Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Clara Belle is in heat!!! FINALLY!

This afternoon I got the call I have been waiting for - it was Clara Belle's guardian to tell me she was finally bleeding and to be sure I marked the day.  Ha, ha.....she didn't have to tell me twice!  Now I will be checking out the stud that I had planned on using to make my final decision on her 'date'.

If all goes well, we will be looking at pups being delivered around Valentine's Day.  How sweet.  :+)  Stay tuned for pics of the happy pair!

Monday, November 21, 2011

The AnnaBlog has a new face.

Hello Everyone!

I know this may seem confusing for a bit, but we will get use to the new format options soon.

We decided to upgrade to make viewing easier by utilizing a newspaper or 'magazine' type format.  You can see lots more with less scrolling.  :+)  Futhermore, if you click on many of the individual posts, they will expand to show more postings and pics.  Just use the back arrows or the Home button on the upper right to get back to the beginning.  Click 'links' to return to the Home Page of our website.

Please note that there is a 'scroll down' menu in the black box on the left called 'magazine'.  You can change how you wish to view the AnnaBlog by clicking on the many viewing options.

I am hopeful we will all enjoy the new features as I stumble and bumble through all these new changes!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Jaxon goes home.

His bags were packed, he had a bath and a special breakfast was prepared for him this morning. Here he is waiting for his new owner to arrive.

I think he is going to be very happy with his guardian family. I can't wait to hear of the stories and receive pictures!

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