Sunday, November 27, 2016

An addition to the Annabelle family has arrived!

Wyatt Slurp, a second generation American Labradoodle puppy is our next hopeful stud to add new DNA to our stud line-up. It is very exciting to look for unrelated prospects that will bring new blood for your breeding females.

When I saw a pic of this boy's dad, I laughed out loud because he looks like a 'cross between Tramp (remember Lady and the Tramp?) and a miniature version of an Irish Wolfhound'.  I have always loved scrappy looking dogs - something about them that warms my heart and tickles my funny bone.

A breeder known for her attention to gentle, calm, therapy lines was exactly what I was searching for. Couple that with excellent Labrador bloodlines with AKC Champions bred with an exceptionally well tested miniature Poodle and I was smitten. Raised in a home environment with five children of assorted ages is such a benefit for socially well adjusted pups.

Wheee! Ears flying with the joy of chasing the other doodles!

WYATT SLURP being lovingly held by Thaxton.
Wyatt showing off his stature. Such a sturdy little guy.

Wyatt is here at ADNE! Our first early generation American Labradoodle!
Wyatt will have a very easy to care for non-shedding coat similar to an Italian Spinonne.

I am not a generation 'snob' when it comes to breeding. One of the primary focuses of my breeding program is to always bring in new DNA to keep inbreeding coefficients low. Purchasing breeding stock from proven healthy stock (test results) promotes healthy puppies. I am looking forward to testing Wyatt in a few months to see if he will make the cut and I sure hope he does! I love his broad head, soulful eyes and easy care slightly wavy non-shedding coat. I expect Wyatt to be around 35 lbs. or so and 18 1/2 inches tall. His sturdy conformation, saber tail and wide muzzle is such a bonus. I believe he also carries for the parti and phantom genes as well.  :+)

Update:  Wyatt lives with his guardian home in Massachusetts and has a wonderful time splashing in the numerous ponds and rivers in the area. He loves to chase wild geese but has not caught one yet!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Charlotte is indeed pregnant!

Charlotte had her ultra sound this morning and a good guess is about 5 or so puppies. Of course, we will not know the numbers for sure until she has an x-ray closer to her delivery time. Ultra sounds are used primarily for confirming pregnancy and pup viability. So far, all look healthy and stable. The majority of times, there are more than what can be 'counted' on an ultra sound due to gas and stools which can block the view.

Good going Charlotte and Keefer!

Saturday, November 12, 2016


At last! Yes, all of my anxious new owners were here right at 1 pm for our group session to go over all the paperwork and to address questions; AND to finally get their pups!

Lots of stuff to explain but it did not take too long.  :+) Before you knew it, pups were in arms, bags were packed and cars were warming up.

So long little ones! Mr. Brown Boy will be shipped on Wednesday to Oregon to be a stud for another breeder, so is not here yet.

'Biden' Valentine family.

'Bella' Celularo family.

'Albus' Ogonowski-Bartlett family. Luna's new baby brother!

'Appa' Moller family.

'Ajax' Goodwin family.
"Furfurvergnügen"  call name Furber.
This is a German name that means
 "for the enjoyment of fur" .
I am hopeful that Furber will be a great addition to this breeder's program.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I was up very late last night....

Not because the pups were a problem but watching the election! I did give them some Arnica to help them through the night but overall, they slept well.

This morning they were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready for a big breakfast. Once done, I let them out into the pup room to stretch their legs and play a bit. Aside from Appa needing to wear a collar to prevent him licking his surgical site, all are doing very well. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly they bounce back.  :+)  However, after you pick them up on Saturday, they still need about five more days of being on the quiet side. So gentle playing, no jumping and lots of common sense. The interior stitches will almost be healed by Saturday but the exterior ones need a few more days of supervised play.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


The boys are doing fine - even ate a small meal. The two females are sore and I separated them in a different pen than the boys. They both received a pain vaccine before I picked them up at 5 pm. This is typical - as the female surgery is always a bit 'more involved' than the boys. They are quiet at the moment but I don't expect it to last.

Tomorrow morning will bring less soreness. I expect the girls will still need some mending but the boys will be ready to play. They will all need to be kept on the quiet side with no outdoors.

Monday, November 7, 2016


I just about made it to take these pics - the sun was sinking incredibly fast with this time change!!

The pups were very good riders to the eye vet and there were no oopsies or vomiting - GOOD pups! As usual, people always stop to stare and admire a buggy with cute pups in it.  :+) The exams went well with all having slight 'puppy' imperfections but no eye disease.

I decided to bring back the stars and stripes in honor of our presidential election. I am hopeful that all our Americans will cast their ballot.


BELLA says - 'Stand proud and vote'! 5  3/4 lbs.

APPA is reaching out to all to 'Go Vote'!  5  1/4 lbs.

BROWN BOY is pleading with Americans to 'VOTE'!  6  3/4 lbs.

BIDEN is saying 'No excuses to not vote'!  5   1/4 lbs.

ALBUS is reluctant to get up and vote, but he WILL!  7 lbs.

AJAX pleads to 'BE SURE YOU VOTE!'  4  1/2 lbs.

Regarding crates.

Unfortunately, I could not update my Pup Supply List for some odd reason. I suggest you purchase a 30" crate. You can also get one that has an adjustable 'wall' to slide as the pup grows. I have used a big stuffed animal to take up the extra room too and it provides a 'snuggly' place for your pup.

Although I prefer plastic crates over wire ones, the plastic ones do not have adjustable walls as far as I know.

Saturday, November 5, 2016


Some happy new owners arrived today to take their fur-baby home! I know tonight will be interesting for all of them.  :+)

Our new breeding hopeful, JONNIE CACHE, was picked up first. Congratulations Deb! I am sure Eli will be a big help.

LUNA is going to keep the Xydaki family hopping! She is going to love all the attention  for sure. :+)

I can't wait to hear how ABBY will do with the Levangie family's other furry friend. I bet Abby will be very respectful.

I just know FINN Starzec will have so much fun with his new human 'sibling'!

Miss Sunshine, aka SUNNY will be flying to California in a few hours. She will be an additional companion for the Hallinan family. Noche, their new Cockapoo, doesn't know he is getting a sister. Two puppies, oh my!

COCO doesn't know it yet but there is a furry friend waiting for her at home.
The Higgins-Versteeg family is looking forward to all the fun.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Update on Nellie's pups.

Sorry I was only able to get an angle on one set of 'surgical' pups.  :+(

They are doing very well. Although they do spend some time in the individual crates, they also get combined with Tate's litter in their pen to say 'Hello' and have some social time. I do let them all out together at times but have prevented them from going into the puppy play area. They have a couple of pens to move about in. This is to curtail the 'patients' from lots of running and jumping. I can never prevent every pup from getting rambunctious after surgery though - they feel too good!

Nellie's pups are placed in the crates all night in the hope that it will be a good start to crate training for you when they go home. I am sure to let all of them out to potty around 10 pm and then Tate's litter is in the communal pen; and Nellie's are given a tiny treat and placed in the crates. I usually hear about 15 minutes of complaining and then peace. Don't expect miracles when you get your pup, but it should not be too bad with this introduction.

Tate's group.

Just a quick snap of Tate's pups.  Also, one of Annabelle socializing with them.
Gotta love my foundation girl, Annabelle. Almost 14 years of age and still loves puppies.

Tate's pups at almost 8 weeks.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Today my trainer came once again to temperament test the Tate litter. Happily, all went well and the following pups were 'officially' assigned and accepted. HOORAY!

  • Yellow Boy is now BIDEN and will be a great companion to Wendy and Mark Valentine.
  • Chunky Orange Boy is aptly named 'ALBUS' and will join Pam and Slater. Albus will absolutely delight his furry sister Luna, another Annabelle Doodle. Lots of fun to be had very soon!
  • The Moller Family will welcome Green Boy, named APPA.
  • Both Gloria and Patricia are over the moon to know that Rose Girl aka 'BELLA' will be snuggling in their arms soon.
  • Little Black Girl is named 'AJAX' and I just know she will be entertaining every person she comes in contact with. Susan and Ajax are going to have a ball together. :+)
  • Lastly, Brown Boy will be shipped to Oregon to be a hopeful stud for a breeder there.
My trainer enjoys doodle puppies so much and loves coming here to assess them. I am lucky to have her.  Today went so well and assignments just 'fell into place'. Hopefully, everyone will be just as delighted as we are.

At this time, all balances are due asap! If you don't remember what you owe, just email me.


PICK UP DAY IS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12TH AT 1 PM.  If there is someone who absolutely cannot do this day or time, be sure to contact me immediately.  

:+)  Thanks.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Nellie's pups that got their surgeries today are home and resting.

It has been a very busy day for sure!  Pups are home and in their individual crates except for Jonnie who is sleeping with Tate's litter tonight.

All the surgeries went well and they will all need about 10 days of staying relatively quiet with no excessive running, wrestling or jumping - not easy to do with numerous pups! So, my plan is to keep the 'patients' in a confined play area outdoors - while the others can have their social time as normal. Thank goodness it is suppose to be a nice day tomorrow.

Will take some pics as time presents itself tomorrow.