Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pearl's pups at five weeks!

This candy container was just the right fit for petite Fudge Girl.  3 3/4 lbs.
Green Boy was overflowing in the same container but not by much!  4 1/4 lbs.
A red basket was necessary for hefty Rainbow Girl. 5 1/4 lbs.
Same for Blue Boy.  The caramels tower over their chocolate siblings.  5 3/4 lbs.
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Genetics always intrigues me.  The caramels so favor their dad and the chocolates their mom - split right down the middle evenly including the gender.   I will say, however, that the above four are the floppiest puppies ever.  When you flip them over to rub their bellies, they just melt.  What a sweet, sweet bunch!!  :+)

Their coats are lovely as well with the caramels being fluffy, soft and 'light'; and the chocolates feeling silky/slippery like a chenille bedspread. 

They are eating with gusto now and once done, then play like crazy for about 10 minutes.  After expending all that energy, they rest.  Pearl is feeding less and less and will soon be with her guardians full time.  Once Pearl returns to her home,  my other adults will continue teaching the pups dog language and keep them entertained.  :+)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tis the season and apologies sent for not getting this done on time!

Green Girl 1.4 lbs.
Purple (formerly Rainbow) Girl 1.7 lbs.
Pink Girl 1.6 lbs.
Orange Girl 1.5 lbs.
Teal Girl 1.3 lbs.
Black Girl 1.6 lbs.
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In the best 'fantasy world' this cute little mailbox would be traveling on pixie dust and snowflakes to  deliver its contents down the chimney of their anxious families.  I bet none would be lost or be sent back for 'more postage!   :+)

What adorable pups these are.  All their coats are as silky and shiny as can be.  It is obvious this was a great mating choice.  Camden's coat is luxurious - wait until you touch her and Jaxon is a curlier blend of the same type.  I am thrilled with the result of this combination.  Ho, Ho, Ho! 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Phineas has his first date!

Santa, I have been REALLY good and......
the ball, well .. it just isn't the same.
Isn't there someone out there for me?
HELLO Lexi!!!  May I suggest a nice wine?  Perhaps some dinner and dancing?
See these moves?  I can dance!!
It was a pleasure meeting you, Lexi!!  Have a Merry Christmas!  'Wink, Wink'!!
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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Camden enjoys some fresh air outdoors today.

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Camden is a sweet girl who is generally running all over her guardian's property chasing rabbits, squirrels, birds or anything else that might be moving. 

Since she has become a mommy for the first time, Camden is very occupied with taking care of her six daughters!  Pearl, my other guardian girl went to spend the afternoon with her family, so Camden had full use of our play area outdoors and she loved it.  I do take her for short walks everyday but there is nothing like having time outdoors without a leash attached to you.  :+)

She has a lovely coat that I would call a mixture of wool and fleece that is non-shedding and of very nice quality.  Beautiful eyes that have nice dark rims and she loves having attention.  I would call Camden a solid medium girl at 19 inches tall and 32 lbs.  Her daughters should range from 20 to 30 lbs. in weight and 17 inches or so tall.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pearl's pups at four weeks old and described in favorite candy treats.

Rainbow Girl has the softest coat and looks like a Caramel Creme.  4 1/4 lbs. 
Fudge Girl is like an M & M - tiny and melts in your hand.  3 lbs.
Blue Boy is a Chunky at 4 3/4 lbs.  Wonder who has been hogging all the milk?
And Green Boy, who is not much bigger than his tiny sister is like a Twix -
chocolate on the outside but smooth caramel on the inside. 3 1/2 lbs.

The pups can see very well now and they enjoying exploring the pen with the stuffed animals and chewing on the little baby toys hanging on the sides of the area.  Eating from a bowl is now commonplace and snacks from mom will continue for at least another week.  The transition from neonatal newborn is the past and movement, playing and learning is the future.

They had visitors today and mom was very good but definitely wanted her share of the patting and cuddling.  So did Piper and Annabelle who enjoyed all the attention and belly rubs.  :+)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dinner is served!

Green Boy
Blue Boy

Fudge Girl.
Rainbow Girl
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The pups are now enjoying a 'mush' of goat's milk mixed with green tripe.  This introduction food will prepare them for eating raw food in about another week.  This allows me to start to reduce the food that Pearl gets in preparation for her returning to her guardians full time.  I made a promise to them that Pearl would definitely be there for Christmas and I keep my promises!!

After a bellyful of mush and a drink from momma Pearl, these babies snuggle up with one of the stuffed animals and promptly nod off.  Ho hum, such a life.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


  1. Purple (Rainbow) Collar:  Born at 9:55 PM - Female is dark apricot with white tuxedo abstract markings.
  2. Teal Collar:  Born at 10:04 PM - Female in solid dark apricot.
  3. Pink Collar:  Born at 10:31 PM - Female is a cream and apricot parti.
  4. Green Collar:  Born at 10:35 PM - Female appears to be a solid dark apricot.
  5. Orange Collar:  Born at 11:07 PM - Female and dark apricot as well! 
  6. Black Collar:  Born at 11:20 PM - FEMALE and dark apricot - NEVER have I had an entire litter of females!  

I am ever grateful that Camden chose to whelp her litter at such a convenient time.  Thanks, Camden!

Individual Pics

Black Collar Girl

Pink Collar Girl

Purple Collar Girl

Orange Collar Girl

Teal Collar Girl

Green Collar Girl

Let's talk about the term 'potty trained'.

As with so many things, the definition of 'potty trained' varies according to the person talking.  So, I would like to define what I consider 'potty trained'.
  • The puppy TELLS you it needs to go outside to potty.  PLAIN AND SIMPLE.  How is this done?  By ringing a bell, by barking, by scratching at the door, by whining and looking at the door or by 'the stare'.  A potty trained puppy refuses to potty in your home and seeks someone to let them out to relieve themselves.  That is a potty trained puppy.  By the way, I DO NOT potty train my pups but I do expose them to the outdoors to 'go potty' with a command.  I do provide the bells to help YOU train them to 'ask to go outdoors' to potty and I hope because of this exposure to use the outdoor bathroom that your job will be much more easy.
Now let me tell you what other people claim 'potty trained' means:
  • When your other dogs go outside, the puppy follows and goes potty with them.  
  • When YOU take the pup outside, it does potty with or without the command to do so.
  • A puppy that uses a Dogie Door is NOT potty trained.  That is simply a convenience for the breeder to get them use to going outdoors.  I do this as well.
  • A puppy that is litter box trained, is NOT potty trained.  Again, the pup has learned that this indoor 'toilet' is an approved area for depositing waste. 
Some puppies get this concept very quickly and others can take up to a year.  Be patient, be consistent and whatever you do, don't get frustrated or yell at the pup.  If YOU forgot to bring the pup outdoors, or time got away from you, or a visitor came/phone call/text message, etc., don't blame the pup, blame yourself!  Set a timer and have treats in hand to reward your new friend for his/her training efforts - the rewards will come very quickly (as compared to training a child!).

Pearl and Piper playing outdoors.

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Pearl and Piper have become good friends.  Pearl is feeling really good and has plenty of energy for playing with Piper and enjoys being away from her pups for a spell.  I love to watch them play.  :+)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Define 'The Good Life'.

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Hmmmmmmm, I think having a cook, maid, comfortable clean bedding, numerous 'friends' to watch over you and a doting mother might be a good answer.  :+)