Saturday, March 31, 2012

Clara's pups playing outside. (8 weeks)

Posted by PicasaCan you guess who is who in the pics? 

The world is looking rosy at four weeks old! (Olive x ARI litter)

Red Girl weighs 4 1/4 lbs.  She is the smallest.
Teal Girl thinks if she keeps her eyes closed, the camera will go away.  4 1/2 lbs.
Pink Girl is all about comfort.  5 big ones!
Black Boy is a ham.  He loved the pillow he was on.  4 1/2 lbs.
Posted by PicasaThe newbies have been doing so very well this week.  Still learning to take a longer walk for piddles but poops have been in the right place.  :+)  They are playing with the soft toys more and mouth wrestling with each other.  It is very cute to watch but fleeting as they peter out quickly.  I still disturb them if I move too quickly but I am pretty clumsy so they will get use to it.  :+)

We are going strong at 8 weeks old! Clara x Cowboy litter.

Blue Boy - A gorgeous teddy bear of a pup.  Grrrrreat for snuggling!  10 lbs.
Orange Girl - A lovely pup with a hint of sassy!  Loves to chew sticks.  8 3/4 lbs.
Purple Girl - The 'tomboy' of the ladies (and the boys!).  7 3/4 lbs. 
Yellow Girl is sweetness and cuddles.  A true lady.  8 1/4 lbs.
Green Boy - Kids + Green Boy + playtime = Happiness.   11 1/4 lbs.

We had our first temperament test and the puppies did wonderfully.  There will be a repeat of the test in the reverse order.  So if Blue Boy was the first one tested on the first round, he would be last on the second test.  This is to assure that each puppy gets to shine.  If we did it in the same order, then maybe that last pup was tired or hungry the first time and could be the second time and would not show his true promise.  By reversing, each pup has the opportunity to put its best 'paw' forward.

This coming week will be quite busy for me as the pups will be tested again just shy of 9 weeks; will be vaccinated and have their eye CERF exams.  All on different days.  So lots of traveling coming up.  We will get a good inclination on how the puppies travel.  I am always prepared with lots of paper towels, etc.  :+)

Lastly, they said goodbuy to their adopted littermate, Viva.  I hope she is doing well. 

Friday, March 30, 2012

Viva goes home today.

As you know, Clara had adopted a two week old pup from another breeder to nurse and raise.  Viva turned 8 weeks and her family came to pick her up this evening.  I could not just let her go without a farewell pic on the AnnaBlog.  Her breeder picked a lovely family for her and I am sure she will be well cared for and loved.  Bye, bye my little 'June Bug'!  (my pet name for her)

Puppy Mill Disquise

I know many of my customers are savvy enough to want to visit where their potential puppy will be coming from, but so many are mislead by Puppy Brokers.  Here is a link to send to any one you know that is considering purchasing a pup from this type of 'Purebred AKC Broker'.  Sadly, it is very common and brings tears to my eyes that these babies (and mommas) are raised this way.  :+(

BE AWARE of Puppy Mills and all their disguises!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Olive's litter gets more room and an extra potty box.

You can see that there are now two beds and two potty boxes.
It appears, Pink Girl can't fit in the round bed.  :+(
What a snug fit!  But where is Pink Girl?
A girl left to her own devices.  Lots of space (and friends)  here. 
Then again, Pink joins the group and just plops on top!  :+)
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Olive's litter begins to explore!

Olive is counting her blessings that the litter is using the 'toilet' once in a while.
The pups are now venturing away from their sleeping area.
Teal Girl and Black Boy are considering their options.
Looks like they made up their minds with Red Girl tagging along.
Pink Girl is enjoying her nap instead of a stroll.
The group LOVES this small circular bed!  They can't all fit, but keep trying!
Looks like Teal Girl has staked her claim to a spot in the bed.  :+)

Posted by PicasaEvery day this week I will be watching this group's development.  Remember, earlier I said this period is very critical to their development.  It is a time for exploration but is also considered a time to be very careful as a bad experience could scar them for a very long time.  So trying to controll what befalls them is my primarily job with this group.

Happily, they are beginning to enjoy lapping Goat's Milk mixed with Gerber's Baby Meat.  I have been introducing this mix to them since they were 2 & 1/2 weeks.  I would dip my finger into the mixture and put it on the tips of their noses to entice them.  They would lap my finger but not the bowl.  Now, they are VERY interested in their new food addition.  Of course, they still prefer mom's milk.

I also just changed their potty area to a different type of potty box where they need to climb over a small barrier.  This is to encourage the separation of the sleep, eat, play area from the toilet.  Puppies learn very quickly at this age, so it is the perfect time to encourage the process. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Olive's babies at 3 weeks old.

Pink Girl is a hefty one at 4 1/2 lbs. at 3 wks.
Teal Girl is no lightweight either.  She weighs a bit over 4 lbs. at 3 wks.
And so does Red Girl.  4 lbs. at 3 wks.
The only male of the group is 4 lbs. as well.  (3 wks.)

The puppies have been very consistent in this litter as evidenced by their weights and coats.  All of them are going through a critical stage right now where loud noises, fast movements or rough handling could be very detrimental to their development.  They still become quite upset even when I pick them up for weighing, giving me a little growl or cry of objection.  All these things are normal at this time.  You have to remember that they are really not aware of their environment yet and any new noise or movement is perceived as a 'possible threat' to them.  The small growls or barks are their 'warning signs' to intruders.  I am always utterly amused by this stage and how something so little can attempt to intimidate an adversary.

Both litters are now housed in the puppy room in opposite corners.  Clara's puppies have a barrier so they cannot interact with Olive's until the little pups are beyond this developmental 'bump'.    It will not be long until Olive's pups will begin controlled interaction with the adult dogs in the household as well as Clara's group.

The family that visited Clara's pups today were very respectful and did everything right to be sure that these pups were not startled.  Thank you Webber family!!  :+)
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Clara's puppies learn valuable lessons with Annabelle.

Here is Annabelle 'talking' to her new students about respect and manners.
'Nope, no milk there!' says Annabelle with a sly smile.
Learning to show respect to other dogs is critical to good puppy development.
Each of the five puppies is giving Annabelle the proper 'form' of respect in the canine world.
Isn't it just amazing how these young pups understand the hierarchy?
Posted by PicasaI should add that Annabelle is taking over where their mom, Clara Belle has left off.  Puppies need role models to continually learn correct dog behavior.   Annabelle's sweet demeanor and non-threatening personality is perfect for giving these pups good constructive correction.  She is their grandma and everyone knows 'Grandma's Know Best'!  :+)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Our 7 week updates! (Clara x Cowboy)

Blue Boy 7 wks. 8 1/2 lbs.

Yellow Girl 7 wks. 7 1/4 lbs.
Purple Girl 7 wks. 6 1/2 lbs.
Orange Girl 7 wks. 7 1/2 lbs.

Green Boy 7 wks. 9 1/2 lbs.

I had a 10 hour seminar yesterday on assessing puppy structure and it was fabulous!

Pat Hastings is a well know trainer, breeder, judge, writer and puppy assessment garu to name a few of her achievements.  I was exhausted and my head was chuck full of information, so my bed was a welcomed site. 
On Friday, the pups and I had a great time playing outside and the following pics are from that outing.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Individual pics of Clara x Cowboy pups enjoying their space. :+)

This is Purple Girl who thinks she can climb mountains!
Yellow Girl is very focused on people.  She loves to take pics.
Orange Girl loves to find little prizes like blades of grass, rope, etc.
Blue Boy loves a challenge.  He has not climbed the slide yet, but soon.
Green Boy is thinking about how he will conquer the slide.
He is getting a push from Viva!  :+)

Just a side note that I am having company on Friday and must attend a seminar on Saturday all day.  I may not update
pics until Sunday at some point which is why I wanted to get these up for viewing today.  :+)

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