Saturday, September 13, 2014

Regarding puppies.

Weekends are becoming quite busy with clients visiting the puppies.  I try to schedule visits between puppy naps and feeding so that you can be here while pups are fresh, awake and full of energy.  It does not always work out that way, but that is what I strive for.

Many times, visitors are overlapping (one is late or the other early) and I am fine with that. I just hope that when this happens, you don't refrain from asking questions. Never hesitate to ask questions, it is what I am here for. Just be patient and I will always get to you.

It also never fails that more than one family will fall in love with one particular pup because THAT pup, THAT day is 'just what they are looking for'. Please know that EVERY pup given the right day and right time, will act the very same way! Puppies are like a two year old and anyone that has children remembers that time - every day was different because both bodies and minds are growing rapidly and all children grow at different rates just like puppies.

Yes, some pups seem to have a more complacent temperament than another but don't be mislead by this - that pup WILL have bouts of crazy behavior full of excess energy. That is a good sign that you need to play/train with your pup more because he is not tired enough.  A tired pup/dog is a well behaved dog.  Without enough play, training or attention - I can guarantee you that your pup will drive you nuts with whining, barking and mischievous antics.

Lastly, active families with small/multiple children that have lots of sport schedules, numerous house guests/kids and full lifestyles cannot have the softest, calmest puppy in a litter.  You need the exact opposite - a pup that is active, confident, has a quick recovery and loves action. A 'calm' puppy will suffer in this environment -  it is overwhelming for them and they could quickly turn into an anxious, biting pup as a form of defense. So, be sure that you are truly ready for a pup; and be truthful to yourself about how this pup will interfere with your typical day(s) at least initially. It is a lot of work - and I don't mean cleaning up after the pup, that is the easy part.  I speak of the added stress, impact on the family schedule, sleepless nights, screaming kids when the pup bites in play and the hours in training classes.

It is DEFINITELY worth all the effort - especially if you do it right.  :+)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Five Week Pics of Tate's litter!

I can't say I am sitting around twiddling my has been busy!

Figgy and her litter are now settled in one corner of the Pup Room and Tate's are in the other. Figgy is now the only 'momma' in the house with Tate still visiting to help deplete her milk gently. Her guardian has been so accommodating with her daily visits for a quick nurse and then back to her home. Thanks a million, Elizabeth!!

Numerous items are placed daily in Tate's group - Mr. Frog, Ms. Caterpillar, Rocking Horse, Cat Tunnel, Animal Playmat, etc. Tate's pups enjoy all the new arrivals and are very inquisitive. They are eating real food three times a day plus a snack from Tate.  :+)

They sure are ready to go outside and I just may do that if I can get the area cleaned up this afternoon. Tomorrow might rain and I have an appointment but if not today, hopefully Friday. I did take them for some fun out in the front yard today when I took their pics and each one enjoyed all the new smells - they stayed close to me though!

Blue Boy 4 1/2 lbs.

Haddie McGee 3 3/4 lbs.

Green Boy 4 3/4 lbs.

Black Boy 5 1/4 lbs.

Keefer 5 1/4 lbs.

Here they are outdoors enjoying the sunshine, fresh air and cave. They love the leaves, sticks and small 'stuff' they are finding.

Very cautious coming down the ramp - Black Boy is already underneath it.

Haddie is going to love a crate - she likes small spaces (and leaves apparently).

They had a ball outdoors for the first time! They chased and ran and rolled.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

We have moved! (Figgy's litter)

It was time for Figgy's litter to begin sharing the Pup Room with Tate's litter.  I spent yesterday evening moving things around and came up with a temporary plan to house both litters.  It is temporary because I keep switching spacial needs as the pups develop.  Pretty soon, Tate's pups will be going outside to explore (in small doses) and rearrangements will continue.  Tate is not staying with her pups 24/7 now but she does come and visit them as needed.  Plus, Figgy and Tate get along quite well - they must have some apathy for each other!

There is not much to take pics of when pups are still neonatal in development but soon, we will have a bit more animation than sleeping and yawning - stay tuned! Their eyes are just beginning to open and in another few days they will 'see' each other and begin mouthing and showing interaction.

Red Boy's white chin is really starting to show up.  He weighs 2.3 lbs.

Lilac Girl continues to lead the pack in weight - 2.12 lbs.

Teal Boy is 2.3 lbs.

Peach Girl is trying to get more calories in, I think! She is a hefty 2.10 lbs.

Lime Girl is also like her Teal and Red siblings and weighs 2.3 lbs.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Tate's pups are at such a wonderful age - so much fun to photograph.

They love Mr. Frog and the 2-Step Slide that they conquered in hours.  The toys hanging on the side of their pen is also a big hit and stimulates activity.  The new potty box is quite large - for sleeping and pooping it seems!!!

Little personalities are beginning to form and the pups are ready for some visitors!  They can still exhibit some shyness but that is to be expected of new people in their midst.  Please email or call for a short visit time (under a half hour) if you wish.  Enjoy the candid shots.

The 'Poop Arena!'

Some relax, others tug!

Haddie McGee is the only one small enough to be under the slide - her 'private bedroom'.

'Is this the way down?' asks Haddie of Black Boy.

'Hey guys! Look where I am'!


'It sure can be lonely at the top' claims Blue Boy.  :+)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Here are Tate's Individual Pup Pics!

I posted below on their developments this past week and I hope you enjoyed reading all about them. Since it is a perfect day with a nice breeze, their individual pics were taken outdoors once again.

Blue Boy at 4 weeks is 3 1/2 lbs.

Tip O'Keefe aka Keefer weighs 4 1/2 lbs at this time.

Black Boy weighs the same as Keefer - 4 1/2 lbs.

Green Boy is right on his target weight - 4 lbs. at 4 weeks.

Mighty Haddie McGee is 3 lbs. at 4 wks.

The meaning of a name has always been of interest to me and I admit to being a bit of a nut when it comes to how they intertwine with my life.  I love the research and the connections of why I name a guardian doodle what I do.  It can be an inspiration from a movie, book, street sign, cartoon or figment of any one's imagination!
I have been blessed once again to find two wonderful guardian homes for the two puppies I am placing from Tate x Thomas' litter. Since HADDIE McGEE was the only female (and just what I was looking for), it was an easy pick. Haddie is a strong name for a female. It is a form of 'Harriet' and generally means 'Home Ruler'. odd that Miss Harriet Potter carries that meaning so well and so does Haddie's mom, Tate O'Reilly! Haddie is related to Harriet similar to a 'distant cousin'. Now McGee has more of a Gaelic/Mythological history. It has an Irish/Scottish flare but loosely interpreted means 'a descendant of the pagan god AODH (pronounced 'eh') which means fire. Haddie's dad, Thomas, is quite fiery red in color hence that surname.

My male pick was also rather easy as from the moment Yellow Boy was born, I remarked to myself - 'holy cow, he sure resembles his dad, Thomas'! TIP O'KEEFE means 'the son of gentle Thomas'. Who knew Tip is a nickname for Thomas? It also has the dual purpose of flattering the kennel Thomas came from - Tip of the Shore Labradoodles. Interestingly, Keefe means 'gentle' - how fitting and true.

Lots going on with Tate's 4 week old litter!

Although there have been many changes and new experiences in their very short life so far, it has just begun!  Here are some pics of what has been going on here this week.

We have had a walk in my dogie stroller complete with mommy Tate tagging along. I loaded the pups and then clipped Tate to the stroller and they waited patiently for me to join them.  There was plenty of whining at first because a stroller ride is very different and lots of cars and trucks whipped by.  I do expect that continued stroller rides will be enjoyed by all of them once they have more excursions.  I am looking forward to the cooler weather to do them! As you can see, the pups are wondering what is in store for them.

When we returned home, I placed the pups in the 'Front Porch' pen under our fan because the afternoon became much too hot.  The pups no longer sit down to dinner, they feed 'countertop style' now!

A new arrangement in the pup room!  My old and very much loved Mr. Frog is in there for the pups to cuddle with. No more bedding is on the floor but I continue with the rubber play tiles because the pups still need a non slippery surface at this time.  Also, there is just pellets in their litter box and they are using it more and more.

Mr. Frog has had a very long run with the litters here at ADNE! Blue Boy & Haddie McGee show how much they enjoy his soft coat and big 'buggy' eyes!

The pups were so happy to meet him and climbed all over and then settled under his fat arms and legs.

Keefer was having a ball with this crunchy toy. He was happily playing with it until Black Boy rolled onto him and they began wrestling.

I might add that this week also brought out all their sharp puppy teeth - ouch!  Their menu has changed as well and I have begun feeding them canned Tripe along with some Goat's Milk.  Tate continues to nurse but she is being slowly weaned from them. It takes about a week or so to finish the process and is totally dependent on the momma doodle. What works for her is what I do.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A week has gone by and Figgy's pups are thriving.

Although they don't do much but nurse and crawl a bit, they are gaining well (some too well!). As I type, I can hear them gulping milk which tells me why it is necessary to change their collars to the next size today! She does miss them when I take the pups for a car ride to imprint car movement early. She also watches me like a hawk when I weigh them and do Early Neurological Stimulation on her babies. Fig sniffs every single one to make sure 'I didn't hurt' any of them - rather cute.

Figgy is a doting mom but enjoys her moments settling in with us watching tv at night; and during the day, she enjoys chilling on the cool floor of the kitchen.  Figgy gets along with all the dogs in the house.  She and Tate have done very well together and go outdoors to potty with no issues - a good thing!  Of course, we are very careful to be sure Fig's litter is behind closed doors to prevent any potential mishaps.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of risk!

Here are pics of these cuties at one week old:

Peach Girl is 1 lb. 12 oz at one week. A hunk.

Red Boy with that cute mustache and goatee going! He weighs 1 lb. 8 oz. at 1 wk.

Chunky Lilac Girl weighs 1 lb. 13 oz. at one week.

Lime Girl is 1 lb. 7 oz. at one week.

And sweet little Teal Boy is 1 lb. 4 oz. at one week!

I took them for their fourth car ride today and they slept like the babies they are.
Such pretty coats on every one of them.  :+)

As life happens, a client wanted to do a switch to another litter which allows me to keep one of the girls back for a potential Guardian Home!  I had a wonderful contact the other day, so am looking forward to that possibility.  :+)