Friday, December 31, 2010

Eloise 'Meets and Greets' the pups.

Yesterday, I noticed that the pups wanted to always sleep in the litterbox, so after many attempts to remove them to their bed with no luck, I figured I had to 'make new arrangements'.

So, the pen was expanded to include a decent sized crate with a thin cushion. I also placed snuggy stuffies in it to cuddle with. I moved the litterbox to the side of it as the first picture shows which allowed more space in the front to play and serve their food. This new design has appealed to them and they now sleep and potty in the right places. :+)

The pups are now beginning to eat with interest and drink water - Yeah! Momma Clara Belle has spent several hours with her guardians, away from the pups, to help initiate the weaning process. Clara returns all energized and excited to see her babies again. All are happy - the guardians, the pups and me. Peace at Annabelle Doodles. :+)

Green Boy has just pottied while Hazel and Red Boy play.

Hazel's turn!

Eloise is introducing herself to 'the boys'.

Elle is licking and hugging Green Boy. So cute.
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We are 4 weeks old and getting a taste of 'fine dining'!

The pups have enjoyed their space in the puppy room and just a couple of days ago, I gave them a bit more room for sleeping and playing. They have been unbelievable about using the potty box - I am truly amazed. :+)

Clara Belle continues to be a doting mommy. I fear she may never want to stop nursing and cleaning them up. I am hopeful to begin the weaning process as Clara's owners are very anxious to have her back home.

On Sunday, I started their intro to a food source other than mom's milk. I used Goat's Milk with pulverized Quaker's Oat Meal soaked in it. It was warmed and I would dip my finger into it and then let the pup's lick my finger. They enjoyed it but were having nothing to do with going to the dish and lapping. I expected this and kept offering the mixture to them at various times of the day just so that they taste a different texture in their mouths.

Today, there is definitely more interest in the bowl of food mix and they are beginning to 'get it'. Hopefully, tomorrow we will see a real interest in licking up their food. Once they are confident about eating from the bowl, then and ONLY then, can I begin the true weaning process which usually takes a week to accomplish.

The pups walk around very well now and play more. They still require lots of sleep though. I love the fact that all of them now wag their little tails when they hear my voice or I go in to pat and hold them. :+)


Red Boy is really growing by leaps and bounds. He weighs 5 lbs. at 4 weeks. He has a beautiful long tail and wags it readily. I love the white tip at its end. :+)

Hazel Mae looks like she is ready for her nap! She is a sweet thing and is eager to search out the world. A lovely local couple is very interested in being her guardian home. I am delighted!! Hazel weighs 3 3/4 lbs. this week.

Green Boy weighs the same as Hazel - 3 & 3/4 lbs. His curls just keep growing and his white markings seem to get brighter and brighter against his apricot coloring. A bit more on the shy side but that will go away with more exposure. He is a dear tyke!
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We have donned our Santa Suits!

Oh goodness! Look what we have on!!! We are certainly getting into the spirit - Ho, Ho, Ho!!!

Hazel Mae is licking her chops because she knows when this photo shoot is done, mommy will be there to nurse. Hazel weighs 3.4 lbs. (Hazel has a potential guardian home!)

Green Boy was so compliant, I plopped him down and he just posed. He weighs 3.4 lbs. too.

Of course Fat Albert aka Red Boy is still topping the scales at 4.2 lbs. He barely fit in my sleigh. The Santa coat certainly did not even come close to being snapped together. Too funny!
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THREE WEEKS is such a milestone!

During the second and third week, the pups begin to open their eyes, try to focus on their surroundings and use tremendous effort to stand. At this critical time, it is very important that the area they are in remain somewhat dim as their eyes begin to adjust. They also learn that they have voices and they utter some adorable notes - more like a bird trill.

Three weeks is when they make another huge transition - a new space which includes a potty box! No, they are not using it yet, mommy is still doing most of the work still. I do however, pick them up and place them in it to get use to the feel of the litter. This is the first introduction. Eventually, as their 'sea legs' gain strength they will want to keep their sleeping space clean and seek their potty area.

This is a pic of the new arrangement in the pup room. The black walls on the right are foam and prevents drafts coming through from the puppy door.

Here they are settling in nicely on their new bedding and space. I have attached some interesting 'ornaments' to stimulate their eyes and mouths.

They have awoken from a nap and seem to be 'conversing' about their new digs!

Soon play ensues and it is adorable to watch them interact. Red Boy is interested in the light blue elephant. As each week progresses in development, the arrangement will change to both challenge and stimulate their growth.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I just LOVE having the Christmas Season to show off puppies!


The pups are simply delicious! Clara Belle is a wonderful, caring, feeding and cleaning machine. She is so attentive to their every whim. Thankfully, she has her appetite back and that is such a relief for me. :+)

I took the pups to my bedroom vanity display for their photo shoot. Since they did so well, I decided to post two pics of each pup. I didn't think anyone would mind the extra pics. :+)

This is my hopeful breeding female for a guardian home, I hope! She weighs 2.48 lbs.

This little man will sport some adorable curly locks that will be the envy of many women. Add those dashes of white and most will be swooning! Green Boy weighs 2.28 lbs. this week.

Okay, NOBODY take offense, but I have come to call Red Boy 'Fat Albert'. He is a VACUUM and thinks Clara is a smorgasbord! I have to use two hands to pick up this cuddly porker. :+) He weighs 2.96 lbs.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

They are a week old!

Yes, their eyes and ears are still closed at this time. The days are spent sleeping, nursing and 'squeaking' every now and again. :+) Clara Belle keeps them filled with warm milk and does an excellent job of keeping them clean. I hold them several times a day to weigh them and cuddle a bit but don't overdo it at this time. What they need for the first two weeks is Mother's warm milk and gentle tongue and not much interference from me. They are gaining nicely.

This is Purple Girl (1.44 lbs.) I hope to have a guardian family for this girl if all goes well. She has the silkiest coat of the threesome.

Red Boy was the biggest born and continues to dominate the weight scale at 1.88 lbs. This pic does not show that he does have white toes still and a bit of white on his head. He has the lightest coloring.

Sporting his Elvis Presley curls at birth, Green Boy weighs 1.32 lbs. Since he is darker in color than his siblings, his white shows a bit more. I just love those white markings!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

It is tiring to be a good mom.

That is one BIG YAWN Clara Belle! It did not take long for her to be sleeping soundly, along with her three little cherubs. :+)

Don't you just love the fact that Clara is using the Teddy Bear as a pillow? I swear, Clara is snoring, but the little ones have full bellies and sleeping as soundly as their mom. :+)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Baby bunting. (pics added!)

Today, the pups and Clara Belle went to the vets for their initial check ups. The dew claws were removed from the pups to prevent possible snags and tears in the future; and they were checked for cleft palates, umbilical hernias or bleeding. Clara Belle was checked for milk, fever, infections, etc. They all got a clean bill of health. :+)

I transit them to and from the car via the small navy bunting that has a heated 'rice pad' in it. Once packed in the bunting, I whisk them to the heated car where I have a nice cozy dog bed with a plush pillow in it for Clara's and their comfort. The ride is uneventful because mommy is with her babies safe and comfy.

When at the vet, Clara is checked first with her 'bunting babies' nearby so she is not too stressed. When they take the pups to the surgical area for the dew claw removal, I take Clara outside for a short walk. When we return, the babies are finished and we pack up again for our ride home. It was a good day. :+)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More news! Olive's Ultra Sound shows at least ...

five pups! U/S is not typically accurate for number of pups but there is no doubt she is pregnant. We think she will be due on New Year's Eve. So, just maybe we will be celebrating with the New Yorkers at Times Square. :+)

Re-introducing the Three Mouse-kateers!

It appears the pics did not come through the way I thought they would, so I am trying to re-post the individual shots of the cutie pies. :+)

In a row - Red Boy, Green Boy and Purple Girl.

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Here are the Three Mouse-kateers!

I knew yesterday morning that Clara Belle appeared to be 'in the whelping mode'. Annabelle had an appointment with her vet, so I asked Clara to at least wait until I returned. Good girl that she is, she did.

At approximately 3:00, she really started with heavy contractions.

Red Boy was born at 3:50 PM He was the biggest pup born, but that has no bearing at all on his size at maturity. He simply had the best 'feeding station position' in her womb. :+) He has lovely waves and is a creamy apricot in color with a few 'white' markings that will mesh into his fur color as he grows.

At 5:28 PM, Green Boy entered his new world. He will be curly and his markings are more obvious. He also has some white toes, a white blaze on his chest along with the white flash on his head. Don't you just love the 'airplane' ears? :+)

Finally, at 6:30 PM the lady of the threesome arrived. She is a dainty thing who will have a slightly wavy coat. From what I can see at this time, there are no white markings on her. My plan is to keep this girl for my program unless I change my mind at a later date. So, for right now, she is not available. Please note that any local person reading this could be a possible guardian home candidate for her. Call or email. :+)

They love to cuddle with their mommy, who is very attentive.

The happy family. :+)