Thursday, November 29, 2007

Annabelle's 'Wide Angle'

This morning I saw Miss Annabelle enjoying the fresh air and noticed the 'width' of her. Remember people, I just clipped her to less than an inch of fur - that bulge is BABIES and we still have two weeks to go. Oh my! :+)

Here is a closer view of her. I sure hope there is enough of them to go around - as I want one too and always get first pick! I am very interested in keeping a fleece coated black female, if one appears.

There is a very good chance that this MAY be her last litter. She is a great dog and I want to be sure that her legacy goes on for future generations. As a breeder, you can't keep all the puppies, but you sure want to be able to stagger breedings so that you will always have your lines producing. :+)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Maple Sugar came for a visit yesterday!

Maple is certainly growing and will more than likely have a coat like her mommy, Annabelle. It is sticking straight out at the tips, but when you look closer to the darker roots, they have 'zig zags'. This tells me she will have a curly coat but not a 'kinky' one. :+) Of course, the color and face is all her dad, Trout!

She is going to be a nice sized medium and has wonderful boning - of course, the tip of white on her tail is just the berries! I love it!!

Her intended, when testing is finished and maturity reached, is Smitty and I can't wait to see what adorable babies they will produce. For now though, I am simply enjoying her visits. :+)

Annabelle has about two more weeks to go!

Hi Everyone!

I just clipped Annabelle so that her coat will be easier to manage after her delivery. She is about an inch long her on her body. I keep her head and legs a bit longer because I simply like it better. :+)

There is no more 'tuck up' area under her belly - she is simply very round. I am hoping that on December 5th, we will be able to know (at least the best guess) how many she is having. I will certainly post the results. Till then, I know that all of you are wishing Annabelle a speedy delivery and a healthy batch of 'puppadoodles'!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Annabelle is DEFINITELY pregnant! WAHOO!


It was a very exciting morning to view the Ultra Sound and watch those tiny hearts beating away! They are barely 'connected' but you can visibly see the hearts 'blinking' - a miraculous view. :+)

Dr. Luther, who works the machine, said she definitely saw at least 6, but believes there are more. So an x-ray later in Annabelle's pregnancy will give me true numbers.

Annabelle was an absolute sweetheart wanting to 'introduce' herself to everyone in the waiting room - be it animal or people. She also stayed very still during the exam.

Now, we all wait for the whelp of her precious babies! :+)