Thursday, October 18, 2007

Maple Sugar leaves for her Guardian Home tomorrow.

I really don't know who will be sadder - Maple, me or my husband Carl. Maple is such a character and I will really miss all her antics. My husband really bonded to this little girl and will miss how she would greet him so happily everyday and sit patiently for him to give her bunches of pats and kisses.

Maple, along with Mommy Annabelle, Auntie Harriet and Cousin Willis enjoyed romping in the house & yard; playing 'toy take away'; and waiting their turn for 'leftovers' from Carl's dinner plate. :+(

Thankfully, she won't be far and we will see her often. Maple has been to her Guardian many times and thoroughly enjoys her second cousin 'Toby' who lives there as well. Life will be good, but I can't help feeling a bit sad knowing I won't get up to that animated face each morning.

I think Santa may grant our wish!


Last weekend was quite the 'honeymoon' for Annabelle as two suitors vied for her affections. :+)

The rendezvous with Trout (Artificial Insemination) went exceptionally well as the healthy semen arrived early, the vet's office was ready and Annabelle was very cooperative. Later that day, the arrival of Rumple Sticks sent all the girls into a flurry of flirtation but he only had 'eyes' for Annabelle. Again, a successful mating. For assurances, Rumple spent the day on Monday 'courting' Annabelle.

According to the 'Calendar of Events', Annabelle should have a litter in mid December for homes in mid March. Naturally, I will update as the drama unfolds. :+)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Smitty has a Guardian Home. :+)

Smitty's unusual eyes, gentle personality and sweet nature have completely won over Pauline and Frances. Their other gorgeous Labradoodle, Augie, thought Smitty was the best gift ever and both boys have been inseparable.

His Guardians are training him to their Invisible Fence System, continuing with puppy manners started here and enjoy his 'melt in your hands' nature.

Thank you both for welcoming Smitty into your lovely home!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What is a Guardian Home?

Annabelle Doodles is not a 'kennel facility'. We don't keep our dogs in crates, or barns or dog runs. We only have four Labradoodles that live with us permanently - Annabelle, Harriet Potter, Olive and Willis McParti.

In order to keep developing new lines and prevent in-breeding, we utilize the Guardian Home philosophy. There are benefits to both parties involved. Annabelle Doodles has exclusive rights to breeding(s) and a family has a dog to love .

Here is what I look for:
  • A love of animals and the willingness to do training & keep the dog groomed.
  • Bonding and time to be with the dog either through home businesses, flexible work schedules or be able to take the dog to your employment.
  • A fenced in yard is a major plus but Invisible Fence is fine in most situations.
  • It is important that you not live any further than an hour radius from our home. (exceptions have been made dependent on vet facilities available)
  • A willingness to embrace and follow my vaccine protocol; not use chemicals on lawns where the dog will be; and utilize a high quality non grain diet. (raw or 'homemade' is preferable)
  • Contracts are custom made and confidential so a good repore with each other is important. Regular communication about the dog, pics, health questions, coat issues - all these points need an open discussion that benefits all involved.
  • A car harness restraint that is approved is a must. Dogs need to be as safe in a vehicle as humans. Crates or Barriers are also acceptable.
These are some of the more important issues. I have several dogs in Guardian Homes at the moment and all are willing to discuss the arrangement with any approved applicants.