Thursday, March 31, 2016


As you are aware, many factors are taken into consideration when making these choices - the biggest one being what you wrote on your application; and your visits, preferences as well as folder updates.

My trainer and I look at the differences in behavior when placed in an 'isolated' area versus what they are like together as a pack - all these things are used to make a selection.

  • The Krumsiek Family has been assigned Rose Girl now named JULES.
  • The Conti Family has Copper Boy known as RAGGS.
  • The Grant Family are the proud owners of Lime Boy, called CHARLIE.
  • The Voss Family were delighted to know that Navy Boy will be joining them. His name will be TEDDY.
  • The Weinstein Family will welcome little Denim Girl aka RAVEN into their home.
  • The Albuquerque Family has named Checkers APOLLO!
  • The Foster Family welcomes HADLEY (Lilac Girl).
All are assigned and all are happy with their new fur-babies. I will see all of you next weekend!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I am beyond excited to shout out that Miss Minnie Mc Guinness has landed at ADNE! What a delightful puppy from my good friend and breeder, Heather Clark of Cottage Acres Cockapoos.

It was serendipity that this lovely female was available. Called 'Gunny', she slipped right into my household like a glove.

Please welcome this adorable girl who we originally thought to place in a local guardian home but we could not give up Gunny, so she lives with us.  :+)

What is not to like about this adorable mini?
  • Gunny is very ladylike when she eats, no grabbing, growling or stiffness
  • is gentle with my baby 7 week old pups - very tolerant
  • respectful of my adult doodles that live here
  • does not nip
  • sleeps through the night
  • LOVES to cuddle and give kisses
  • non-shedding coat of soft waves
  • beautiful amber-green/hazel 'human' eyes

A new day with Gunny:
  • Gunny has a 'Do I have your permission to approach?' demeanor. She comes slowly and lays down with eyes looking for acceptance. Sometimes does a roll-over. She will jump up and gently put her paws on you but a soft correction of 'no' takes care of it.
  • She is not an over-eater. Eats till she is full and leaves it. She has a bladder like a camel, so you really have to watch her. Most pups eat and immediately potty - not Gunny.
  • A bath is not on her 'favorite thing to do' list. :+) She tolerated it well enough and is so silky to the touch now that she is dry.
  • Loves laying with you on the couch having her belly rubbed.
I could go on but I think I will get to know her better first. I know she must have something negative but I have yet to notice it. Oh, she loves to destuff toys!

Monday, March 28, 2016


Many of my customers probably have not joined the Mercola site, so I am posting their alert here:

Misguided labeling is NOT okay and companies that continue to lie to customers need to be avoided. Please go to the above link and read it to protect your beloved pets from these companies!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! From the Hazel x Emmett bunch.

Here are the pics and stats on the very first day of Week 7 which happens to be EASTER SUNDAY!

From the previous postings, you can see that Week 6 was a big one in growth and activity. This week is temperament testing and I know all of you are anxious about who will be getting whom and I am looking forward to Thursday as well. I will be sending you an email with additional info.

'The Easter Bunny is coming? Can I peek'? Lime Boy at  4 1/2 lbs.

Rose Girl - Easy peasy, go with the flow kinda gal.  4 1/4 lbs.

'Bunnies? Did you say BUNNIES?' Lilac Girl at  3 1/2 lbs.

Navy Boy just cocked his head at the perfect moment! 4 lbs.

'Where ARE those eggs' ? Denim Girl seemed to imply. 3 lbs.

'Really', I am in an egg? Good grief!' Checkers Boy. 3 1/2 lbs.

'I don't know what the fuss is about'. Copper Boy 4 1/8 lbs.

They have a way of telling me when hungar strikes...

They are quite clever....

Hey guys, I am getting hungry.

Let's see if Auntie Daisy can help! Umm no milk there.  :+(

Do you think if we ask nicely, lunch will be served??

Maybe if a lot more of us ask, it will come!

Yes, lunch was served asap! With those faces staring at you - who could resist?

Set #1 of them playing on the turf outdoors.


Wahoo, wahoo!

Wait! I have an itch!


It's mine, no... it is mine!

What's over here??

Want to play in the sandbox?

What does he hear? Clearly, something has caught his attention.

Look at the attitude...hmmm wonder who it is.

The joy of space!

So cute!!

Going over to check out the clubhouse.

Noses to the ground all the time - so much to sniff!

A plane was overhead and these three stopped in their tracks to focus on the sound.

They enjoy the tunnel and do not fear it at all.

Activities during Week Six for the Hazel x Emmett litter.

During this week, the pups have played with a metal trash can lid (very noisy), sleep with the big frog and also enjoy this playgym.  I generally put this away by the time most of my pups are two or three weeks old. However, with this mini group, they are still playing with it at six weeks!

They have also learned to use the dogie door to go outdoors to play and love romping around on the big playground. Lots has happened during there sixth week of life.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

MINNIE MC GUINNESS aka Gunny, Minnie Mac or whatever name...

It was just meant to be. I had been talking to my breeder friend whose program produced Gunny and asked if 'Teal Girl' had been sold yet. To my surprise, she had not. So, I asked to buy her as a breeding prospect. I had just received news that my chocolate/cafe girl was not going to meet my breeding requirements and my only other chocolate DNA girl was about to retire. This lovely chocolate Cockapoo was the perfect replacement to add new DNA to my existing Labradoodle lines.

The nickname 'Gunny' kept popping into my head, so I use it although Minnie McGuinness seems to suit her very well as it means  'a small tankard of brown ale'.  :+)

Gunny is a miniature who will most likely top out around 25 lbs. She is destined to be a part of my miniature lines as I move forward in my program.  We decided to keep Gunny with us here at ADNE.

I love her stocky build and lush, non-shedding coat.
Happily, Gunny sleeps through the night in her little bed till about 6:30 am. She uses the dogie door all the time and knows 'sit and down'. The command 'come' is somewhat reluctant with quite a bit of 'army crawling' and sometimes it is accompanied with a flip on the back which begs for a belly scratch. Fetching is an odd game of  'Yes, let's play but I want to keep the ball, ok?'

A hearty eater, I always have to watch that she does not try to wrangle some extras from the rest of the crew's bowls. Gunny is not an excessive barker but she will join in with the rest of the crew when so inclined. Gunny loves to take a nap on the couch cuddled very close to you. Other times, she is my foot warmer. I love her easy care coat but it does grow quickly! 


  • DOB:  November 20, 2015. Sire is The Music Box Lyric - a caramel Moyen Poodle and Rockhaven's K-Aaroning It On - a Black and Tan American Cocker Spaniel. Both parents are AKC registered.
  • Size/Color/Coat:  15 inches and 20 lbs. at maturity. Color DNA is bbEe. Gunny is chocolate with a non-shedding coat. Gunny carries for the phantom pattern but does not carry the Parti or Merle gene.
  • PRA Eye Disease - Cleared through parents. Proof provided.
  • CERF - Normal 3/21/16, 10/9/16, 5/5/17, 8/3/18. OFA#: COP-EYE11/29F-VPI
  • von Willandbrand Disease - Normal through parents. Proof provided.
  • EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse) - Normal through DDC Labs.
  • DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) - Normal through DDC Labs.
  • Hyperuricosuria DNA Test - is Normal through DDC Labs.
  • PFK (Phosphofructokinase Deficiency)  - is Normal through Gen Sol Labs.
  • Hips - PennHIP - At a year, is .47/.45
  • Elbows - Will be OFA Certified when 2 years old, prelims are Normal.
  • OFA Patellar Luxation (knees) - Prelim Normal
  • Canine Cardiologist - Auscultation is Normal on 5/9/17 at 17 mos. OFA#: COP-CA31/17F/C-VPI
  • Thyroid and Blood Chemistries - Dr. Dodds Labs is Normal at a year. 1/27/17
  • IC - Carrier. All first generation Cockapoos carry the IC gene. Gunny has a perfect coat with full furnishings. She does not shed or have a 'Terrier type wiry coat. Gunny should be bred to IC Normal studs to produce quality coated Australian Labradoodle pups.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

The last of the three-part segment for today is the formal snapshots of Hazel's bunch at SIX weeks.

Whew! A long day for visits and photos!

The pups have settled in for a nice long nap now that 'social hour(s)' has ended. I can use one too! :+)

Lime Boy at Wk 6 is 3 1/2 lbs. He is one of the 'heavier' pups!

Perky Navy Boy at Wk. 6 weighs 3 1/4 lbs.

Busy Body Lilac Girl is 2 3/4 lbs. at six weeks.

Six weeks finds 'Charming' Checkers at 2 3/4 lbs. 

Hmmmm... taste good? Copper at six weeks might be trying for some dessert. 3 1/4 lbs.

Teeny Weenie Denim Girl is all of 2 1/2 lbs. on week six.

Big Rose is at 3 1/2 lbs. and rivals her bro Lime for 'heavyweight'.

Hazel's pups have had quite the social calendar!

In this segment, I am posting some visitors that the pups have enjoyed meeting. We have had more but I did not have my camera handy. I will try to be more mindful of this in the future!

We actually had four families visit this weekend but these pics were of today's visits. I feel so fortunate to have loving, caring families and well behaved children here to socialize the pups.

I might add, Hazel was picked up by her guardian family today who are beyond excited to welcome her home again. Thank you so much Hazel for these fabulous pups and your sweet temperament.

This little boy loved all the pups and hugged each and every one.

Navy enjoying cuddles and kisses.

Too cute to not share. :+)

This guy 'knows it all' and tries to show his younger brother 'how to hold a pup carefully'.

All children sitting and being gentle!

Lots of 'big' brothers around to be sure pups are safe.

Puppy love.  :+)

Leather boots, fingers and jackets are for teething pups, right?
Also pockets and tags..
Nothing like an afternoon of puppy breathe to set the world right.