Sunday, September 30, 2007

Annabelle is in heat!


As expected, Harriet who began her cycle last week has thrown Annabelle into heat - yeah! I checked Miss Annie this morning and am now making plans for her breedings. She is just in the early stages and it won't be for a week or two until matings take place. If all goes well, I am expecting puppies to be delivered in mid December with home placements in mid-March or so.

Exciting times!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

We are asking Santa for a new litter :+)


Annabelle is feeling rather frisky and enjoying all the attention that pre-cycling brings. We, on the otherhand, are conferring with Santa's elves about a late December delivery. If all goes well, a new litter of pups should be homebound just in time for Spring's early flowers in March or possibly April.

When Annabelle is ready, we plan to breed her to that wonderful redhead, Trout from California, who is also Maple Sugar's daddy.

Then there is Rumple Sticks, my gorgeous hunk of chocolate parfait who is ready, willing an able to perform his stud duties.

The old breeding approach of many sires impregnating a female is still frowned upon, but a 'duo sired' breeding has been sanctioned by the AKC for a while now. I am attempting to do just that with this breeding. Success is not overwhelming, but with the scientific advances of DNA for identifying parentage of puppies, I am hoping to beat the odds and get an assortment of colors. So those pups from Trout would all be red or dark apricot and with my stud Rumple Sticks - chocolates, blacks and creams. I am very excited and so is Annabelle. :+)

I should mention that all the resulting pups will be third generation labradoodles.

(Click pics below to enlarge.)

Our stud, Rumple Sticks, is a chocolate/cafe standing 20 inches tall and weighing 27 lbs. He is an Australian/American multigen with an impressive record of health and fabulous good looks. Hopefully this will be a natural mating.

Annabelle, a lovely non-shedding apricot second generation American Labradoodle, will be courted shortly by two handsome studs. She is a rugged girl weighing in at 38 lbs. and 18 inches in height. She loves squeaky stuffed animals and being a mother.

Pictured below is the very handsome, Trout. If his glorious coat and color wasn't enough to peak my curiosity, his health testing had me totally convinced - this was one great stud! I loved the fact that he comes from American lines, as I look for that specifically when breeding.