Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Clary at 12 weeks.

Clary has been doing pretty well around here. She has taken the first steps to learning the dogie door to follow our other doodles outdoors. She is still unsure about the 'snap' that it makes but one step at a time. 

She has become very, very good about going 'Night, Night' at 10 pm on the dot without a whimper and is now enjoying a larger crate as well. Golly, she is growing like crrazy!  :+)

Last Sunday, I took her to Petco to their puppy social and Clary was quite confident!  I was so surprised and proud when she said to a larger Shepherd pup 'Stop bumping me, you are too rough'! This Sunday, I am taking her to the Kennebunk Shelter Puppy Social Hour so she meets other new pups of various breeds and sizes.  Exposing Clary to different pups will help her learn dog language as well as build her confidence.  It will also teach her some manners and most of all, learn to cope with other dogs for the future.  It doesn't hurt that it tires her out for a nice long nap when she is back home!

Clary and I were both beyond sad that the two potential guardian home candidates had to back out due to poor timing.  Hopefully, they will consider being guardian candidates when their lives are more settled.  Still looking for a family who would like to be the guardians for this spunky girl. She really likes to play, so a fenced yard and a happy go lucky canine friend would be such a bonus!

I expect Clary to be about 27 or so pounds and 17 inches tall. She has a very wavy fleece non-shedding coat that is soft and silky.  Loves belly rubs and is very funny to watch when something on t.v. catches her eye while snuggling on the couch with me.

She was 'tasting' a pine cone here.

I LOVE her head tilts!!!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Gunny is carrying a 'six-pack'!

Gunny and I went to the vets this morning for her pregnancy 'number' x-ray, and it shows six pups! I love this litter size, it is just perfect.  :+)

I pretty much have her whelping area all set up but I won't put my 'bed' in there until I see the symptoms of an impending delivery. Sometimes, if I am really, really lucky, my girl will whelp during the day.  I LOVE day deliveries but they are few and far between.  Most prefer the middle of the night or the wee hours of the morning. 

Delivery Day should occur between Feb. 21st and 23rd.  :+)

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Which one of these pics do you the cutest one of Clary McFadden?  I know she is adorable but would love to see what you think.  :+)





Yes, she is still available for a local guardian home (with a physical fence, or a very secluded yard that is in a neighborhood that does not have busy traffic. Then I would be ok with an Invisible Fence type system.)  You must be local - close to my vet in Rochester, NH or me (within a half hour). Clary would love some well behaved children and/or another dog that would like to have a good friend. Clary is submissive to a well trained dog and enjoys them. She is sleeping from 10 pm to about 6:30 am. She does use her potty box, but I am working with her to potty outdoors as well.

Clary is 11 weeks of age and is sweet as they come.

Friday, February 9, 2018

She is here! She is here! Ready for a local guardian home!

Today, I finally was able to get my new girl from GREAT ROCK LABRADOODLES. Sickness, accidents, weather.... gave way to a perfect day to bring my girl home.

Please welcome ADNE's newest addition to the Annabelle Doodle family CLARY MC FADDEN!  The name Clary means 'bright and/or famous'. She already sparkles with that lovely silky black and white tuxedo pattern. Maybe she will become a 'famous' breeder for ADNE.  :+)  Keeping my fingers crossed; and now to find the perfect local guardian home for her that has a fence.

Clary is 10 weeks old and weighs 9 lbs.  I expect her to be around 27 lbs. at maturity. She has a wavy fleece coat and lovely temperament. I am pretty sure she would like to play ball.  I will certainly be taking more pics of this girl!

She was jumping for joy to be outside!

Sitting pretty.

'It's a ball'!

Love this face.

Clary seems to like it here in Maine.  :+)
Indoor pics taken today 2/10/17.  If you look really close, you will see that her eyes have not turned all brown yet - they may even keep a patch of the blue in them. Time will tell. Most Merle dogs (like Huskies) will have blue eyes or eyes with a spot of blue in them, but her parents have been genetically tested for the Merle gene and DNA does not lie - no Merle in this girl!

She loves having free time in the kitchen with all the other doodles at ADNE. Right now, she has settled herself quite nicely in the dog bed under my desk as I type.  :+)

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


For those looking for adorable pups ready very soon for homes, please contact Lynn of Great Rock Labradoodles in Connecticut.  Certainly an easy ride from most East Coast areas to meet and greet these cuties.

This is curly Red Male.

Pink Girl has a wavy coat that MAY be a slight shedder.

You can contact Lynn by going to her website GREAT ROCK LABRADOODLES or Facebook page.  I am picking up my girl from her on Friday and cannot wait! 

Her email addy:

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Mating accomplished!

Yea!  Now both Wyatt and Charlotte can relax for the Super Bowl Game today. All of us will be home celebrating the Super Bowl preparations. 

We are all so happy that Wyatt's first breeding experience is now over and behind him. On Saturday, as much as he was eager to accomplish his mission, he needed some help, so we went to my vets for a collection and an AI on Charlotte.  We decided to all meet at my vets in case the same thing happened today, but Wyatt must have paid close attention to his lessons from yesterday and was very much into the 'real deal' and showed us all how it gets done.  :+)  He enjoyed himself so much, he was very reluctant to let Charlotte go. He kept jumping on her and giving her hugs while they were tied. It was rather funny.  We all had a chuckle or two over his antics.

So, now we wait about 30 days to see if those active sperms find an egg to fertilize! 

Rah, rah PATRIOTS!!!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Big weekend ahead and I don't just mean the Super Bowl!

Charlotte and Wyatt have dates scheduled for this weekend! Wahoo!  Reservations have been made for a honeymoon weekend here at the Homestead.  I am told Charlotte is getting all gussied up today for the big event.  :+)