital in Rochester, NH for their first vaccine which was for Distemper and Parvo Virus. They also had a full exam for their Health Certificates and, unfortunately for Boomer and Elsie - a microchip insertion. The other three pups will also have microchips, but lucky for them, they will be under anesthesia for their surgeries when getting chipped. Boomer squeaked but Elsie braved the insertion without a whimper. Miss Pink has a slight under bite but will cause no issues for her - my vet really did not even want to note it but I insisted. She is still as cute as ever.  :+)

My vet said the pups were so calm and cooperative - very impressed with their growth and conformation.  I was proud.

Here they are in my expandable portable pen in the back of my car. Not one cried or got sick or did potty during the ride to and from the vets. Kudos little guys!

L to R: Boomer, Red Boy, Green Boy, Elsie and Pink Girl.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Actively seeking a local guardian home for Elsie.

If any of my previous or current buyers knows of someone in their lives, that is within an hour of my home, interested in becoming a guardian for this sweet, focused and endearing girl, please send me an email or phone call.  Thanks.

Elsie Malloy has a double dose of social but calm DNA and would love to join a family.

Happily, I have several families interested and am scheduling appointments to make a decision.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Visitor pics!

The pups love showing off when company arrives to play with them. Such social butterflies!  :+)

Rolling on the turf is fun for both boys and pups.

Tires serve as seats and an agility course.

Cuddles and smiles.

'Can we be friends'?

Red boy getting a double dose of  affection.

What do we have here? Dirty pups! Red Boy enjoying the hole they all dug. 

I love to hear adults giggle over puppies.

They all love to be snuggled with.

'Please pick me up'!

Coochie, coochie cooo!!

Guys need to stay together, right?

Friday, May 19, 2017


They are such little doggies now - running in and out of the dogie door, deciding where they want to nap (inside or outside) and loving their meals.

They follow me all over the place and also the adult dogs who let them know when they have had enough. People continue to visit and they so enjoy those meetings - such a social litter!  :+)

I just included a couple of crates in their pen space for them to explore. I want them to at least be familiar with them before going home. Busy weeks ahead and I hope everyone is getting prepared.

REMEMBER, I need names when I contact you for your assigned pup. Also, at that time, I will ask for the balance to be sent and for you to be sure you read my Warranty.  Any questions? I am here!

Don't you think he should be named Romeo? Green Boy weighs 4  1/4 lbs.

Okie Boomer shares the 'Heavyweight' title with his sis, Elsie. Five pounds!

Look at those curly brows!!! Such a hoot! Pink Girl weighs 4  1/4 lbs.

Love that white muzzle. Cutie pie Red Boy weighs 4  1/4 lbs.

Another 5 pounder is Miss Elsie Malloy. Hoping for a local guardian soon.

This would be a good time for all of you to send me a personal email regarding your top three choices. This might help me and my trainer when choosing which pup should go to which family if all are equal with temperament and there is a 'tie'.  :+)