Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cowboy (The daddy of Olive's upcoming litter).

Posted by PicasaFor those wondering what Cowboy looks like, here is a great shot of him.  He is a lovely deep apricot fleece coated little guy that is about 16 inches tall and roughly 26 lbs.  He is gentle and sweet natured.  Cowboy is wonderfully proportioned and produces quality pups.  I have been very lucky to use him twice already.  Thanks, April of Connecticut Labradoodles.  :+)

Clara Belle's litter with him was simply gorgeous and I expect Olive's litter to be just as fabulous!

Monday, August 20, 2012

A day in the pool! (Capi and friends...)

Capi is very good at going down the stairs.  Hubby is there just in case!
Capi loves the water and is going out to greet Annabelle.
Willis is after her ball, Capi is after Willis and Annabelle is a diversion.  :+)

Oh boy!  Capi is full of energy after a dip!
Although Annabelle got the pool toy, Capi stole it and dashed ahead.
Time to dry off in the pine needles and leaves!!!
Definitely enjoying himself. 
Waddaya mean, 'I look like a bush!'  :+)
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Capriccio at 7 months. Updated!.

Capi is approximately 19 inches tall.  Expected height is 21 inches.
Expected weight is 35 to 40 lbs.
Au naturale!  He was not combed or clipped.
This boy continues to exhibit perfect body conformation.
Olive (front) and Capi are great friends.
Here is Capi all groomed and clipped.  What an easy coat to keep.
If a mat developes, it is very easy to brush and break apart.  He is excellent on the grooming table.
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Update on August 19th:  As Capi remains here, I will continue his training.  We are now working on a long lead for proper leash walking.  I do three sessions per day to teach him that being next to me is far better than investigating the world around him.  This is a very positive approach that allows him to make 'good choices'.  Once he decides that walking close to me is a 'good place', I will add distractions to further enrich good focus.  My goal is that he focuses properly when on leash and does not lunge or try to 'water' every blade of grass.  A walk is for exercise and enjoyment not a wild race down the avenue!  A swim in our pool was Capi's additional reward for showing improvement on our second session today.  He is a happy and tired boy right now - as it should be. 

Capi is very people oriented and wants to please.  He responds very well to yummy treats but cuddling him is his greatest reward.  :+)

Update on August 28th:   Capi will be leaving with his guardian family this coming Friday.  Perseverance has paid off and a family with older, active children, a fenced yard, a love of water and dog experience visited this past Sunday and will add Capriccio to their household.  We are all so pleased!  :+)

Here is a copy of Capi's assessment from a dog trainer - Click to make larger:


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It appears we may have puppies coming....... :+)

I took Olive in to see her vet this morning for a pregnancy confirmation even though I thought it may be too early to know for sure.  He is 80% positive that she is and will confirm next week.  I like those odds but want to be positive, so one more week of waiting.  :+(

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We will be gone for a few days visiting

our new grand-daughter!  Naturally, I will check in often and respond as time and satellites allow.

For those sending emails regarding our Guardian Home stud, I will check my iphone often and answer as many questions as I can while away.  :+)