Monday, May 31, 2010

Individual pics of Olive and her 2 wk old babies.


We had a houseful of guests yesterday, so pics are posted today. The weekend has been wonderful as our son, his wife and our new grand-daughter came up to visit from Pennsylvania. We celebrated her arrival, my son's birthday and paid tribute to all our veterans and present patriots in celebration of Memorial Day. It was a fun day of family and friends.

Mommy Olive has been doing very well and spends a lot of time away from the pups now. She is still an attentive mother but also enjoys having some 'personal space'. She is looking very well and her coat is shiny and gorgeous. I gave her a bath last night and combed her out this morning. I am always amazed at how easy her coat is to groom. It is so nice to have several doodles with different coats, it makes me appreciate the ease of Olive's quality wavy fleece.

On to the babies which have grown and fattened. Their eyes have been open since Friday and they squeal, squirm, roll and shuffle to get hither and dither. They argue about nipples and eat heartily. I love their head shapes and their coats are the most consistent of any litter produced here at Annabelle Doodles. :+) Soon, I will be introducing them to gruel and help Olive out a bit.

In memory of Memorial Day, I have donned each of them with a patriotic ribbon.

Green Girl weighs 1 lb. 14 oz. and is a Caramel. Her coat is a delicious deep apricot and her nose pigment will be liver.

Red Girl is my pick to become a guardian home placement (at least at this time!). She is on the small side and weighs 1 lb. 4 oz.

Black Boy is so soft, so shiny and amazingly silky. His coat will be just like his mom's. :+) He also weighs 1 lb. 14 oz.

Teal Boy has wonderful color - a true warm apricot. He has black pigment and weighs 2 solid pounds.

Lavender Girl is a clone of her mom as well. She is a hefty one at 2 lbs.

Another Caramel, Navy Boy weighs 1 lb. 13 oz. His coat is extremely silky. You can how much it glistens in this pic.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Maple x Rumple litter 'Before and After'

I thought it would be fun to show the Maple x Rumple litter differences from pics taken at 5 weeks compared to their 12 week pics. Some are easy to identify, others changed a lot! :+)

Here is Miss Kelly Green who has blossomed into...

Miss Finley.

Miss Pumpkin at 5.3 weeks has grown up to...

become Miss Stella!

Miss Rose at 5.3 weeks will be hopefully staying in our program and is...

now known as Miss Camden Rose.

Mr. Spot at 5.3 weeks. Another hopeful for Annabelle doodles and is known as ...

Annabelle's 'Reuben' on Rye! This is his guardian mom. :+)

Miss Fudge at 5.3 weeks old is anxious to go to her new owners who call her...

Miss Emme. :+) Aren't those eyelashes to die for?

Navy Boy at 5.3 weeks old has really grown and grown....

and is known as Seamus. He was always the largest pup in the litter.

Miss Lavender at 5.3 weeks old and now ...

Miss Riley and will be keeping lots of kids busy.

Let's not forget little Dancing Matilda! Tillie joined our family here at Annabelle Doodles when she was 7 weeks old. This is a pic of her at five weeks of age. Her daddy is Rumple.

And she has grown, but not terribly much! She is also a week younger. Will definitely remain a mini size!

Monday, May 24, 2010

We will be 12 weeks tomorrow but celebrated today with a pool party!

It is a very warm day and the humidity is high, so I decided to throw a pool party for the furry kids in their water boat! This will be the last set of pics for our litter from Maple and Rumple until pick up days at the end of this week.

I hope you enjoyed their journey from the announcement of the pregnancy, their birth and the adventures we shared as they grew and grew and grew!!

This is how it is done says our resident 'duck', Tillie. She is always the first one in the water closely followed by Finley!

I don't think I will go in says, Riley. However, Finley takes the dive.

I plugged the drainage hole with a candle. :+) It never fails, the pups find it almost immediately and try to dig it out.

They are asking me to come in, I pleasantly said that they could have it all to themselves. :+)

However, their siblings answered their invitation!

Some are still trying to decide if the water is all that appealing.

Riley has definitely made the decision to be a land whale.

Not so the others.

It is hard to keep Tillie out of the pool.

There is nothing like the coolness of the shade with good poolside conversation! Don't you agree? 'Okay, where are those drinks with the little umbrellas?' asks Stella.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Olive x Chico litter 1 week old.


The pups are in their neo-natal stage. They suckle, move their heads from side to side and squeal when Olive cleans them. That is about it. :+) There will be remarkable changes by their two week pics.

Here is Red Girl - 1 lb. I believe she will have black pigment and perhaps a dusting of white on her toes.

Green Girl may be a caramel. Too soon to tell if her pigment will be black or liver - 1 lb. 5 oz.

At this time, Teal Boy's pigment is very dark liver but it could turn black and that will make him a 'red' rather than a caramel in color. In Labradoodles, it is all about the pigment for color identification. 1 lb. 5 oz.

Lavender Girl is 1 lb. 5 oz. of silken coal.

My bet is that Navy Boy will be a caramel and have liver pigment. 1 lb. 4 oz.

Black Boy sparkles. So shiny, he glows. 1 lb. 5 oz.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sitting pretty for lunch!

I had been working with the litter on sitting and thought I would do a test. Trust me, when dinner is being served, the pups go nuts!

So, I made them a very special dinner of hamburger, our chicken mix and some peas and brought the platters in and placed them on my grooming table.

I put a bib on every pup even though they were dancing and jumping like crazy because they could smell the food and asked them to sit. Is this not adorable?? ( Emme is wearing the rose colored bib, Impatient Stella has the Light Green bib, Seamus is sporting the bib with the airplane on it, Riley has her tongue hanging out and has the lavender bib on, the striped bib is on Camden, Finley has the purple bib with the eyes on it and Dancing Matilda is tripping over the light pink bib).

Of course it was gone in a matter of seconds, but boy were they a happy group afterwards! (Me, too!)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Better late than never! Here are some pics of those

11 weekers! They finally got to go into the play area after being cooped up in the paved pens. I wanted Seamus, Riley and Stella to heal a bit after their surgeries WITHOUT being in mud!

Here is Stella stretched out on the grass. Seems she missed it an awful lot! (13 and 1/4 lbs.)

Camden Rose will be added to our program here at Annabelle Doodles. We hope to find a guardian home for her. :+) She weighs 9 and 3/4 lbs. (Dancing Matilda hangs around with Camden a lot!)

Always the biggest pup, Seamus tops the scale at 16 and 1/2 lbs. He is an armful!

Emme loves to be in the middle of everything that is going on. Even lying down, you can see that she is ready to spring up and join in the fun! (11 and 3/4 lbs.)

Taking a break after playing chase, Riley is re-grouping. (13 and 1/2 lbs.)

Harriet Potter was playing with the pups and tired out most of them including Finley. (13 and 1/2 lbs.)

It seems to me that this looks like 'Ring Around the Rosy, pockets full of posies........'

Sadly, I said 'Goodbye' to Rueben today. His guardian mom picked him up this morning. We are hoping that he will become one of our studs in a year or so.