Friday, October 31, 2014

Camden and her three week old pups.

This past week, I did move Camden and her pups but not to the pup room. Instead, I put them in a corner of my kitchen to introduce them more to household noises and life in general. In my office, they are somewhat isolated which is great in the beginning but more light and exposure is needed once two weeks of age approaches. I may extend their area once I see them really using the potty box better - there has been improvement but it is very slight. Heck, these blimps hardly walk!!

On Nov. 8th, all of Figgy's pups will go home and that is when these babies will be moved to the Pup Room and Camden can have all the space to herself including access to the fenced in area. At the moment, I take Camden out on a leash many times a day.

As I was cleaning the pup pen, I placed the pups in a laundry basket and Camden promptly jumped in!

Pink Girl is 2.5 lbs.

Grey Boy is 2.3 lbs. and sports the white goatee and chest flash.

Glitter Girl is 3.2 lbs.

Copper Girl is 2.12 lbs.

Blue Boy is 2.7 lbs.

Plum Girl is 2.4 lbs. and will have liver pigment.

Green Boy is 2.10 lbs.
For the most part, the girls are the heavier weight group right now.  It will be interesting to see if that changes once they are started on regular food. So far, all are doing well. Every now and again, they do start to interact with each other but it is of very short duration. This coming week will bring many changes and developments. Their eyes begin to really 'see', legs become stronger and they are stimulated by the environment. I find it to be the cutest phase.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Here they are, here they are! Figgy x Dublin 9 week old pics!

Sorry, busy day with hubby doctor appointments as well as eye CERF's for the puppies. Was really wondering if I was going to make it before it got too dark. Golly, the light is leaving us way too early!!  I did this batch with a mirror so there is a reflection of their backs in most of them.

Pups did very well on the drive to Portsmouth, NH with only minor crying that did not last long at all. On the way back, they were very quiet and all went to sleep. Thank you, puppies!  :+)  As is typical, people waiting for their appointments had to come over and pat the pups as I carried them in and out two at a time. All were very willing to be touched and held.

The exams went without a hitch and I got home in time to get the snapshots done.  Now it is time to get dinner for everyone, including the humans!

Phoebe is 8 3/4 lbs. 

Crosby is the big one at 10 1/4 lbs.

Peach is now Fiona Bailey and is 10 lbs.

Dainty Chloe is 7 3/4 lbs.

Monty is 8 1/2 lbs.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

We had a visitor today - Montaque's (Monty) family came to visit. Also some pics of his siblings. :+)

It was wonderful to see the smiles all around for this very special puppy and how he will bring lots of entertaining activity to their household.

The Figgy x Dublin mating produced a super nice group of puppies.  I may have to repeat it!

Monty's happy family.

Looks like Peachy has a hangover and Phoebe is sympathetic.

Chloe is all alert as Crosby relaxes.

Monty enjoying a rest after all that cuddling from his family.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Oh my...Camden's pups are blimps at 2 weeks.

Bless Camden's big heart, she has been providing some exceptional milk for her babies. I guess all that very rich chicken soup I have been making for her is doing the job!

It won't be long before I will have to move these pups into the pup room but I still need to create a space for them. It appears I had better get on the stick!!!

At two weeks old, most of them have their eyes open and I have even heard a bark from one of them! Funny, I don't generally have a lot of litters where some of the girls are bigger than the boys but this is one of them.  All of them are quite plump.  :+)

Glitter Girl is 2.5 lbs.

Pink Girl is 1.12 lbs.

Grey Boy is 1.9 lbs.

Plum Girl is 1.10 lbs.

Blue Boy is 1.13 lbs.

Green Boy is 1.13 lbs.

Copper Girl is 2.1 lbs.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

How to entertain puppies during nasty weather.

Here are pics of Figgy's pups (with Haddie) playing with a box in the pup room. It took them about 15 minutes to even go near 'the big bad box'. Seeing their concern, I went in and began talking to them and all of them came to me but kept one eye on that 'naughty looking' box. After I stepped out, Crosby, who was the one who ran to the far corner initially, got brave and stated chewing on it. Naturally, the rest followed suit and had a wonderful time chewing it to kingdom come! It kept them all busy for more than an hour.

These pups do not mind the rain and the wind. They went outside to potty all day and even played chase in the rain. A mess for me but that is the price you pay for brave little souls enjoying Mother Nature.  :+)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Guardian for Haddie McGee. Why be a guardian?

Haddie is a mini Labradoodle - she will be approximately 25 to 28 lbs. at maturity. This is not your typical 'fragile little dogie' as Haddie is solid as a brick. She has strong boning, a square stance, non shedding, wavy coat coupled with quite a bit of confidence but respectful as well.  My trainer said Haddie is a very smart Labradoodle with good energy and would require an active household with dog experience and I agree.  Obedience training is a must as Haddie loves to learn and interact - she is a very quick learner.

A full time working situation is not the best placement for Haddie McGee, as she is quite social.  So an active, dog experienced home with children (or another dog) would do nicely. Or an active couple (retired or otherwise) that enjoys the companionship of a furry friend.  Lastly, those that have a home based business is also ideal.

Haddie loves the outdoors, children, people and is respectful of other dogs. Loud noises do not bother her like thunderstorms or the like and she is much more tolerant of the vacuum than she use to be. I continue to expose Haddie to new people, places and things weekly.

Haddie at 12 weeks. Weighs 10 1/2 lbs.

Haddie Mc Gee at 11 weeks of age. 9 1/2 lbs

Why be a guardian for ADNE:

PROS:  To be picked for a potential breeding candidate, I look first for temperament, training ability and structure. So each pup has to meet this criteria foremost. I then seek the opinion of my trainer that assesses all my pups from each litter - we have to agree on the outstanding puppy from her perspective as well. Think of it as 'my pick of the litter'. Although a a completely fenced in yard is a plus; it is not required as Invisible Fence is acceptable provided you are responsible.

When we talk about price, keep in mind that if this candidate does become a breeding doodle for ADNE, your $1,250.00 deposit is returned to you at the end of our contract and you own the Labradoodle free and clear after only three litters. I typically never breed any of my girls after they are five years old, so many times, there has only been two litters born. There are other incentives as well that would be explained in the contract.

As far as routine vet visits, you can do most of the normal stuff with your favorite local vet.

CONS:  You need to live close enough to me to make the contract do-able for both of us. Most of the time, the guardian home will be driving (to me) or to my vet in Rochester, NH for testing. When it comes time for breeding, the dam typically goes to the stud 's home or my vet. This needs to be factored into your schedule. Sometimes, it may interfere with your life at home but with good communication and flexibility, it works just great. I have been known to meet you at a convenient spot when timing is an issue. If you have common sense and a flexible nature contact me!

You will be gone from your pet for several weeks when she delivers and weans her litter. However, I am quite accommodating with regard to you visiting often and highly encourage it. Lastly, because I have more females in my guardian program than males, I do require the pet balance if said female does not make the cut for my program at about a year old. However, I am happy to deduct any training classes done during that time from the balance with receipt.  My requirements are quite high which means 'average' generally is not acceptable. Of course, this has NO reflection on the pet quality of the Labradoodle!

If you have further questions, please contact me. I am happy to discuss any and all points.

Eight weeks old - just two more weeks to go before Figgy's pups are with their families.

With the placements of Tate's litter and the very busy CERF/Heart Clinic behind me, things are rolling along nicely here at Annabelle Doodles.

Figgy's litter is a carpet of fluffy, happy, active doodles that follow Haddie Mc Gee everywhere. Haddie has really taken on the role of the 'older step sister quite nicely.  I bet in two weeks, most of Figgy's litter will be bigger than Haddie, who is a mini.  I bet Haddie keeps all of them in line though!

I actually took the litter for a ride in the car today just to see if any of them would be uncomfortable or show any signs of stress, like salivation.  None did, they all did quite well with just a couple of weak complaints. :+)

Again, Mother Nature kept the rain at bay and I finished my photo session staying dry. I had to lighten both Crosby and Monty so you could see a bit of their eyes. They are beautifully black.

I love her white toes and chest.
She is a  9 3/4 lb charmer. Waiting for her name!

Chloe (Lime) is the smallest and almost as quiet as Monty.
All 7 lbs. of her wants to be cuddled 24/7.

Phoebe (Lilac) is very sweet with bursts of energy. Pheebz
loves belly rubs. 8 lbs.

Monty (Red) is the most laid back, intuitive pup I have
ever had the pleasure of watching grow. 7 3/4 lbs.

Crosby (Teal) loves life. He is inquisitive yet loving - such a
perfect blend of  'naughty and nice'.  A hefty one at 9 3/4 lbs.