Monday, August 13, 2018

We had company today!

We were expecting more rain today but it did not happen so the pups were out in the big play yard going in every direction!

After the first excursion, I brought them in for lunch and a nap.  Then they had visitors for a couple of hours and were exhausted.  They are sleeping as I type.  A good fun day!

Guardian Home Candidate! 
'BELLA RUE'  will be available for placement in her guardian home on Sept. 8th.
Her name means 'beauty & grace'.  A perfect description of this lovely pup.

The pups scampered hither and dither!

They also loved all the attention from Lorraine and David.  :+)


This is a good time to inform everyone on this litter of the upcoming schedule for the pups.  Please be sure to put this info in your iphone or calendar.

  • August 22 - 25, I will have family visiting so no puppy appointments.
  • August 26 - Temperament Testing in the afternoon.  I already have a puppy visit that morning, so can't have any more as the pups will be too tired for my trainer.  Once you are assigned a pup, your balance will be due so please be prompt as it must clear my bank well before pick up time!  Checks should be made out to ADNE.
  • August 31 - Pups will have their first Distemper and Parvo vaccines. No visits.
  • September 4th - Pups will visit the Ophthalmologist for their eye exams.  No visits.
  • September 5th - Surgeries will be done on the pups.  The girls will have Ovary Sparing Surgeries and the boys will have vasectomies.  Please read about these surgeries on my AnnaBlog!
Now,  Pick Up Day.  Since there are 10 puppies for pick ups, I cannot do it all at once, so want to offer up two possibilities:
  1. I can do two pick ups on Saturday - one in the morning and a second one in the afternoon.  This is my personal preference but Saturday may not work for everyone.  I would prefer 11 am and 3 pm but am open to other times if it works better for you.
  2. I can also have some people come at the same time on Sunday, if Saturday does not work.  We will all have to agree on a time, so discussion will be necessary.  I would love the discussion to be on this post so we are all on the same page.  
Lastly, I would like all of you to send me an email at: NOT HERE - your three puppy preferences.  I will need these prior to temperament testing.

A word about the surgeries.  You might want to know why I am doing the surgeries so close to pick up day.  The reason is the pup will have a far quieter place at your home to recoup than here.  Basically, they feel great and want to play, chase, wrestle, run and do all the things they should not be doing after a surgery.  It would be impossible for me to keep them quiet and reserved.  I would have to keep them all in a crate for several days which would make them miserable (and me, too!).  So being with you in a controlled environment makes the most sense.  Yes, they can gently play, go for walks, sit and cuddle, etc., but without all their siblings jumping, pulling, biting and hobnobbing, they will heal better.  By September 14th, all will be well.  Three days of restrictions here will give them a good start on healing but they need 10 full days of a gentle environment.  A great time for bonding with their new family.  :+)

Let the discussions begin!

Saturday, August 11, 2018


Today, I was finally able to get some pics of people visiting with Daisy's pups.  This little boy was a puppy magnet!

As long as it is not raining and I can take pics in the outside pen, I will post visitors enjoying socializing the pups.  :+)

Thursday, August 9, 2018

FIVE WEEKS OLD - Daisy x Wyatt

This week, we can certainly see how each parent has impacted the pups.  The majority of the pups favor Wyatt's 'wash and wear' type coat.  This coat minimizes grooming costs greatly.  Another plus is how easy it is to 'clean up' after hikes, water sports, rain, mud or snow.  Wyatt's guardians (and I) love his look and low maintenance.

Some of them are showing lots of  'hair length' and that is a Daisy type coat.  These pups will have longer hair but will still be easily brushed out weekly with minimal matting issues.  About four of them have a thicker, softer, wavy fleece coat.

I knew I would have a spattering of coat types when I decided to breed Daisy and Wyatt together.  Part of breeding is taking so called 'risks'.  Many breeders would never consider breeding back to an earlier generation Labradoodle but I have always liked the easy care early generation coats over the thickly curling wool Poodle types with a heavy undercoat.  Most of the heavier coats require routine grooming every 4 to 5 weeks.  This litter will be a breeze to maintain as their coats are thinner, straighter with no, or very little, undercoat.  You will be able to keep them in a longer coat which is very whimsical looking.  So suitable for their breed name!

As you keep visiting, you will see them emerge more and more and it is so interesting for all of us to watch.  :+)

Green Boy - 3  1/2 lbs.  Curling hair coat.

Navy Boy - 3  5/8 lbs.  Fluffy fleece caramel wavy coat

Teal Girl - 3 lbs.  Fleece cafe coat, medium thickness.

Red Girl - 3  1/8 lbs.  Caramel straight coat, no undercoat.

Pink Girl has finally made it to 2 pounds!  Caramel straight, easy care coat.

Silver Girl - 3  1/2 lbs.  Medium thick apricot fleece/hair coat combo.

Peach Girl - 3  1/8 lbs. Choc/Cafe fleece/hair wavy coat.

Purple Girl - 4  1/2 lbs.  A straight whimsical coat like her daddy.  Easy care.

Rose Girl - 3  3/4 lbs.  On the small side with an easy care coat much like Daisy's.

Light Blue Boy - 5 lbs.  Rugged, sleek, straighter coat like his daddy but thicker.

The pups love being in their outside pen during the day.  They have plenty of shade and toys.  Water is always available and they typically eat lunch 'on the stones'.  Lots of fresh air and sunlight peeking through provides a healthy and safe place for them to be during the day.  The adult doodles go by to say 'Hello' every now and again and it is a great space for visitors to come and interact with them.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Our first time outdoors! WYATT X DAISY LITTER.

Yes, it is stifling hot here but my pup area is in the shade.  The pics will tell the story.  :+)

At first, they all wondered what planet they landed on.

Didn't take long for them to decide that wherever they are, it is a fun place!

Newfangled 'dangling' things are interesting.

LUNCH! Gobble, gobble....

'Where did it all go'?

'There must be more SOMEWHERE'!  (Great shot of their coats, too.)

It can get messy.

Looks like Teal Girl will be 'dessert'.

Reluctantly, they leave the bowl for other endeavors.

:+)  Guess there just wasn't any more room under the Igloo for Peach Girl.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Play time! (Daisy x Wyatt litter)

Space priorities!  Yesterday, I realized this number of pups require more 'toilet' space, so out came my round 'mega' litter box.  I use this one for my large litters when I get them.  It gives the pups plenty of area to 'pick their spot' much like dogs do in the wild. 

Today, I put together the play 'frame'.  I hang all sorts of things that they can chew, toys that make noise and can be tugged.  Having it over the slide allows them 'two levels' of toys to interact with.  At naptimes, I will put in the big stuffed animal for them to snuggle.  When not there, it is a wrestling arena!

Poops are a big concern for breeders.  Poops determine if their diet is right, the digestive system is working properly and is the first sign of a potential problem.  Doesn't sound glamorous at all but is something we look at and clean up every single hour pretty much.  A good 'tootsie' roller brings a smile to every breeders' face.   :+)

Gotta find the right spot!

Purple Girl has sunk her tiny teeth into one of the hanging toys using the ladder for leverage. :+)
Her siblings are very busy wrestling each other.  Say 'uncle'!!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

First visitors!

This morning the pups had their first opportunity to engage with total strangers.  I was pleasantly surprised that all ten of them were not shy, scared or timid.  I instructed each group to wait until the pups came to them to sniff and feel safe.  Once that was done, all the pups enjoyed being patted, cuddled and cooed over.  Tails were wagging and kisses bestowed to toes, feet and shoelaces!

Unfortunately, the room is too small to be able to take pics easily; by the next time visits arrive, they can be outdoors if the weather is nice and pics will be shared. 

Thursday, August 2, 2018

DAISY X WYATT LITTER - Four weeks! Schedule your visit!

The fourth week is a milestone in many ways - including the 'gangly' stage.  The pups are now eating three 'porridge' meals per day but still nursing from Daisy at her discretion.  Teeth buds are pushing to peek out of sore gums and this generally will cause some eye staining for a couple of weeks until the teeth fully emerge.  A water bowl has been added to the pen even though most of them step in it, through it and sometimes drink from it - a learning curve!  They do the same to their food bowl as well but most of it gets eaten from the bowl or from licking each others faces and coats...feet included.  A bit messy but normal.

Their litter box now has a grate over the pee pad so that poops fall down through the spaces to keep the pups clean.  They are all a bit befuddled when they first step on the grate but within a few hours are all set.  It is very important to add different surfaces for them to experience young which is another reason I do it.  Right now they have the pad and stuffed animals where they sleep, the potty grate and the tile floor in their play area to adjust to.  This is plenty to get acclimated to for this week!

Now that they are on food, their weekly weight gain will increase a bit and Daisy's duties will decrease.  As long as we have this great weather, I bet I will have them in the outdoor pen by their five week marker.  This week's pics were taken on the mini bench in that pen.

Growing more and more chunky is Purple Girl.  3  1/4 lbs
She certainly is showing more of the Lab genes.

Peach Girl is such a combination of her parents.  2  1/4 lbs.
She has a wide head like her dad but a more delicate build like her mom.

Green Boy - 3 lbs.
A black version of his daddy! Look at that Lab-like tail and wide chest.

Navy Boy weighs 2  1/2 lbs.
I am hoping this boy joins ADNE. He is the smallest male.

Teal Girl is a relica of her sister, Peach.  2  1/2 lbs.
I know she is going to be a favorite because she has the cute white chin barely seen here.

'The Honker'.  Yep, Light Blue Boy.  3  3/4 lbs.
Solid like his daddy.  I expect him to be the biggest pup in the litter.

Rose Girl.  A Mommy clone.  3 lbs.
I bet she will have her mommy's adorable prance.

Red Girl weighs 2  1/2 lbs.
A caramel version of her sister Rose, who is a cream because Rose has black pigment.

Silver Girl - 2  1/2 lbs.
Another ADNE hopeful.  So far, so good but we have a long way to go yet.

Pink Girl, a midget at 1  3/4 lbs.
Our resident pipsqueak of the litter.  Watch her at the fed bowl though!  Gets her gulps in!

Now is the time I begin to accept some visits.  Please email me a day and time that would be convenient for you.  I am happy to have appointments anytime (mostly) during the week or weekends. Of course, I do have to have some limits because the pups will be exhausted and I do have a life!  However, I am pretty flexible.

Their new set up so they have more room:

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Litter box has been added!

I am happy to report that these three week olds did not miss a beat when I added the potty box to their space.  They all maneuvered over the three inch barrier to use it.  Yes, mistakes are still being made but most of them get to the box most of the time.  I think they are all doing awesome!

See that little potty spot?  Good puppies!!

They like the big bear.  :+)

ADNE 'THADDEUS' DOOD - Active stud.

8 weeks.

When Thaddeus was whelped, I was so excited to have my first phantom marked puppy.  I had been color DNA planning for quite some time and my goal to produce phantoms in the future was becoming a reality.  Since Thad's birth, I have been fortunate enough to purchase an additional male and a female from two unrelated breeding programs to hopefully produce more of them in the future.  My fingers are crossed that these new purchases will pass my testing protocol as well as Thaddeus has!


When I was considering getting a dog, I had some particular considerations, allergies being the most significant.  I also live in a small ranch house and, though I have a good-sized yard for play, I wanted a smaller dog that would “fit” my house and not be something of a bull in a China shop.  I did a considerable amount of research relative to allergies and began to focus-in on doodles.  Then, for some months, I made a point of approaching every doodle and doodle owner I encountered to interact with the dogs and discuss the allergy issue with the owner as well get a sense of temperament and energy level, etc.  I quickly came to the conclusion that a labradoodle (and particularly, an Australian Labradoodle) was the dog for me.  I researched local breeders and settled on Annabelle Doodles, partly because of proximity, but, primarily because I appreciated Joyce’s more natural approach to breeding in general.

Then it was merely an issue of size.  As I said, I wanted a dog to fit my space.  Also, I’m getting a little older myself and wanted a dog that was small enough for me to lift comfortably.  On the other hand, I also wanted a dog that was big enough to run and play with me and to keep up.  Originally, I had Joyce put me on a list for a “medium” litter.  However, after meeting a number of labradoodles in my neighborhood and around town, I began to be concerned that, if my medium turned out to be of the larger variety, it may be considerably bigger than I wanted.  At the time (rather coincidentally), Joyce had a new litter of miniatures that included a phantom (black with brown) that she was interested in placing as a potential stud.  She guesstimated that this particular pup’s ultimate weight would be about 28lbs.  That seemed about the perfect size for me and I jumped at the chance to be the guardian of Thaddeus Dood. 

That was a year ago and Thaddy is now the little man about my house.  I work at home and so he and I spend considerable time taking breaks in the yard playing ball or frisbee.  He has a tendency to want to hang onto his toys and not return them to me but Cheerios work wonders and he will fetch and return his frisbee all day for a little “o” reward.  He is energetic and ready to go out and play any time but not before sitting obediently at the door to allow me to put on his collar.  He’s very good with other dogs and wants to play, play, play with them.  He can be cautious and protective when first meeting new people but, in a matter of seconds, or a minute or two, he is hopping all around them, tail wagging like mad.  I suspect partly because of his nature and partly because of training, he rarely ever barks.  As energetic as he is, he also enjoys quiet time and will snooze or occupy himself with a toy while I read or play music.  He’s incredibly well behaved, smart as a whip and a wonderful companion.


  • Date of Birth:  7-11-2017.  A mating of ADNE Lil Abner x 'Gunny'.  Both parents are non-shedding.
  • Size/Color/Coat:  Thad is a 17 inch , 25.8 lb. black and tan phantom with a wavy fleece coat.  DNA Color Code is - BbEe, Ky, at/at, no parti genes. Incorrect Coat is Normal.
  • Cleared by Parents for the following through DNA test results:  Degenerative Myopathy, Exercised Induced Collapse, von Willenbrand Disease, Progressive Rod Atrophy 
  • Thyroid/Blood Work and TgAA - Done 7-16-18 is all normal with TgAA at 1%. Hemolife Labs HML#123305
  • Hip Results:  Done at one year PennHIP is .32/.30. Radiologic Diagnosis from eVet shows Normal Pelvis and Elbows with hips rated as 'Excellent' in conformation.
  • Patellar Luxation (knees) - Normal.  OFA  #HY-PA1988/12M-VPI
  • Legg-Calves-Perthes - Normal.  OFA #HY-LP82/12M-VPI
  • Cardiac:  scheduled for October 2018.
  • Eyes:  scheduled for October 2018

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Little Baby Pink Girl

I had cleaned up the pup area and put down clean bedding and added a huge teddy bear that sat in the corner of the pen with its legs on the bedding.

After a bit of time, I checked in and saw this.

Pink Girl is the tiniest pup in the litter.  She obviously felt the bear's leg made a great pillow for her little head.  She sure is small but not scrawny at all.  Pink has a plump belly and hangs out with her siblings with no issues at all.  :+)

Friday, July 27, 2018

All smiles as JONNIE CACHE goes home with her guardian family!

I could not have asked for a better placement for this little treasure!  This family already has a sweet male ADNE doodle and just 'fell in love' with Jonnie when seen on my Home Page.  It is a match made in heaven for sure!  I was hoping for another well behaved dog, well mannered children and a stay at home parent for little Jonnie and got it all!  Thrilled does not even cover it.  :+) good!!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2018


The babes continue to fatten up and all of them wobble around the pen like balls with legs.  Sometimes Daisy even nurses in the sitting position and then I s l o w l y watch her melt until she is supine.  The pups chug her milk down, I can hear them in the kitchen!

About three days ago, I began making a milk blend with some canned puppy food to give to the pups.  I provide a small meal twice a day now to help Daisy manage this large group.  By this week, I should see a big improvement on their ability to walk, drink water/milk blend and will also introduce a litterbox.  It is all a learning curve, so I don't expect miracles but will look for improvement.  As I provide more food, Daisy will be grateful for a break and then we begin the weaning process in another week or so.

Some of these pups really favor their daddy, Wyatt.  Their heads are huge and the bodies really bulky and thick.  I see it in Green & Light Blue males; and also in Purple Girl - who should have been a boy she is so heavy and burly!  Some are a mix of the two and a few, like Red, Rose and Pink Girls, favor their mom. We will all watch them grow to see if I am right.  :+)

Each pup has a color descriptor.  Caramel is any shade of cream or apricot that will have hazel eyes and brown pigmented nose, foot pads and eye rims.  Pups whose same areas have black pigment are called Cream or Apricot.  The Chocolate pups will more than likely dilute to a cafe shade.

Navy Boy - 2 lbs.  (Caramel - potential GH)

Peach Girl - 2 lbs.  (Chocolate/Cafe)

Rose Girl - 2 &  1/4 lbs.  (Cream)

Silver Girl - 2 lbs.  (Apricot - potential GH)

Green Boy -  2 & 1/4 lbs.  (Black)

Red Girl - 1 & 3/4 lbs.  (Caramel)

Teal Girl -  2 lbs.  (Chocolate/Cafe)

Pink Girl - 1 & 1/8 lbs.  Holds her own within the group.  (Caramel)

Light Blue Boy -  2 & 1/2 lbs.  (Black)

Purple Girl - 2  & 1/2 lbs. (Huge head on this girl! - Caramel))

I can feel a difference in their coats as well.  Some will have Wyatt's easy care coat but will be a bit thicker and longer.  Daisy's coat is also easy care but grows like crazy and has a 'fluff' to it.  Of course, coats change textures all the time based on hormones and the mature coat but it will be fun to compare and guess what each will do.  I so look forward to adult pics of these guys!