Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I hope some color will be in our breeding future.

I have been going round and round about who I would like to breed Charlotte 2-Step to come June when she SHOULD come into cycle.  After much deliberation, I have decided to expand my horizons and will breed her to ROCKY of Blueberry Cottage Labradoodles.

Here are some pics of this handsome (and colorful) stud!

Rocky is a third generation Cockapoo! His incredible markings, friendly demeanor, softly curling coat and health stats brought him to the top of my stud choices.  This combination should produce some phantom marked puppies which will be a nice change and welcome addition to the Annabelle Doodle program.

If you have read the history on Labradoodles, adding the Spaniel to the recipe is the major difference between the American vs. Australian, I have always been smitten by the Spoodle/Cockapoo hybrid and used them in my program with excellent results. Now that I have finally made up my mind, I look forward to what this mating will bring in color patterns. I do expect these pups to be full of energy, happy and intelligent.

This is called a Tri-Color Phantom pattern.

Playful and smart.


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Piper Moon is beginning to 'show'. :+)

I just received a call from our daughter who is the guardian for Piper and she said 'there are visible changes in Piper, especially noticeable after her recent bath'!

This is exciting as Piper's pups should be arriving around mid May.  Her appetite has also increased which is a relief too. Like humans, there is a period where furry moms just don't want to eat at all and this always causes anxiety to breeders. We know it is normal, but still worry about our girls!

So glad Piper has 'turned the corner' and is now on the road to enjoying her meals, getting lots of rest and gearing up for motherhood.


Monday, April 20, 2015

Well, well, well.........

Just as we were packing to go for a visit to see our grand-daughters in Pennsylvania, I find out Nellie Bly has come into season - a full MONTH before she is suppose to!

Once we returned, she was brought to me to get baseline progesterone to see when we should breed her. I am so surprised she came in so early. Planning to leave for some 'R and R' is a moving target at best!

In any event, we are now home and look forward to mating Nellie with Emmett for pups hopefully to arrive in early July.

Litter is booked but I am accepting applications for our WAIT LIST. As stated on my Home Page, colors will be black or deep apricots in a large miniature/small medium size of about 22 to 28 lbs. More pictures of both Nellie and Emmett can be seen on this AnnaBlog under Current Breeders. Applicants must be agreeable to both colors. Coats will range from silky curls to loose waves.

Emmett Piccolo

Nellie Bly

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lil Abner and MacGregor have some fun together today.

These brothers from the Hazel x Emmett litter are a bit over 16 weeks old and boy do they have a frolicking good time together!

Of course, both of them were a mess afterwards but some drying off time and a good shake and all is well.  :+)

They ran and chased and wrestled for well over an hour!

King of the Snowpile was also a favorite.

I am not quite sure if MacGregor had to sneeze or was getting ready to give Lil Abner payback! OUCH!

A dirty doodle is a happy doodle.  :+)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Another recent graduate of Puppy Star Class!

An amazingly beautiful spring day emerged today and a perfect picture to capture it was received. Here is Mac Gregor from the Hazel x Emmett litter. At sixteen weeks, this boy has passed his Star Puppy Class and was rewarded with play time at the beach and romping in the field.

Sometimes these exercise 'presents' are better than treats!

Roxann and Mac Gregor enjoying a gorgeous spring day!

Little Merry Pippin is visiting this weekend! RETIRED.

Along with several of my other breeders, Pippin has been scheduled for her eye and heart exams at my vet's health clinic going on today.

Since Pippin was here, I did a groom on her because her ears were too long.  Keeping them short is not only more attractive, it is healthier by allowing more air into the ear channels and preventing ear infections.

She is a cute little thing (about 16" and 25 lbs.) but sooooo solid, like a cement block!  Her curls are very, very soft and silky and she is very well behaved. Thanks for doing a great job with her, Rosemary!

Pippin is an exquisite deep apricot color.

There is a post further down celebrating Pippin's recent birthday with her sidekick, Bosco. You can see the difference between a 'Poodle' cut and the groom I did above. The dog does not even look the same!

Many pics on this site show the way an Australian Labradoodle should look. Any groomer that cannot look at a pic and perform the right cut needs to be replaced by one that is talented enough to do it correctly.  As long as each owner does their due diligence with combing the coat completely so no mats have formed, a groomer should be able to style your doodle in less than two hours.   :+)

Friday, April 10, 2015

Delighted to share that lovely Chelsea

from the Camden x Emmett mating has passed her Star Puppy class with panache!  Here she is sporting her 'achievement necklace'! What a cutie!!

Congratulations, Chelsea!!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter everyone!

I just received this wonderful pic of Fiona from the Figgy x Dublin mating. She is 8 months now and a beauty!

I hope everyone is enjoying Easter and kids are looking for eggs 'over and under' to find surprises. Up here, well.... many could be buried in the snow.  It is taking forever to leave!

What a great shot of you ladies! 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Pippin and her sidekick, Bosco celebrate Pip's first birthday!

Is there such a thing as a birthday party for doggies?  Oh yes!

Pippin's guardian got into the birthday party spirit complete with celebratory hats! Thanks for sharing Rosemary!


Pippin with her very best friend, Bosco.

Too cute to not share.