Friday, February 25, 2011

The exciting 8th week! PICS INCLUDED!

Hi everyone,

when I tried to upload the pics this week, my system was not allowing me to do so. I had decided to have some fun playing dress up with them because the weather was not cooperating - about 7 inches of snow fell. Since my initial post, the problem are been re mediated. Whew!

Their learning curve this week has included becoming very familiar with the dogie door. When released from their x-pen, they all dash outdoors to climb on the snow, potty and play chase. Sometimes, I allow Bella and Eloise to play with them, but when they get too rowdy, I separate them. So I do a lot of switching from one group to the other. I like to call it 'recess rotation'. :+) Olive's pups get the priority slot after every meal to encourage them using the outdoors for potty.

They also enjoy playing with the new plastic infant tunnel - they have bark fests peeking at each other underneath the 'bridge'.

Figgy 8 lbs. - Figgy the 'Diva'. She can be bossy or sweet. Maybe that comes with the 'diva' definition.

Blue 7 & 3/4 lbs. Loves his naps. More of a gentleman than a clown. Still loves to 'taste you'.

Orange 7 lbs. I believe he is 'singing in the rain'. His raincoat and umbrella don't show up very well in this pic. Perhaps he is praying for sunshine???

Rainbow 6 & 1/2 lbs. Okay, this pic takes the cake in my personal opinion. Her under bite just adds to the 'pout' look. It will not even be noticeable once her potty brush muzzle grows longer but her face will always remind me of Drew Barrymore!

Black 8 & 3/4 lbs. Ahhh, if I was going to think of an actor that this guy reminds me of, it would be one of the '007' heart throbs. What do you think?

Teal 8 lbs. Fishing? Watching the hula dancers? 'A draft, please? They all work. :+)

Rose 6 & 3/4 lbs. Rose cracks me up. She is so smug and adores belly rubs. I just love that polka dot bow hat and the beads!! :+)

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Hi everyone,

I think it is in your best interest to check out this link regarding pet insurance. The forum is called 'Doodle Kisses' and there is a ton of information on this very extensive site. One of the subjects was about pet insurance and many participated giving their opinions and showing comparisons.

Insurance for your pet is not expensive and some even offer compensation for well visits.

You might want to check this out. I don't use Heartworm Meds but

that is my choice. Many of you will and this might be good info to read for you. You will need to highlight and copy to your address bar.

Friday, February 18, 2011

We had our first temperament test today at 7 weeks old!

I am getting very excited about having more space for these guys to run in. By the end of the weekend, two of Clara's pups will have gone to their new homes - Albert and Clancy. Hazel has a variety of interested people who will meet her this weekend and Eloise will leave for her guardian home in a couple more weeks.

Actually both sets of litters have intermingled several times together. :+) The Olive pups are getting to know the dogie door quite well. By next week, I bet all of them will be going through it without reservation.

Today they had their first assessment and they did rather well! It won't be long before all of you will know who your new companion will be. If you have not sent me (3) preferences, now would be a good time to do so.

Orange Boy is finally staying out of the potty pool for his naps. I was thinking his name might have to be 'Pigpen' - remember the Charlie Brown/Lucy cartoons???? (6 lbs.)

Rose has a killer face. A big favorite. (5 & 3/4 lbs.)

Do you see attitude? Figgy Puddin' is really quite a handful! A very busy & curious girl. (7 lbs.)

Blue is angelic. He is calm most of the time and just wants a lap. (7 lbs.)

Black is also a very laid back pup. Food, cuddles and a constant companion seem to be his preferences. (7 & 3/4 lbs.)

Rainbow is a clown. She likes to be in the thick of things. She would love to have a household of kids to entertain her and hang around with. She loves a lap just as much. (5 & 3/4 lbs.)

Teal's pic says it all. A nice walk will suit him just fine. He loves the outdoors but settles very quickly. An 'all around' kind of guy. (6 & 3/4 lbs.)

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Update on Hazel.

It is with great sadness that I must give up on Hazel becoming a breeder for Annabelle Doodles. When she went in for a check up, a tooth was not hitting correctly on her upper palate. As we both looked closer, it appears that her bottom jaw did not line up perfectly like it should. My vet felt it was a genetic condition (those darn recessive genes!!!) that could manifest in her litters. So, with lots of reluctance, I am culling her from my program. :+(

Included in the recessive lineup are under bites which are very common in this breed. However, as long as the bite does not impair eating, drinking or chewing, it is an acceptable condition for pet quality puppies. Of course, no responsible breeder would keep one to use for stock.

There are so many recessive genes that we cannot test for, so the only way you know your dog may be carrying them is when they 'express' themselves, such as what just happened. She will make someone a very special pet.

Hazel has an appointment to be spayed and also have the 'unruly' tooth removed to make way for her permanent tooth. Typically, with lots of tennis ball play, the mature tooth could come in just fine. Hazel playing with a ball is one of the therapies for this condition to improve. Funny, huh?

I am keeping my fingers crossed that Figgy will join our program. Time will tell! :+)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Olive and the Westminister.

As millions of people watch the Westminister Dog Show, let us not forget those canines who believe that t.v. produces this very special show just for them! Akin to a canine Christmas special t.v. show. :+)

Olive is an avid t.v. watcher and she thinks this show is just the berries!!!!!

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Why is my Guardian Home Candidate named Holiday Figgy Puddin`?

As you might have guessed, I tend to pick names that are from movies, books, rhymes, fairy tales and actors/actresses, etc. - tweaking them just a bit to make them more personal in some instances. Now I have added a song as well.

Actually this name was a 'gift' to me from a dear breeder friend who placed a lovely pup of hers in a guardian home that named her Figgy. Puddin' was added to make it more 'palatable' to my friend. The name was right up my alley and I had wished I had thought of it. Graciously, it was bestowed to me for this special little girl.

It appealed to me even more when I realized it was from an old, world renown Christmas song - We Wish You a Merry Christmas! Since Figgy Puddin' was born on New Year's Day, it was fitting to add 'Holiday' to the name. (Song below pic).

I am going to keep my fingers crossed that this sweet piece of chocolate tests well as her genes are special indeed!

We wish you a Merry Christmas;
We wish you a Merry Christmas;
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Good tidings we bring to you and your kin;
Good tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Oh, bring us a figgy pudding;
Oh, bring us a figgy pudding;
Oh, bring us a figgy pudding and a cup of good cheer

We won't go until we get some;
We won't go until we get some;
We won't go until we get some, so bring some out here

We wish you a Merry Christmas;
We wish you a Merry Christmas;
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Pics of Olive's pups - Misc. shots at 6 weeks old.

There is always one that is not in a pic. Starting from the left: Blue, Figgy Puddin`, Rainbow and Rose. In the back, Black and Teal boys. Of course, I know where Orange is............

and it isn't on the 'toilet'! Orange Boy finally found a soft spot to relax in!

Here Blue is using the Lixit Bottle to cut teeth on.

Blue is showing his pearly whites as Figgy keeps hers hidden.

Rose climbing on Black with Blue sitting.

Orange and Rainbow hoping the gate will open.

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We are half way to going home! SIX WEEKS!

Can you believe that Olive and Coriander's litter will be home bound near the end of March? It seems they were just born and that is only a little over a month away.

They have learned to really explore the puppy room and each one has investigated the dogie door. The boys have ventured through the door along with Figgy Puddin` - very brave puppies!! They seem to love the ice, snow and cold. Brrrrr.... Rose and Rainbow prefer the comforts of the puppy room - my kind of gals!! They will do the deed eventually.

Eating has become a past-time favorite. They were introduced to bananas at lunch today. Such an odd taste and texture! They will continue to have 'adventures in food' weekly. :+) All of them know how to get water from the Lixit Bottle. I sometimes use this with my winter litters because the floor is heated and it also heats up anything that sits on the floor, including the water dish. By using the Lixit Bottle, water stays cool and fresh because it is attached to the x-pen.

I used a 'heart' pillow as a backdrop to welcome and wish everyone a lovely Valentine's Day!

Figgy Puddin` - Guardian Home Candidate (5 & 3/4 lbs.)

Orange Boy (5 & 1/2 lbs.)

Teal Boy (6 & 1/4 lbs.)

Rainbow Girl (4 & 3/4 lbs.)

Rose Girl (5 & 1/4 lbs.)

Black Boy (6 & 1/2 lbs.)

Blue Boy (6 & 1/4 lbs.)

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Friday, February 11, 2011

I could not resist this 'pose'.

This is Orange Boy from Olive's litter. How in the world can this be comfortable?????? It is lumpy, can't smell particularly nice and is plastic. But here he is... perfectly relaxed sleeping in the toilet. Thank goodness it does not flush. :+)

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Eloise 'babysits' Olive's litter.

While I clean the baby pups' pen, I would keep Eloise and Clara's pups behind the gate in the kitchen area. By doing this, I can let the little pups outside their pen to play in the puppy room area as I clean. Today, however, I noticed Eloise trying to play with the pups between the gate, so I let her in. She immediately sat atop the Step 2 and watched the pups. Very quickly, the pups climbed up to meet with her and entertain them she did! It was adorable to watch. I believe if Eloise has the opportunity to become a mommy that she is going to be a great one.


She was really so gentle.

They gathered around her like flies.

Lots of licking going on.

Oops! Is this a foot???
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This is how pups do their laundry. (Clara x Clifford at 10 wks.)

As you can see, Hazel thinks laundry should be chewed not washed. This dish towel must be 'tasty'. I guess she won't be needing any soap (just kidding) to go with that. (9 & 3/4 lbs.)

Now Clancy thinks by looking really adorable that he won't have to do this chore. I think he may be right. (8 & 1/8 lbs.)

And Albert believes all this laundry is to make his sleeping quarters extra comfy. The jogging pants make a nice place to lie his lovely head. (11 & 1/2 lbs.)

This week the 'adolescents' are so enmeshed in our household that they do believe they will live here permanently. They use the dogie door 99% of the time and sit for their food as well as on command (knowing a treat is not far behind).

Both Albert and Clancy did great at the vets yesterday for their neuters. Today, you would never know it happened except for a very small incision on the belly area. Their next visit will be for round number 2 of the DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo & Para influenza) and Health Certificates and they are home bound!
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Surgery Day!


I will post pics tomorrow of Clara's litter as the boys had their surgeries today. They did well but have a bit of soreness. They ate, went to the bathroom and said hello to Hazel and Eloise. I am trying to keep them 'somewhat' calm. Ahem.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

For a lot of excellent information about choosing a breeder.

Go to:

This is just an excerpt that I copied and found interesting. There are TONS of articles to read about and, I believe, all and any person looking for a puppy would gain lots of insight and avoid mistakes. I have not read them all yet, but I certainly intend to. I may not agree with everything written, but it sure is comprehensive! :+)

Just one of the articles:

Red Flags, Breeders you probably want to avoid

I'm really not a person who likes to use the words "never" or "always", so take the following as signs for caution. Yet, in some cases I will just have to use one of those words. Sorry, but keep reading, you will see.

  • If you see a reference to a "registered breeder" and most especially to a "USDA" licensed or registered breeder just stop right there. The USDA concerns itself only with mass breeders. Mass breeders are breeding for the money. If there is ever a question between profits and the best interests of the dog, the dog loses. Please, don't let mass breeders profit from your money. If you want to check a particular breeder you can try

  • "Champion bloodlines" is a term used by those who have no clue. A responsible breeder knows it just isn't a sales point. That doesn't mean that the responsible breeder won't brag about their dog's background. They do, and they should. But if neither the sire nor the dam has their own championship then the responsible breeder is going to be focusing on explaining why not, and how they know that the dogs are of good quality, and merely claiming "Champion bloodlines" is no evidence at all.

  • "AKC registered" This is just as meaningful and just as important as a car advertisement claiming "DMV" registered. Yes, you want to know that, but no it is not a sales point. For more take a look on my article on "What does AKC mean?"

    A responsible breeder will include the information on the registry, so it's the tone or the focus you are looking at, not the mere inclusion of the information. If they think "AKC" is a selling point, they are clueless. Some breeds have their own registries that may be more careful than AKC, and in those cases listing the registry might be a selling point.

  • Although there are reputable registries in the USA other than AKC and UKC (and CKC in Canada) there are also a lot that hand out completely meaningless "papers". Be especially cautious with any registry that has initials the same as a well-known registry. Be especially cautious of registries that complain of some imagined difficulty or expense in registering dogs through AKC. Look for excellent centralized record keeping, breed standards, and competitive events to determine degree to which a dog conforms to breed standards, and who controls registration requirements. Could you become an active participant in the process? If not, then doubt the registry.

  • "Vet checked" is another meaningless term. Duh, it's like saying, "it runs" in a car ad. Not very impressive. Of course you want the puppy to be "vet checked" but if the breeder thinks that's a selling point they probably haven't CERF'd the puppies. Don't know what I mean when I said, "CERF'd" the puppies? Ooops, then you aren't ready to be talking to breeders yet. It's a basic eye check done in many breeds, and its one of the few tests that are actually done on both the puppies and their parents.

  • Does the advertisement tell you the color of the puppies but not a word on health testing? Then expect someone who is a shallow breeder, breeding for appearance but ignoring health and temperament. This will either be because they don't care, or more likely because they lack the knowledge to do better. If you desire a healthy dog you will do better to get a random bred dog (mutt) over one where the breeder focuses on appearance but ignores genetic health.

Olive x Coriander's Litter at Five Weeks!

This past week has seen a few carefully orchestrated changes. As I have said before, new experiences are very important for development but they need to be done so as not to frighten the pups.

It was obvious to me that the pups needed to have more space, so I re-arranged the x-pens to allow that. They outgrew the crate so I brought in one of my large beds so that the pups and stuffed animals could all fit comfortably. While I was doing this, the pups enjoyed playtime outside the x-pen and the 'adolescents' from Clara's litter played behind the gate in the kitchen.

Once I had everything figured out, I brought them all in, one by one, to acquaint themselves with their new 'bedroom'. They were all quite content, so I added a new 'plaything' to their space - the tunnel. They took to it right away and had a wonderful time exploring the tunnel and their new bed. :+)

Fudge Girl is 5 lbs. on the dot this week. Tentative breeder choice for a guardian home.

Blue Boy weighs 5 lbs. as well.

Rose Girl will be petite and is at 4 1/4 lbs.

Black Boy is the heaviest, but not by much - 5 1/8 lbs.! Tentative candidate for a guardian home.

Teal Boy is holding his own at 4 & 3/4 lbs.

Orange Boy will be on the smaller side at 4 1/4 lbs.

Rainbow Girl is the lightweight of the group at 4 lbs.

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