Thursday, April 30, 2009

The pups are doing awesome this morning!

They are running around like Tasmanian Devils and shouting with glee that I removed their head cones! I am not allowing them in the play area where the grass is until I feel confident that the incisions are almost healed, so they are enjoying conquering the Play Skol slide and playing chase within the confines of the outside pens.

They all ate breakfast and took their last pain pill.

By the way, the trip to the vet's was a whole lot less eventful than the first time. :+) Only one pee and no vomiting! Of course, they had nothing to eat that morning either! The next big outing is to the eye vet this Sunday. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We had surgery today!

The good news is that all of them are fine and the surgeries went well. The bad news is that they are so wound up that they are having way too much fun! Two of them, Ralphie and Ledley had head cones because they were licking their wounds too much. Eventually, Stripe had to be put in one as well. Only Jasper was not licking his wound hence - no cone.

They all had a light dinner, a pain killer and hopefully will settle for a nap soon. :+)

Little Miss Lulu Belle is separated because she is still tired from the anesthesia. She is sleeping on a pillow under the bench in my kitchen like a little princess. The boys are feeling way too good and were too rambunctious for her to remain in the pup pen. Later tonight, when they have all settled, she will go back.

Stripe Boy was very happy until he, too, got the 'cone head'.

It was hysterical to watch the boys go through the dogie door with the cones on their heads, but by golly, they managed it! Ledley had quite the technique!

They were still fooling around at 9 PM!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Some busy days ahead.

Lots going on over the next few days. First of all, Miss Lulu Belle is modeling the red scarves that all the pups are wearing from now on.

With the onset of very warm weather comes the bugs. I sprayed a natural deterrent on each of the scarves and then clipped them on each pup. Hopefully, it will keep away the biting and crawling critters that seek warm bodies.
  • On Wednesday, April 29th - the pups will be going in for their microchips along with the neuters and spays. I will bring them in the morning and I have planned for the inevitable by lining the back of my car heavily with newspapers for the 'spits and sputters' that may accompany me on my trip.
  • Sunday, May 3rd - will be a very busy day because I will be bringing them to the Eye CERF Clinic that I am sponsoring. There will be much running around. I plan to bring them in the afternoon, but things could change.
  • On Thursday, May 7th - they go back to my vets for their second shots and home exam.
  • Saturday, May 9th the first pick up begins at 10:00 AM and they begin their new lives with all of you. :+)

Our new stud for our fall litter with a haircut!

Chico is our new man about town. He has a gorgeous apricot/red fleece coat that does not shed and has a personality that is well......exceptional. He has produced outstanding progeny with excellent health and we are looking forward to our first litter from him this fall.

Eleven Week Pics are up! (with weights)

We have been blessed with yet another beautiful Maine spring day and I took the pups, one by one, to our back garden in hopes of getting some pics with some color other than brown! :+) I so enjoyed the smell of the daffodils and so did the pups!

We are still waiting for a name for Stripe Boy! He has the gentlest of souls and is so compliant. Weighs: 12 lbs.

! Do I not fit that name to a tee? My family met me for the first time on Sunday evening and fell right in love! What is there not to love about me? I am a hunk of butterball, kisses and kindness. Weighs: 16 1/2 lbs.

I am JASPER! It appears my family is very big into the Twilight Series! Weighs: 12 lbs.

I am staying around as a hopeful breeder for Annabelle Doodles! I believe I am going to be called 'GRETTA GARBO'! At least that is what I am hearing of late. She must be some famous old lady! Weighs: 10 3/4 lbs.

Hi! I am 'LULU BELLE', or it is Bluebell??? Anyway, I am going to join my cousin, or is it my half brother? Anyway..... I will make my new little owner very happy. :+) Weighs: 9 1/4 lbs.

My new name is 'LEDLEY'! I was named after a soccer player. How did they know I am good at playing ball? Weighs: 12 3/4 lbs.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Romping with Auntie Olive!

Now that the puppies had their first shots, I allow them in the grass area to play and romp to their hearts content! They stay out there most of the day except to peek in to see if they can come into the kitchen; get something to eat or drink; and sometimes take a nap under the fan in the puppy room. They just love being outdoors!

They have been busy pruning my shrub, digging lots of holes, pulling limbs out of brush piles, eating the daylilly leaves and generally having one heck of a time!

Here they are waiting for their friend to come out and play.

How they love playing with Auntie Olive!

Isn't that playbow adorable?

Then they pounce and try to surround her.

Olive gives them the dickens as they chase her. :+)

'Okay, we are pooped.'

'We are too. Oi...'


The last of the 'road trip'

Finally, Black Boy and Teal Girl had their very own carriage ride. What a glorious day it is and they have been playing like crazy in the large play area which has grass and bushes. They are loving it and come in exhausted for naps. It was at this time, that I saw my opportunity to get some exercise and sunshine by scooping up the last two candidates for 'road exposure'. :+) This shot was taken after our walk and they are now cuddled up with their siblings to catch up on some ZZZZZZZZ's. :+)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The toy basket...

I had just finished cleaning the pup room and fed them all. I was putting stuff away and they always watch everything I am doing.

I had taken the toy basket down for them to play with the toys inside. Stripe, however, decides it is a very soft bed!

Black Boy agrees and climbs in as well.

Maybe they should be in an advertisment for Temper Pedic! :+)

Monday, April 20, 2009

OOPS! Here are the 10 week pics!

As some of you know, Annabelle Doodles had quite a busy weekend! There was lots of company, kids, sunny weather, cameras, untied shoelaces, decisions being made and laughter!

The pups were ooohed and aaa'd over and all of them had lots of holding and cuddling going on. Today, I finally had enough of a break to get their 10 week pics done. Here they are with their weights.

Without a doubt, Teal Girl is very easy to capture on camera. I am still pondering on whether to sell her or keep her till the right local guardian home appears. SUCH a dilemma! (9.8 lbs.)

Yes, I used the old Skippy trick again and Stripe Boy obviously still enjoys the flavor! (11.0 lbs.)

Black Boy was dashing all over the place outdoors and could not decide which place was most interesting. I was delighted to catch this shot of him. :+) (11.8 lbs.)

Well, she has an angel above her, but I don't see a halo atop 'Lulu Belle's' head. This little sprite will keep her owners very busy. (8.4 lbs.)

Green Boy has several families hoping to be his owner. What a sweet, lovable, CHUNKY pup he is. (15.4 lbs.)

'Jasper'! I loved reading the 'Twilight' books and so did this guy's family. His white markings are adorable and I know he will have a wonderful time every summer at camp in Maine. What a lucky boy! (11.0 lbs.)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It was Blue and Stripe boys turn for a walk today!

And what a day it is!

It is so important to get pups out of their familiar surroundings and expose them to new things. Both these boys were a bit whiny during their walk but with more exposure to the world, they will acclimate wonderfully. There are a lot of trips planned over the next couple of weeks, including regular vet trips, as well as the Eye CERF vet. Their the last temperament test is this week with a few visitors and company coming on the weekend. So the more exposure at this time, the better!

These guys look like they are quite content, but they were not!

They are not sure what to expect.

Finally, they settle in for the ride.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A carriage ride!


Today is LOVELY and it was a perfect time to start the pups exploring beyond the Tabor Homestead. I like to take the pups, two at a time, for a bit of a carriage ride down my street so that they are up close and personal with cars coming by and just to see something other than where they live.

Because Green Boy is such a 'Hummer' in size, I of course, decided to pair him with the little 'Minnie mite', Yellow Girl. It was sort of funny to compare their sizes but they got along just great and enjoyed their little foray.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Profile on our available pups.

This rugged fellow is available to a suitable home in early May. He is our biggest puppy in our litter of 'small mediums'. My prediction is that he will weigh in the high 30 to 40 lb. range and be 18 inches in height minimally. He is extraordinarily passive. His nature is docile, sweet, cuddly and gentle. Yes, he does play with the other pups but he is just as happy playing alone with a toy. He gets along with all the pups and is not a bully even though he towers over his litter mates. His nature is very much like his fathers. :+) He will have a curly, non-shedding coat. I love his big slipper-like feet! :+) UPDATE: GREEN BOY IS ON HOLD UNTIL 4/26/09.

Teal Girl is a pup that I would like to include in my breeding program if she passes her health testing. I am looking for a local Guardian Home for her. If she does not pass at the level I prefer, than she will be offered for sale. Teal Girl is full of spunk. She has great eye contact and a healthy dosage of energy. She will need a family that has the time to spend with her, is active, and willing to do the necessary training. You can contact me about my Guardian program and what it entails. (A guardian puppy is offered at 1/2 price initially. If she passes all the testing protocol and is bred, your initial payment is returned to you.)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Some miscellaneous shots I took this week.

We have had some sunny times during the day and the pups have really enjoyed playing outdoors. Here are some candid shots of them outside this past week.

Stripe and Green boys trying to climb the slide.

Enjoying the new space and investigating all the cracks and crannies.

The Three Stooges! Yellow, Stripe and Black.

Black and Blue boys.

Playing chase.

Black boy is determined to climb the slide. He hasn't made it yet.

The slide is challenging them all!

I think this is a conference. Blue Boy is seeing if he can figure out how the slide works by peering underneath. Smart guy.

I guess they will try again next time. They seem to be enjoying themselves in spite of not 'beating' the slide. :+) It won't be long when they do.