Tuesday, July 31, 2007

10 Week Weight Report


It seems I completely missed the 9 week update, so without further ado...

TOBY is 10 lbs.
LILY is 9.8 lbs.
JACK is 8.8 lbs.
HURLEY is 12.0 lbs.
ROSA is 10.12 lbs.
BEATRIX POTTER is 8.12 lbs.
RED GIRL is 8.0 lbs.
YELLOW GIRL is 9.12 lbs.
CADBURY NOUGART is 10.12 lbs.
POPPI is 10.0 lbs.
MAPLE SUGAR is 11.12 lbs.

Typically, breeders feel that when the number of weeks in age equals the number in weight, the pup will grow to be the average size of their parents. Those over or under that number will be on the smaller or larger side of the parents. (i.e. 10 weeks old = 10 lbs.) This is not set in stone as sometimes it can just be a different growth spurt, but it is a general rule. :+)

Mistaken Identity! In other words....oops!

The above pic is the handsome 'TOBY' alias Blue Collar Boy. He is the companion of Maple Sugar and both will be living here in town!!

Monday, July 30, 2007

We have another decision!!!

Multi Girl's owners just emailed me hot off the press and she will now be known as 'POPPI'! Wow, I guess if they were Red Sox fans it could have been Pappi!!!! (tee hee!)

Some old and some new, some undecided yet.

'Lady in Red' is now available as her original family has decided to wait until our spring litter.

Miss Maple Sugar will be joining Toby (Blue Boy) after we have done some prelim testing on her. We are hopeful Maple will join our breeding program. She and Toby should have lots of fun times together with their owners.

We all know this is Cadbury, going to another guardian home for a future breeder in our program.

Yellow and Multi Girls are still without names. I will keep you updated when decisions are made!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Name Game continues....

Here is Black Collar Boy now known as 'Jack Black'! Or did you say 'Black Jack'! Are you near the casinos?? :+)

Big Green Collar Boy will be called 'Hurley'. Is that short for Hercules??? I don't think he will get THAT big!! :+)

'Lily' fits delicate, demure Purple Girl perfectly.

Friday, July 27, 2007

We are getting named! Make a note!

Pink Girl will now be known as 'ROSA'!

Flower Girl is now - 'BEATRIX POTTER'


One Box and Twelve Puppies...........

We are getting to that time slot where finding interesting things for them to explore needs to become more creative. After diving into the puppy pool earlier, they took a nap and then woke up refreshed and energetic. So I placed a good size box inside their puppy room for them to explore and tear into. What enjoyment and great massage for those teething gumlines!

Is there anything good inside?

Where is the door to get in?

We are getting stuffed!

Pink Girl enjoys teething on the box edges.

The others are beginning to follow Pink's lead!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wet & Wild!!!!

It was very hot today - perfect for the pups' first introduction to their kiddie pool. I think these pics show how much they enjoyed it!

Hey, is this our new water bowl?

If I dig, will it fill up more?

Come on in! The water is great!

I want to try! Here I come!

Uh, how do I get down from here? I want to go into the pool!


I tell you, they were having so much fun after their first pool experience! They ran and shouted and chased each other all over the place for a good thirty minutes or more. :+)

Here is one that is wondering if she can really climb the slide. All of them can, but she needs a little cheer to motivate her.

Well, Flower Girl was not delicate about enjoying the water or the mud.

Okay, time out for just a minute!

Black Boy enjoying the coolness of both his fur and the pavers.

And, Miss Maple Sugar who decided getting wet is just not HER style!

Friday, July 20, 2007

The first group of pics with 8th week weights!

Red Girl has some spunk to her. It appears whenever I hear a ruckus going on - Red is in it or near it. :+) She looks so demure here but I think she is calculating. A 'wanna be in your lap' kind of girl however who loves to give kisses and cuddles. :+) (6.8 lbs.)

Hanging on for dear life is Flower Girl. She is quite unsure about being in the bread drawer! I think it is because she hasn't found the cookies yet! A real cutie pie with a personality to match. (6.12 lbs.)

Here is Yellow Girl giving me the 'High Five'! She is an adaptable pup and loves to be doted on. (7.12 lbs.)

Can you tell that Cadbury is quite displeased being placed in the bread drawer? I know it is not the best pic of her, but it makes me laugh! She is soooo animated. (8.6 lbs.)

It appears Multi Girl and Cadbury are of the same mindset! They must hang around in the same circle! What an adorable face she has - even when unhappy! (7.12 lbs.)

Here are the weights and some single pics. (2nd group)

Blue Boy is really coming into his own now. A sensitive temperament and sweet nature describe this boy very well at this time. He adores people but is not pushy. (8 lbs.)

Purple Girl is one of the curliest wool coated pups. She is content and not demanding. I usually find her sleeping on or near my feet when grooming. A soft nature but defends herself well. (7 lbs.)

From my point of view, Black Boy has the best confirmation in the group! He also tells you when he is not happy! He loves to be picked up and although the smallest, manages to squiggle and wiggle his way to the front and when he gets to his desired destination is very content to awash you with kisses. (6.10 lbs.)

Green Boy is the largest in the litter and one of the 'best all around pups'. He has boning, size, gentle nature and is quite a handsome young man! (9 lbs.)

Pink Girl is a dear. Not an instigator but not one to pick on either. She has a beautiful face and is a very flexible pup. (8.8 lbs.)

The Eighth Week is such a milestone!

I know I have been remiss with posting pics lately, but boy....the 8th week is such a huge jump in development! Plus we had a number of visitors and vet visits. Then Carl finished making the side fence for the outside and the gate for the inside; and lastly, I had to change the potty area to accommodate soooo many bathroom needs. Then the trainer came for her first assessment and that was a whole day....so here are some pics! :+)

Red Girl is chilling but maybe she is contemplating biting Mae's tail too. Hmmmmmm. She has a spirited side to her that is both charming and devious!

Cadbury is already spoiled - sorry Cynthia! She adores having her belly scratched and does her best to get as close to you as possible to get the deed done!

Prior to the gate being installed, Harriet would peek over at the pups and boy did the barking start! They want Mommy's milk and the 'well' is dry.

Yellow Girl, Red Girl and Green Boy enjoyed the cushion until one decided to potty on it. Grrrr.

Pink and Purple girls playing tiddilywinks with their paws. :+)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Tunnel is introduced.

Today I put the tunnel in their playpen and they went nuts over it! No reservations at all as you can see. :+)

Some even thought that perhaps it is a new 'bedroom'!

A 'rolling' bedroom, I might add! It seems Green Boy and Mae find the outside just as appealing as inside!

Smitty, another possible addition to our program, is shown here with Yellow Girl. Smitty fit right in with our litter! His testing protocal will determine if he remains. (I hope so!)

I don't think this tunnel will last long with those many teeth testing its boundaries, but they are sure enjoying it while it lasts! :+)

Monday, July 9, 2007

Weights at 7 weeks old!


I almost forgot! Well, actually I DID forget what week they were; then I went to record weights and there was a big, blank space where Week 7 was! I was trying to push them up a week!!! OOOps!

  • Blue Boy is 7.5 lbs.
  • Purple Girl is 6.10
  • Black Boy is 6.4
  • Green Boy is 8.6 - now holds the 'Fat Boy Title'!!
  • Pink Girl is 7.9
  • Flower Girl is 6.8
  • Red Girl is 6.0
  • Yellow Girl is 7.4
  • Orange Girl is 7.13
  • Multi Girl is 7.4 and
  • Maple Sugar is 8.5 (Remember she is two days younger but now chasing 'Fat Boy'!

Lots of showers today, so.......

'Watta ya mean? We can't go out 'cause of the rain'?

'Are you sure?' asks maple Sugar.

'Okay, it IS raining. We are a bit soggy and we can use this new bed to dry us off a bit and to chew up and wrestle on. Let's check it out. And...what is this neat chew toy? I think we prefer staying dry.'

'Can we ALL fit on this bed?'

'If we pull this Tigger guy off, there might be more room!'