Friday, March 31, 2017


There was very little sleep at ADNE's last night. Hazel decided that her litter was to sing 'Happy Birthday' in the wee hours of the dawn, namely, 1 to 4 am. Lots of panting and potty trips outdoors most of the day and evening hours till contractions began just before midnight.

Six little darlings welcomed Friday, March 31, 2017. They are doing well and Hazel still has an appetite of a lumberjack.

Both Hazel and I are very tired and need naps. Hence, tomorrow I will post individual pics of these babies. The two blacks are males and have adorable white markings on their faces, chest and some toes. Two more males are apricot. Both females are apricot.

Hazel napping with her pups.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Hazel has arrived for her maternity stay.

I met up with her guardian this morning - thanks, Jeff!

Once settled in my car, we went to my vet for an x-ray which shows seven puppies! Poor little Hazel is feeling VERY pregnant and it shows.

We took our time having Hazel meet all the girls here at ADNE and she has acclimated well. Her whelping area is ready and now we wait. :+)

Hazel's coat is so soft and silky. She does show her pregnancy from the rear!

Has side belly bulge, too!
Still panting and still waiting.........


Fully equipped with teeth, nails and attitude, the sixth week is full of wrestling, pulling, climbing and energy.  They still nap as soundly as they play and it is fun to watch them 'collapse' when the need arrives.

Happily, they have all gained a pound or more this week including little Cayman! I also cut their nails again (grows like crazy!) and refilling their water bowl often. Daisy is in full weaning mode and I am only allowing her to nurse morning and evening - otherwise, the gate is closed. When she interacts with them during the day, I put her in a 'Onsie' to prevent the pups from being able to nurse. In a few days, she won't need the it as her milk supply will be very much depleted.

I have scheduled their Temperament Test for April 5th.

Lastly, their pick up date will be Sunday, April 23 at 1:30 pm. Is that a problem for anyone? Please be sure you read my contract and warranty and also go to the AnnaBlog and look for the Pup Supply label on the right-hand side. Don't buy everything! Do be sure to order the Snuggle Puppy though!

Bindi - 4  3/4 lbs.  Chuck full of energy! Doesn't like the vacuum.

Wyatt - 6  3/4 lbs. Still a chill and low key boy.

Cayman - 3  1/2 lbs. Not at all bothered by the vacuum, likes to climb and loves visiting; but not the eye drops so much.

Bindi staking her claim to Mr. Lion as I clean.

Wyatt likes the very same spot and he and Bindi keep taking turns.  He is almost asleep!

Cayman has patience and now has Mr. Lion all to herself!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


The fifth week of a puppy's life is so fun and rewarding. They are finally developing personalities, walking more firmly and enjoying playing with each other and exploring.

Daisy has indicated that it is time for them to begin the weaning process so they are beginning to eat 'real' food, along with gruel made from Goat's Milk and The Honest Kitchen dehydrated food three times a day.  They are also doing a decent job of using the potty box and are making a conscious choice to 'go to their' bathroom when it is nearby and accessible.

Some of the adult doodles are also introducing themselves to the pups with good results - especially Gunny, who thinks pups are the best toys EVER! Of course, Daisy is with them several times a day, sometimes with Gunny tagging along.  :+)

The first few pics show how much they have risen on their learning curves.  :+)

Bindi, Cayman and Gunny.

I placed a 'crinkly' bag with an empty can in it into their pen to see who would be brave enough to check it out.
As you can see, Bindi is looking at it tentatively.

WYATT (Blk. Boy) did the same thing. What these pics don't show is Cayman - who looked at the bag,
went right up to it to check it out, dragged it a bit and then said 'It is fine, you guys can play with it'.
During this morning's play time in the pup room area, Wyatt decided to pose right on top of the slide.

It has never failed, all pups love to play on or near the stair.

Here is Bindi! She is not terribly brave of new things yet, but IS curious and social.  3  3/4 lbs 
Wyatt is the most photogenic pup ADNE has ever had. He is mellow, sensitive and amiable as well. 5  1/2 lbs

The mouse that roars! Cayman is tiny, brave, curious and spirited. She IS The Leader of the Pack!  2  1/2 lbs

As far as how big they will all be - all I can give you are guesses based on how they are tracking:
  • I feel Wyatt will be the largest and favor his sire's weight of a minimum of 35 lbs. and about 18+ inches in height.
  • Bindi should be about 17+ inches and weigh around 28 to 30 lbs.
  • Little Cayman may favor one of her great-grandparents on her mom's side and be about 15 inches and weigh between 18 to 25 lbs. at maturity.

Monday, March 20, 2017

We had some puppy visitors yesterday and

I would like to share some pics of the pups that they shared with me!

Blk Male on left and little Caymen on right.

Love this one of Caymen.

This little girl is going to be a Princess, for sure.  :+)
Miss Bindi made lots of friends today. :+)

The three of them did not want the fun to end.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

A potential upcoming stud for ADNE

I am so excited about the possibility of this boy becoming a stud for ADNE. His guardian family is just phenomenal and his 'momma' is a superior photographer who updates me with pics all the time which I LOVE!

Everyone, please wish me lots of luck for WYATT SLURP to pass his testing when it is time. I so want babies from this fabulous boy.

Wyatt is an F2 Labradoodle. His slightly wavy coat is easy to maintain because it has no undercoat and does not shed. I love that it is turning to a cafe shade because it just enhances his beautiful eyes.

I LOVE his look!

Wyatt's soulful eyes.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Daisy's litter - Misc. pics.

This morning, I decided to add a bit more space to the pup pen. They enjoyed checking the 'new stuff' out. I also had them out of the pen on the tile floor to play with Daisy for a bit. It is so important to put them in different places so they become more confident in unfamiliar areas.

I added another fencing block to their pen.

Bindi is fast asleep in the corner and Purple Girl is ready to nod off. Look how little she is
compared to her 'Hercules' size brother!

Blk. Boy draped himself over a comfy stuffed animal and is considering a nap but not quite there yet!

Momma Daisy and kids.

A mother's day is never done!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


The pups are now beginning to interact with each other. They paw at the toys and mouthed ears and tails - it is very cute to watch.

They are gaining well and are even using the litter box every now and again. Daisy is still on bathroom duty but by next week, I am afraid 'maid' service will begin for me. Typically, once pups begin eating 'food' milk becomes a snack and poop texture changes - Daisy will no longer want to continue her chores.  I can't blame her.  

This week's pictures celebrate St. Patrick's Day and these Irish cuties were happy to participate.  :+)

Black Boy or Blockbuster as I like to call him! 4  1/2 lbs.  (sold)

Dainty Miss Purple looks a lot like her mom.  2  1/4 lbs.  (sold)

BINDI looks like she is celebrating St. Paddy's day a bit early.  3 1/2 lbs.  (sold)  

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


The pups are doing really well in their new location. Lots of changes are happening mentally and physically as they grow.

Over the weeks, I will introduce them to new beds, potty boxes, toys and surroundings, this will help stimulate them to focus and stretch to experience new horizons.

Right now, the pups are acclimating well and we all look forward to them becoming more mobile and animated.  :+)  Daisy continues to be an excellent mother, providing them with all they need at the moment.

Blueberry Collar Girl at 3 weeks.  2.0 lbs.

Black Collar Male at 3 weeks. 3  1/2 lbs.

Purple Collar Girl at 3 weeks.  1  1/2 lbs.

Teal Girl at 3 weeks.  2  1/2 lbs.
Momma Daisy catching some 'zzzzzzz's  while nursing her babes.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

WE'VE the puppy room!

They are still in the Perla Bed, which I use for whelping a litter because the sides are high and protect them from drafts. The Pup Room gets lots of sun in the afternoon and the room is toasty, but I kept a heating pad in their bed for the chilly nights just in case.

I was very surprised that there wasn't a big 'bru-ha-ha' when they were moved. They acclimated quickly with Purple Girl almost immediately using the bed bumper as a pillow and going to sleep. :+)

All cuddled together.

Oh those white toes on the male!

Happy and cozy.  :+)

Friday, March 3, 2017

Found out today that the HAZEL X BO DIDLEY breeding was successful!

Happily, we should be expecting mini to small medium puppies by early April!  We are looking forward to welcoming some black and also apricot colored fur-babies ready for their new homes around late May.  List is full at this time but applications for a Wait List will be accepted.

Hazel is an adorable mini girl who loves being a mommy.