Wednesday, September 20, 2017

This sweet girl will be bred this winter for early spring pups.

Miss Charlotte 2-Step will have her last litter for ADNE in 2018.  My hope is to breed her to Wyatt Slurp if he passes his testing regimen in October.  The breeding should produce another 'rainbow' litter of blacks, creams and chocolate(s) in medium sizes (range of 30 to 40 lbs.) There is a possibility of a parti or phantom arriving as well but that will depend on how the 'color genes' line up. If a female of either pattern arrives, I would be interested in putting her in a guardian home if she is an excellent breeding prospect.

Here is a pic of this dynamic duo!

Charlotte 2-Step is a beautiful cream with a black nose and eye pigment.  Her coat is full of fleecy soft waves.
She loves balls and to play games and is a wonderful mother to her pups.

Wyatt Slurp looks like a western movie cartoon character! He has a straight hair coat that does not shed.
Although Wyatt was born chocolate, he is lightening up to either cafe or lavender which is typical
of most chocolates in our hybrid.  Wyatt loves the water and to chase wild geese.  He is very
well trained with a loving, goofy personality. Fingers crossed he passes testing!

If Wyatt does not pass his testing to my level, I will choose a different stud for Charlotte. I have not made that choice yet.

Sunday, September 17, 2017


As the two posts before this one, we generally have busy days with play time and visits! This week, if we don't have rain, I hope to entice them to come outdoors for the first time. It is always an interesting experience. I take bets with myself about who will venture to the door opening first and take the first step down the ramp. I predict it will be Orange Girl. We shall see.  :+)

Red Collar Male - 3  1/2 lbs.

Teal Collar Female - 3  1/3 lb.s

Brown Collar Male - 3  5/8 lbs.

Green Collar Male - 2  3/4 lbs.
Yellow Collar Male - 3  1/4 lbs.

Blue Collar Male - 3  1/8 lbs.

Violet Collar Female - 3  3/8 lbs.
Pink Collar Female - 3  3/4 lbs.

Orange Collar Female - 2  3/4 lbs.


The puppies love to play in the pup room as I am cleaning their area each day. When people visit, they also have the option to come out and interact.  I keep their gate open so they can make the choice. Some are soooo sleepy, they continue to snooze for a bit before joining the foray.  Others play and explore and then get sleepy and go to snuggle with the stuffed animals inside their play pen.

Here are some pics of them just enjoying their free time.  :+)


A couple of families have come to ADNE to visit the puppies and it was so nice for me and the pups to enjoy their company.

This was the first experience for the pups and they did really well considering they were COMPLETE strangers to them! Blue Collar male, in particular, was quite vocal about the new voices and smells in the room and took a few minutes to realize there was nothing to fear. The others began sniffing and wagging their tails very quickly.

As the week rolls out, we have a couple of others coming and all look forward to their visits.

Jessica and Judith were the first to visit. Blue Boy is at Jessica's feet. 

Then the Walsh Family came and had so much fun watching the antics of these guys!

Blue Boy snacked on laces.

Which one of these black beauties to pick up?

Busy bodies!

'Pick me up, please?'

Puppy sillies!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Although I posted something very similar to my clients of my last litter than recently went home, I decided it might be a good idea to post it here as well.


As with all my litters, I hope things are going well now that your pup is finally home with you. 

All of you will be visiting your vets and will be advised to use products like Bravecto, Trifectis, Comfortis, Nexgard, Seresto and many other chemicals to protect your dog from fleas and such. I STRONGLY urge you to not use chemical/pesticide products because so many dogs have become ill or died from their constant use.  The time frame used for a 'testing period' is minimal. How often have we heard of retractions/lawsuits regarding medicines for humans??  There have been recalls for dog products as well with far less time used for safety measurements. This concerns me greatly.

Ask yourself this question:  If everyone of those products state to not have children touch the product or put it on humans, why on earth would it be OK to put it on your pet for years and years? I strongly believe that any product you use on your pet should be safe enough to be on you as well.  It just makes sense that you want to give your pet a safe product to control pests that will not cause harm. The fact that none of these products work 100%, why take the risk?  If a flea bit you, would YOU use a Flea & Tick product on you or ingest a chemical to be rid of them? I would think not.

I highly suggest you order Wondercide for your home, family and your pet or another holistic product that will repel these pests.    

Each of these pest problems have a remedy. All you need to be conscious of is testing them twice a year to prevent them from festering within your pet. I do a 4DX test in March or April and again in September or November. That way, if your pet was exposed to 'any bugs' it can be dealt with in a timely manner.  Of course if your pet is showing symptoms, than an immediate trip to the vet is necessary. NO chemical product prevents your pet from getting bit 100% of the time and the health risks are not worth it in my opinion. 

Please take the time to Google any product that has chemicals or pesticides in it that are suppose to 'protect' your pet. Look for the reviews both good and bad and make a conscious decision - it just may save your pet's life or prevent their kidneys from being overworked and eventually fail.

I feel that pets given great (yes, expensive) food made from human ingredients as well as minimal vaccines will provide your pet with a longer and healthier life.


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Daisy's pups.

I was very pleased to see that the pups were eager to step outside their enclosure to mill around me and explore the pup room as I cleaned up their area.  I like to do this every day because it gives them the chance to 'stretch their legs' and make new discoveries.

Once I was finished, I held each for a bit and placed them back in and took some pics to share.  As you can see on some of them, their coats are beginning to develop some curl. Each week is like watching a butterfly unfurl.  :+)

This guy is just too comfortable to leave his bed.

These two are already getting down their wrestling moves.

'Hey, open the gate again, please'?

Beginning to settle down for their naps. I am delighted they enjoy sleeping in the crates.

Sunday, September 10, 2017


This afternoon, I spent cleaning and rearranging the Puppy Room so that Daisy's puppies could have more room now that Gunny's six pups have gone to their new owners. There was quite a bit of shuffling around before all was finally to my liking.

In about another week, they may even take a peek outdoors but we shall see what the weather will be like but once a full five weeks is typically when I begin to do this.

It is really nice to have a bit more room for ME in this space!  :+)

Finally, I don't have to duck my head when cleaning up the potty area. The 'Activity Square' is now on the
floor rather than hanging from the ceiling.  

I decided to bleach two of the crates that I had used with the last litter and introduce the pups
to them early. They seem to like it! They will quickly outgrow these but I have others.

A couple of the pups are already engaging the Activity Square. I love that!
They are also drinking water and eating gruel. That makes Daisy very happy.

Now for their four week old pics and weights. They were sooo good for their photo shoot. :+)

Red Collar Male - 2  1/2 lbs.

Violet Collar Female - 2  3/4 lbs.

Green Collar Male - 2  1/4 lbs.

Pink Collar Female - 3  1/8 lbs.

Blue Collar Male - 2  1/2 lbs.

Yellow Collar Male - 2  1/2 lbs.

Teal Collar Female - 2  3/4 lbs.

Brown Collar Male - 2  3/4 lbs.

Orange Collar Female - 2  1/4 lbs.