Thursday, January 30, 2014

Maybe, maybe, maybe......

I received an updated report today from Camden's guardian who says 'Camden is off her food, rather lazy and her nipples appear to be swelling'.  Those words sure sound like our girl is pregnant but I don't want to blow the whistles and ring the bells quite yet.  Exciting information though, right????  :+)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It looks like spring will be a very busy, busy time!

Hopefully, all is well with Camden out in California. She will be returning to the East Coast at the end of February.  I know Jaxon (the stud), Annabelle (the Teaser), Dr. Estle and her vet tech, Carrey as well as myself did everything possible to assure a mating from this coast.  The facility in California told us that semen motility and both Transcervial Artificial Inseminations went like clockwork and now we all just need to wait.

With that behind us, I was just enjoying normalcy again when the call came through that Tillie (Dancing Matilda) is in season.  We will be breeding her with either a black and white parti boy in Maine or a red and white parti boy in Canada.  So, it will be an easy breed locally or a few days traveling.  Either boy is adorable and will produce wonderful pups so that is not a concern.  Weather for traveling is however, so let's all wish for crisp New England weather with no storms, okay??

UPDATE 1/23/14:  Unfortunately, circumstances beyond my ability have happened and I have to nix both the above boys for a Tillie breeding.  One boy is an IC Carrier (so is Tillie), so I must skip him. Stumbling blocks regarding border passage to Canada is the second issue.  However, I have not given up the fight just yet. Stay tuned for 'news as it happens'.

This is snuggly Tillie being pampered, as usual.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Percy Jaxon has been visiting. :+)

What a funny, happy, 'wiggle butt' he is!  Carl and I are both enjoying his antics and lively personality.  Jax is soooooo social and interactive with dogs and people - always with something in his mouth to offer up for a 'bit of action'.  No wonder his twin owners enjoy him so much.

Jax will be returning to his guardians soon as his 'service' will be completed today.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that his 'long distance liason' with Camden Rose will be successful and pups will be born in March.

I intentionally, put the toy on the table for Jax to get.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The 'term' I.C. - Incorrect Coat or Furnishings - What does this mean?

Under my CURRENT BREEDERS testing protocol, you will notice the inclusion of  'I.C.' or the term 'recessive for I.C. which means that doodle is a "Carrier".  This is NOT a health issue at all - it just means that puppies may have a smooth face like an Irish Water Spaniel but still have lots of curls, waves, etc. on the rest of their body.

This is what every Irish Water Spaniel looks like and is proper for that breed.  So having a smooth face is not the 'look' we strive for in a Labradoodle but it is not unhealthy. Actually, many people like a smooth face as there is no facial hair to keep trimming; no water drops from drinking, no eye 'boggers', no beards to get dirty, etc.  HOWEVER, it is not the preferred 'look', so breeders like myself try to minimize the expression by testing and choosing mates that will not produce one.

If I were to breed Dancing Matilda aka Tillie to Jaxon, the resulting litter could produce SOME puppies with smooth faces like the above Irish Water Spaniel because both Tillie and Jaxon are Carriers of the IC gene.  So, I am looking for a different stud to use that will produce the parti pattern but be clear of IC.  We will see how successful I will be.  

Happily, Tillie is not in cycle yet, so I am keeping fingers crossed I will find what I am looking for by the time she is ready.  If not, I may attempt the breeding with Jaxon and hope I will find families that would not mind a smooth face and be happy with the wonderful temperaments these two will produce. I know temperament should be the most important point in purchasing a doodle, but most want it to have 'the look' of a doodle just like people want the 'look' of the spaniel above. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

We are going forward with our FIRST Surgical Artificial Insemination breeding with CAMDEN X JAXON!

This is BIG news folks!  A new learning curve for me.  :+)  Since Camden is vacationing in California and my attempt at collecting a stud for a fresh chilled breeding did not pan out, I went to Plan B.  Breeders need to have many 'plans' when location, timing or stud service availability goes awry.

Although I was looking forward to my initial breeding plan using Dublin, I am also thrilled to have had the foresight to freeze Jaxon's sperm to have on hand in cases just like this.  So appointments have been made, semen is being checked as I type, shipping plans and paperwork is scurrying about and Camden will hopefully undergo a successful albeit 'unconventional' mating.  She and Jaxon had a previous litter together of adorable pups with cute markings, so let's hope we are as lucky this time around.

I guess we will welcome the first 2014 litter using new technology!

Camden Rose, a medium size (32 lb.), 18 inches.

Jaxon, a miniature at 16 inches and 19 lbs.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas was full of company - even the 'furry kind'!

Although early grey mornings tend to make people want to cover their heads, this kind of light does something magical to the red toned doodles.   I do not claim to be a photographer at all, but this lighting just enhances pure color. Mother Nature took it upon herself to add the tiny snowflakes - so generous of her.  :+)

Dublin and Nellie Bly came by and had such a fun time playing with each other in the very frosty air while I tried to hide to snap these shots.

I really feel Dublin was 'marching' here.

This is a stand off.  Nellie really wants that branch!
Oh Dublin!  Such a tease!
Playing 'Keep Away'!
'Okay, Nellie.  You can have the branch.'
Oh, the joy of friendship.
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What better way to bring in 2014 than with the possibility of a successful mating!

We are deeply in the early stages of finding a 'date' for Camden.  Our first attempt at the long distance wining and dining has failed so we are preparing for Plan B.  I really, really wanted to have a litter of solid mediums but it was too early in my new young stud's life to collect him for shipment.  HOWEVER, since the litter between Camden and Jaxon was wonderful in every way, I am hoping we will not be too late to use Jaxon for a repeat performance.

Hazel at 1 year.

Mae as a youngster.
Their first pairing prompted me to keep two girls back and just before Christmas, I was able to test Hazel Mae. So far, her testing looks stellar!

Maybelline will be done soon and I am hopeful she will do as well as her sister.  Both girls are friendly, smart and adorable and I am hearing the same from their sibling owners.  So, if all goes well, we will have a repeat performance.  :+)

If successful, another apricot and white parti could happen (like Mae), or a bunch of apricots (like Hazel) will be born.  This mating will ONLY produce creams, apricots, or apricot/white parti markings.  Although Camden is a solid medium, Jaxon is a mini so we are wide open on sizes!

We will all have to wait to see how this drama unfolds.

Let's bring in the New Year with a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE OLIVE AND CORIANDER LITTER! They are three years old today! :+)

Wishing all my furry babies and their families a healthy and happy 2014!