Saturday, June 27, 2015

Random pics of the pups in the play yard.

In this segment, I have included some pics of the pups simply enjoying themselves in the different areas of the play yard. In time, they will be all over the place exploring every inch. They need a bit more height before I can put the Tugboat down with some water in it but it won't be much longer. :+)

Texture is so important. As a responsible breeder, I give them many different types of surfaces including turf, cement, wood planking, stones, sand, bark and pine needle areas. In season, pool water, snow and rain. Windows are kept open during storms as well as TV and radio noises. As young pups, they need to adjust to their 'natural' world early to adapt well. 

The only situation I cannot duplicate is a city environment. Those pups that will live in a city need a slow but steady exposure over several days/weeks. They will adjust but you need to consider they came from a rural setting and need time to absorb the smells, sounds and sights of a big city.

A small gathering on the turf.

Curiosity over the 'toss ball'.

The Tugboat gets a once over. Can't wait to get it down and filled with some water.

Look at how small they are going under the slide.

Brown Boy really likes the Sand Coupe.

Too cute to not share.  :+)

Piper's pups enjoying playing with mommy and being puppy sat by Daisy.

Piper is enjoying being with them (as long as they don't try to nurse) and her 'nanny' Daisy is very happy to entertain the group. Daisy ADORES being with the pups and will even let them try to nurse from her - I finally have another 'Annabelle' who LOVES puppies - anyone's puppies.  :+)

Piper x Dublin's brood are SIX weeks!

And boy are they loving their expanded world! Thankfully, today's weather is perfect for pics as heavy rain is expected for tomorrow. I decided to let the pups out with both Piper and Daisy to explore the puppy play yard.  :+) I am using some of the pics for their 6 week 'pose' and others will be used in another post.

Pink Girl seems to like vegetation! A vegan???  3 3/4 lbs.

Teal Boy showed no fear as he dashed into the deep, dark tunnel to get a ball.  4 1/2 lbs.

In his true style, Brown Boy is like a college professor using his paw to hammer in a point.  4 1/8 lbs.

Rainbow Girl is truly enjoying wrestling with this 'toss ball'.  3 1/2 lbs.

Maybe Blue Boy needs more roughage? That does not look appetizing.  5 lbs.

Another toss ball fan is Green Boy.  4 1/4 lbs.

Red Boy may be a veggie burger kind of guy!  3 1/2 lbs.

 I can almost envision Violet Girl with a bib and white gloves as she nibbles a cucumber sandwich.  5 lbs.

Keeping his ball close, Dice Boy takes a break from the action.  4 1/4 lbs.

Presenting me with 'raspberries' in this shot is Purple Girl!  4 lbs.

I am finding that the majority of the pups will favor Piper's size - around 27 or 28 lbs. None of them look like they will be over thirty pounds like their dad. Of course, they have a few more weeks to go but Piper's DNA seems to dominate in the size category. I am thinking that Blue Boy, Violet Girl and perhaps Teal Boy may be the heaviest in the litter but still under 30 lbs.

Friday, June 26, 2015

We had some socialization today!

The pups were happily engaged with their visitors today - both human and furry! As a matter of fact, after some chewing, biting, grabbing and scurrying, a lap held two and sometimes three napping pups while others snuggled close by :+)

Then later, Daisy Mae Duke entertained the pups as a pseudo nursemaid/nanny. That was after she had several swims in our pool. She was still quite wet when the pups enjoyed her company. Daisy is a natural mom in so many ways. I sure hope it continues when she becomes a mom someday.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A link on researched dog foods that you might want to read! UPDATED FOR 2015

I am always searching for reputable articles regarding commercial dog food. As you all know, I don't feed commercial dog food as my husband raises organic poultry for our dogs and puppies. We make our own and utilize The Honest Kitchen brand to give as an alternative.

Take the time to read this please:   You may find that it eliminates so many foods and companies to make your choice of dog food easier to decide on.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Pups playing with playgym indoors.

Although it is raining really hard here (we so needed it!), the pups are getting their indoor exercise with this cute playgym. I LOVE this toy mat but they will only be able to play with it for a day or two more or it will be destroyed by those teeth! Till then, they so enjoy it.  :+)

Their next playgym will be out of PVC pipe and will be able to handle teeth and lots of tugging and can be used both outdoors and indoors.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

We had visitors on our five week birthday!

The pups love to have visitors. They enjoy the handling, patting and general excitement of hearing how cute they all are.  :+)

Of course, at this age they don't have a whole lot of energy but that will change very, very soon and our visitors will all be exhausted long before they are in a couple more weeks.  :+)

These pups love to be held and fussed over. Pink Girl insists there is room for her too while Teal looks on.

Although Blue Boy has a lap, the rest of the pups are quite happy sleeping under the bench waiting for a turn.

Yep! You need two hands to hold some of these chunky monkeys! Brown Boy is not even the heaviest either.