Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Morse Code litter - just for fun pics!

The six pups are doing wonderfully and exploring daily. Now that they can see quite well and hear, their environment is becoming more interesting. This is still a 'critical period' for them so I am still rather careful about certain noises and making big changes in their routine.

They are eating their gruel concoction daily and 'sort of'' using the potty box. Mom still provides most of what they require and does a lot of the toileting still. I am slowly taking over her job.

They are up on wobbly feet and 'tipsy' around now.

It appears Green and Teal boys are having a serious conversation.

Purple Girl is looking at the big wide world outside their pen.  What do you think is going through her head?

Seems to me Black Boy is trying to hitch a ride on Caramel boy's caboose!
A contemplative moment for Green Boy.

Oh my! Choices, choices seems to express the look on Caramel Boy's face. :+)

Pink Girl is an ADNE breeding hopeful.

Eat or sleep? 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Charlotte x Rocky pups at THREE Weeks old.

Three weeks is when a lot begins to happen with puppies. They become more animated, they will begin to mouth each other and get introduced to a milk gruel as well as the litter box.

Charlotte already spends more time playing with Daisy than she does her puppies but that only shows she is feeling really great. She does all the motherly duties required of a good brood bitch but also takes time for herself. Smart female! :+)

All the pups are gaining but now is the time that I can predict a 'probable' mature weight. So, if all stays the same, Teal Boy will be closest to a low 30 lb. range. Green Boy should be around 28 lbs. and Pink and Purple Girls within the 23 to 27 lb. area. Both Black and Caramel Boys are tracking to be the smallest at 25 lbs. or under.

Teal Boy weighs 4 lbs. The biggest pup as expected.

Pink Girl is 2 3/4 lbs. 

Green Boy weighs 3 lbs.

Purple Girl is at 2 3/4 lbs.

Little Black Boy will be a mini and weighs 2 1/3 lbs.

Caramel Boy, another lightweight, is 2 1/2 lbs.


Monday, October 26, 2015

A little bit about Rocky!

When I saw Rocky as a pup, I thought he was exquisite. A Labradoodle breeder
Rocky with a leaf hanging from his muzzle. Natural coat.
friend of mine was looking for a male Cockapoo stud and I suggested she visit the website where Rocky was listed as a pup for sale - it was love at first sight.  :+)

Currently, Sugar and Spice's Rocky Road is now standing stud at Cottage Grove Acres Spoodles. Here are her words used to describe Rocky:

'This cutie pie joined us in May 2014 after passing his initial health testing...we can't wait for him to grow up! Rocky is a third generation cockapoo/Spoodle. Rocky is very playful, loves meeting people and dogs and loves a quick cuddle. He will be about 16 inches and 25 lbs when full grown.'

Color code:  BbEe (a tri-color that carries for cream and chocolate)
Size:  16 inches and 25 lbs

Health Info:
Hips:  OFA Prelim of Good; PennHIP is .35/.44 at 60% (well above average)
Elbows: OFA result is Normal
Patellas: Normal
Cardio: Normal
Thyroid: Normal
Eye CERF: Normal
Progressive Rod Atrophy (PRA) Disease: Clear
von Willebrand's Disease (vWD): Clear
Exercised Induced Collapse (EIC): Clear
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM): Clear

I was fortunate enough to be able to use Rocky to sire one of my girls and I chose Charlotte. Both
Rocky groomed.
dogs carry a set of color/pattern genes that I knew would add color to a litter and indeed I was right. The mating did that with panache as five of the six pups are expressed parti patterned in black/white, caramel/white, one apricot abstract and one tri-colored parti - WOW!

Providing new genetic material to established lines is smart and healthy. Being a breeder of hybrids gives us the capacity to improve a line by bringing in new DNA. This is not something the pure breeds can do as many have closed stud books that prevent new DNA from being added for gene diversity. On a positive note, new articles have been posted that may change the bottleneck that has occurred from closed studbooks. I am hopeful for the pure breeds!

What can you expect from a breeding such as this? Friendly, playful, companion pups that are curious and trainable. A size most people will enjoy - not too big or too small. Pups that will not shed all over your furniture or clothes. Most of all, pups bred from proven health tested parents. There are very few Cockapoos that have been tested to Rocky's status, check for yourself! Compare the stats listed above with other Cockapoo breeders and you will quickly see what a gem he really is.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

I decided to move the pups to the Puppy Room today.

My plan was to wait until tomorrow or Tuesday, but time opened up today and so it is done. Fortunately, this room has a radiant heated floor, so the pups will always be nice and toasty but I always add a 'bumper' for any type of drafts.

This week a new dogie door will be installed. When that is being done, the pups will be moved into my kitchen in a portable x-pen to be away from the heavy noise cutting into the door will make. Their little ears are still quite sensitive.

There was very little fanfare when they moved into their new spot. They did do some creeping around and sniffed quite a bit. I think they like the big stuffed animals in there as they love to snuggle next to soft things that remind them of their mommy. Charlotte has access whenever she wants it, so all seem to be quite happy.

Here are some miscellaneous pics of them.

It appears fall will be a busy breeding time here at ADNE!

Although I have been wavering about breeding Piper Moon again, my daughter assures me she is ready and willing so I made plans to breed her to that delightful redhead, Tip of the Shore, Thomas! This will be an amazing litter of silky blacks and vibrant reds to be placed in March, if all goes according to plan.

You can read about Piper Moon under the Current Breeder tag, she is a beauty and loves the water! So those of you who like water dogs, this may be the litter for you.

Piper Moon

Tip of the Shore, Thomas

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Australian Labradoodles and Cockapoos - both great combinations!

I am going to post several pics of some puppies from my past litters. Can you tell which ones had a Cockapoo parent and which ones were from two Australian Labradoodles?

Sometimes it is quite difficult! Each pic (assorted ages) was labeled with the parent combo. Some of these pup pics are current breeders for ADNE and some are pets.

AL mom x Cockapoo Sire

Both AL parents

Both AL parents

AL Dam x Cockapoo Sire

AL parents

Cockapoo pup.

AL dam x Cockapoo sire.

Although not always mentioned, the Spaniel breed and Cockapoo (or Spoodle, as it is known in Australia), has been used in most breeding stock in the AUSTRALIAN Labradoodle hybrid for many, many years. It was a great choice to bring down the size, introduce the rich chocolate color in a non-shedding dog type and added soft silkiness to the coats. More importantly, using the Cockapoo greatly reduced inbreeding co-efficencies- an important ingredient for genetic diversity.

As with all breeding stock, you must choose with care. Proven stable temperaments, quality test score results and AKC certifications are a must!  Most importantly, any combination of Australian Labradoodle bred to a Cockapoo is an Australian Labradoodle as defined by the ALAA Registry.

AL parents.

AL dam x Cockapoo sire

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Charlotte's pups at TWO WEEKS OLD!

The development of puppies is crazy - like speed dial! Their eyes are now open and all of them picked a different day to peek at the 'blurry' world around them. I do need to give them a few more days of the soft light in my office before exposing them to the bright sunny area of the puppy room.

So far this group is tracking quite closely in the weight department. Teal Boy is still the heaviest but there isn't a dramatic shift like some of my litters have had. They continue to gain beautifully on mommy's milk supply and their coats are soft and full. No, I cannot tell you who will be curlier or wavier yet but I can say none will be straight or wispy.  :+)

I have never seen a litter of pups with such big feet! They are going to look like fluffy slippers as they grow. I love that look but carpets will be needed to absorb water and dirt when they come in from the rain, snow or mud, so be aware!  Of course, dog booties are available at most pet stores now-a-days.

Caramel Boy with his ADORABLE eye patch! 1.15 lbs.

Pink Girl, who was the first to open her eyes. 2.2 lbs.

Purple Girl, the only solid color in the litter. 2.1 lbs.


Green Boy has such symmetrical patches on his face. 2.2 lbs.

Teal Boy is showing off his tri-colors of chocolate, white and tan.  2.11 lbs.

Black Boy who is the twin of Pink Girl.  1 3/4 lbs.