Monday, September 16, 2019

Updated pics of Diesel.

What a guy!  My husband just commented this morning on how much Diesel has grown and he has!  A solid as can be pup.  When you pick him up, he really settles and all his weight is on you.  He is very trusting that you will not drop him.  He loves snuggling on the couch with me in the evenings after everyone has been fed, including us.  Happily lies with you even if you put a blanket on him - he is like a furry bottle warmer.

Diesel has a lovely, non shedding coat that feels so silky and soft.  I am still working with him on training.  He knows his name, sit and come.  We are working on 'Leave it', 'Stay' and 'Down'.  I love that he generally (not always) sits to greet people, it is only when they stop patting him that he tries to jump on them as if to say 'don't stop'!

He is fed three times a day and sits before the bowl is put down - he loves to eat and is very food motivated, so makes for an easy pup to work with.  He has not started barking yet and I hope to keep it that way although all my adults here make up for it!!

I am happy to have visitors here to meet Diesel for a possible guardian home opportunity.  In these pics taken today, he is 12 1/2 weeks old.  Sleeps in his crate well and is also very good at having 'settle time' when you need to do something.  He is a good car rider and his temperament is engaging, friendly and welcoming.  He plays well with friendly dogs.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Still looking for a local guardian home for Mr. Diesel.

Once you meet him, you will want to take him home.  Any takers out there?  Give me a call or email!

Sunday, September 8, 2019

We have had a couple of visitors this week that Diesel has really enjoyed!

Our daughter and family came down for a visit and boy did Diesel have fun with his sister Skye!  Both are potential future breeders for ADNE - not together, of course but hoping they both pass testing for their future mates.

Then my phantom hopeful, Onyx, stopped by and all three had quite the time getting to know each other.  Skye is overly confident and Onyx is so sweet and friendly.  Diezel enjoyed both of them in his easy going fashion letting the girls out fox each other.  :+)

Breeder hopeful - ONYX.  Parents are Duckie and Elsie.

ONYX snuggling with our grandson in one of the toy cars in the pup play-yard. She is so people  and dog friendly!

ONYX loves going through tunnels - a future agility course candidate!

I adore her coat and color pattern - apricot/black phantom!

She sparkles in the sun.  :+)

Always photogenic, here she is 'posing'.  

An apricot cutie is Skye from the Gunny x Boomer litter.

What an expressive face!

Curious, Smart, energetic, 'full a 'beans'!  Mini girl.  'Skies the Limit' fits her perfectly.

Skye and Diesel wrestling.

Diesel wrestling with Daisy as Gunny plays with a toy.

Friday, September 6, 2019

How are all Diesel's littermates doing?

I would love to hear from all of you.  Diesel has been doing well.  Sleeps from 10 pm to 6 am with no complaints.  He is really beginning to play with both Daisy and Gunny well.  I should say both Daisy and Gunny are playing less rough with Diesel!  He has more free time in the house because he is doing very well going potty when asked as well as using the dogie door quite reliably during the day. He still makes mistakes but just a couple when I am not watching or paying attention to the time.  It is always good to use a stove timer when you allow free time!  The less mistakes the faster they are house trained.

Diesel has an appointment for his Kennel Cough oral drop on Tuesday and I continue to take him to places to meet new people which is going well.  He is doing really well with not being so scared with cars and trucks going by - I am grateful I have a fenced front yard where playing with Gunny and Daisy has really helped him get over that by distracting him.  Of course, walking him with his harness and leash has also helped a ton.

I am so please by how people react to him - saying how nicely he sits and how handsome he is.  I hope all his siblings are enjoying meeting new people as well.

Please let me know how things are going!  Don't forget to add a pic!  :+)

Diesel is gaining very well and solid as can be.  A bit over 11 weeks and almost 10 lbs.!
Yes, I am still waiting for a guardian home for my sweet guy!!

More pics of Diesel playing with Daisy and Gunny.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Would you like....

  • a calm puppy?
  • one that walks pretty well on a leash?
  • one that uses a dogie door to go potty most times?
  • a little guy that likes car rides in his harness on the back seat?
  • a very likeable pup that sits by your side when you stop walking and talk to people?
  • to snuggle with a non shedding, silky coated fur-baby, while you watch tv at night with him chewing on a toy?
  • one that 'goes to bed after potty at 10 pm and gets up around 6 am?
  • a darling pup that rarely barks?
  • a pup that enjoys playing tug or ball?
  • a pup that happily goes to Home Depot, Lowe's, garden centers, Tractor Supply and greets people by sitting and waiting for a treat?
If any of the above appeals to you, please contact me at to 'talk' about a guardianship for my sweet Diesel.  :+)  Sure, he needs more training but he has had a great start and I would want to place in a loving home.

PWR CARBON 60 - A personal experience.

PWR, taken daily before my tea, in the morning has many benefits.  I am no scientist but I can tell you that it has been a Godsend for my allergies and some arthritis in one of my fingers.  I suffer from ragweed, in particular, which typically 'puts me to bed' with a stuffed nose, itchy eyes and throat, repetitive sneezing and an aching head.  I have been using PWR for almost two months and it has truly helped me navigate the many allergens on the farm with NO other medication required!  Of course, the fact that the experimental data on rodents has been very impressive with regard to extending longevity as well as neutralizing free radicals is a bonus I cannot ignore.

Please take a few minutes to read the link located on my Home Page to learn how this product could possibly help you as much as it has helped me in such a short time.

Any questions about this product should be directed to Ryan on the PWR website.  :+)

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Diesel is such a good student!

I was playing with him this morning and I thought I would see if he would climb on the slide I have.  Although I take awful videos, I am going to try to show you how he did on my FB page.  He is really learning to handle loud noises quite well but I can still see a slight concern when it happens.  Diesel is not a macho pup at all - a lover, not a fighter!  :+)

Hopefully you will see the video on FB.