Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Ms. Sadie Benz has joined our ADNE breeder status!

Sadie is the first pup I kept back for a possible breeder from her dear mother, Daisy.  She is a chip off the ol' block but in chocolate.  When her guardian mom, Brittany inquired about her, it was truly a perfect placement.  Not only does Sadie live very close to my vet in Rochester, I go right past their street on my way there!  It doesn't get better than that for convenience.  :+)

Sadie has two young ladies who adore her and she travels to school pretty much every day as mom drops off the youngest. 

Beautiful fleece coat.

Sadie also has a 'cottage by a lake'  to enjoy during vacation times and attends many hockey rink games.  This girl gets a lot of socialization!  She is beautiful in and out with a stunning fleece coat.

At the cabin.

  • Date of Birth:  August 13, 2017 from a mating of Daisy and Emmett Piccolo.  Both parents are non shedding and friendly to all.  Sadie is 17 inches in height and weighs about 26 lbs.  She has a perfect wavy fleece coat that is still chocolate at over a year of age.  Sadie's color DNA and pattern is as follows:  bbEe, Kb/Ky, at/at.  She does not carry for parti but can express phantom if bred to the right mate.
  • Cleared by Parents through DNA test results for: Incorrect Coat, Exercise Induced Collapse, Degenerative Myelopathy, von Willenbrand's Disease and Progressive Rod Atrophy.
  • Thyroid: Normal throughHemolife #HML124509.  TgAA is under 1.
  • Hip Structure:  PennHIP is .49/.49 and rated as prelim 'Good' through eVet.
  • Elbows:  No evidence of elbow dysplasia through eVet - Normal.
  • Eye Exam:  Normal OFA#HY-EYE1726/14F-VPI on 11/27/18
  • Heart:  Normal on Auscultation and ECHOcardiogram. OFA#HY-ACA71/14F-VPI
  • Leg-Calve-Perthes: Normal through OFA#HY-LP83/12F-PI
  • Patellae:  Normal OFA#HY-PA2030/12F/P-PI

What her Guardians say about Sadie:

After my parents adopted two labradoodles nearly 15 years ago I fell in love with the breed. Having grown up in Berwick and having labradoodles, we were made aware of ADNE and have enjoyed following her blog for years. As my own children started getting older and my husband and I contemplated the addition of a dog to our family, I knew it would be an ADNE doodle for our family. 

It seemed like fate that morning when I looked on the page and saw Ms Sadie Benz’s little face and after meeting her, I knew she was just right for our family. 

Sadie is the joy of our family. My husband is an early riser, around 5am and Sadie lays happily in her bed while he gets ready for work. She gets up with me and spends the morning downstairs following me about as I do my chores; but the moment I ask if she wants to go wake up 'her' girl she is upstairs and in my younger daughter’s bed before you can blink. 

My teenage daughter’s friends all insist on coming in to see Sadie. They love to pick her up and cuddle her and Sadie happily obliges, loving the attention. When they put her down she immediately looks for them to play her favorite game with her - ball! She loves to chase a bouncing ball and bring it right back. I must say while she brings it back she is not quick to drop it, because a good game of chase can’t be beat!

My younger daughter’s friends all know where we keep the Cheerios, Sadie’s favorite little treats. They need only open the jar and Sadie is there- sits, lies down and rolls over. Of course laughter ensues as the kids are delighted that Sadie can read their minds. 

Sadie is full of spunk around the kids, but most days while they are at school, she is home with me. She follows me from room to room as I work around the house and when I stay in one place long enough she curls up at my feet and relaxes. She rides with me as I pick them up and drop them off at their various activities - a great companion. 

In the evening, when everyone is finally home Sadie’s favorite words are “Want to cuddle?” She jumps up on the couch with whomever asked and curls right in. When my youngest was sick she never left her side, comforting her. 

Ms Sadie Benz is a constant delight in our family. I think best put by my daughter 

“Can you even remember life without Sadie, what was the point?” 

Sunday, January 27, 2019

The kids thought they would take a ride........DAISY X THADDEUS FOUR WEEKS

Temps are not too bad today, so after they had a visitor AND a big nap, the 'wind in their hair' was calling, so for today's pictures, we took a drive.  :+)

The time from 3 to 4 weeks is huge.  Now, they go around their pen playing with the toys, explore the funny items I might put in there and wag their tails when they hear my voice.  Sometimes, I sit in it and they climb on my lap and kiss fingers.  Some still might be a bit hesitant but they get braver and come to sniff, lick and wait their turn for a pick up and some snuggling.

They are all doing very well in using the litter box which is a blessing to me!!  I have included a water bowl in the pen and a few have put their noses too deep and have had some 'sneezes'; however, the next time they are more careful and drink properly.  All a learning curve!  They love their meal times and already make a racket when I bring the bowl in.  Some eat it, others 'wear' it and many do both!  It is rather chaotic.  I will need to bring in two bowls very soon because they are growing so much and can hardly fit around the bowl now.

Orange Boy - Just a tad over 2  1/4 lbs.

Blue Boy - 3  1/4 lbs.

Fudge Girl - 2 lbs.

Rose Girl - 2  3/4 lbs.
Black Girl - 2  1/4 lbs.

Yellow Girl - The smallest at 1  3/4 lbs.

Green Boy - 2 lbs.

Red Boy - The largest at 3  1/2 lbs.

Purple Girl - 2 lbs.
Pink Girl  - 2  1/2 lbs.

We had our first visitors today!  This was the first time the pups were on the floor outside of the comfort of the pen.  They actually did very well!  Orange Boy took the longest to make the decision to leave their pen, but did really well mingling with the new people smells and voices.  After about 20 minutes or so, they began to get sleepy and, one by one, they went back to the pen to take a nice, long nap. 

"Ooooh, so many little puppies'!

Puppies having their first visitation experience.

'This is puppy heaven!'

Green Boy was gently being patted and rocked and promptly went to sleep!

Sunday, January 20, 2019

THREE WEEKS OLD! Daisy x Thaddeus Litter

The pups can see, hear and move about their area.  Many of them are learning how to wobble to their 'bathroom'.  I actually put in a bigger litter box this morning to accommodate them better.  Each day brings slight changes to their environment.  Sometimes, I add a new toy; different blanket or give them a bit more space. 

Yesterday, I actually offered the pups their first 'meal' - it was made of plain Kefir Milk with some small spoonfuls of Gerber Chicken Meat.  I dipped my finger in the mixture and smooched some on several pup's muzzles - they loved it and followed my fingers into the bowl. When I checked on them, several had their entire body in the saucer licking away!  Today, there was no hesitation about eating, see the last pic.  Are they 'messy'? You bet!  They spend quite a bit of time licking the gruel off of each other and then mommy comes in to give them a 'tongue' shower.  :+)

So lots of changes going on. Each day, the pups are getting better at crawling over small barriers, eating, seeing and hearing more clearly and searching for the litter box.  The next week will seem like the pups are on steroids with regard to development.

Blue Boy - 2  1/2 lbs.

Purple Girl - 1  3/4 lbs.

Yellow Girl - 1  5/8 lbs.

Black Girl - 2 lbs.

Fudge Girl - 1  1/2 lbs.

Orange Boy - 2 lbs.

Pink Girl - 2 lbs.

Rose Girl - 2  3/8 lbs.

Red Boy - 2 3/8 lbs.

Green Boy - 1  3/4 lbs.
Chow time!  As soon as the pan hit the floor, they dove right in!

Friday, January 18, 2019

Contentment - Daisy x Thaddeus Litter

Just because we finally completed our Early Neurological Stimulation Exercise Program this morning - Yea!

I knew there would be a 'belly up' pup pic soon; as well as one sleeping in the poop box!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

We moved to the Puppy Room!

Some of the pups were beginning to attempt getting out of the pool, so I made the 'executive decision' to put them in the pup room today rather than tomorrow.

I always like to move them at 2 weeks, 3 days - but today worked out just fine.  They acclimated very quickly and seem to like the daylight and roominess.  Yes, I did put in a small potty box but that is just wishful thinking.  :+)

Daisy was very pleased about the move.

It won't be long before I will have to expand the pen!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Brrrr.....Baby, it's cold outside! WEEK 2 - DAISY X THADDEUS

We are in for a cold snap this week and our picture segment reflects this.  :+)

The pups are developing beautifully and are content.  Daisy is a dedicated mommy and keeps them clean and fed.  What breeder's look for is a steady weight gain, contentment and movement.  I love to watch the pups scramble to the 'milk bar' when Daisy goes in for a feeding.  The pups no longer pig pile on each other but rather spread out in the pool.  Now that they can regulate their temperature, you will see some in the middle, who prefer the gentle warmth of the heat pad; while others are on the edges of the pool sides.

The big news today is that all have opened their eyes and have had their first nail trim!  They don't see clearly at all but that will change dramatically this week.  Also, I will be putting them in the puppy room soon.  I need a few more days to make that move.  Once there, they will bask in the sunshine and get some natural Vitamin D.  :+)

Red Boy is a twin of his bro, Blue Boy.  Red weighs 2 lbs.

Black Girl is all snug and weighs 1 lb. 10 oz.

Blue Boy enjoying his winter gear and weighs 2 lbs.

Pink Girl looks adorable in her BIG hat!  1 lb. 8 oz.

Yellow Girl could fit in this hat! 1 lb.
Fudge Girl is just a tad bigger than sis, Yellow and is at 1 lb. 3 oz.
Orange Boy is a Rumpelstiltskin getting his zzzzz's.  1 lb. 9 oz.
It must be 'windy' cuz Purple Girl is losing her hat!  1 lb. 4 oz.
Green Boy sports his stocking with panache!  1 lb. 7 oz.
Rose Girl and this stuffie are best friends. 1 lb. 13 oz.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

DAISY X THADDEUS - WEEK ONE 'The big day has come!'

I know all of you have been anxiously waiting for the first individual pics of this lovely litter!  It takes at least three hours to get this done and I don't always get to do it in the morning - so patience is a virtue!!

Not much to say about them except they eat, sleep and potty constantly!  Daisy is doing an exceptional job and all are gaining and have little round bellies.

Please note that in order to get decent shots of these little guys, I have to really zoom in my camera lens, so they look huge but are actually 'normal' in size for their age.  As most of you know, you can click on the pic to see them bigger on your computer.

Blue Boy - weighed 10 5/8 ounces at birth and is now 1 lb. 5 ounces.
Will be one of the bigger pups.

Green Boy weighed 7  3/4 ounces and is now 12  1/2 ounces.

Pink Girl was 8  1/8 ounces at birth and is now 14  3/8 ounces.

Black Girl was 7  3/4 ounces and is 15 ounces today.

Orange Boy was 7  1/4 ounces when born and is now 14  1/4 ounces.

Purple Girl weighed 6  5/8 ounces at birth and weighs 11  5/8 ounces now.

Red Boy was 11 ounces when he arrived and is now 1 lb. 4 ounces.

Rose Girl weighed 8  5/8 ounces at birth and is now 1 lb. 1 ounce.
(chocolate color was posted in error earlier!)

Fudge Girl was 7  1/8 ounces at birth and weighs 11  1/4 ounces today.

Lil Yellow Girl weighed only 6  1/8 ounces at birth and is now 10  3/8 ounces.  :+)

Please note that I will do my best to post pics every Sunday for you all to enjoy.  I will always inform you if there will be a change when necessary.