Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Everybody loves a puppy!

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I am ever so grateful for people to come over and interact with the puppies.  Today, Figgy's guardian brought her over for a visit to see her six babies.  Figgy allowed them to nurse even though they are fully weaned.  Then 'two legged' family members enjoyed hugging and playing with the puppies for a while.  Puppies come in a 'one size fits all' when it comes to hugging and patting!  Thank goodness!!  :+) 

Friday, July 26, 2013

What is fluffy, energetic and cuddly all in the same package? A six week old pup!

Purple Girl - 5 3/4 lbs.
Orange Boy - 4 1/4 lbs.
Red Girl - 5 lbs.
Blue Boy - 5 lbs.
Green Boy - 6 1/4 lbs.
Black Boy - 6 1/2 lbs.
What a nice group of pups.  At this time, both Purple Girl and Green Boy appear to be the least active while the rest have a bit more energy.  Blue Boy really stares into your eyes when you talk to him and Red Girl can be an imp!  Orange Boy loves to be in the middle of the action but is super sweet and Black Boy always wants extra hugs.   All of them did extremely well with the children that visited the other day - happy to be held and happy to play with their hair, shoes, sweatshirts and most of all the netting on the dress of the 'little princess'.  :+)  

Thursday, July 25, 2013

We had wonderful visitors today, complete with a Princess!

Who is having the better time???

All that hugging and patting wiped them out!  :+)
The puppies had a great time being held and patted by four wonderfully behaved youngsters.  Thank you so much for being great listeners and so gentle and careful with all the pups.   A fabulous time was had by all!  :+)

Friday, July 19, 2013

A summer fashion show at 5 weeks old!

Orange Boy in his very cool Hawaiian print!   3 3/4 lbs.

Red Girl shielding that blazing sun off her gorgeous eyes!   4 lbs.
Black Boy wearing his favorite 'I Woof You'  necktie!   5 1/4 lbs.
Green Boy in his 'muscle' shirt!  4 3/4 lbs.
Blue Boy , looking very professional.  4 lbs.
Purple Girl has donned her visor to watch the races!  4 3/4 lbs.
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Oh boy!  Did they not strutt their stuff?  I can't tell you how much fun it is to play 'dolls' with my puppies.  Brings back wonderful memories.  Don't worry, I don't make a habit of this.  ha, ha.

I am now able to put the pups outside in the early morning with their breakfast.  This gives me the great convenience of cleaning up the puppy pen using my vacuum instead of a broom.  My vacuum is very loud and I don't want it to frighten the pups.  Loud noises will be commonplace soon. 

They do enjoy the outdoors but in this heat, it is brief - maybe 15 minutes even though there is shade there.  I did use the hose to lightly spray water in the air above them and they loved it.  I hope to introduce them to their water boat in another couple of weeks.  Doodles that like the water are so much fun, ours are in our pool daily swimming with us and diving for balls and 'frogs'. 

They are certainly little dogs now and chew on my toes, shoes, clothes and their toys.  I am constantly bringing in different toys for them to check out.  :+)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Outside for the first time!

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This morning, I decided that the pups should enjoy some outside time.  Many of you may remember that as you enter the turfed area of the puppy play-yard, there are two areas with stones on either side of the walkway.  I sprayed the smaller stone area with some bleach and then rinsed it.  After a bit, I let Figgy and the pups in it with a small child's Step 2 slide to investigate.  Both areas are typically in shade, so it was quite comfortable.  The pups really enjoyed the new area to explore and Figgy was very good to entertain them for a bit.

Figgy then went home to her guardians and the pups returned to their A/C pup room for a nap and then lunch.  I may let them out again later this afternoon if it is not too hot. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Looking to explore.

Red Girl on the left and Purple Girl on the right.
Red, Purple, Orange with his head down and Blue looking right at us!
Look at the paw prints and nose prints on the Plexiglas!  They are getting more and more brave each day about what is beyond their pen.  By five weeks, I will begin taking them outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and more space.  I have a lot of outdoor cleaning to do before then!
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Friday, July 12, 2013

STOP............... and smell the roses because we are four weeks today!

Purple Girl at 4 weeks and 4 & 1/4 lbs.
Black Boy at 4 weeks - 4 & 3/4 lbs.
Red Girl at 4 weeks - 3 & 1/2 lbs.
Blue Boy at 4 weeks - 3 & 1/2 lbs.
Green Boy at 4 weeks and a perfect 4 lbs.
Orange Boy at 4 weeks - 3 & 1/4 lbs. and matches the flowers.  :+)
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Well, I know they are not smelling roses but Million Bells instead but .....  :+)  I have to say these cuties sure do make my pot of flowers look more lovely.

This morning dawned a perfect day and I immediately took advantage of the position of the sun to do my photographs.  The flash came off and all the pics are Au naturelle.  The pups were very cooperative with the donning of their color coded scarfs and quite good for their first eye trim as well.  Only Mr. Green Boy would NOT look at the camera - darn it!  Lucky for him he is so squishing cute!

Week 4 - Company's coming!

  From the beginning of Week 3 until Week 4 arrives, the pups develop so much it is scary!  They have learned to roam a bit more in their area, so expansion of their space is necessary.  They can focus with their eyes and ears very well now so need exposure to new but gentle sounds and they now acknowledge my presence with little tail wags.  :+)

They continue to use the potty area with more purpose but still make mistakes.  Pups have become very interested in the toys littered around the pen and LOVE the big frog that anchors a corner.

I have included a small bowl of water that still hangs a bit too high for them but still peaks their interest as they try and use it.  In a few more days, drinking from it will be commonplace.

They are more more interactive with each other and learning to become dogs.  Teeth are emerging, nails and eye trims are a weekly chore now and having one on one time with me is a daily event.  Vet appointments will now need to be scheduled well in advance so I get the days and times I   would like.  CERF exams have already been scheduled   as well as their temperament test date.  I will also be taking them for a weekly car ride.

They are eating Goat's Milk with Gerber Meat in it and enjoying the new flavor in their diet.  Soon real meat will be added along with supplements to help build strong bones and lush coats.

It won't be long now until they are outside playing amongst all the toys, balls, tunnel and agility assortments in their play-yard.   They will be exposed to the puppy boat for playing in the water on the very hot days.  So much to look forward to!

Lastly, company (new puppy owners) will be coming more routinely to visit and play with the pups which is so important and welcomed.    
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Monday, July 8, 2013

3.3 weeks old and learning to use the potty box!

It is always good to have encouragement and company when 'doing your business'.
These five are fed and pottied but where is the sixth pup?
Black Boy is way too comfortable sleeping on the leg of Mr. Frog!  :+)
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