Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chaplin. 1/16/11 - 8/11/11

The following post was done prior to my sweet Chap's early demise. I cannot take his sweet face, adorable prance and loving personality off my Annablog because he will always have a large piece of my heart. Chaplin was 5 days shy of 7 months.

Chaplin weighs a solid 18 lbs. and is 15 inches tall at 7 months old. He will be a true mini size and has excellent boning and structure. Chaplin is a wonderful combination of Miniature Poodle, Labrador and Spaniel genetics. Poodle genes gave him intelligence and a non-shedding coat; the Spaniel produced his silky curls and sturdy boning; and the sweet Labrador his gentle, endearing temperament. I hope you can understand why I am so 'over the moon' about this boy and am looking for a wonderful home for him.

I am so delighted with his confirmation. This shot shows his great top line and tail set. His legs are not short like some miniatures. They balance his body perfectly. A bonus - he loves the water!

I did comb him just before I took these pics and you can see the flow his coat has. Nary a hair came out of this boy - a true non shedding, curling fleece coat.

Chaplin's physical appearance appealed to me immediately. With his fabulous early test scores, I am beyond pleased. To find him the perfect local guardian home that has a fence and children would really be the icing on the cake. Chaplin is very friendly towards other doggies. He has not seen a cat yet, so I have no idea if he could live with one.
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A country vet talks about vaccines, heartworm and Lyme Disease.

I found this immensely interesting and feel it would be worth a few minutes for you to listen. Just a different take on the subjects.

Vaccines 101

This link is information regarding "Lyme Vaccine"

Heartworm Information:

:+) Joyce

Saturday, June 11, 2011

And so it begins.....

Today was the first day for puppy pickups. Three adorable boys left today to begin their new lives far away from North Berwick, Maine. I know they will do well in their new homes after a bit of adjustment. I wish everyone well and hope you will stay in touch. Contact me any time for questions or concerns. Please send me pictures as they grow!! :+)

MR. TEDDY BEAR aka Green Boy was the first boy to leave the nest. They have been waiting for their pup since Olive's litter. I think the length of time it took to name him was almost as long!! LOL! A lovely black Teddy Bear he surely is. :+)

You could not contain this couple's excitement about Noodles becoming part of their lives.

'What's the world about, Alfie?' I think this couple is going to get plenty of answers to that question with their sweet boy.

Sunday, June 12th, two more left the nest. 'Harry' has finally gone home to his family. I am sure he is going to add a lot of smiles and playtime to this home.

'Lucky' is going to be one busy pup! His young owner is involved in a lot of activities and I do believe Lucky (and Mom) will be attending most of them!

Beautiful black Onyx was picked up 6/15/11 and rode in style to New Jersey. She is going to be a wonderful pet to two very excited boys.

They wanted a second doodle and when mom noticed that Hazel now 'Randi' was for sale, they hopped in their car and came to meet her. It was love at first site and now they have two doodles from Maple, but from different litters. Sometimes, things work out the way they should. Randi left the Annabelle nest on Saturday, June 18th. :+)

The last pup to be picked up was Molly. A picture perfect day arrived for the event. Molly had her bath in the late morning and was fresh smelling and fluffy for her grand entrance. She is making her trip to Connecticut harnessed for safety, laying on a lamb's wool bed, chewing a Bully Stick. Life will be good! Molly is destined for therapy work. I wish them well in that endeaver. :+)

Thank you everyone for being great clients and providing wonderful homes for Maple and Rumple's puppies. :+) Joyce
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just wanted to update everyone that the pups' trip

to the vet for their shots and Health Certificate went very well. They are EXCELLENT in the car. Not one of them vomited or had wet muzzles. Neither did any of them piddle or poop on the vet's floors. How gracious of them!

They are also doing very well with the intro to crates. I put two in a crate at night. The first night, there was some complaining, but last night (second time), one weak objection and all was quiet until I woke them at 6 AM. I am very pleased with this. :+) This is not to say that they won't complain for a bit when you get them, but they should settle quickly.

Sitting is still 'hit or miss' but they are getting it. :+)


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shots through a window.....

I heard a bunch of happy barking and got up from my computer to find out what was going on and grabbed my camara. The pups were playing in the sandbox Coup and were having a ball digging and chasing - exactly what it is there for. :+) I knew if I went outside, I would ruin the moment so took the shots through my window.

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I love to show off my black Olive.

Olive sits pretty after being groomed. I think she is stunning and would want to produce carbon copies over and over. To groom Olive is a total pleasure...mats just slip off. I use a comb, not even a brush. Black and beautiful with an amazing fleece coat - it is a winning combination.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A day early with pics! (Maple x Rumple)

I want to spend tomorrow grooming my adult girls, so am posting 10 week pics today. Enjoy!

Onyx looked just at the right moment. 10 & 3/4 lbs.

Molly was investigating the little car when I took this shot. 12 lbs.

Randi taking a little rest on the cool sandstone. 12 & 1/4 lbs.

Noodles is the smart one. Enjoying the shade provided by the slide on the grass. 11 & 1/2 lbs.

Lucky kept running from me and the camara - little devil! 14 & 1/4 lbs.

Red Boy, now known as 'HARRY' had just rolled in the sand, so you see tons of sand particles on him! 10 & 1/2 lbs.

Green Boy still has no name and is Harry's wrestling partner! 11 lbs.

Alfie, sitting on the ramp taking it all in. 15 & 1/4 lbs.
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We started in April and finished in June - The Play-Yard!

It was quite the undertaking. Bad weather for the greater part of April hindered the process greatly, but it is complete and I am so grateful it is DONE!

This was the space we were converting from mud and weeds to a new play-yard with artificial grass for the pups.

A couple of months later, lots of digging, sore muscles and determination, we have this new space. The pups are loving it as the rest of these pics show.

They ran around so much, they slept very, very well.

They ran like this for over an hour.

This is what they needed so badly - lots of running to expend that energy!

It is safe, clean, can be disinfected and provides a stimulating area for our doodles. :+)

Bacchi anyone??? :+)

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Introduction to water......

Having finally completed the puppy play-yard, TUGGIE came out to play.

This is TUGGIE.

Practically everyone came to check out this HUGE new toy.

Some were more curious than others and were gathering confidence.

Ultimately, it was Chaplin who was the first one in with Hazel following soon after. Onyx and Noodles 'walk the plank'. I bet tomorrow, if it is warm, more will jump in. :+)
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