Friday, February 27, 2009

Breakfast bliss.

Good Morning!

After feeding Maple Sugar a huge breakfast, she 'shared' it with her babies and talk about 'satisfied'. :+)

It looks like their breakfast was more like a Thanksgiving dinner! Where's the t.v. and the football game??

Nothing like a nap after gluttony! Even Mom-ster is surprised at the chug-a-luggers!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sweet dreams!.


I thought you would get a kick out of some of these sleeping positions!

Now, Green Boy loves to cuddle with something nice and squishy.

Stripe Boy and Yellow Girl have found their favorite 'pillows'.

Teal Girl and Black Boy are very comfy and perhaps I should be looking for a double bed for them to share! Don't they remind you of a married couple???

And...well....what can I say about this position??

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I am always in awe when watching puppies develop. When on Sunday, they were just really rolling about...and today - just two days later - some of them are actually wobbling on their feet! They are beginning to discover that their mouths open and they are 'exercising' this new awakening. I think they see shadows now and can smell their siblings (and mom) with greater ability. Here are the latest pics:

Although the smallest pup, Yellow Girl delights with wrestling with her big brothers!

A perfect example of both Teal Girl and Black Boy using their 'new' noses!

Teal Girl has also discovered her mouth opens. :+)

Here we go, the boys already pushing their weight around.

Stripe and Green Boys doing the 'body slam' as Yellow Girl referees.

OOPS! I think Black Boy is going to be disqualified for using his technique on the ref - (Yellow Girl) and I think Green Boy finds it hysterical!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

We are two weeks old!

Oh boy are they growing! I can hardly pick them up with one hand anymore. Those little eyes are trying so hard to remain open, but they don't stay open for very long. The pups still sleep most of the day away but are just beginning to 'roll around' a bit. Some are trying to elevate, but 'crash and burn' to the matting. :+) They are beginning to use their vocal cords and kind of gurgle - rather cute to hear.

Since we are expecting another snowy couple of days, I thought I would take this week's pics on the 'snow' theme indoors. Gosh, how creative! LOL!

Green Boy is very content to sleep 'in the snow'.

Stripe Boy is not into snowball fights either.

Blue Boy is simply not sure if that snowman is a friend or a foe!

Aha! A live one! I believe Black Boy says,' You are it!'

Yellow Girl is 'sniffing' the snow. :+)

Teal Girl is content to sleep on the 'moguls'.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A tisket, a tasket, we all fit in a 'basket'!

I can't believe they all fit into the basket, but they did! I have begun to accept dates for visitations. To date, March 14, 15, and the 22nd are taken. Next appointments need to be after these or during the week:+)

Stripe is the only one trying to open his eyes at this time.

The three amigos! The fourth amigo didn't quite fit in the shot! :+( You can see that their nose pigment is just beginning to turn to the color black. This can take days or even weeks to completely fill in.

Monday, February 16, 2009

We are no longer a number but a color code now. :+)


I decided to make some ribbon collars to give them their permanent color codes as they grow up. In a very short time, these collars will be replaced with expandable larger ones that will remain on them until they finally leave to go to your homes. No longer will I be identifying them by a number but a color instead. I will include BOTH number and color code on this one post so that you will remember who is who.

This is GREEN (#1) and I believe he will be a light apricot/cream when mature. He will have a curly coat.

BLACK (#2) will be a creamier version of the above boy. I think he will still have a hint of apricot in his coloring and will probably have a slightly less curly coat.

This is YELLOW girl (#3). I believe she will remain a redhead with a curly coat. To date, she remains the smallest in the litter. She takes after her daddy's build. :+)

This rich apricot colored girl is now identified by her bright PINK color (#4). Curls are in her future as well. PLEASE NOTE THAT I HAVE CHANGED THIS COLLAR TO TEAL! (I just had too hard of a time with the pink color on a rich apricot pup. It clashed!!! :+)

Out of the boys, STRIPE (# 5) appears to have the deepest apricot/red color. He is also amongst the larger of the pups. I also think he may have a looser curl to his coat.

Lastly, BLUE boy (#6). He has the most white markings and remains the smaller of the boys. Not by much mind you. Not the curliest coat, but by no means straight either!

I expect Green, Black and Stripe to remain very close in size. In my mind, a true medium of about 19 or so inches in height. The rest inbetween the 16 and 19 inch range. Of course, I have been wrong before as I cannot predict that grandparents won't kick in an inch or two to the mix!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

We are one week old. :+)

'Can you find us? We are playing Hide and Seek amongst the stuffed animals we enjoy so much! Of course, nothing compares to snuggling with mommy, Maple Sugar, but when she takes a break, we all make the 'trek' to our pile of stuffies to stay warm and comfy. :+)

If you look closely, you will find all of us!'

The pups and mommy have been doing just great. Each pup is steadily gaining weight and exercising their little legs by climbing to the stuffed animals. This is very good for them as the crate blanket provides excellent tracking for their leg development - no slippage for those tender joints! The 'lump-bumpy' stuffed animals help to prevent 'swimmers' (flattening of the pup which can lead to pneumonia). If a mom does not leave enough to make the pups move to a location for warmth, their little bodies can become too 'flat' which brings on this condition. So, it is very important to not keep their room too warm, so they seek warmth when mom leaves; allow mom to stay with them too long - makes them not want to move; or keep their area too level.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

We are four days old and getting little 'pot bellies'!

Who needs movies when you can enjoy these little guys! I could really listen to their little squeaks and watch them rollover 24/7. :+)

It won't be long before they will be actively exploring the world they live in with gusto! Enjoy the pics! I am truly relishing the 'real deal' here. :+)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The price of Labradoodles vary.

I can't answer for every other breeder out there because I do things so differently from most. My price is not because my lines are 'pure' Australian, because they are not. Nor do I breed early generation Labradoodles. To prevent a genetic bottleneck and diversity, I breed for Multi Generational Labradoodles from both American and Australian Labradoodle bloodlines. This allows me a wider gene pool and the flexibility to always choose the best pairing.

To begin, all my breeding dogs are extensively health tested to the highest degree available. Not only do I have prelims done (before a year), they are also tested at 2 years for certification. That means two times the costs! Prelim scores don't always hold as the dog is still developing, so a certified score is the one to be considered 'passing'. I also do annual eye CERF's, Thyroid, Blood & Chemical balances.  If the health scores of breeding dogs are not posted on a website, ask to see those scores personally on the official organization's letterhead. Just because a dog is tested, does not mean it passed!

I raise
all my litters until they are 10 weeks old. This is so that I can pass on many benefits to my customers.
  1. Reports have stated that spaying a female pup too early can cause a higher percentage of POSSIBLE urinary issues. Neutering a male pup can be done earlier, but I prefer them to be bigger than 8 weeks old. This saves the customer a bundle of money and prevents possible 'oops!' litters.  The optimal time for a spay/neuter is one year's old.  Doing it at 6 months is no better than doing it at 9 weeks according to the studies.  I am not in agreement with doing Early Spay and Neuter before 9 weeks.
  2. Eye issues are prevalent in all the breeds that comprise the Australian or American Labradoodles. I pay to have every one of my puppies eye CERF'd by a professional Canine Ophthalmologist. If a problem exists, I know it and so do you. We talk and come to an agreement about how to proceed.
  3. A professional and certified Animal Behaviorist is brought in twice to assess the litter and match applications to pups. This is so that both you and I know that the pup picked for you is the best possible match for temperament, energy and type.
  4. I perform Early Neurological Stimulation for 16 days on each pup beginning on its third day of life. This type of stimuli helps pups develop a higher ability to deal with life's stresses.
  5. There are numerous vet visits with the first being the removal of dew claws and a general check up at a day old. Your pup has their first set of puppy vaccines at 8 or 9 weeks old, a health certificate, worm check ups, etc. - on top of the spay/neuters. You need to continue their pup vaccines for the 12 and 16 week series.  I recommend Rabies at 6 months old when their immune systems are mature but most vets will not wait that long.
  6. Our dogs and puppies are raised on an organic raw chicken/turkey/deer diet along with fresh veggies and herbal supplements. I make them all breakfast with our organic raised hens' eggs as well. I can't even give you a cost comparison vs. commercial dog food. I do know they thrive on it.
  7. I spend lots of time on litter box training and sometimes even doggie door training when weather allows. Some basic obedience skills are introduced such as 'sit' and 'gentle' for taking food. 'No bite' is a constant command being used during this time. This training is a great benefit for people that live in buildings/cities and have limited yard space, if any. A balcony with a litter box serves very well for a 'bathroom'. Families with children benefit from the bite restraint introduction.
  8. There are a number of 'critical periods' puppies go through that can affect them forever. Keeping and navigating the pups through those critical times can prevent phobias from developing. This is very helpful for those people who have not had the opportunity to work with pups/dogs. It can prevent a lot of mistakes. I also include info for future critical periods for you to hopefully maneuver through. Working with a trainer is vital to developing a great companion dog and I require that you take your pup to classes during it's first year. Neglecting to do so voids our contract and warranty!
  9. Socialization and Visits. I spend enormous amounts of time scheduling visits for you to meet and play with the pups. Yes, it does present a risk, but I prefer that my customers see where and how the pups are raised. The benefits far outweigh the risks, as long as my protocol is followed to the letter. I have nothing to hide and the pups and you have everything to gain.
  10. Exceptional customer service. :+)
Temperament speaks volumes. A pup is a reflection of it's parentage. I believe our puppy price is the sum of well tested parents with a clear pedigree; and a clean and solid program. Careful selection of complementary temperaments with an exceptional diet and quality vet care are part of this equation. Good confirmation and proof of healthy generations shows strength in my lines. Include environmental stimulation, intro training, socialization, car rides and lots of love and you may understand why the cost. It is not about a price - it is about commitment to the development of a quality hybrid. Nothing is perfect, but they come darn close!

Which one will be yours??????


Everyone has that burning question - which one will be ours?? This has been asked many times, so here is a 'refresher' on our procedures. :+)

I, too, am very excited that everyone is anxious to know about their puppy, but the professional trainer that I hire to assess each pup to make that determination does not come until about 7 weeks the first time. She then returns for a second time at 9 weeks for the final 'matchmaking' according to your application.

When you come for visits (after they are 4 weeks old), you can leave me a 'shopping list' of three of your personal favorites (the list usually changes often!) and we 'cross our fingers' that one of your choices fits your family. This procedure has always served me best and has great results.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Presenting our spanking new valentines!!!!


To be honest, aside from the 'early' delivery; me trying to figure out a different system for posting pics here; as well as sneaking in an unscheduled vet appointment today - I feel really good that I finally managed this!!!

Maple Sugar and all her curly, adorable munchkins are doing just great! They have all gained at least an ounce from their birthweight and some as many as 2 ounces. Maple is enjoying her 'Pup Tent' and feels quite cozy. She has full access to our doggie door in the room and that leaves me with a clean room in the morning instead of a messy one. :+)

The trip to the vets went really well with all occupants sleeping comfortably all the way there. The trip back was less quiet as a couple of pups had some complaining about their dew claw removal. All was well again once home, nursed and burped.

Enjoy your first glimpse of these babies. There will be lots of pics to follow as they grow.

Baby Boy #1 is a curly, whirly chunky guy. I know some woman that pay good money for waves like his. :+)

Baby Boy #2, is nearly identical to #1, and with a full belly 'lets it all hang out'!

The first girl to present herself was #3 and is a stunning redhead.

Not to be outdone by her sister, #4 is the yummy color of caramel. We will have to watch and see if she will be a true caramel which should have liver pigment.

I thought # 5 male was a twin of # 3 girl, but he does weigh more. It is about the only difference, except for the gender parts - of course!!! :+)

And lo came #6. The ONLY pup to display some white markings! This was a surprise indeed as I expected more to have markings in this litter.

It is a bit early to determine colors, but I think we are looking at 2 redheads, 2 apricots and 2 creams with apricot ears. We will see if I am right as these darlings grow. Hope you enjoy the pics!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Maple has had her litter early!!! Oh my! Her guardian called me this morning and said that Maple was really anxious and acting 'maternal', so I asked that she bring her down just in case. Well, she was here for 15 minutes and then active labor started!

We have six luscious puppies! Four of them appear to be quite red and two are a strong apricot. Maple gave birth to 4 boys and 2 girls. :+)

Once they are checked out tomorrow, I will take pics. Would you believe NONE are partis! Maple sure had a number of surprises up her curly leg!!

I have to say that Maple Sugar outdid herself - she is an excellent mom. :+)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The time of Maple's whelping is fast approaching!


With Maple's litter expected in a few days, I am diligently working on the puppy room in preparation for our 'furry valentines'! There is so much to do as dust has settled on everything and that room tends to allow me to be a 'pack rat' when I don't have pups. So I must reorganize my cabinet, remove the entire contents of the room, steam and disinfect from ceiling to floor and scrub, scrub and scrub somemore. It will easily take me a couple of days, but Maple will be arriving on Monday and her 'quarters' should be spic and span by then.

My plan is to set up a pup tent (literally) in the room so that she feels cozy and safe from my other girls. The 'denlike' atmosphere and the fact that my other girls can't see her, should ease any anxiety she may feel knowing there are other dogs in the house. Of course, there is a high gate as well as a door for added safety.

Right now, my husband is working on regulating the radiant floor in the room and tweaking the heater for added warmth. There will be a heating pad inside the tent as newborns cannot regulate their body heat for about two weeks. If Maple is anything like her mommy, Annabelle, she will keep all her babies snuggy warm with her ample thick coat.

When Cadbury is bred, we will be doing the exact opposite and regulating the room for air conditioning! Right now, my plan is to breed her with Rumple or Smitty for chocolate/cafe and 'white' chocolate delights for homes later this summer. It is going to be busy around here for some time!

Keep tuned for updates. :+)