Thursday, January 29, 2009

We have news!!

Good Morning!

I have had the pleasure of Maple Sugar's company this morning and she is so darn affectionate and sweet.

We had our 'official' x-ray and there are six puppies growing nicely in her warm and ample belly. I was so surprised because there was only one mating due to horrible icing! Good going Coriander!! There is plenty of room for puppy growth and her mammary glands are already swelling for milk production.

The day is gorgeous and so is Maple! Here are some shots of her in all her fiery glory!

On this pic, you can see some of her plumpness!

She was feeling pretty frisky here and began getting silly in all our snow!

Wonderful contrast of her luscious color!

Here, it looks like she might have been in a pool rather than snow.

This was an oops pic as I didn't get her whole head, but I thought it was cute anyway. :+)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I can't seem to stop posting pics of late!

Coriander has such a gorgeous, non-shedding coat that I want to show it off!

His guardians are photographers and this is just one of their lovely shots of him at a recent dog park trip.

Thank you, Aaron and Carina!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

February is LOVER'S month and....

Yep, Maple Sugar and Coriander are doing the 'Happy Dance' because we found out that Maple is expecting a litter in the romantic month of February! It will be such an exciting litter as the possibilities of red and white partis and apricot darlings with white toes and chests are just so darn cute, I can't stand it!

Once born, they will be here being tenderly raised until the inviting month of May when they will be ready to explore your yard! :+)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It appears - No Sleet, No Snow and NO ICE STORM could prevent this pregnancy!

YES, INDEED - MAPLE IS PREGNANT! I can hardly contain myself! This type of mating has been a dream of mine. I searched and searched for a tested Cockapoo and spent so much effort perusing many sites hoping to find 'Mr. Right' and then Coriander arrived and he was the perfect choice. I could hardly believe the nasty weather we had at mating time and am so grateful that 'Mr. Right' was able to get the job done with just one mating. We can add 'perserverance' to Coriander's list of superlatives. :+)

This is how today went:
  • Before picking up Maple, I spoke to Maple Sugar's guardian, and she said 'Mae is very clingy, wants to snuggle and cuddle all the time'. I thought....oooooh, that is a good sign!
  • Then I went to pick her up for our vet visit this morning and when I put on her car harness - it did not fit! Now I am thinking - hmmmm...growing? - could she be pregnant??
  • We get to the vets and Dr. Lowe picked her up and did his 'magic' to palpate her abdomen and VOILA! He could feel at least four of them! I am 'over the moon'! :+)
We are so thrilled to be one of the few U.S. breeders to produce litters in which the parents are only from American Multigen lines but use the 'recipe' proven through DNA and Australian Labradoodle pedigree research, to have the authentic blending for the Australian Multigen Foundation Labradoodles.

The use of the Spaniels and Cockapoos provided an improvement over the mini Poodles for the miniature & medium sized Labradoodles. Without these foundation breeds, there would be no such thing as a flowing wavy fleece coat. Too much Poodle usage begets a Labradoodle that is 99.9% Poodle! Using the Cockapoos brought much to the 'design' with the extra bonus of minimal shedding (if any) and softer coats. The Spaniel side brought the wonderful gentleness and boning of the Lab in a smaller package. If the Lab were continued in the breedings, it would increase both the size and the shedding - hence the use of a quality Cockapoo or Spaniel. Their lovely coats, colors, textures and temperaments were a perfect addition on so many levels.

I hope all of you are looking forward to the birth of this litter. To me, it is like 'history in the making'! February can't come soon enough. :+)