Wednesday, September 24, 2008

PARVO - A great read.


I just followed this link to an excellent article about Parvo, breeders, exposure, etc. It is from another breeders site who has generously allowed us to use the link to help you understand the ramifications of Parvo exposure and how to prevent this horrible disease from attacking your pup.

Although my pups are here for a longer time than most facilities, they are not immune to a possible exposure. Use due diligence until that third puppy shot is received.

Please read this link, it could prevent you from a lot of heartache. Copy the link below and paste in your browser.

:+) Joyce

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

FINALLY! New owner pics from our last litter.

First, let me apologize PROFUSELY for such a lapse in getting this done! It has just been kind of frantic around here with the upcoming wedding! So much to do! However, I have been getting some wonderful reports of how the pups are doing and it warms my heart. :+)

Marilyn and Hershie are so enjoying the antics of Kobie Potter. They tell me he is so good about going to his 'bedroom'. He is pottying rather well, except when they wait a bit too long to get him outside! He seems to love Bitter Apple, so I suggested hot Tobasco Sauce instead. His vet loves him and he is one happy boy!

A pictures says a thousand words, doesn't it? Barbara and her sweet dad, think Charlie is simply the best. Barbara tells me how thrilled she is to have Charlie in her life. Her dad visits often to see his 'best buddy' (and his daughter, of course!) LOL!

I truly don't know a more beautiful family than this one. From Mom and Dad to their 5 grown children - wow! :+) Nancy was so delighted that her children accompanied her willingly to visit the puppies and would sit on the floor with puppy tongues, teeth and tails frantically vying for attention! Couple that with the four 'big' dogs and you have doggie overload. What a great gang!! Lola is going to be some socialized puppy!

Yes, they are sure giggling! Who wouldn't be when puppy licks abound! Bailey will keep her little owner occupied for many an hour. My guess would be - 'who is going to be more tired.... Julia or Bailey????

What a lucky breeder I am to have had this family on my waiting list. One of my pups was just so shy and really needed a family that would take the extra mile to help him develop his confidence and here they were...ready, willing and able. :+) Marley is the light of this famiy's lives and he is doing wonderfully under their tender care and direction. Thank you, Yokens!

The Arnold's have another dog of mine named Lily and there was no question that Daisy would be the perfect companion for them and their curly-coated, black 'first furry child'. Nothing but smiles from this family! I sure hope they are having 'double the fun' with two doodles. :+)

The Cohens are enjoying their big furry black bear, Ozzie. From reports Ozzie behaves very well at the college where his mom works. I don't know how long it will take, but I think Professor Ozzie, Ph. D. has a nice ring to it, don't you?

Molly has been keeping her family quite entertained. She had a bit of spunk when she was here, but the Cooney's seem to be handling her quite well. :+) Their son finally has a furry friend that can play outdoors with him and Dad has a companion to bogey board with him in the ocean. Mom and daughter enjoy all the cuddles and kisses Molly has to offer.

Little Miss Tessie is not featured because I forgot to take a pic! Oh my! All of us were running that day unfortunately! But I get great pics and updates and she is having a ball with her 'older' brother. She is still bossy, loves getting wet and rolling in the mud, digging in the garden and harassing Lando. Some things don't change. :+) Her family adores her, mud and all.