Monday, April 30, 2012

'Our vet visit experience'. (written by Olive's litter.)

Are we in jail?
No, I don't think so, but....
we are moving!!!  Look!!
Whoa!  What is that?????

We don't know but someone is coming.

Hello!  This nice lady thinks we are soooooo cute!
Um.......where did everyone go????
Here we are!  All together once again!  The vet was very nice and didn't hurt us at all!
Posted by PicasaThe pups did very, very well with their first trip to the vet that they are old enough to be aware of.  There was some minimal crying initially on the ride to the vet but very faint.  No pup threw up, however, which I am so grateful for.

When we arrived, they were quiet and we went into the room and not a one of them had an accident (which my vet was grateful for!  ha, ha.).  The exams went well and their stool samples were perfect - YEA!

Dr. Lowe looked in their mouths - no under bites; ears were good; no fleas detected; temperatures were all normal; eyes showed no issues; and they could not have been better behaved while getting their shot.  It was a wonderful trip.  :+)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Olive's pups getting more socialization with dogs and visitors!

Carissa and her husband visited today and enjoyed puppies and adult doodles!

The pups love playing in the kitchen and especially under this bench where...
Miss Harriet Potter keeps a watchful eye.  The pups love to grab her tail.  :+)
After all that activity, they all collapse for a nap.
Posted by PicasaUnfortunately, the owners for this group all live a good distance away and the pups have not had as many visitors as is typical for one of my litters.  So when we do get a visitor, we all take advantage!   It is too bad because this group of soft natured pups would do very well to have more visitors not less!

I hope that I will be able to take these guys for a walk in my carriage soon.  It has been so, so windy that I hesitated to do so earlier.  Flying sand particles could whip into their eyes and that would not be a good experience.  It is suppose to get much nicer later this week.   

Tomorrow we all go to the vet for their first set of puppy shots.  Lots of people will want to hold and pet them so a good social day!   It should be an interesting trip.  I will update on how good (or bad) it was. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Olive's litter is 8 weeks!

Teal Girl weighs  9 1/4 lbs.   She wasn't happy being up on this slide.
Give her another week or two and she will be playing 'Queen of the Mountain' on it!
Ah yes, Red Girl  is still enjoying her yummy breakfast.  Given her love of food,  you would think
she would weigh more than  8 1/4 lbs. !  Targeting as one of the smaller pups in the litter.
Oh those eyes!!!  Black Boy is also one of the smaller pups weighing 8 3/4 lbs.
He loves taking pics and is just a charmer.  :o)
The largest pup for sure.  Pink weighs a hefty 11 lbs. and plops all of it in your lap
as contended as a Persian cat!
Posted by PicasaThis is a good time to go to Points to Ponder and start reading some of the posts there.  Look for the Pup Supply List, read about Pet Insurance, which I highly recommend as well as vaccinations, etc.

Your pup will be going home soon - in TWO weeks!  Have you puppy proofed your home yet?  Are you thinking of names for either a boy or girl?  Look at your schedules and let me know when on the weekend of May 12th, you are picking up your pup as I have other plans after that weekend, so no extensions!

Lastly, you will know which pup has been assigned to you on Monday, May 7th by the early afternoon so stay close to your phone or home.  :o)

Olive's pups enjoying kitchen time.

A Mother's love.   Red Girl is a 'mini' Olive.
Black Boy takes the BEST photos!  What a face!!!
Red Girl's coat glistens so much it looks wet!  I love her tiny white chin spot.
If I did not know better, I would swear Pink Girl was a Black Lab!  Well, the ears give her away.  :+)
Teal Girl enjoys weaving through our old table legs.
Posted by PicasaThese pups have the softest, gentle natures - every one of them.  They are not biting much at all and just 'melt in your arms' when picked up.  Not a one is a 'squiggler' when held.  Both Olive and ARI have very gentle personalities, so I expected this. 

Black Boy wags his tail the most, actually whenever he is awake, his tail is wagging, it is the cutest thing.  Red Girl has the Lab appetite - she just loves food and tells me to 'hurry' every single time I prepare a meal.  The other day, I simply held her as I prepared the food and her expression was hilarious!   She was dancing by the time I put her and the bowl down.  She is such a funny girl!  Teal Girl always crawls into my lap whenever I sit to cuddle with the pups.  She mimics her mommy in this endeavor.  Pink Girl just waits until I spot her.  She always sits very close to my side or is behind me.  She is a very patient girl and is very content to be a hefty lap dog.  A very sweet litter.  :o)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The welcome mat is out for 'CAPI'!

Capi has such a luscious coat!
Quite at home in ones arms.
Loves being outdoors, too.
CAPRICCIO!  (pronounced Ka pri she o) aka Capi showing his conformation off.
Posted by PicasaI am always looking for new lines that come from proveable, AKC or Internationally registered stock and am so thrilled to be part of a co-ownership with this lovely medium male pup.  Tango Wool's Brahms Capriccio aka 'Capi, is a stunning third generation American Labradoodle that will produce creams, chocolates, blacks, apricots, reds and cafes'.  Capi hails from a variety of tested/registered Poodle lines in both Miniature and Standard sizes.  The AKC English Labrador lines are stellar and I feel very strongly that we must keep the LAB in the LABradoodle!

This boy has it all - conformation, non-shedding silky coat, square head and muzzle, saber tailset and winning personality.  Capi has been growing up in a Home School setting with lots of kid interaction, is crate trained, learning to walk well on a leash and has been started on house training.

As co-owners of this lovely doodle, it would be great to have a guardian home somewhere around Framingham, Massachusetts or anywhere close to Southern Maine.

Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to welcome this yummy boy into your life and family.  A fenced in yard is definitely preferred but we would consider an Invisible Fence.  We have a wonderful 'incentive program' in place.  Please contact me (Joyce) at 207-676-5579 if you have any questions or need more information.  Thanks!  I look forward to hearing from you.  :+)

An interesting note on his name:  The breeder, Marci of Tango Wool, uses names that are music related.  We all know Brahms was a well known composer.  Did you know that capricchio means 'an instrumental composition that doesn't adhere to rules for any specific musical form and is played with improvisation'.  How fitting that this particular name (and boy) fits how Marci and I breed!  We research and gather information that best suits our goals and then 'create music' with our selections.  :+) 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Seven weeks old and growing! (Olive x ARI) UPDATE!

Black Boy is a replica of his daddy, ARI.  His coat will be flowing and he will be utterly handsome!
This pic shows his soft side but he is certainly a spunky pup who is in the middle of  the action! (6 3/4 lbs.)
Teal Girl continues to be very ladylike in her demeanor.  She loves to play but does a lot of  watching.  She is
a 'thinker' and 'planner' and loves to be cuddled. (7 1/2 lbs.)
Miss Red is nosey.  Not hyper, mind you, but definitely inquisitive.  Bright and cheery and loves life!  She
is a delightful pup that is entertaining and will always wag her tail and greet you with a big smile.  (7 lbs.)
The 'Mae West' of the group.   Pink is such a tank!  She will be the largest and has a coat of spun silk.
Pink has her moments of activity but for her size, she is remarkably gentle and somewhat lazy!  (9 lbs.)
Posted by PicasaUPDATE:

We had our first temperament test today!  We also had a wonderful surprise...because this week was no school for my trainer's children, the pups were entertained by twin girls during the entire two hours.  As one was being assessed, the others had lots of playtime and cuddles with the twins.  Of course the pups and girls were so happy!

Doing two temperament tests helps determine how much 'growth' has occurred in the two week intervals.  All the pups have very soft nature's in this group which was expected given the parents.  Over the next two weeks, they will have two vet visits, car rides, visitors and new experiences to help them gain more confidence.  It is critical that when you get your pup to continue this personality growth pattern.  Only by providing positive interactions with all kinds of people, places and things, will ANY pup develop more confidence.

A softly natured dog has a wonderful and sweet personality but if not exposed could become a fearful pup/dog along with developing anxieties.  So, use the results of these tests to avoid making mistakes and steer your pup to become the very best he or she can be by providing lots of socialization and exposure.  Just avoid dog parks initially until your pup is fully vaccinated.  Take them for fun car rides; visit neighbors and family that have socialized dogs; take to dog friendly stores like Home Depot, PetCo, and for walks to meet and greet strangers.  Provide treats for people to give your pup so they become accustomed to new sites and smells.  By doing this, your pup will become well rounded, socialized and a companion that everyone will love to visit with.  :+)

Lovely Tate goes home tomorrow.

Tate has a way of looking at you that is almost human.

She watches Olives litter with the relaxed pose of a mom.
Tate is my keeper, but the entire litter was truly outstanding in so many ways.  :+)
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beautiful Figgy Puddin'.

Figgy visited on Wednesday.  She has such pretty coloring.  I adore her!
She has her maternal grandfather Rumple's gorgeous coat and color. 
Her mom is Olive Oyl and daddy is my F1 Cockapoo, Coriander.  Figgy is a perfect
example of what a Cockapoo infusion adds to create the AUSTRALIAN version of the Labradoodle.
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A 'tail' of two puppies.(Olive x ARI)

Hey!  That's my tail you just grabbed!
Let go of my tail!
HELP!  HELP! yells Teal Girl.
There Black Boy, take that and that and...
OKAY!  OKAY!  I give up!!!!!
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All in a day's fun. (Olive's litter)

They LOVE this slide.  One is always on it.
The Three Musketeers!  :+)  Where is that fourth one??
Aha!  What does a girl have to do to get a dogie bone around here?
'Sit and be nice', claims Black Boy!!!
Pink is waiting for someone to wrestle with her in the 'arena'. 
Now, THIS is some argument going on!
Looks like mom took charge and NO ONE gets to sit on the slide! 
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