Monday, December 31, 2018

Daisy x Thaddeus Litter's first vet appointment.

Momma Daisy and pups went to visit Broadview Animal Hospital this afternoon at 3 pm.  I always have my pups examined by a vet, along with their momma, to be sure no problems are presenting such as hernias, cleft palates or the like.  Daisy is in good shape but had a slight fever - a common thing after a delivery but I am keeping an eye on her and will re-take her temp after she potties.  I did give her some Colloidal Silver, which is a very gentle holistic antibiotic.  Otherwise, she is eating well, drinking as she should and taking great care of her babies.  :+)

Each pup buyer has been sent an individual email with regard to sending in a deposit if you are positive you want a pup from this mating.  Obviously, if you are not sure, don't send in a deposit!! :+)

Here is wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Daisy x Thaddeus Litter!

I am so relieved that Daisy has done another phenomenal whelp - in the daytime, no less!  We both slept through the night which was such a gift.  :+)

As is common in very large litters, not all pups make it.  Sadly, her firstborn was DOA.  Animals are so intuitive.  I was right there when that little one was born and Daisy picked her up but did not tear the sack or lick the pup.  I broke the membrane and began to rub the poor little thing but she was gone.  Dogs know innately to 'leave it alone' but humans go through all kinds of techniques to keep life.  This little angel was not to be.  Daisy looked at me sadly as I took her away.

However, there was much life left in that big belly of hers!  Ten little doodles were happy to join their mom in this venture and all ten are looking great.  Tomorrow, I hope to get them all to the vet to have their dew claws removed and to be checked out.   I will be contacting everyone on my list to see if they still want to move forward with this litter. 

Here is the line up:
  • Female - Chocolate, 8  1/8 ounces born at 8:37 am
  • Male - Black, 11 ounces born at 8:48 am
  • Female - Apricot, 6  5/8 ounces born at 9:15 am
  • Male - Apricot, 7  1/4 ounces born at 9:23 am
  • Female - Chocolate, 6  1/8 ounces born at 9:59 am
  • Female - Apricot, 8  5/8 ounces born at 10:16 am
  • Male - Apricot, 7  3/4 ounces born at 10:22 am
  • Female - Chocolate, 7  1/8 ounces born at 11:21 am
  • Male - Black, 10  5/8 ounces born at 11:55 am
  • Female - Black, 7  3/4 ounces born at 12:38 pm
You will not see all the pups but there is a pile of them!

They all have exquisite coats.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Daisy's x-Rays!

This morning, I got Daisy brushed and ready for her visit to my vet's office for her x-ray.  I had to readjust her strap on the harness to the very end to fit her belly!

As usual, they had to carry her to the back room for her x-rays because Daisy just is not willing to leave me.  However, she is happy to be carted in some one's arms.  :+)

Although Daisy has been bred before, this was my little Thaddeus' first mating at just over a year of age.  I guess he is one potent boy!  We only bred once but it certainly was enough!

The vet and I believe there are 10, possibly 11 pups packed in there!

Looks like I can take a few more applications for this litter!  Now, we all wait for her to deliver this huge brood.  My vet and I did discuss a possible c-section for so many pups.  However, I truly prefer a natural delivery as Daisy's last litter was ten and they were all born in 2 & 1/2 hours!!  Keeping my fingers crossed she will repeat it.  If there should be any symptom of a problem, I will promptly take her in for a C-section.  I always err on the side of safety for all.

Typically, large litters come a bit early, so maybe Daisy and I will be welcoming in the New Year together.  :+)

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Preparing for Daisy's whelp.

I am one of those people that like to be prepared ahead of time.  Hence, Daisy had her 'whelping bath' last night; and this morning I trimmed her down and shaved her belly.  Daisy is such a dear and gave me no complaints or objections.  She enjoyed the gentle brushing and I gave her small treats to show how much I appreciated her cooperation.  :+)

There are four more doodles here that I have to get ready for Christmas, so lots of baths today are on my agenda as the weather is soooo mild!

Daisy is beyond sweet.

You can really see her 'belly' showing in this pic.  On 12/27, we are getting her x-ray done for a pup count.

I must say that several potential customers on Daisy's list are very flexible on gender & color so I am beyond pleased!  Temperament is my FIRST priority so it warms my heart when people feel the same way.

Enjoy the holidays and I hope these pics bring a smile to your face.  Now, to the baths I mentioned.

Sunday, December 16, 2018



It is truly unfortunate that I cannot do this on my home page but I simply cannot miss an opportunity to shout from the rooftops how grateful I am for all of you.  I know my pups have gone to fabulous families because we all understood what we needed, wanted and hoped for.  
THANK YOU SO MUCH for contacting ADNE!

Left to right:  Harriet Potter, Olive Oyl, Willis McParti and Daisy Mae Duke.

With any luck, Daisy will have another easy, but large litter at the end of this month or perhaps on New Year's Eve.  I will post the event here when it happens.  Please send good thoughts for Daisy. :+)

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Website changes.

Just to let all my readers know, ADNE's website will be undergoing some new reconstruction.  Unfortunately, I cannot keep 'current' on my website until then as my programs are now obsolete.  I can post here but not on my Home Page or any other page of my website.

I will be working with a technical person in early January and hope that by the end of that month, I will be functioning again.  For now, we cuddle with dad as he recovers.  :+)

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

It has been a bit...

Unfortunately, my husband's surgery did not go as well as we had hoped.  Complications have kept me busy along with getting things done for the holidays.  Thank goodness for Amazon!

Daisy is getting fat with babies!  She loves her belly rubs and sleeping next to Carl as he rests on the bed. In fact, sometimes there are three doodles on the bed keeping him company.  :+)

Saturday, December 1, 2018

New computer, new printer, new programs - BIG HEADACHE!

It had to happen but what a pain it is to start over. Unfortunately, not all my programs transferred correctly and I need to see the tech again. Plus, I really DISLIKE Windows 10 and want Windows 7 back.

On a positive note, I am almost done with the outdoor Christmas decorations and Carl and I are prepared for his upcoming surgery on Monday.  Keeping my fingers crossed all goes well.

Thursday, November 29, 2018


I was really surprised but the ultra sound does not lie - definitely saw more than six embryos happily nestled in her uterus.

She is expected to whelp at the end of December or perhaps New Year's Eve.  Our winter months will be filled with little Daisy and Thaddeus pups.  I expect all pups to be around 25 to 29 lbs.  :+)

Applications are welcomed as long as you will be happy with all colors - black, cream, chocolate or cafe.  The color of a pup is the last consideration for pup placements - always temperament first and foremost.  :+)

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Defining 'grateful'. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!

Some of you might know but for those who don't, the week prior to Thanksgiving is a very busy one for us at The Tabor Homestead.  My husband's poultry business is chuck full of 'turkey growers' who need to provide their customers with a fresh bird for 'Gobbler Day'.  The phone rings off the hook and our driveway is chuck full of farmers delivering their feathered friends on one side and the other row of trucks and cars are picking up cleaned, packaged, fat turkeys on the other.  It is a busy time.

Fortunately, we have great workers and I provide them with a hardy meal to keep them fueled for the long, grueling days.  Yesterday is when our customers pick up the turkeys my husband raises and I am counting, labeling and organizing who gets which one based on requests - very similar to what I do with assigning puppies based on your application.  :+)

Happily, today begins our season of 'rest', so what am I grateful for?  Our tractor, who diligently did the job of cleaning up three dumpings of snow during our processing period and did not break down. All our customers who were patient, on time and in good humor.  Our workers who battled snow to get here; cleaned up our decks and pathways to keep things moving and still worked a grueling, long day.

It is during times of stress and hardship that you are the most grateful for people who are kind, patient, encouraging, diligent, cooperative and humorous.

Like Tom Turkey, we are truly stuffed with gratitude for another successful turkey season and we welcome the holiday festivities knowing the farm is now 'ready for it's winter nap'.


P. S.  Hopefully, the pitter patter of puppy feet may grace us at the end of December.  News on that front in about a week.

Monday, November 5, 2018

A visit with JONNIE CACHE!

Sunday's crisp temperature and sunshine was a great start to my trip to visit Jonnie Cache's guardian family.  Jonnie is just about 5  1/2 months now and I wanted to see how she was fitting into the family - especially since they own a male from one of ADNE's previous litters.

What a terrific visit we had!  Jonnie is very much loved, her training level is impressive and Murphy, their first doodle, is thrilled to have a little pesty sister to play tug with.

I laughed out loud when they told me that Jonnie has this 'game' of hiding her favorite toys under a chair that she CANNOT get under but knows they are safe from Murphy until sweeping time!  Who would have guessed that hiding them in a 'cache' would protect her 'treasures'?? 

Jonnie is a star pupil and her trainer uses her often as a helper in the class.  She loves all dogs and plays with them really well.  I am grateful that her guardians want to continue training so Jonnie can really excel.  Thanks guys! You are star pupils yourself!

Jonnie is a true mini - about 15 inches in height and 15 lbs.  I expect her mature size to be roughly 16 inches and maybe 17 lbs.  I could not be more please with this guardian family and Jonnie Cache!  I am hopeful Jonnie will pass all her tests and be a momma someday.

'Would you like me to sit and stay?'

'I can turn my head if you would like'.

'How about lying down'?

'Do you see my Melanistic Mask? I am told some Great Dane's carry this gene as well'.

'I can be absolutely still like a statue'!

Murphy is this family's first doodle and he loves his brushing time. Talk about being indulged!

Happy, content Murphy.  He is smiling.  :+)

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Mating achieved! :+)

This morning my inexperienced stud, THADDEUS DOOD had his first date!  Daisy was 'ready, willing and able' but Thaddeus was charming, sweet and unsure of himself.  It took about fifteen minutes of sniffing and cajoling but eventually Thaddeus got his groove on and bred Daisy.  Both his guardian and I sighed a breathe of relief.  I was not sure Thaddeus could reach Daisy as she is a bit taller than he is but score he did!  :+)

With any luck puppies will be arriving at the end of December with a going home date of early March.  I expect blacks, creams and chocolates if Mother Nature follows the rules.  There will be no phantoms or partis.  More than likely solids with a small possibility of a bit of white on a chest.  Please be open to all colors.  Weights will range from 25 to 30 lbs. and heights 16 to 18 inches at maturity.  I am accepting applications at this time.

I took some pics for you to enjoy.  Coats on both doodles are great.  Daisy is very gentle, sweet and compliant.  Thaddeus is a gentleman, who waits for you to go through the door first and is very obliging.  He has solid boning and a heavier set than Daisy who is light on her feet but sinewy like a ballerina.  :+)

Thaddeus showing off his markings to Daisy.  The light patch on his butt is proof of his phantom genes. 
You can see some lighter hair on his legs as well.
Thaddeus is a bit smaller than Daisy and has a silky, soft slight curl; whereas Daisy's is more wavy and cottony.

They were both quite happy after the mating and played ball together.  :+)

Sunday, October 28, 2018

I am breeding Daisy again.

The tides have turned on skipping heats for breeding dogs.  Vet studies strongly recommend you breed back to back and retire early.  Since I don't like to breed my girls past five years of age, I made the decision to breed Daisy to Thaddeus Dood for a spring litter.

My hope is to bring the size down a bit from the Wyatt mating with Daisy.  Thaddeus is a large mini that weighs roughly 26 lbs.  He does have the genetics to produce phantoms but Daisy does not but we could get some with a white chest flash like Thaddeus has.  It will be a rainbow litter of blacks, chocolates and creams.  Mother Nature is always in charge of colors, so please do not get fixated on a particular one.

I really was all set to rebreed Wyatt to Daisy but the thought of possibly having ten medium pups again in the winter had me rethinking my mating strategy.  Furthermore; I need to see if my youngster, Thad has the sperm required for the job!  Best way to know this is to give him a whirl!

We all know about how sweet and gentle Daisy is.  Her coat grows long and flows when she walks.  It is very easy to maintain and I do cut it shorter for swimming in the summer and 'snow plowing' in the winter. Daisy enjoys her babies and is an excellent mother in all ways and is so healthy.

I thought this would be her last litter for ADNE but realized she will be only 'four' next month! Don't know if I will breed her another time after this one. If not, I am very hopeful that her daughters Ms. Sadie Benz and Christie Brinkley will follow in her footsteps.

Now Thaddeus is a full blown 'bachelor'.  He loves hanging around with his guardian, Paul and they are best buds.

Ball throwing and frisbee are part of every day life and then snuggling in his bed near Paul's desk is his daily routine.

Thaddeus is a Black and Cream phantom patterned doodle but you can only see his pattern when he is cut down.  Thad is a handsome lad and I expect some great pups with excellent coats from this mating if it is successful.

Thaddeus is coming to visit with Daisy Thursday morning.  We are hoping for a natural tie but Thaddeus is a 'first timer' and might need some help from the 'experienced' Daisy.  I will update with more news on Thursday.  :+)

Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Daisy x Wyatt group is now 16 weeks. Nine out of ten responded! Yea!

Thank you to those who provided me with the info I asked for - I appreciate it because it will be very interesting if they follow the 'accepted' rule of doubling their weight at a year +/- 5 pounds.

I am also very anxious to see how the coats develop on this litter when they are mature.  Wyatt has brought a whole new dimension to my program.  :+)

So, here is who provided pics and weights.  I would love for Newton's owners to add to the group when they can. 

Icy weighs 14.4 lbs.

Winston weighs 18 lbs.

Libery Belle is at 16.9 lbs.
Rosie is 17 .5 lbs.  
Pippi!  Enjoying life.  :+)  12.5 lbs.  (giggle)

Brinkley weighs 16.2 lbs.
Coco is going to be lavender!  16.3 lbs.

Great pic of our Boston Red Sox girl - Genevieve!  14.2 lbs

Dante is 23.8 lbs!!!  A forty plus pounder for sure when an adult - WOW!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

For those willing...some are coming in....:+) PLEASE SEND PICS TO MY EMAIL! THANKS.

I would love to have some Halloween pics of ADNE Doodles sent to me to use for my homepage.

Since I won't have any litters for a while, I would love to put up a cute Halloween pic.  Any takers out there?  If you remember which litter(s) they were from, please add that.  Otherwise, I need to go through all my folders!  Thanks.  :+)

So far I have chosen the following to add to my Home Page rotation:

Phoebe from the Figgy x Dublin mating.

Albus from the Tate x Emmett litter.

Tug as Harry Potter!  Clara Belle x Chico pup.
Rosie from the litter of Charlotte x Keefer

Little Leo from Gunny x Abner with his Halloween kerchief.

MacGregor from the Hazel#1 x Emmett litter.  Love him in orange!

Brinkley - Daisy x Wyatt litter.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Take some time to read this study.

Any one who has bought a puppy from me knows that I advocate minimum vaccines and holistic methods for ticks and fleas.

This study, that I am providing a link for, is a worthy read for you to be the advocate for your puppy to NOT over vaccinate!  I know your vet strongly suggests 'boosters' and what not for the 'health and welfare' of your pup but studies like this prove it is NOT the best route to take.

Please, take the time to read this and you might just be providing your pup many more healthy years of quality time with you and your family.  :+)

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

BRINKLEY and her new guardian family!

On this gorgeous sunny fall day, Brinkley went to her guardians.  They were just so excited to see me drive up and met me at the front walk.  We toured their lovely yard and home.  I was shown where Brinkley's safe spaces were and smiled at her monogramed bed.  :+)

Without a doubt, Brinkley has a home that will provide her with a ton of attention and love. are a very lucky girl.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Socialization is sooo important!

Since I did not have an immediate guardian home for Brinkley, I took her to the local shelter that has a brand new gorgeous puppy 'social' building.  They always divide the classes in two - one side for the very outgoing, 'heavy duty' playful pups and the other side for the more reserved, shy ones. 

The first class I took Brinkley to there were only two pups - both Labs and quite playful.  The trainer put Brinkley into the other side alone with another trainer.  Brinkley was very good about going through tunnels, jumping on small tables as encouraged and checking out numerous toys.  We did some sit commands and 'Go Find It' lessons.  About halfway through, all three pups went outdoors to an outside pen.  The trainer cautioned me to be sure the other two Lab pups did not overwhelm Brinkley - if they did, I was to pick her up.  Initially, she was very submissive and would run behind me.  As we progressed, the choc. Lab introduced herself nicely and there was some play bowing going on.  The black Lab was way too rambunctious.

Unfortunately, we could not make the second class due to a wedding but we were there today and Brinkley had another calm Lab puppy to make friends with while indoors.  Outside, however, Brinkley was ready to 'meet and greet' with most of the pups with several being 'wild ones'!  She actually stood her ground with one 'in her face' but they shook off the confrontation and were fine.

I posted this because each week your puppy is growing like crazy and needs to be exposed to many more events in the world to absorb, adjust and utilize the lessons to progress to a confident canine.  I know Brinkley's new guardians will continue these lessons with training and lots of socialization.  I hope all of you are working hard at both training and socializing.  At this time of year, it is not hard - so many garden centers filled with people and mums; foliage tours, and crispy apple picking soon!  Enjoy! 

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Christie BRINKLEY is 13 weeks and 12 1/4 lbs. today!

I hope that all her littermates are as sweet as this girl is!  I could not have asked for a more compliant, gentle and loving pup to keep a bit longer for her guardians.  This coming Tuesday, Brinkley will join Anne-Marie and John in Rochester, NH.  They are waiting with open arms!

Brinkley tends to lie often with our elderly Annabelle as she seems to understand how fragile she is but is full of energy and impishness when playing with her mommy, Daisy.  Brinkley respects all the other 'ladies' that live here and it has been very harmonious.

Keeping my fingers crossed this lovely pup passes all her testing in about a year or so and becomes another exemplary breeding girl for ADNE.

Monday, September 24, 2018

For those who have Wyatt babies....

Just received these pics from his guardian (and she takes amazing pics of him)!  Wyatt is like a fine wine, he grows on you.    :+)

Those of you that have babies that favor him, just watch the praises come when they are mature.  An easy care coat with a great conformation is very pleasing to the eye (and pocketbook!).

Love to see this.

Daisy and Brinkley love interacting with each other.  It just makes me smile watching them.  The bond they are making will be strong and when Brinkley finally goes to her guardian home, Brinkley will remember her first home very well.  :+)

Brinkley is a clone of her mommy in looks and temperament.  Both AWESOME!

Notice those back legs straight back?  Typically a sign of strong hips.  I love to see this in a pup!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Let's talk about a guardianship - the benefits and the downfalls.


Brinkley at 11 weeks with a tiny stick in her mouth.  10  3/4 lbs

We are being very diligent in finding the right guardian home for Brinkley. A clone of her mom, Brinkley is a delightful pup!  A guardianship is not for everyone.  It is a relationship that has to be fair to all parties involved - the dog, the guardian and myself.  This is why I prefer someone who works part time, or can bring the pup to work with them or is retired, works from home - you get the picture.

What are the benefits?
  • Pick of the litter puppy!
  • Fully tested at a year that I pay for in full.
  • A much reduced cost ($1,375 that is fully refunded if the dog's testing proves it is a quality breeding candidate.
What are the downfalls?
  • Your doodle needs to come to me for about 7 weeks when she is having and raising her pups.  However, you do have visiting privileges!!
  • There is always the possibility that at a year, the doodle may not pass the testing criteria to my standards. I always want my breeding dogs to be 'a cut above'.  If I should decide that for any reason, this candidate falls short, we will need to decide if you still want the doodle or it be returned to me for a full refund of your initial deposit.  There will be circumstances when I will require the balance of the pet price (an additional $1,375) if the reasons for a non breeding candidate are not a health concern but rather a 'below average' test result that has no impact on the quality of life for the doodle. An OFA 'Fair' IS a passing score, just not for a breeding dog in my program.  Each doodle is an individual and each guardian contract reflects this - they are not duplicates.  
  • Of course, there is more to the contract than what is written above but it is straight forward and easy to understand.  :+)
What is Brinkley like?
  • Brinkley is calm, gentle - does mouth but does not bite.
  • A doodle temperament - smart, easy going, curious, likes people and other animals.
  • Coat is soft, wavy and flowing.  It will need professional grooming every 6 to 8 weeks.
  • No shedding.
  • Goes to her safe zone and settles very quickly.  Last potty at 10 pm and she is up around 6 am.
  • At 11 weeks, she uses both the potty box and the dogie door very well.  Still makes mistakes but getting better every day.
  • I am taking her on car trips daily and she is adjusting.  She does not vomit or salivate in the car but needs time to settle.  I used both a car harness and a crate.
  • She knows her name and comes and sits; also sits for her food.
  • Brinkley is decent on a leash, still learning.  :+)

If any local family or person is interested in knowing more about this subject, please contact me at 207-676-5579.  Local is defined as being within an hour of my location (North Berwick, Maine) or my vets (Rochester, NH).