Monday, June 15, 2009

When is the next litter?

Hello to those that call and send me emails! I would love to tell you that a litter is coming, but my three 'prospects' are really giving me a run for my money! They are in cahoots with Mother Nature and they are torturing me with these 'cycle' games!

It appears Cadbury has decided to skip her cycle! What a nerve!!! I was so looking forward to having some outstanding cafe's and apricots from this girl. Chico did his best to woo her, but she simply refused the invitation. :+( We are hoping, with a bit of wine and roses, she may change her mind at the next invite. Perhaps a spring/summer litter '10.

Next in the mating game is Clara Belle. A delightful lady of soft curls the color combo of a cream sickle - YUM! We are hoping that Chico will be able to 'sweep her off her paws' when they meet, hopefully in late July or August. I am expecting apricot/red with cream partis and some solids with perhaps a bit of white on their heads or tails. Cute as fall pumpkins I bet!

Also on this dance card is Olive Oyl. We are again looking at Chico to do a great 'tango' and produce some silky, shiny blacks and deeper red/apricots. What a performance that will be!! Although these coats may shed just slightly, the type of coat will be phenomenal and easy to maintain. My favorite doodle to groom here. :+) I am expecting her to cycle around the same time as Clara Belle (who is her litter sister!).

So it appears I could have three girls cycling at the same time, or they will have pity on me and give me a bit of space between them so that I won't have to make choices as to whom to breed when.

On a positive note, this will be my first summer in 6 years that I am not tied to the puppy room! I am looking forward to some gardening, taking my doodles to the beach and simply enjoying the sun and freedom of summer. :+)

Gretta goes to a home.

As many of you know, my plan was to keep Gretta and add her to my breeding program. She actually went to a guardian home, but they felt that raising a puppy involved more time and energy than they felt they had to give. So, we took her back and I made the decision to sell her to a young couple who was ready, willing and able to 'spoil' my precious girl. :+)

Gretta happily resides in Boston and is enjoying the city life meeting lots of new furry friends, greeting new people and going to exciting places. She does not affect her new daddy's allergies and that has made everyone very glad! Sometimes, fate intervenes in the nicest ways. :+)

Kate and Gretta. Kevin was doing the dog supply shopping! Gotta love that.