Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Some casual pics of the Gunny x Lil Abner group.


Peach Girl on the Sit and Spin.

Thaddeus, chillin'.

Purple Girl, taking it all in.

Teal Girl, play bowing, I think!

Green Boy enjoying the outdoor bed.

Pink Girl giving you 'the eyes'.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Gunny's pups had a lot of fun with their visitors today!

Just another day playing with the 'company'!


Between visitors, grain deliveries and phone calls, I was finally able to get pics of Gunny's puppies for their seventh week segment!

I will post more pics of them having lots of fun with their 'guests' today.

They love being outdoors and only come in for naps. I even feed them outside because the weather has been great and they go potty right after!  Makes my chores easier!  :+)

It would be nice if those of you who have not submitted preferences do so at this time. Assignments will be late on Sunday and I will need names by then as well! Looking forward to what you all have come up with!

Thaddeus Dood is the largest pup at 6  1/4 lbs.
He has a Guardian Home.

Miss Peach Collar Girl is 4  1/2 lbs. this week.

Miss Pink Collar Girl weighs 4  3/4 lbs. at this time.

The seventh week mark shows Miss Purple Collar Girl at 5 lbs.

Thaddeus' twin, Green Collar Boy is 5  1/2 lbs.

Bringing up the rear is Miss Teal Collar Girl at 4  1/2 lbs.

Sunday, August 27, 2017


Over the past couple of days, Daisy's pups have begun to open their eyes. This week, they will make huge strides in development.

The afternoon proved to be lovely, so I decided to hang a basket on one of my bushes to take pics of these chunky pups. The branch proved to be quite adequate to handle the job.  :+)  Some of the pups show open eyes while others are not quite sure what they are for yet and squeeze them tight in the brightness of the afternoon western sun.

None of the pups are at 2 lbs. yet but Pink Girl is really, really close. I expect her to be the heaviest pup in the litter at about 30 lbs. when mature. The rest, I expect to be in the 25 to 28 lb. range.

Red Collar Male - 1.9 lbs.
Pink Collar Female - 1.15 lbs. (local Guardian Home prospect - inquire if interested)
Green Collar Male - 1.7 lbs.

Yellow Collar Male - 1.7 lbs.

Blue Collar Male - 1.8 lbs.
Orange Collar Female - 1.5 lbs.
Teal Collar Female - 1.9 lbs.

Brown Collar Male - 1.11 lbs.

Violet Collar Female - 1.9 lbs.

'A walk in the park' with future guardians for ADNE

I LOVE it when future guardians are so involved in a litter. This wonderful couple comes often just to socialize with all the pups and boy, do all of them enjoy it!

This past Sunday, they took all the pups for a walk in my puppy stroller. What a great experience for the pups to be on the road with cars buzzing by and enjoying the 'lumps and bumps' of the road. It is important for them to hear these strange sounds as the the real world swirls around them.  Of course, I will take them for walks as well but it was so nice for them to offer to do it for me.  :+)

Thanks so much Serena and David!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Car rides for Daisy's litter.

Each litter, I try to help prevent the possibility of car sickness by taking the pups on three car rides before they are ten days old. In many cases, it helps but I will never say it is 100%. I had attended a seminar in New York several years ago and the speaker mentioned this 'trick'. Her explanation is that the pups adapt to the car movement better at this age and there will be memory cells as it being a positive experience. I can tell you that this group of nine were quite content in my car and I had no squawking for the entire ten minute ride - a good sign.  :+)  The group finished their 'trifecta' and will have more trips once their vet appointments begin in a few more weeks.

They all snuggled into the basket and went to sleep! A couple are covered up by their siblings but were perfectly content.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


As you know from the previous posts the pups go outdoors a lot to play and potty - they are doing super well. They love having visitors to 'chew on' and cuddle with and then go down for a long nap. It is a good life for sure!

Of course, the weather has been great for this outdoor exposure and it makes my clean up in the puppy room easier.  :+)

For today's pics, I put them in scarfs that represent their collar color. They were very good in the pail I used to contain them - THANK GOODNESS! They had just gone to settle for a nap when I got the chance to set up for pics, so were quite compliant. A little trick I need to remember for next week's picture taking segment!

Teal Collar Girl weighs 3  1/2 lbs. at 6 weeks.

Black Collar Male is 5 lbs. at 6 weeks. The heaviest pup in the litter.

Purple Collar Girl is 3  3/4 lbs. at 6 weeks.

Pink Collar Girl is 3  5/8 lbs. at 6 weeks.

Green Collar Male is 4  1/4 lbs. at 6 weeks.

Peach Collar Girl weighs 3  1/2 lbs. at 6 weeks.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Visitors this week to socialize Gunny's litter of pups!

Lots of cuddles, pats and belly rubs were enjoyed by the pups this past week. I am always so grateful for the buyers who make the trip to meet my adults and play with the pups of the litter they are getting a pup from. Visitations are a WIN - WIN - WIN - for them, me and the pups!

Here are several pics for all of you to enjoy. Nothing takes away stress faster and more effectively than enjoying the kisses and antics of a litter of pups.  :+)

Now isn't this something? The 'phantom twins' and two of the apricot girls wrestling. Segregation is not
encouraged here, honest!

Sunday, August 20, 2017


It sure has been pretty active around here with visitors for Gunny's group and keeping up with the food supply for Daisy with her brood.  All the other adults here need attention too. My poor husband barely gets dinner!  :+)

Daisy and pups are doing well however and that is what counts. Here are their pics at one week of age. I always find the first two weeks of taking pics boring because they hardly move and with their eyes closed.... well... there is not much to work with!

They do have lovely coats though and squeak when I pick them up.

Red Collar Male at 1 week.  15  7/8 ounces.

Brown Collar Male at 1 week.  1 lb. 1 oz.

Violet Collar Female at 1 week.  15  3/4 ounces.

Orange Collar Female at 1 week.  13  1/8 ounces.

Yellow Collar Male at 1 week.  14  1/2 ounces.

Blue Collar Male at 1 week.  13  7/8 ounces.

Green Collar Male at 1 week.  14  5/8 ounces.

Teal Collar Female at 1 week.  15 ounces.

Pink Collar Female at 1 week. Guardian Home Candidate.  1 lb. 3 ozs.