Friday, October 30, 2009

In the Spirit of the Season.............. Ahem...

The story goes............this little witch was searching for the perfect pet and was having a very difficult time deciding. I have to say, I encouraged her to research black cats instead. Heck, we all know that Labradoodles aren't for everyone......or are they???????

Turquoise Boy

Orange Girl (sorry collar looks yellow)

Black Boy

Red Girl

Purple Girl

Blue Boy

Green Boy

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Today, we visited the vet!

Thankfully, the weather was very cooperative today to take the pups to have their dews claws removed and checked out. Miss Clara was also declared in good shape with no issues - all normal. That is always so good to hear. :+)

The pic below was taken this morning prior to going to the vets. All are snuggly and content.

This pic is after the visit. As you can see, there were no complaints. It was a great ride as I placed a small kiddie pool in the back of my wagon and both mommy and babies were quite comfy all tucked in together.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Here are some group shots of the pups!


I know all of you have been waiting. I took a shower and it helped give me some energy. I will be taking Clara and the pups into the vets tomorrow as today is such a chilly, rainy day.

They have lovely apricot coats and you will see that some are beginning to show some white spotting. :+)


Clara is whelping her litter tonight!

Hopefully, sometime in the morning or early afternoon, I will post pics. :+)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Clara is on Day 58!


I gave Clara her 'maternity' cut this morning and we are just waiting for the arrival of her little ones. She is eating and has settled in very nicely.

Last night I set up the whelping tent and it appears she inspected it and was satisfied with the accommodations. :+) Typically, dams prefer a secluded, dark spot that makes them feel safe and will provide warmth as well as protection from the elements. When Maple whelped last December, I did this and it worked out beautifully. Hence the repeat for Clara Belle. She is near the doggie door so has access at will for pottying and the gate prevents my other dogs from 'crowding' her. I can easily view all from my kitchen door, so I am comfortable with the set up as well.

Unfortunately my camara setting was not very good and in the first pic Clara looks completely white! The second one shows her 'parti' coloring better.

Monday, October 26, 2009

We have a number....sort of!


The x-rays we took today at the vets shows 6 to 8 pups! WOW!! I could see six of those little skulls all lined up like little soldiers but at the top near her spine were another possible one or two hiding amongst her bones. Sort of difficult to know for sure. In any event, there is a strong showing of six pups and that should make everyone happy as clams - I know I am! :+)

If this is so, the following families are in line for a pup in no particular order:
  • Breeder/Guardian Family
  • Lennox Family
  • Morris Family
  • Seebeck Family
  • Pray/James Family
  • Tooth Family
If we are lucky enough to get additional, healthy pups, then I will reopen my list. If any of the above families have changed their minds, please be considerate and let me know asap!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Monday is a big day!

Hi all,

Sunday night, Clara Belle will come to stay and get comfortable for whelping her litter. She will need a few days to re-enter our doggie pack and learn where she will be delivering her babies. On Monday, October 26th, we will take her to our vet to see how many puppies she is carrying. I am always so excited to see the x-rays - whether it is 2 or 10! Of course, I will update the result here as soon as physically possible. :+)

Clara Belle has always been such a good girl when she visits. Hopefully, she will not miss her guardians too much while she has her extended stay. Keep reading the AnnaBlog for updates!