Sunday, January 29, 2012

A book getting rave reviews for bringing a pup into a home with children.

Many breeders have told me that this is the BEST book to purchase if you are bringing a puppy into your family.  It is called:   RAISING PUPPIES AND KIDS TOGETHER - A GUIDE FOR PARENTS
by Pia Silvani and Lynn Eckhardt.

It can be bought at most book stores or Internet 'shopping malls'.  I believe I saw it on Dogwise.  It is roughly $18.00 and am told 'worth it'!  So it might be the one book that you might want to read before Miss or Master Fido comes home to you.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Olive's pregnancy is confirmed by vet!

Good Morning!

I am very happy to say that upon palpation, my vet did feel 'nuggets' in Olive.  This in no way indicates how many pups she may be carrying, but at least we have confirmation that she will be whelping some.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pics of Cadbury x Rumple's pups at 2 years old.


Every once in awhile, I try to feature the adult version of some of my pups.  Here are pics of all the pups from the Cadbury x Rumple litter that you can look back on by just clicking the Past Litter link on the Navigational Bar.

You can see how different they look when groomers cut them more like Poodles than Doodles!  They don't even look like the same hybrid, let alone the same litter!!  

Thank you owners for sending in the pics!!!   Names are posted below the pics. 


Watson - Green Collar Male.

Baylor - Black Collar Boy

Molly - Pink Collar Girl

Gracie - Chocolate Collar Girl

Lestat - Blue Collar Male
Lucy - Teal Collar Girl

Pearl - Purple Collar Girl

Norville (Orange Collar Male) kissing Ozzy. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

It is EASY to add a comment to any post! Read on!

You can make a comment on ANY post in the AnnaBlog.
  • Click on the post of interest to open it up to be able to read the full print.  If you scroll to the end of the post you will see a small grey box and next to it the words 'add a comment'.  Click on that and type away!  I am usually very good at responding about the post and answering questions.  As people post back and forth, you will notice that when you click on the post, it will show a 'number' on the upper right side, that tells you the 'activity level' of that post.  i.e. several posts have been shared back and forth with me.  Just click on the 'X' to close the post.  
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  • Questions of puppy availablity or breeding questions require a personal email.  :+)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The trip to Connecticut was a success!

I am very happy to share the news that Clara Belle is indeed pregnant.  Cowboy should be pretty darn proud of himself!!

Clara was wonderfully compliant on the ultra sound table and Dr. Hutchins was able to detect some thriving babies complete with strong heartbeats.  :+)  I am hoping that there is at least one girl for me to keep back as this is Clara Belle's last litter and I will most definitely be keeping a girl.  As advertised on the Home Page, I am seeking a local guardian home.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Olive x Coriander pup owners, you need to go back

Newman, groomed.
and look at all the posts about your furry ONE YEAR olds!  I know I am a few days late letting you know, but 'better late than never!'  The coats on this bunch were just wonderful as puppies and from some of the pictures I have received, they ended up simply gorgeous as young adults as well.

I can attest to this because I have Figgy in a guardian home close to me and see her often.  She has the perfect Labradoodle coat type and I am betting so do her siblings.

Dash, relaxed and natural.

Now that most of the coat changeover has occurred, it should be easy sailing with just routine brushing and trims to keep them all looking top notch.  I wish I had more year old pics to share!

Bali as an adolescent.

Oliver, groomed and a year old.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Percy Jaxon - Cockapoo STUD

Almost two years old.

Jaxon is a snuggler - whether it be with cushions or people.

I was very pleased to find a second generation Cockapoo from original AKC breeds with lots of champions in them.  Champion lines shows structural confirmation that is true to the breed standard.  A well put together dog shows balance and correct movement -  an important element for good breeding.  Hybrids, in particular, should come from well bred original stock.

Of course, a champion does not prove healthy genetics or wonderful temperaments, but you will rarely see 'nasty'  personalities in show rings gathering Blue Ribbons!

Jax as a pup.

Percy Jaxon, named after the Lightning Thief series of books for young adults, has mischief written all over his face.  He does live up to his name but has also become a great companion to twin girls who adore him.  He has been a great comfort to patrons of his mom's work and has all the ingredients to become a wonderful therapy dog, if desired.

Showing off his square, stocky build. (1.6 yrs.)

Jaxon's perfect size of 15 inches and 19 pounds gives me much flexibility for sizes in my program.  Jaxon is considered a true miniature by Labradoodle standards and his 'zig zag' tendrils are soft and luxurious.  He stills loves belly rubs and has since a wee one. I have been so pleased with what Jaxon has contributed to my program.

He wags so hard his entire back end shakes, then when you touch him, he melts for belly rubs.

Jaxon at 8 months.

Jaxon and one of 'his' twins.

Jaxon  has a boatload of confidence and it shows in spades. He has it all - great testing, exceptional temperament and a soft, draping, non-shedding coat. He has produced some 'to die for pups' for the Annabelle Doodle family.   GO JAX!

Squishable face!

JANUARY 2015 UPDATE: Jaxon is retired but sperm is frozen and available for AI's.

  • DOB:  August 10, 2011 from a mating of Koala Mars of Springville, a red miniature Cockapoo and Juliet of Lilly's June Beth, an apricot Cockapoo. Jaxon is a second generation Cockapoo.
  • Size/Color/Coat:  At almost 2 year's old, Jax is 19 lbs. and 15 inches tall - a true Miniature. Color DNA is BBee, apricot with white abstract markings similar to a tuxedo pattern.  Jax does not carry for chocolate.  Jaxon has a non-shedding coat. It consists of very soft, silky, fleece tendrils that drape beautifully.  It is not woolly and there is no undercoat.  Jax carries for the parti gene through testing at VetGen and is a recessive for the IC gene.
  • von Willebrand's Disease, Type 1 - 5/3/12 is Negative through Ingen Diagnostics #0003035946
  • Thyroid/Blood Work/Chemistry's and TgAA thru Hemolife on 10/01/12 is Normal.    Accession #: HML40120 
  • Hips - PennHIP done on 4/10/12 was .40/.38 (80th percentile!) with no evidence of Degenerative Joint Disease.  OFA Certification #COP-12G25M-VPI was rated as 'Good' and his Elbows were 'Normal'.
  • Patellar Luxation (knees) - 10/02/12 is 'Normal'.  OFA certification #COP-PA88/13M/P-VPI.
  • Elbows - OFA Certification #COP-EL7M25-VPI is 'Normal'.
  • Legg-Calves-Perthes - Certified 'Normal' OFA#COP-PA88/13M/P-VPI
  • Eye CERFS - 10/25/11; 9/30/12; 10/2/13 - 'Clear/Normal'.
  • PRA/prcd - DNA is 'Clear' through parentage.  (Copies provided).
  • Heart - Canine Cardiologist Echocardiogram done on 11/8/12 is NORMAL. 
  • Brucellosis Test:  10/4/12 is Negative.  ID:10070609; 6/13/13 is Negative Ascn. #R7955805
  • IC - Carrier


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Figgy Puddin

16 weeks of age - cafe`.

Olive welcomed her litter to the world on New Year's day, so it was fitting that I name my potential keeper Holiday Figgy Puddin` after the song 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!'
Figgy at 2 yrs. - Lavender.

She is a delightful ragamuffin whose loose, fleecy coat just blows like a tumbleweed in the wind.  It is so soft and cuddly, just like her personality.  Figgy is very close to her guardian mom and  just loves to wake her up in the early morning with kisses and snuggles.

Figgy has a gourmet palate and is fed such a wonderful diet of vegetables, fruits, fish and other meat and cheese delectables.  Rarely does this girl get anything that is not organic or fresh and she is not fussy at all.

Several times a day Figgy walks with her dad and enjoys the sights and sounds of the country.  She is attentive to all things big and small and would love to chase the little wild things that hover about.  She is very good with other dogs and is a people lover through and through. 

Groomed at one year turning Lavender.
12 weeks old.

I truly look forward to her litters as she is my first breeding hopeful from my Cockapoo infusion mating.  Figgy is a perfect example of what that combination brings to the Labradoodle world. 

Words from her guardian:

Figgy moved in with us April 2011.  She has been an amazing addition to our family.  Each morning when she awakes from her spot in our bedroom, she gives a big stretch and heads outside for a walk
with Jim.  Jim and Figgy are the morning risers in our family and I stay behind to catch a little more sleep.   If the bedroom door is left open when they return, I am awakened by a Figgy Muppet.  She starts at the end of my bed and walks.. hops... the whole length of it until she can reach me to give some Figgy love.

Dress up at 6 weeks.

Figgy is a kind, sweet soul with lots of doodle energy.  I know this term is over used but she really is a "fur" person in our family.  She has fit in like she has always been here.  She loves to play, but is just as happy hanging out and watching TV with us which is quite amusing because she actually DOES watch the television.  

She loves company and greets every guest like they are truly here just to see her.  She likes to be where we are.  If we are in the kitchen she is too.  But she is not usually demanding, she just likes to be with her family.  Jim, Zack and myself are very happy that we added Miss Holiday Figgy Pudding into our lives and family.

Stats and Certifications:
  • DOB:  January 1, 2011 out of Olive Oyl, our Australian Labradoodle and Coriander, our first generation Cockapoo.
  • Size/Color/Coat:  18 inches and 28 lbs.  Color DNA is bbEe and Figgy is Parti Factored.  She is a chocolate dilute called 'Lavender' and she carries cream.  Her stunning fleece coat does not shed and is soft and thick.
  • von Willebrand's Disease - Cleared through parentage.  Copies provided/see parent profile.
  • Thyroid/Blood Work/Chemistry's and TgAA - 3/24/16 Thyroid levels Normal HML86633; 4/23/12 Hemopet HML#34150.  All is normal.  TgAA is below 1.
  • Hips -4/23/12 OFA Prelim rated as 'Good'.  PennHIP done at 13 months is .44/.45 (70%) - an excellent score!
  • Patellar Luxation (knees) - Certified 'NORMAL' on  4/24/12.  OFA #HY-PA452/15P-VPI 
  • Elbows - Prelim is 'Normal' but will be OFA Certified at two years old.
  • Legg-Calves-Perthes - Certified 'NORMAL' on 4/24/12.  OFA #HY-LP42/15F-VPI
  • Eye CERFS - Clear and Normal on 2/27/11, 9/30/12, 11/03/13, 10/30/14
  • PRA/prcd - Clear through parental DNA.  Copies provided.
  • Heart - Auscultation by Canine Cardiologist on 10/24/11 is 'Normal'.  On 11/8/12 a Heart Echocardiogram was done also 'NORMAL'.  OFA#HY-CA740/20F/C-VPI-ECHO.
  • IC - Clear (FF) through VETGEN.  Figgy does not carry for any improper coat genes.  ID#13692


Puppies from the Tango Wool x Figgy litter: