Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Here are pics of the boys after their surgeries!

They played like hooligans. I actually had to squirt them with my hose (lightly, of course) to calm them down! They had a bark fest going and I try to be considerate of my neighbors. They did not mind the light spray down at all and it DID stop them from continuing to make a racket! It is very difficult to 'tone down' 9 puppies (including Chaplin) quietly. The hose on a light spray worked wonderfully. They got cooled off emotionally and physically. :+)

Alfie is NOT grouchy at all, but surely looks it in this photo! He is the sweetest thing! Did you notice is little sweat drop right below his nose?

Ever curious, Harry found something to keep him entertained. He has not missed a beat.

Sleepy head, Noodles. He needed a nap after all that hullabalooing!

Green Boy has finally turned down his dial as well.

And the leader of them all - Lucky. Thank goodness his owner has as much energy! :+)

I just thought this pic was so cute. Alfie and Chaplin sharing a stick.

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When the boys are away, the girls get to play and relax.

Early this morning, the boys went for a ride to my vets. They are having their neuters and microchips today. I have already been called that all has gone well and I will be picking them up later this afternoon.

In the meantime, the girls are having a lovely time enjoying lots of space with just a minimum of 'annoyance' from Chaplin. Right now, they are all in my kitchen enjoying their freedom.

Newly named this morning, Molly is resting in the shade.

Onyx knows where all the 'cool' areas are.

Like everyone else, Hazel has claimed a shady spot for herself.

When the boys are returned, this lovely respite will be gone and things will be back to normal in a blink. I will need to keep them separated for about 12 hours or so. You would not believe how very little these early operations affect a pup's energy. They don't skip a beat!
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Monday, May 30, 2011

Is it Memorial Day or the Marathon?? (M x R #3 at 10 wks.)

I swear, the sweat is still running down my face as I did my best to get pics of these pups for their 10 week updates BUT.... they are so full of energy, I did more chasing than 'clicking'!

I sure hope by next week's pic segment, that we have the play-yard finished because these guys NEED to expend more energy by running their silly legs off - not mine! :+)

So forgive me if some of the shots are not as sharp as others. The sun was setting too fast for me to stay out much longer and the mosquitos were quite hungry.

Our son was here this weekend to help us get some work done and he left this morning. Then I had puppy family visits this afternoon, so pictures were not done till early evening.

Noodles' weight this week is 10 & 1/2 lbs.

Onyx (Pink Girl) weighs 10 lbs.

Alfie (Stripe) is a whooping 14 lbs.!

Molly (Orange Girl) is 11 lbs.

Lucky (Blue Boy) is only slightly behind Alfie at 13 & 3/4 lbs.

Green Boy is also 10 lbs.

Hazel (Teal) is 11 lbs.

Red Boy is a 10 pounder.
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The first pup has been named! I hope everyone is thinking

of a name for their pup and once known, send it off to me. I will begin to call them by it and use it to teach them the 'sit' command.

I am happy to say that Black Boy has already been named 'NOODLES'! I will be laughing every time I call him! :+)

Teal Girl will be known as 'HAZEL MAE'. Since her mom is Maple Sugar (after the tree) and Rumple 'Sticks' is the daddy, I decided to keep the Mother Nature theme going, hence Hazel - another type of wood which has a reddish cast to it, sturdy but flexible. It fits. :+)

Won't it be fun if everyone gives the 'reason' you picked your pup's name and I can publish it here?

I will be updating this post whenever I get a new name so keeping reading! I know several of you 'sort of know' but are not quite committed to one yet. :+) Joyce

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Maple's pups are finally assigned.

Today was a very long and important day. Karen, owner of Animal Manners, Inc. came for the second temperament testing of Maple and Rumple's litter after which we sat down to discuss the applications and assign pups. This is always a difficult session because there are always more than one person that wants the same pup - it has never failed. :+)

With many breeders, the client meets the puppies, picks the one they want and off you go. Not so, here. Karen and I hash out what each individual pup needs and which applicant best suits that pup. Some need a quiet environment, while others are better for active families and children. No placement is absolutely perfect because it takes two to make it all work out - the pup AND the owners. Puppies take patience and dedication - sort of like a marriage! Some days will be better than others and sometimes you may wonder why you wanted the work of a pup.

I can tell you that the process to place a particular puppy with you was not easily made. We took much into consideration - the two tests, the pup's maturation, the pups' interaction individually and as a group and the application to name a few.

Here are the results:

Coda Family - Pink Girl
Fairchilds - Black Boy
Deveau - Blue Boy
Tesoro - Orange Girl
Meryl - Stripe Boy
Haigis - Red Boy
Savoy - Green Boy
Teal Girl - Retained by Annabelle Doodles for guardianship

Everyone did get either their first or second choice which was pretty remarkable given the number of 'common' favorites. Of course, if any of you are not 100 % satisfied with your assignment, I am happy to return your deposit, no questions asked.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Some spontaneous pics of the 9 week olds. (M x R #3)

Here is Orange Girl and her buddy bear.

Blue, Teal, Green and Red in their favorite spot in the Pup Room.

This is what happens after they have visitors - ZONKED!

Stripe Boy wondering what I am up to.

Black Boy enjoying the baseball. Perhaps he can help the Red Sox.

Brotherly/Sisterly love. :+) Orange and Stripe.

Wrestlemania! Blue and Black
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Nine weeks old and so, so busy! (M x R #3)

It has been busy here of late with several visitors, lots of rain to make it difficult to complete projects, plus many emails about who is getting whom :+) and everyone is getting anxious for the new play area to be completed - especially me.

The pups now come into the kitchen area to play and enjoy it very much. Now I have several 'escape artists' every time I try to keep them in the pup room as I go in. The only time this is an easy event is when I am holding a platter of food!

Tomorrow is a hectic day with me taking Chaplin for a vet visit and then coming home and loading up the pups for their eye CERF visit in Portsmouth, NH. Then Wednesday is the BIG day for the temperament tests and, if all goes smoothly, assignments. I will call you with the news as soon as I am able.

I took these shots in the pup room as it is still raining. :+(

Orange Girl, always the lady. 9 & 3/4 lbs.

Blue Boy yawning big and wide after his snooze. 12 & 1/4 lbs.

Stripe Boy doing what he does best, relaxing. 12 & 3/4 lbs.

Teal Girl, full of mischief. See it in her eyes? 10 lbs.

Stoic Black Boy who can be very deceiving about his 'playful side'. 9 & 1/4 lbs.

Green Boy, who I lovingly call 'Jim Dandy' 8 & 3/4 lbs.

Pink Girl, whose soft curls are 'delicious'. 8 & 3/4 lbs.

Red Boy still sporting that adorable goatee. 8 & 3/4 lbs.
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Sunday, May 22, 2011


May is the month of choice for most of my breeding girls! Olive and Chico had a litter of stunning pups last year and this mating will be repeated when Olive is bred again.

Below is: Brewster, Felix, Mac, Lily, Cody and Callie. Remember when folks??? :+)

Saturday, May 21, 2011


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THESE FOUR YEAR OLDS!: Beatrix Potter, Cadbury, Lilly, Jack, Toby, Poppi, Hurley, Murphy, Ruby and Rosa!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


to Harriet and Rumple's litter of May 18, 2008.

Now this was a litter I remember so well as my poor Harriet was one sick doodle mom! It ended up being her last litter which made me sad but also thrilled that we averted disaster by doing two surgeries in one week to save her life. Bottling feeding ten pups was round the clock work for me but the end results were worth every sleepless night and exhausting days.

Today Harriet is still my little 'ghost princess' and happily sits on my lap kissing my face each night as we cuddle and watch t.v.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HARRIET'S THREE YEAR OLDS! Daisy, Charlie, Tessie, Lola, Molly, Bailey, Duffy, Ozzie and Kobie.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More 8 Week pics to make us smile!

It is so dreary, I thought seeing more pics of the pups would put us all in a better mood. :+)

Just love this pic of Black Boy. It says so much about his nature - soft and compliant.

Teal Girl showing off her confirmation.

Not to be outdone, Pink Girl poses as well.

Yep, this is Stripe Boy smelling the Forget Me Nots. A 'flower child' for sure.

Guess who?? Red Boy happy as a lark!

I do believe Orange Girl thinks this is the prettiest bathroom she has ever used.

Leaping Lizards! It is Blue Boy racing for the ....... simple joy of it.

Green Boy keeping his feet clean.
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Monday, May 16, 2011

A busy day between raindrops! (Maple litter Wk. 8)

The pups and I had a busy day today. Early this morning all of them were loaded into my wagon for their second trip to the vet since the day they were born. At 8 weeks, it is time for their first DHPP shot. This is for Distemper, Hepatitis, Para Influenza and Parvo Virus. I did not feed them before I left, so I did have a few grumpy pups complaining on the trip there. Nothing too bad though. I would rather listen to a bit of whining then the retching sounds of upset tummies. Once at the vets, they all 'blessed' his super clean floor (normal) and none of them complained about their shot or exam. The trip home was nice and quiet. :+)

Once home, I prepared a super large breakfast for them all and I still get amazed at how quickly they can consume all of it. A treat of organic blueberries was enjoyed by all.

After completing a couple of errands, I thought I would try to get their 8 week pics outdoors between raindrops and was thrilled to have succeeded!

Black Boy followed me all over and it was difficult to get a good shot of him because he was always underfoot. Finally, a truck went by and he stopped to listen. Thanks whoever you are that was driving! 7.8 lbs.

Teal Girl raced like a Greyhound. She was happy as a clam in mud and it shows! 8.7 lbs.

Pink Girl felt this path was made for her. I do believe she might have wanted a red carpet but that was not happening. 7.7 lbs.

Stripe Boy, true to his nature, sat and gazed at the grass, the flowers, the birds.... 11 lbs.

Red Boy was like a tiger in the woods. There were places to go and things to smell and he was determined to experience them all. 7.7 lbs.

Blue Boy. This was the ONLY still shot. When his toes hit the ground he ran and leaped and rolled. He is most definitely an outdoors man! 10.5 lbs.

Green Boy should be called 'Dandy'. He is so prim and proper. 7.5 lbs.

Orange Girl was a dancing ballerina outdoors. She just had the best time as evidenced by this shot. 8.2 lbs.

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