Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Okay, photography has been burning brightly lately and will continue for a few weeks! Please enjoy Hazel's little sweethearts, who are all of three days old.  Hope you don't mind that I continued the Valentine theme.  :+)

They are identified by the color of their collars.

Lime Male.

Checker Male.

Rose Female.

Navy Male.

Copper Male.

Lilac Female.

Denim Female.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Cutting it close today for pic updates. WEEK FIVE OF PIPER X THOMAS PUPS!

As always, it has been a busy week. All is well with two litters occupying most of my time. Both are doing well, so all is good.

Week five is such a change from the previous weeks. Now the pups bite like crazy and attach themselves to your shoes, clothes and dust pan - so doing anything takes forever! I did use the vacuum for a short time this morning because it is very loud but short bursts of it helps desensitize them. They yell to be let out of their pen to play in the room - they understand 'more space' for sure!

Daisy interacted with them for a brief time this morning as I was preparing Hazel and her litter for a routine trip to the vet for a check up. It is too cold today for considering outside but I did open the door for those willing to peek and consider - none were up to the challenge.  :+)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Purple Girl is at 4 lbs. this week.

Teal Girl weighs 4 lbs. 

Green Boy is a solid 4 1/4 lbs.

Pink Girl, the smallest pup at 3 1/2 lbs.

Pumpkin Girl is also 4 1/4 lbs.

As is Yellow Girl - 4 1/4 lbs.

Tan Boy - 4 1/4 lbs.

Red Boy - 3 3/4 lbs. - will be the smallest male in the litter.

Blue Boy - 4 1/2 lbs. tracking to be his daddy's size.

Black Boy - 4 3/4, the biggest pup in the litter.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

It is early in the morning and Hazel is whelping! PICS!

Hazel had been quite uncomfortable and panting excessively all day Saturday and I knew she was in early stage labor. I decided it would be easier on my back to have her snuggle with me on the couch for bedtime and sure enough, right around 12:30 she began to have some small contractions. So I immediately got her set up under my desk and by 1 am, I could see the first pup making its journey into the world.

  • 1:11 am - Black Female weighing 9 ounces - Rose Collar
  • 1:30 am - Creamy Apricot Female weighing 6 3/4 ounces - Lilac Collar
  • 2:15 am - Black Female weighing 7 5/8 ounces - Denim Collar
  • 2:47 am - Creamy Apricot Male weighing 6 3/4 ounces - Checker Collar
  • 3:10 am - Creamy Apricot Male weighing 7 1/4 ounces - Navy Collar
  • 3:58 am - Creamy Apricot Male weighing 6 5/8 ounces - Lime Collar
  • 4:55 am - Apricot Male weighing 8 1/2 ounces - Copper Collar

All went well and I look forward to taking a nap later on to be ready for the game this evening. :+)


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Week Four of Piper x Thomas litter is all about exploration!

Here are some casual shots of the pups during week four that show them becoming so much more inquisitive and mobile.  :+)

The pee pads are on the floor to give them traction on the tiles and prevent slippage at this young age.

I kept the door open and one pup is very curious about what is out there!
I love that many of them will return to the potty box when necessary!

Under the cabinet is an interesting place.

Gotta go!

Look! I am on the stairs!

Wanna play little man?

Oh goodness, they potty a lot.

Legs! This tunnel has legs!!

Twins??  Nope, he is looking at his reflection in the mirror.  :+)

It was great that there have been quite a few visitors to socialize the pups so far this weekend. Two brave families even came during our snowstorm on Friday! Today, we also had two come and I had to cancel the last one because Miss Hazel seems to be quite uncomfortable and has begun early signs of whelping. I won't know if it will be tonight or tomorrow but I am keeping a close eye on her.

I think Piper may be going back to her guardian home very soon as she is quite ready to leave the care of her ten demanding puppies to me! She really needs the break so that she can begin to gain weight again and enjoy her freedom. Her pups are in good hands.  :+)

Friday, February 5, 2016

Whever there is a lap, there is Hazel.

She prettily perched on my husband Carl last night as we watched tv.  She has great balance in spite of that big belly!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Little Miss Hazel Mae has arrived here at ADNE. Update!

This morning, our little mini 'blimp' came waddling in for her maternity stay here at Annabelle Doodles. She is sooooo adorable, my mini sized Annabelle look-a-like.  :+)

Here x-ray shows 7 puppies with a possibility for an 8th but that is a 'maybe'.  Delivery day is suppose to be on Sunday - SUPER BOWL pups?????? At the moment she is doing great, eating well and enjoying all the attention. There may be room in this litter but I will wait until Hazel gives birth before announcing on my Home Page.  I like to count my chickens when they are already hatched!

She is awfully chunky - any guesses?

Hazel is so easy to have around, meshes right in happy as pie. She definitely want lots of rubs, pats and snuggles but I don't think that is because she is pregnant, I think she is just like her great-great grandmother, Annabelle - nothing wrong with that! :+)

Emmett is going to be very proud of his second litter with Hazel. The first group from them were just the cutest little guys and I kept back 'Lil Abner' to add to my program. Check out their first litter together by clicking on the Hazel x Emmett litter button on the right.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


I am reaching out to my many customers to ask if they will provide me with a reference regarding my program, ethics, breeding dogs, communication skills and customer service. Unfortunately, you will have to send me an email of your comment and I will have to 'copy and paste' here.

It would be helpful if you add your town/state. 

Thank you to any and all who have and will participate.  Sincerely, Joyce


Many times, I have been asked to provide potential buyers with references.  Since I value people's privacy and don't like to keep asking for their permission to send out emails or phone numbers, I originally thought to have a REFERENCE post on the Point's To Ponder segment of this AnnaBlog (which it does) but felt a Reference Page should stand alone as well.

I hope all my customers take the time to read all the articles in the Points to Ponder segment as they are very informative!

Jane G.
Strafford NH

I did a lot of research before choosing Annabelle Labradoodle for my puppy. I was first attracted to their uniformly good looks and their size.  Also, I wanted a black doodle and I was able to see that Joyce truly loved them.  It was one of the best decisions I ever made.  Joyce takes meticulous care of each puppy.  Her care of them is completely transparent. She socializes them, takes them for car rides, begins to crate them and carefully scrutinizes both their physical well being and their emerging personalities.  I admit I was slightly miffed when I learned she would match my with my puppy instead of me choosing.  But Emmett was definitely the dog for me.  With her experience and intelligence she is very good at matching you with the right puppy.

I have had longer interaction with Joyce as I am a guardian for Emmett.  Observing her through the mating process has further cemented my high opinion of the care and research she puts into every aspect of her doodle rearing.  All the dogs I have met are adorable and have wonderful personalities.  My dog is smart and sweet and mischievous in all the right ways.  He is also the cutest thing on 4 legs.  You will be lucky to have an Annabelle Labradoodle.

Thank you Jane! I love that you love black doodles too!  2/4/2016
  1. Roxann Gregory 

    6:09 PM (6 minutes ago)
    to me
    ADNE is FIVE STARS. We did extensive research for two years, trying to find a reputable breeder for labradoodles. Joyce is top notch.  Her breeding dogs go through extensive testing. I spent hours reviewing the health records of breeding doodles and their breeders. Joyce was above and beyond the best breeder. She is meticulous about her breeding dogs and pups. Health is her # 1 concern.

    Joyce works with her clients, making absolute sure that the family and pups are well suited for each other. Temperament testing is performed on each pup. This was comforting.

    During our search for a new pup, Joyce was quick to respond to our many questions. After we acquired our sweet boy, she continued to answer e-mails, regarding diet, vaccinations or anything else that was of concern.

    Thanks Joyce for all you do. We so love our boy!  You are a phenomenal breeder. Your attention to detail, breeding ethics and customer service are the best.

    We are elated with our little guy!
Thank you so much for sending me a reference, Roxann! 2/2/2016
  1. Michele J. here from New York City. Henry's the heart of our home and we love him more than we can say. He is so sweet-natured and loving. He is our best friend. Well, mine, anyway. I still can't get a half a block without people stopping me to pet him. He is the BEST!
  2. Shelly D
    TN now MD
    Comment- scrupulous breeder regarding health certificates and concerns. My doodle has never had any major problems and is 8 years old.
    Good natured dog as well
  3. Wendy B
    Freddy Frump
    We were so fortunate to have found Annabelles' Doodles. Joyce has been and amazing resource from the beginning. No matter what questions I have, I know I can always contact Joyce for help. Freddy is a sweet family dog and great Pet Therapy dog with a perky personality.

    Happy to provide any reference you need.

  4. Joyce Tabor is an excellent breeder. We got our dog Alfie from her
    and adore him. I would never go anywhere else, she's very thorough and
    caring with each puppy. Randi M.
  5. Jen F

    We are so happy we found Joyce, an honest, excellent breeder and a great person. She puts a tremendous amount of work in to supplying the healthiest happiest puppies and properly matching their temperaments to the family. She is also very communicative and can be reached at any time with questions. We are so extremely happy with our pup I just cannot say enough good things :)
  6. Lisa E.
    Pearl (Annabelle's Muddy Pearl)

    We needed a dog for our (at the time) 7 year old daughter who had a pronounced fear of dogs and has asthma and anxiety. We became a guardian home for Joyce, who we were fortunate to have known casually prior to entering into the guardianship. Pearl has played a very important role in our daughter's life in many ways: as a best and very snuggly friend, as a serious responsibility, and as a confidence builder. Our daughter's asthma has actually improved (though likely not because of Pearl, but it is definitely worth mentioning) in the past 2 years since getting Pearl. Her anxiety about dogs is completely gone. Our girl now has aspirations to be a dog breeder when she grows up. Her generalized anxiety has also improved as her relationship with Pearl has deepened. This dog has meant a lot to our family.

    Joyce is a very, very trust worthy breeder. Her standards for her dogs are beyond what many breeders aspire to. She is firm with us about what she requires, and is always available to answer questions or teach us the best way to take good care of our Pearl. I can't say enough good things about Joyce. She knows, loves and is seriously responsible about dogs.
  7. Deb D.
    Felix Gumshoe

    I have allergies and was having a hard time to find a dog that I could tolerate. We spent some time at Joyce's admiring her dogs and patting them and rubbing my eyes without any problems. Joyce had this wonderful puppy, Felix Gumshoe who she was seeking a Guardian home for. She let us try him for a week to make sure that I wasn't allergic to him. We are so happy to have Felix in our home. He is a fantastic dog with the sweetest temperment. He is also very handsome with his black, fleece, wavy coat. He has added so much to our home and family. He is truly a family dog and loves the whole family.

    Joyce is absolutely fantastic and I think is probably the best breeder out there. She is so conscientious about her lines and her breeding protocol. She wants to get the best of everything in her puppies/dogs including temperment, coat quality, and health. I did not realize how much effort, time, and money Joyce puts into the testing of her dogs prior to becoming a guardian home for her. She will happily provide the proof of the testing for you and does more testing than most to make sure that she is breeding the best. If there is something that she comes across in her testing that she doesn't want in her lines, she will not breed that dog regardless of the disappointment that it might bring to her and all that she has invested in the dog thus far.

    She is also always there to answer any questions that you might have. She truly cares that you are happy and that your dog is happy. She takes the extra time and effort to give her dogs the best nutrition possible and spares no expense. I am also amazed at how much she puts into each litter with regards to nutrition, cleanliness of area(lots of cleaning and sanitizing of areas). She gives the puppies what they need at each stage of their development and posts it on her blog for all of us Annablog Addicts. She tests each dog and makes sure that it is the proper placement for that dog and family. She is fantastic from a guardian home standpoint as well. We actually live a little further away than most guardian homes as it was such a good fit. She is fantastic to work with and very accomodating. I am able to do a lot of the testing at my Vets as they are a Reproductive Vet. She really cares about her guardian homes and tries to make it work the best for all involved. A better breeder could not be found! We are so happy to be a part of the Annabelle Doodle Family!
  8. Mike M
    Miss Molly

    Joyce is the best breeder I have come across in 69 years. I will never go anywhere else. Joyce takes exceptional care of her dogs, her pups and her new "families". She is always available for any questions. Though Miss Molly is still a puppy she is the sweetest dog we have ever had and a fast learner. Her coat is truly remarkable and so easy to groom. My vet said he had never seen such thorough testing on a new puppy. You will never do better than an Annabelle Doodle.
  9. Amy K. of MA, owner of Brewster - My family and I cannot say enough about our experience with Annabelle Doodles of New England. From the beginning, Joyce included us in every step of the process toward adopting our beautiful boy Brewster. With young children, we felt it was of the utmost importance to meet the breeder and some of his/her dogs before committing to a litter. Very few breeders provide this opportunity. Joyce not only met with us, but opened her home and allowed all of us to spend time with her beautiful girls and her litters at the time. When the litter with our future pup arrived, she again included us and all of the other families in on every step of the pups' development and listened closely to the personality traits we hoped to see in our pup. The moment we met Brewster we knew Joyce had made a perfect match. He is the most wonderful furry addition to our family - so extraordinary with our children and just an absolute love!
  10. Denise of NH, owner of Riley
    Our experiences with Joyce and our Labradoodle, Riley, have been fabluous. Riley is an incredible, beautiful, non-shedding, strong, athletic, affectionate, exuberant 2 year old female, who is "best friends" to all 4 of our older children, my husband and me.

    Joyce is truly an amazing professional breeder who has outstanding knowledge, skill, and communications. She couples this with deep caring about her dogs, her pups, and her families. Our experience with Annabelle Doodles has been fabluous, from initial contact until now. Joyce's caring doesn't end when the pups go home to their new families. She stays in contact, sends updates on relevant topics, and wants to know how her pups are doing. She is even organizing a Labradoodle "get together" this summer.
    In our travels with Riley we often meet other dog owners and Labradoodles. Joyce and her dogs are very well known throughout New England by owners, vets and trainers; I have always heard wonderful comments. Joyce and her dogs are better than you can imagine!
  11. Susan T
    Falmouth, Maine
    Owner of Tiki - 5.5 years old

    When we first contacted Joyce about her doodles I was a bit intimidated. She was very serious about who she allowed to have one of her puppies. Also, the price seemed high. BUT MY TIKI IS WORTH EVERY DOLLAR! He is an incredible dog in every way. Fun, smart, handsome and loyal. Plus he does not shed. Joyce's understanding of doodles and her hard work maintaining the lineage is apparent in these wonderful animals. I am happy to talk with any potential doodle owner that would like a reference.
  12. Deb F: We are guardians for Eloise Moppet affectionately known as Ellie Belly. She is a wonderful, loyal companion and she has exceeded our expectations. She quickly became acclimated to our household and gets along beautifully with our grandchildren and two cats. We adore her and can't imagine being without her. Joyce has been wonderful to us and has provided invaluable advice. She is always accessible for questions and her love and concern for all of her doodle families is apparent. We could not be more pleased.
  13. After spending many months talking with various breeders we finally decided to purchase our new puppy from Joyce. I was especially impressed with how much time she spent on the phone with me discussing her dog rearing philosophy and summarizing her extensive experience raising Australian Labradoodles. She helped me identify which of her litters would be best suited to our time constraints and our family's lifestyle. After the puppies were born, I enjoyed the opportunity to visit with them and the mother, as well as meet Joyce in person and see where the dogs spent their first few months. Further, the daily updates on her blog provided ongoing info about the pups' progress. We have had our puppy, Dixie, for 2 months now and we are thrilled with her. Joyce's ability to match the dogs' personalities to those of the new owners is especially appreciated. We're looking forward to many long years with our new pup, but if we are ever in the market for another doodle, we will certainly contact Joyce.

    Nancy G.
    Wellesley MA
  14. We would like to provide a reference for anyone interested in purchasing a puppy from Annabelle Doodles of New England.

    We have had many dogs during our lifetime, from German Shepherds, to Golden Retrievers, but this was our first experience with Australian Labradoodles.

    Joyce Tabor truly cares about the dogs she raises and tries very hard to place her dogs in homes that match the owners'personalities.

    We were "dogless" for a few years, after the loss of our beloved German Shepherd, but our little Doodle has brought so much laughter into our lives again, we often wonder why we waited so long to get back into dog ownership.

    Annabelle Labradoodles are intelligent, loving," people pleasing" dogs. If you decide to become part of the Annabelle Doodle family of owners, you will never regret your decision.

    Ann and William H
    New Hampshire
  15. Debby M - Denver, CO
    Lucy born June 22, 2006

    We found out about Annabelle Doodles from a friend living in San Francisco. She had been at the mall and ran into one of Joyce's dogs. She emailed me the website I took a peak and immediately called Joyce for an application.

    I completed the application and sent it to Joyce immediately then waited for our Doodle to arrive. It was a very exciting time. Lucy is one of Annabelle's pups and has very similar markings. Lucy is about 28 pounds and a wonderful dog.

    Honestly, run don't walk to adopt one of Joyce's dogs. They will give you back more love than you ever thought a dog could give. We have had labradors in the past and now having smaller dogs sure is a change. They like to sit on your lap and be with you all the time. They are wonderful companions.

    Joyce has been helpful in many ways. When Lucy was a pup and I had questions on how to handle a certain situation she was right there to help out. Even when we decided that we wanted a second doodle and couldn't make the trip to Maine to get one, she hooked us up with a wonderful Goldendoodle breeder close to our home in Denver. Lucy now has a brother Niles- an all black goldendoodle. When Lucy was about 4 they built a dog park close to our home so we started taking the dogs. Niles loved to run with all the dogs but Lucy stuck to my leg like a child being left at school for the first time. I called Joyce and asked her what the problem is.....Joyce just laughed and said you know Lucy has always loved people more than other dogs. This is just one example of how well she knows her doodles.

    Whenever I am near Annabelle Doodles I make it a point to drop by and see Joyce and Carl. They are always welcoming and happy to see me. Its a wonderful feeling to drive through the gates of Annabelle Doodles. Joyce is not only our Doodle breeder but a friend and we feel very fortunate to have one of Annabelle's pups and Joyce's friendship.

    It is a pleasure to recommend Joyce and Annabelle Doodles to you.
  16. Susan C.
    We really can’t say enough about Joyce, Annabelle Doodles, and our wonderful dog Molly. Joyce is a pleasure to work with and her puppies are well-loved, well-adjusted, healthy, and incredibly good-natured. Joyce was a big help in the beginning getting us ready and after we brought Molly home. Even after a few years, we know she’s still there for us! It is clear that Joyce cares deeply about her dogs and about finding the right homes for them. Molly is a loving and sweet dog and a joy to have in our family.
  17. Cynthia - Kittery, ME
    Cadbury born 5-21-07

    I became a guardian for Cadbury in 2007. She is the sweetest, most lovable dog I have ever had. We have had two goldens and a lab, who were all wonderful dogs, but after having labradoodles with SO much personality, I am totally hooked!!! Joyce is a fantastic breeder, who is always striving to ensure the good health of her pups. She is very knowledgeable, and has always been available to me for my many questions and concerns. When Cadbury had her first litter, I was a wreck. She ended up having them sooner than expected and I was a mess! Joyce got here in no time and saved the day. Cadbury ended up having a very large litter and of course her pups were ALL beautiful!! If you are considering becoming a guardian for one of the pups in Joyce's breeding program, I would highly recommend it. I am hoping to be able to become a guardian again in the future. I would be more than happy to discuss any questions anyone might have if you are considering becoming a guardian and have given Joyce permission to give out my telephone number.
  18. A couple of years ago, I contacted a highly recommended Massachusetts breeder to inquire about available puppies. She had none currently available and no expectant mothers. She suggested that I contact Joyce, stating that she “would be thrilled to have one of Joyce’s for breeding because all of hers were exceptional and even better than her own”.

    How correct she was! Moreover, how extremely fortunate we are to have been able to purchase our magnificent Lestat. His splendid temperament, charm, intelligence, health, beauty, and sweetness far surpassed our expectations – and, our expectations were very high. Everyone who encounters him comments on his tender personality, great looks, and charm! Countless people have asked us for Joyce’s contact info.

    Lestat get along perfectly with all our neighborhood dogs and children, our two Ragdoll cats and our three grandchildren. Recently a little girl told us that he looked and felt just like an angel to her! No wonder our seven-month old granddaughter loves petting his incredibly soft coat and as they frequently get to snuggle together.

    We absolutely believe that this good fortune did not happened by accident. We know that it is all the result of Joyce’s diligent breeding, training, socializing, feeding, and selection processes.

    It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that my husband and I recommend Joyce and Annabelle Doodles of New England and continue to thank her for helping us to add so much pleasure to our lives!

    Steve & Nancy

    Needham, MA
  19. Janice G
    Portsmouth, NH
    Tabor 4 years

    Joyce has been wonderful from the very beginning: I had just lost my beautiful lab, Bosley, and so wanted the pitter patter of little paws again. Joyce never minded my calls and questions; still doesn't ! Tabor has been a wonderful, loving dog: gentle, fun, sweet, smart, and especially wonderful with my new 8 month old grandson. To sum it up, he's a keeper !!
  20. Joyce Tabor
    Elizabeth R
    Scarborough, Me

    I had been looking for a puppy that was smart, friendly and fun as well as non shedding and I found that and so much more with my beautiful Tate.
    From the first phone call with Joyce I was impressed with her knowledge and care about placement of her puppies. I am a guardian Mother and really look forward to a long happy relationship with Joyce and highly recommend her as a breeder and source of knowledge about labradoodles.
  21. Kelly, Todd, Lila, and Pippa
    Belleville, NJ
    Albert August Holiday, PhD.

    I could write pages, literally, on how we came to Annabelle Doodles. The journey was long, circuitous, hopeful, frustrating, joyful, and in the end, of course, serendipitous. Joyce is a joy to work with - fun, funny, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and very skilled at her art. And breeding is, I've discovered, an art. We have dander allergies in the family, and have always had outside dogs. With the birth of our children, we knew we would need our next dog to be an indoor, hypo-allergenic one. Albert has been with us for almost 1.5 yrs, and we have had NO allergy issues.

    Our vet, an old timer, the son of a vet, who grew up on a farm and is as dedicated a vet as I know, remarked that Albert was the healthiest puppy he's examined. After going through the breeders packet that we all get when we pick up our pups, he was impressed enough to declare Joyce the most ethical breeder he's had the pleasure of "knowing" through a puppy. Her choices for breeding pairs, the testing she requires, the temperament testing, the care she takes with placing puppies in appropriately matched homes, are all things that speak to how ethical her breeding program is. And she is transparent in her practices, which for me, is extremely important.

    Albert is a treasure. He is an integral part of our family. He's sweet and sassy and an unrepentant sock thief. He is, as my husband likes to joke, like an "automatic dog," because he learns things so quickly, it's almost like we're not training him. (Except that bit about stealing socks. I think it's a genetic aspect of the breed.) He's an ambassador for the breed - we've learned to allow extra time everywhere we go with him, because so many people want to engage with him and ask about him. He's also one of those dogs that all dogs like - including the dogs who don't like dogs. The owners of these dogs are always incredulous at first, when I suggest they let Albert and their dog interact. But Albert is so tolerant of whatever their behavior is, that he always wins them over. Some of these owners just about cry to see their dog having fun with another dog.

    If you've found this site, it's a happy day for you! Please feel free to contact me anytime if you are considering an Annabelle doodle. We'd be happy to answer any questions we can about our experience.
  22. Sharon M
    Brooklyn, New York

    Our twins are 12 years old and we decided we were all ready for a dog, and we have a long history with Labradoodles. I ran into a gorgeous male, Henry, while shopping in Manchester, and his owner told me about Annabelle Doodles and gave Joyce a rave review. We have been so impressed with Joyce, and we love Luna, whom we've had in our home since Mother's Day 2012. Joyce's home is the perfect place for new puppies -- very open, warm, with easy access to the outdoors for training, and lots of older dogs running around to love the pups. Luna is the sweetest, most mild mannered puppy, and we couldn't be happier. When we brought her home, she already knew to do her business outside (of course, there are always some accidents, but usually it's the humans' fault), knew to sit on command, was socialized to both people and other animals, and slept through the first night -- and every night thereafter -- in her crate. She's adored and admired by strangers on the street, because she's such a beauty and so cute. Our Vet was amazed by the detailed information Joyce provided to us in Luna's puppy packet. On top of all of this, Joyce remains available to answer questions and give helpful tips. We feel so lucky to have found Annabelle Doodles, and we couldn't be happier with Luna!