Monday, February 29, 2016

For EVERYONE getting a puppy! PLEASE READ!

Whether there are children in your family or not, this post hits home for understanding 'dog language'. Most dogs do not bite indiscriminately, they give warnings! Save your child from a bite and save a dog from an unnecessary death. Pay attention and this will never happen to you!

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The Perfect Storm
An 18 month old toddler gets the side of his face ripped off by a Labrador and I see it coming, able to do nothing. With my heart in my hands and the world seeming to stop, I’m a world away and only 100 ft from witnessing an accident that did NOT need to happen. It happened in seconds (seemed like an eternity); the boy hugs the dog who is tied to a railing of the toddler play area next to a line of strollers, with moms and children all around laughing and playing.
I’m training a puppy outside the area and the only reason I was watching was because this family was striking. Mom is over 6’ tall, 3 children, 2 girls ages approximately 8 and 10 yrs old and the little toddler in diapers, all toe heads (very blonde hair) walk into the park holding hands. The girls run off into the building, most likely to take some dance class while mom and baby wait for them in the toddler area. The little boy sees the dog at the far end of the toddler area and beams in on her walking toward her ignoring the other children, sandbox and swings. He wants to pet the sweet dog. Mom isn’t paying attention as she’s talking with friends who she obviously meets with on a regular basis and thinks life is grand.
Me, I see the potential danger lurking in these next minutes and move closer to watch the dogs body language; flitting back and forth between mom, dog and child hoping someone is going to pay attention. No one is. It’s a normal day at the park as far as they’re concerned. I start walking faster to get the moms attention as he nears the dog and I don’t notice anyone paying attention. The dog is beginning to get nervous with the approaching toddler, lip licking, rounded body, looking for a way out, tail tucked, frightened so of course, I start yelling for the boys mom to get her son and in an instant the boy is hugging the dog and in that same instant the dog attacks, taking most of the side of his face off. No growling, no sounds from the dog but a ton of body languages before the attack, now the only sounds are of a toddler screaming in pain and shock.
I’m so sorry to say that this incident does not come out of nowhere nor is it uncommon. 77% of dog bites happen from family and friends dogs with children being bitten the most.
As I see the horror unfold, I run to the toddler, I’m the closest one, sounding off questions to the owner of the dog. Yelling above the chaos, get the owners contact info, someone go into the building to find the two girls in class and someone else call an ambulance. We are descended upon with toddler now swaddled in his moms arms who is panicking, the dog is shivering huddled against the railing, unable to free herself while someone is yelling at the her. The puppy I had in training was w/ me the entire time, licking the boys legs as I lift him to his mother.
Here’s the back story and why this was the perfect storm.
The Dog:
The dog tied to the railing on the inside of the toddler area was a family dog who just turned 2. Yup. 2, the age of maturity and when the bite most often occurs. Why? Because puppies will put up with a lot; prodding, ears pulled, tail pulled, sat upon and more. Since they are tolerating it the parents think all is well. They aren’t reading the body language this puppy has been giving all along. Body signs of leaving the room when the kids come in, hiding next to a parent or under a coffee table, lip licking, look away, yawning, panting and more. So, when the dog hits her age of maturity having no one who understands her lack of tolerance, the bite is imminent. Now we have a dog tied with nowhere to go and no adults to save her. A strange toddler comes up and hugs her and without any help she feels threatened and in defense, bites the boy. This is not an aggressive dog. This is a dog who gave all the warning signs and no one listened because no one knew what to listen for.
The Toddler:
The toddler lives with 2 Golden Retrievers who love all the attention the toddler gives them. This is not all that common. Most dogs don’t like to be hugged but these two dogs did enjoy the attention. The boy thinks all dogs must like this if his dogs did, so without proper parental guidance in how to meet and greet new or strange dogs, the boy fearlessly and excitedly approaches the tied up dog to offer a big hug.
The Parents:
The mom knows this park, has friends here and knows this dog. What the mom doesn’t know is how to read body language nor did the guardians of the Labrador. If both of them knew how to read the warning signs, the dog would NOT have been tied up, the parents would have been paying attention to both the dog and the child. They would have educated their children on how to meet and greet dogs and with this education would have been more prepared by not ever tying a dog in this way and not allowing the child to hug the dog. Teaching respect between dogs and children is crucial so that this kind of thing doesn't happen.
The dog was euthanized, the child suffered emotional and physical trauma and all because they didn’t know how to speak dog. This breaks my heart for every being involved. THIS BITE DID NOT NEED TO HAPPEN.
Please share this far and wide. Don’t let your children or your friends children become a statistic.
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We are home! (Piper x Thomas litter)

It has been a busy day for sure as we were at the vets by 8 am and surgeries stated immediately! All went well and when I picked them up at 4:30 pm, tails were wagging and voices 'singing'.

I just prepared their food and will be feeding them one at a time just to be sure everyone is getting a bit of food. There will be a second feeding around 8 or 9 pm as long as the first feeding is tolerated well. Since they must be fasted for the anesthesia, they are wildly hungry right now!

Tomorrow I will do pics as promised.  :+)

Thursday, they will be going back to the vet for their vaccines but that is not an all day event. It should have been done on Friday when they had their Health Certificates done, but they were out of my special order of vaccines, so we had to reschedule. More car rides!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Piper's litter goes in for their surgeries tomorrow.

So, before dinner, I put five of them at a time in my tub and gave them baths. It really went quite well! None were terrified of the water spray at all and some (like Pink Luna) actually just chilled and quite enjoyed herself! Now the dryer was another story - certainly not their favorite experience. I did not blow them completely dry as their bed areas were all mopped and clean beds put down.

I am going to feed them one at a time tonight so I can keep them from 'bathing' in the food trough. :+)

It won't be until late in the afternoon tomorrow when I can pick them up, so no pics until Tuesday. Sorry about that!

Please note, no bathing for 10 days after surgery so I probably will not do another bath before pick ups unless one of these rascals truly is in need.  :+)

WEEK THREE - Hazel x Emmett Litter.

It is hard to imagine that Piper's litter of 10 is on the countdown to their new homes while lil Miss Hazel's litter is just beginning to interact with each other on wobbly legs! The development from newborns to placement is lightening fast and I seem to always be playing catch up. :+)

I was so pleased the photo shoot for Hazel's litter only took two repeats because my afternoon is full with Piper owners coming to visit. Whew!

In another week, these little guys will have more animated interaction and fun photos will begin - although, I have to say Navy Boy put on a show today!

Checker Boy is an adorable 1.10 lbs. at 3 weeks.

This is Navy Boy giving me raspberries during the photo shoot! 1.14 lbs.

Miss Rose is a hefty 2.4 lbs. already!

Lime Boy was quite comfortable and just draped himself in the bowl. 2.2 lbs.

Nosy Copper Boy at 1.15 lbs.

Denim Girl is the smallest in the litter weighing 1.8 lbs.

Lilac Girl has such a dainty look and belies her  1.11 lbs.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Temperament Testing and Assignments for the Piper x Thomas litter! ALL ARE SOLD! Thank you!

Here is the list of assignments so far:
  1. Rosado Family - Teal Girl aka PILOT
  2. Ogonowski/Bartlett - Pink girl  aka LUNA
  3. Rice Family - Tan Boy aka CROSBY
  4. Beale Family - Yellow girl aka MADISON BREWSTER
  5. Christiana Family - Green Boy aka WINSTON
  6. Cook Family - Pumpkin girl aka PUMPKIN
  7. Hocking Family - Purple Girl aka LUNA (popular name!)
  8. Fuller Family - Black Boy aka BLITZ
  9. Duffey Family - Blue Boy aka GUS
  10. Payne Family - Red Boy aka OTTO!
I decided to not keep a pup for a guardianship as I may have a new chocolate girl coming into my program from another breeder, so a pup became available. One client decided to switch to another of my upcoming litters.

Once my list is complete, I will forward your emails to keep in contact with all the owners of this litter that I have permission for.  :+)

Monday, February 22, 2016

Staying in touch.

One thing that I wanted to mention. Several of you would like to stay in touch with littermates and families. If you wish to do this, please post your FIRST names on this post and I will be sure to send out your emails to whoever wants to participate.  Just use the 'Comment' section.  :+)

I am not comfortable having emails on this post or full names as 'safety' first!

SEVEN WEEKS - Piper x Thomas Litter!

From here on in, it gets really busy around here. There will be several vet appointments, temperament testing, vaccines, surgeries, eye checks, car rides, visits and lots of outdoor play when it is decent out. From what I hear, Wednesday may not be an outdoor day but the cold does not seem to bother them much at all.

Wednesday is Temperament Testing and Assignments! I know all of you are very excited about the outcome but please know that there a several of you that I need to speak to - so for the sake of 'smooth sailing' here is what you need to be prepared for:

  • A name.
  • Your pup's balance will now be due of $2,250.00 payable to ADNE and a personal check is just fine but needs to be received no later than Friday, March 4th, so it needs to be put in the mail promptly! If you decline your pup, I will return your deposit pronto.
  • You must tell me which neuter procedure you want: a traditional one or a sterilization. There can be no delay on this decision and I cannot discuss the pros and cons at this time. This has been something I have spoken to all of you about already, so know your answer! 
  • Be prepared to be flexible.  :+)
On Friday, all the pups will have their first Distemper and Parvo Virus Vaccine. On Monday, 2/29, the pups will go into my vet for their surgeries and micro chipping. They will be there most of the day.

Monday, March 7th will be their eye exams. and pick ups can begin at any time after this day. During the week is fine if this works for you. Just let me know so I can have the pup ready. On Saturday and Sunday, March 12th and 13th, I will have an 11 am and 2:00 pm pick up available. Please sign up for one of these sessions via private email to me.  Five people as a group is my limit. We can have a question and answer period once I go over the booklet that each of you will have. Please be sure children behave (have a plan in place) so I can go over everything without interruptions - thank you!

By the way, if you have not read the Dog Recommended Food List or the Puppy Supply List on the AnnaBlog, please do so now! Snuggle Puppies need to be ordered online and I highly encourage all of you to purchase one.

Now for the 7 week pics!

Pumpkin Girl - Wk 7 at 6 lbs.

Blue Boy - Wk 7 at 6 1/2 lbs.

Pink Girl - Wk 7 at 5 lbs.

Tan Boy - Wk 7 at 6 lbs.

Purple Girl - Wk 7 at 6 lbs.

Black Boy - Wk 7 at 7 1/4 lbs.

Teal Girl - Wk 7 at 5 1/2 lbs.

Yellow Girl - Wk 7 at 6 1/4 lbs.

Red Boy - Wk 7 at 5 3/4 lbs.

Green Boy - Wk 7 at 6 lbs.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Hazel #2 x Emmett Litter - WEEK 2

All seven pups are doing great! Their eyes are now open and I bet their ears are too because they startle easily now. They really cannot focus at this time but will soon! Mostly, they eat, sleep and do it over and over. Hazel continues to be a very good mom and is a lot better about allowing our other doodles in the office now. She still runs into the room before them but is fine with them sleeping near our desks. I gave her a bath the other day and she seemed pleased.  :+)

Denim Girl 1.2 lbs.

Lime Boy 1.9 lbs.

Lilac Girl 1.4 lbs.

Navy Boy 1.4 lbs.

Copper Boy 1.8 lbs.

Rose Girl 1.11 lbs.

Checker Boy 1.4 lbs.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

WEEK SIX casual shots - Piper x Thomas litter.

I love the sixth week because the pups are so curious and seek new adventures every day! Thankfully, we have had a break in the weather and so they have been outdoors numerous times doing potty and enjoying the piles of snow and the big roomy space.

The use of the dogie door is slowly being learned by some of the pups. I have watched several of them work as a unit to get it open and scurry through. Others are still contemplating how to make it work but they will get there very soon! The ramp is managed well by all of them now and some love to play hide and seek under it.

Visitors have been here every day this week with school out. The pups and potential owners have enjoyed these excursions but at this young age, the pups tire quickly and will just curl up and go to sleep no matter who is there to play.

Such a simple toy....

a cardboard box that just stirs...
the imagination. 

Black Boy was the first to dominate the outdoor ramp and dogie door.

Sometimes there is room on the step and sometimes it is chock full of puppies.

Wrestling continues to be a favorite past time.

They LOVE inside visitors...

and outside visitors too!

Savvy teenage visitors are such a treat!

Such spoiled lap babies!!!

Let's not forget the snow pile. Purple Girl cannot resist it.

Monday, February 15, 2016

WEEK SIX - Piper Moon#2 x Thomas

Brrrrrr..... it sure has been cold. I am hoping that tomorrow's warm weather (even raining) will be a welcome change!

This week I have had to provide a larger potty box because they are growing and need more toilet space. They also get to play outside their sleeping quarters about three times a day and some even have ventured outdoors for very BRIEF periods.

The wooden box filled with various toys is a favorite along with the cardboard box they love to attack. I am avoiding teeth at every opportunity because they are so sharp but still get impaled often - ouch!

Visitors have been coming often, which I appreciate and I am hopeful will continue as the pups need lots of social activity! Plus, they do sleep well afterwards!!!

Black Boy: 6 weeks 6 lbs.  He is the biggest pup.

Pink Girl: 6 weeks 4 1/4 lbs. She is the smallest pup.

Yellow Girl: 6 weeks 5 1/4 lbs.

Tan Boy: 6 weeks 5 lbs.

Green Boy: 6 weeks 5 1/4 lbs.

Pumpkin Girl: 6 weeks 5 1/4 lbs.

Teal Girl: 6 weeks 5 lbs.

Purple Girl: 6 weeks 5 lbs.

Red Boy: 6 weeks 4 3/4 lbs.

Blue Boy: 6 weeks 5 3/4 lbs.

Sunday, February 14, 2016


Hazel's first complete week with her seven pups has gone very well with no issues. Hazel is eating well, going outside with my other girls and not complaining too much if any of the girls go near the office where her pups are. She lets them know 'they are hers' and my girls understand her message. In another week, she won't mind hardly at all because by then, the moms want a break from puppy demands.

For those who have visited Piper's pups, you know my puppy room is not very large and with Piper's 'bigger' than my normal size litter, it is pretty full! Time will tell what I will do once Hazel's litter is ready for their move from my office. Still pondering that thought.  :+)

Once again we will feature a heart theme for pics - after all, it IS Valentine's Day! To give you an idea of the size of the pups, the 'mailbox' they are in measures 5 inches in length and 3 1/2 inches in height.  :+)

All the pups are sending everyone a Happy Valentine's Day wish!

Denim Female weighs 13 1/4 ounces.

Copper Male is a close second at 1 lb.

Checker Male is 13 5/8 ounces.

Rose Female is the heaviest at 1.2 lbs.

Navy Male is 13 5/8 ounces - I bet he will be a pound tomorrow!

Lilac Female is also 13 1/4 ounces like sis, Denim.

Lime Male is 15 1/4 ounces.