Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mommy Pearl and puppies are doing so well. :+)

The Good Mom.  Yes, one is hiding behind her front leg.

Pearl was in dire need of both a clipping and a bath prior to her delivery but I thought I had a few days before she whelped but she surprised me!  Hence, both had to wait until the pups could be away from her for a little while. Fortunately, the puppies eat well and are very content, so I spent yesterday grooming and clipping Pearl in short segments.  This morning, Pearl happily jumped into my tub for a good scrubbing.  :+)

Isn't her color remarkable?  Maybe her last litter for me will have some in her shade.  My plans for her last mating is a chocolate litter with Dalton.  We shall see if that comes to pass.   Still, I could not believe every one of these pups mated with Phineas are Caramels!  Lovely morsels, just the same.  :+)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013

Pearl is whelping her litter!

No rest for the weary!  Emmett was picked up this morning and about an hour after he left, I got a  phone call from Pearl's guardian stating 'she should come to me and not wait any longer'.  I went right away and by the time I got there, a pup had been born!

Lisa, you are a trooper and handled it very, very well!

On my way home with mom and pup, another was born in the car.  I had to keep stopping every five minutes or so to check to be sure all was well.  We are now home and settled in the whelping box and just waiting for the rest to be born.  How nice of Pearl to give me a daylight litter!!!

 I believe Pearl is done.  The x-ray said 5 and 5 it is!  Two girls and three boys.  I am not closing the cover on this book because many times, a 'Johnny Come Lately' is born!  Here is the lowdown:
  • 2:15 pm - Black Collar Male/caramel in color
  • 2:45 pm - Rainbow Collar Female/caramel in color
  • 3:10 pm - Green Collar Male/caramel in color
  • 4:20 pm - Purple Female/caramel ice in color
  • 5:00 pm - Teal Collar Male/caramel ice in color
A very consistent litter from what I can tell at this time.  Weights will be done when all of them are dry.  Also caramel vs. caramel ice simply means the caramel ice will be creamy in color rather than apricot-ish.  All the pups will have hazel eyes and liver pigment.

A vet appointment is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.  I just want to be sure all is as it should be.  Then I will contact my client list in Pearl's folder and see if these pups are all sold or if some are available.

Friday, August 23, 2013

All have 'flown the coop', the nest is almost empty.

This morning was puppy pick up day for three excited families.  Otis, Ace and Cisco Blu waved 'goodbye' to their siblings and are enroute to their new homes.  I know they will be well cared for and loved.  Although they will be missed, it felt great knowing what great homes and owners they each have.

Otis and family.

Ace and family.

Cisco and family.

ADNE Guardian Jane, with adorable Emmett Piccolo.
Cathy with Maddy.  Picked up on Sunday.

And finally Charlotte found her local ADNE guardian home.  :+)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dancing Matilda comes for a visit and a grooming.

Tillie is such a love.  Her owners went to Ireland for several weeks and Tillie had a ball at her dog sitters - maybe too much fun as she was in dire need of a complete makeover.  When the groomer told Tillie's guardian that 'she needed to be shaved', Joanne called me promptly and brought her to me.

I worked on her for a few hours with Joanne keeping Tillie occupied and we eventually combed out all the matting and prepared her for a summer clipping.  Tillie's coat was so beautiful once combed through that I could not resist these pics.  I hope to breed Tillie this fall/winter for black and white parti puppies with Percy Jaxon.  You can read more about Tillie by clicking on the 'Breeder's Tab' in the green Navigational Bar.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

'WOE IS ME!' An Ode to Otis.

Why me?  Look at this silly cone I have on my head.

I can't even walk straight and I bump into EVERYTHING!

Cisco does not mind his cone, but I am bigger than he is and it is DIFFICULT!

Everyone is playing.......

..... but me.  :+(

Monday, August 19, 2013

The pups are at the vets for spay and neuters today!

Good Morning and Afternoon,

This pic was taken a few days before the pups had their surgeries.  Both the children and the puppies really had fun in the sandbox.  Then they had more visitors that day, so were happy campers.

It certainly was not a happy ride this morning when I took them because they could not be fed and they REALLY love their food!  So, the ride to the vets was a vocal one.  However, no one threw up or salivated, so I know their 'conversations' were about the lack of food, not being in the car.

Emmett and Charlotte (was named Hedy), got their microchips without so much as a flinch but the rest will be under anesthesia when they get theirs - lucky pups!  Have you ever seen a microchip needle?  YOWSERS - they are thick!  Both Charlotte and Emmett came back home with me.  I had a lot to do rearranging the puppy room but with just two pups underfoot, it wasn't too bad.

Charlotte and Emmett really missed their siblings.

The puppy room was finished in time for the 'patients' and the pen on the right will be for Charlotte and Emmett as they, too, will begin 'crate training' along with the other four tonight.  It is NOT going to be a quiet night here at ADNE.  :+(

  • UPDATE #1:  Puppies are now out of surgery and doing well in recovery.  I will be picking them up around 4 PM.
  • UPDATE #2:  Pups have been picked up and brought home.  Before putting them in their pens, I gave each one a small meal.  They will be fed again later.  Charlotte and Emmett are wondering why they are not coming out to play.
  • UPDATE #3:  They are full of gumption this morning 8/20,  Both Otis and Cisco need cones on their heads because they will not stop licking their incisions.   Maddy needs lots of cuddles and Ace is just accepting things as they are.  Both Charlotte and Emmett are happy to be with their siblings again.  At night, they will be split up, two to a pen for sleeping.  They are only allowed in the outdoor alleyway adjoining the puppy room so I can monitor their activity level.

They are doing well and although they were vocal for a bit,
they are now asleep as Charlotte and Emmett wrestle.  Oi.  Time to finish the paperwork.

Friday, August 16, 2013

We will be home soon, so we are packing our bags!

Otis @ 9 wks. a hefty 11 1/2 lbs.!

Ace @ 9 wks. weighing in at 10 1/2 lbs.

Emmett Piccolo @ 9 wks. favors his namesake at 7 1/2 lbs.  Placed in Guardian Home.

Charlotte @ 9 wks. is 8 1/2 lbs.  Guardian Home candidate.
Maddy at 9 wks. weighs 10 lbs.
Cisco Blu @ 9 wks. is a solid 9 lbs.
The pups are all full of frisk at this age.  They are outdoors most of the day and sometimes come in for their naps amongst all the stuffed animals in the puppy room.  It has been a bit chilly for water in the pool, so until it warms up a bit more, it will remain empty.

On Monday Cisco, Maddy, Ace and Otis will go into surgery for their spay and neuters and all of the pups will have their microchips inserted.  These chips are for identification only - they are not tracking devices.  When a dog is scanned at a shelter or vet office, the chips provide proof positive of who the owner is but if your dog is lost somewhere in the woods, etc., it will not 'locate' them.  You will be provided with a registration sheet that I filled out for these chips, but you must call the company to re-register them in your name in about a week or so after you receive your pup.

At this time, I also would like you to read the contract you will be signing BEFORE you pick up your pup.  If you have any questions or concerns, now is the time to contact me for clarification.  Pick up day is full of excitement and anticipation, so I like to make the paperwork segment as painless as possible.  We will be going through the notebook provided to you so we do need a quiet time for that to happen.

Hopefully, all of you have visited trainers for classes, have a vet, groomer and puppy walker, if necessary already arranged.  Be smart and puppy proof your home as your puppy will find all the things you missed in a blink of an eye!  :+)

Monday, August 12, 2013

We had our first shot series today!

Ace was all about lunch.


Charlotte and

Cisco were very interested in what was in the pool.

Otis dove right in.  :+)

Maddy watched but LOVES to play with water from a hose.
Like this!  :+)

Here they are romping away.

I don't think the shot bothered them a bit.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

FINALLY 8 week pics!

EMMETT PICCOLO  GETTENS!  6 lbs.  Will be a potential stud for ADNE!!!!
CHARLOTTE TWO-STEP 7 lbs.  (Guardian Home needed!)
ACE NIGRINY 8 1/2 lbs.
OTIS ROCHA 9 3/4 lbs.
MADDY OLDS 8 1/4 lbs.
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I was definitely having some stress when my camara was not working and I could not take pics!  Oi!  Thankfully, I found a camara shop and it was fixed pronto.  :+)

The pups are growing like weeds and a family wanting a pup from my upcoming litter came over to play with this group yesterday.  They all had such fun!  This is a great group of pups for children because they have had a lot of visitors to interact with.  Thank goodness!!!  We all love visitors!!!