Monday, June 25, 2007

Five Weeks -cuter and cuter!

After eating and playing, Green Boy and Black Boy simply crash.

Flower Girl should have been labeled 'Water Girl'. She loves it. Yellow Boy may get wet.

Red Girl enjoys 'teething' on a chicken wing. Annabelle eventually ate it.

It appears Multi Girl likes small spaces. I find her sleeping between the crates often.

Flower Girl, having 'showered' provides a nice clean pillow for Pink Girl.

What a difference one week makes. (5 weeks)

I am always blown away by the changes from week to week.

The Potty Box is used about 90% of the time now! Wonderful!!!

Interaction with the toys are more deliberate.

I change toys almost daily for stimulation.

Cadbury says 'Hello' and all the pups focus on me when they hear my voice. It feels good to be so adored. :+)

Here is the list of new weights at this time:
Blue Boy 5.6
Purple Girl 4.12
Black Boy 4.5
Green Boy 6.0
Pink Girl 6.0
Flower Girl 5.0
Red Girl 4.8
Yellow Girl 5.4
Orange Girl 5.8
Multi Girl 5.2

Patriotic (Mae) 6.0 lbs.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another 4 week milestone.

WE HAVE TEETH!!! No wonder they are enjoying the chew toys so much! So now when I am in the pen, minnions of tiny teeth are grabbing my socks and tasting my shoes and legs. So now bite inhibition begins and the puppies learn they can hurt people and themselves.

Now the players!

Sometimes no toy can beat just plain, ol' fashion wrestling enjoyed by Green Boy and Yellow Girl.

Flower Girl may be a frisbee champ!

Willis is a doting 'Aunt' and is always trying to play with the pups. Here she is enticing Green Boy and Maple Sugar.

Red Girl needs a time out for a good scratch (or is it hair primping?)

Here is a possible soccer candidate! It appears Black Boy and Blue Boy were camara shy today.

Some play and others nap. Here are the nappers!

Some like to nap with their heads on the pillow like Purple Girl.

Then you have Pink Girl who prefers the hind end of Orange Girl for a pillow while sleeping belly up. Unfortunately, Black Boy must have been sleeping or hiding behind one of the crates and was lost to the camara. :+(

Our 4 - week weights.


I thought you might be interested in knowing what the weights are of all the pups at this time.

Harriet's Litter:
Blue Boy 4.2 lbs.
Purple Girl 3.10
Black Boy 3.7
Green Boy 4.14
Pink Girl 5.0 (affectionately called 'Big Bertha!'
Flower Girl 3.12
Red Girl 3.12
Yellow Girl 4.4
Orange Girl 4.10 ('Cadbury' Nougat - Millett Family)
Multi Girl 4.0 (her collar has multiple stripes)

Annabelle's baby
Patriotic Girl 4.10 (Maple Sugar aka 'Mae' - Schindler Family)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


The pups are getting along so well, and now enjoy sleeping quarters much like a condo. :+) They are not particular about which house they occupy - a nice start on enjoying their crate.

Today, they enjoyed their true 'first' gourmet meal which consisted of Gerber Sweet Potatoes, organic hamburger, oats and goat's milk. They chowed down without anyone grumbling. :+)

Of course, nothing is better than the 'read deal' and they enjoyed their liquid dessert. Mommies enjoyed cleaning up the leftovers!

Isn't it just amazing that these two girls can be in the same area nursing assorted pups?? Proof positive of their incredible temperaments. :+)

Fine dining is done and now it is time for 'social hour'.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The boys new 'neckerchiefs'!

A great shot of Green, Black and Blue Boys with Mae showing off her Patriotic Collar.

Mae always has ' a little something to say'!

New Collar I.D.'s!

Here are some of the girls sporting their new colorful collars. From now on, the pups will have these on so that identifying them will be easier for me and you. Here you can see Yellow, Purple, Orange and Red.

A shot of Purple and Pink together. :+)

Multi Girl is sitting in the corner. No, she was not a bad girl.

Finally, a pic of Flower Girl to complete the bunch! (pun intended!) :+)

We will be four weeks tomorrow!

Here are Harriet's seven ladies. The potty box is in the corner as they seemed to gravitate there. Of course, the use of it is really scattered (or luck), but it gets better as they grow.

The boys and Mae enjoy their space, and the potty set up is the same. It is my hope that when they are combined, their potty areas will remain in the same areas.

As you can see, the 'nursery pools' are gone, but they are still separated. I caught Annabelle feeding Harriet's girls, so it won't be long before they will be combined as their mommies are beginning to nurse for shorter periods now and are not so protective. The shorter gates attached to the wire fences allow for the moms to jump in and check on their charges at will. This works until the pups try to jump over it! When that starts, they are completely fenced in.

They having been eating organic oats, banana baby food, flaked chicken and organic goat's milk as well as nursing from their moms. :+)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We had to wait till morning! (3 weeks/2days old)

Here is Annabelle nursing her 'adopted' boys and Maple Sugar. I had to wait till early this morning for their move.

After fussing for a bit, they decided it was not so bad and began exploring.

Kissing cousins! Maple and Black Boy.

'Look at all our new toys! I think we are going to like it here.' (Green Boy is the darker cream and Black Boy is the smaller, lighter cream on the left. Blue Boy stands out like a sore thumb with his jet black coat!

We moved at 3 weeks/2 days old!

Mommy Harriet and all the girls moved to the puppy room last night and settled in nicely.

A close up of a girly cuddle with Flower Girl and Red Girl.

Harriet is outside the pool kind of 'keeping her eye out'.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Maple Sugar is a brute!

Affectionately called 'Mae' by her Guardians, Maple Sugar continues to dominate the weight scale at 3.8 lbs. Although two days younger than her cousins, Annabelle's genetics seem to be ruling. Mae also has some interesting markings as I see a patch of white right at the tip of her nose as well as her head, chest, toes and tail! Many of Annabelle's markings blended away except for her chest. I hope Mae's will remain.

She will have a combination coat like Annabelle that is soft, with loopy curls.

'Mugs' at almost three weeks - pics.

I believe Multi Girl is sporting a fleece coat at this time and with her white goatee and tipped white back paws, will be adorable. She is one of the smaller ones at this time weighing 2.8 lbs. I love her petiteness.

Orange Girl, and the only chocolate in the group, has everyone wanting her! Isn't it always the way?? My last litter, the chocolates were the last to sell - go figure. But this little girl will remain in our breeding program. We are looking for the perfect guardian home (local) for her. She appears to be a solid girl at 3 lbs., but I have been fooled before!
Update: We have the Millett Family of Eliot, Me. as the new guardians of Cadbury! Congrats!!

This boy is a handful - literally. Green Boy is 3.5 pounds of 'meaty'! As is typical, he is bigger boned, has a large head and is all around - male! A soft combo coat is my thought right now.

Blue Boy is not too far behind Green in the weight department - 3.1 lbs. Another solidly built pup. I believe he will have a lovely fleece-type coat. Let's hope I am right!

Black Boy is my 'Tiki Barber' of the males..... small but mighty! He is 2.11 lbs, but holds his own with the 'big guys'. A curly combo coat is my prediction.

'Mugs' at almost three weeks!

This is Red Girl at 2.10 lbs.. When I left a bowl of food in the whelping box for Harriet, her head was in there lapping it up like a champ! She will have a combo wool/fleece coat of curls like her parents.

Pink Girl has been 'hoarding' the milk bar! She is a whooping 3.4 lbs! She has a touch of white under her chinny-chin-chin and I expect her to be mostly fleece coated with curls.

Here is Flower Girl. :+) She is right in the middle with regard to weight at 2.10 lbs. She will have a combo coat too just like Red Girl. A rather dainty little lady. :+)

One of the smaller girls at this time, Purple Girl sports a white 'goatee' and a touch of white on her back paws. I think she will have loose curls - subject to change!!! :+)

Look at this head! Yellow Girl favors her grandma, Annabelle. She has a wide 'labbish type' head and is rather brawny at 2.14 lbs. Of course, they are still babies and bones are still melding.

Monday, June 4, 2007

....and the party continues.

Just way too many girls, we are beat!! :+)

We are celebrating our Second Week Birthday!

We are all here, but some of us are buried!

Hey! What's going on below???

Can I climb this big, green mountain?

Ah, it is a more peaceful party without those brothers!!!

Ya, let's take a nap, we are beat from all that 'partying'!
(Check the next post for what the boys are up to.)