Monday, September 17, 2018

The most interactive toys are not expensive at all.

This is a plastic gas funnel that you can get at any Dollar Tree Store.  Along with a braided rope toy snaked through it and knotted at the end, you have hours of entertainment!

Icy and Bella Rue play with this toy constantly - one always has a head in the funnel end while the other grabs the rope hanging out the other end.  Between tugging, pawing at the funnel, chewing either side or just playing 'Catch Me, If You Can', this inexpensive and fun toy is always a hit!

We are keeping our paws crossed that Icy will finally go home to her owners tomorrow.  We are scheduled to meet her Flight Nanny at the Manchester Airport.  We are suppose to get lots of rain and thunderstorms (of course!), so there is always a chance of a last minute cancellation. 

I know Bella Rue will miss her friend greatly but her family is anxious to have her home and I am anxious to start on Bella's social and training schedule!  Send us good vibes for a safe trip tomorrow, please.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

An Icy & Bella Rue saga.

Great day today, so I got out my puppy carriage and prepared to take both pups for a walk in it.  I love this carriage and try to use it as often as possible. 

Here is how their conversation went:

'Icy, this room has funny windows.'

'Oh..wait, there is a second floor but I don't know where we are!'

'Icy, come see!'
'Oh, this IS better.'

'Oh, ya... this is really cool! ' 

'The 'rooms' keep changing and there are some things that.....

'What is that? grrrrr...  'I don't know Icy but...

I think I am going to hide.'  'Don't worry, Bella, I will protect you!'

'Awww, I wasn't REALLY afraid, Icy!'

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Hurricane Florence has really messed things up....but

Both Icy and Bella Rue are quite content as we all patiently wait for flights to be able to get to the East Coast.  From what I can tell, Maine should be getting hammered with rain on Tuesday - something like three inches.  When I think of the thirty inches of rain  the Carolina's are getting, I am embarrassed to complain!

Today, I took the pups outside to the front yard where there is real grass, dirt and bushes.  They had fun with both my elderly Annabelle and mommy, Daisy.  :+)

Elderly Annabelle still enjoys the antics of puppies, bless her dear heart.

Daisy playing with Icy and Bella butting in.

Icy has such terrific 'rear angulation'. 

Icy likes the grass.

Hmmm..are you looking for some roughage, Icy?

Adorable face.  :+)

The sisters side by side.

Bella Rue's ear just did not want to flip back!

Wish this pic of Bella Rue was less blurry.  Darn!

WAHOO! Let's play!

Both had muddy paws and were ready to take a nap in the pup room.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

BELLA RUE - Guardian Home Candidate!

Well, the whole litter is ten weeks today but I only had to take pictures of one pup that is still available for a home.

Bella Rue is an awesome puppy and I hope will be placed soon; but waiting for a wonderful home is more important than 'any' home.  It always seems to work out and I expect it will this time as well.

Bella has a compliant nature like her mom, Daisy.

Very willing to be put almost anywhere and not be frightened.

Here she is sitting atop of a fake rock 3 feet up and staying as I snap a pic.

Bella Rue has a gorgeous fleece, soft coat and a gentle nature.  I love that she also inherited her mom's 'prancing' walk.  Bella means beauty/beautiful and Rue is an herb described as 'graceful'. Bella Rue embraces her name to a 'T'.  :+)

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Watching with immense interest.....

Due to the hurricane and over booked planes, Miss Icy is still here keeping Bella Rue company.  They play so well together and are also learning how to behave with the adults here.

I have begun grooming my adults which has been sorely ignored when I had the ten pups.  These two just hang around and watch what I am doing or nap.  Very easy keepers.  :+)

Today, my husband is closing our pool and these two were fascinated with the goings on.  There could not be any two pups more different from each other on the coat spectrum!  Fortunately, there are plenty of people who love the easy care 'Wyatt' coat combined with a fantastic temperament.  My  'flat - coated' Australian Labradoodles were a huge hit with my customers, vets and general public.  A 'wash n wear'  Labbish coat is very much appreciated by active families - especially when it is non to minimal shedding!

Icy on left and Bella Rue on right.  :+)

Monday, September 10, 2018

Going Home Pics for the Daisy x Wyatt Litter (Will be updated when the last of them are home!)

Saturday, most of the pups were in the arms of their owners.  We had a perfect day for puppy pick up and everyone that was here had the opportunity to exchange emails to keep in touch.  Thankfully, one of the owners has already created a FB Page so all of you can share stories.  Thank you, once again Liz!  :+)

I also had a pick up on Sunday and again on Monday.  I was also suppose to go to Manchester Airport to bring little Icy to her Flight Nanny, but it was cancelled.  I am now on standby to see when we might be able to finally get Icy to Arizona!

Tonight, I should get a photo from Dante's owners so I will be adding to this group a bit later tonight.  Unfortunately, I still don't have a guardian home for Bella Rue, but she can be added any time and she and Icy are enjoying lots of interactions with mommy, Daisy.

Spot on time was the Schmitt Family to pick up Rosie!  I am told William and Rosie are inseparable.

Happy to add a second ADNE doodle to their family are the Fiesehers!  Thanks for your belief in ADNE.

Chomping at the bit to pick up Liberty Belle, Carol & Alan are thrilled with their girl.  :+)

Cool, calm and collected attract each other...thus Genevieve fits right in with the Lewis Family.

Oh, I see some 'dress up' going on with the Tzitzon girls!  Winston is a gem and would willingly participate. 

What a lucky girl Pippi is...there will be four adults that will lavish all kinds of attention on her.

Another family getting a second ADNE doodle!  Coco and Luna will keep the Xydaki's busy.

Jorge & James with Dante'.  Thanks for the pic guys!!  :+)

Icy's pic here soon, I hope!

Finally Bella Rue's.

Tonight! UPDATE!

I will NOT be leaving soon to go to the Manchester Airport to delivery Icy to her 'Flight Nanny'.  The flight has been cancelled.  Oi!  So now I am back on 'stand by' until a flight can be arranged.

Dante was just picked up and on his way to Boston.  So, Bella Rue will have company for a bit longer.