Friday, June 29, 2012


At the romp, I had given out a gift bag with a few items.  One of them was a Fourth of July scarf.  I asked for pics if they were used and here are some that were sent in.

I could not believe how big most of my pups were at the romp!  Just goes to show that DNA from grandparents and great, great grandparents really do play a huge part in size.    Enjoy.

Riley can't JUST wear the scarf...she needs sunglass bling too!  :+)

Felix looking dapper in his scarf.

Noodles smiles for the camara in a big way! 
Augie and Smitty looking good in their new duds!

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cappy is almost 6 months now and such a dear!

Cappy is growing so beautifully.  Solid boning and great conformation.  :+)
His amazing fleece coat is lush and just blows in the summer breezes.
His eyes are so soft and soulful. 
Cappy is the whole package - gentle personality, a willing learner and gorgeous.
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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our first ANNABELLE DOODE ROMP was a wonderful success!

Our first ADNE 'family' portrait'!
The Bark Park in Berwick, Maine - OUTSTANDING!
A clean, wonderful place for both dogs and people.  So accommodating!
Thank you so much Mary and Chris!
What an incredible day we had - fabulous weather, spacious and fully fenced dog park PLUS the amazing Lola's Lunch stand!  It does not get better than this anywhere in New England!  We had a bigger turn out than I ever expected for a very prompt decision to hold my first Annabelle Doodle of New England romp within a three week notice.  What a great group we had of almost 20 dogs and more than 25 people.

Unfortunately, some people made it in after the family pic was taken, but I was so happy that they made it to mingle with our group and let their doodle run and play.  THANK YOU everyone!!!!  By the way, if I have any names wrong either dogs or people, please correct me!  Thanks!
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'Striking A Pose' at the Annabelle Doodle Romp!

Newman from Olive x Coriander.
Happy Riley from Maple x Rumple.
Leaping Lizards, it is Liam on the table AGAIN!
Our next mini breeder hopeful, Tate O'Reilly.
The demure, Marley.  (Harriet and Rumple)
Benzi got the giggles watching Liam's antics.
Liam and Callie cuddle.  Soooo sweet!  He does know how to win the ladies.  :+)
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Annabelle Romp - Making Friends.

People and doodles - a perfect combination.
Camden and Baylor.  The difference between 30 lbs. and 50 lbs.!
Camden, Felix and Noodles.
Randi and Ralphie in short summer 'Cool Cuts'.
Felix, Randi, Noodles and ? with Josh.
Noodles, Ralphie and Felix.
Manners, please!  Tillie and Felix, the stud. 
The Social Circle.  :+)
? and Lucia in back.
Riley, Felix and Tabor on the right.
Alison with Lucia, Liam and Benzi - littermates!
Looks like mischief!  Liam on the table and Benzi waiting for droppings.
Liam with Tate and friends.
Kathleen, the Dog Whisperer with Treats.  An audience is gathering.
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'Whose Who' at the Annabelle Romp (with owners).

Brian and Baylor, who is a solid 50+ lbs! (Cadbury x Rumple)

Janice and Tabor.  (Annabelle x Rumple)
Francis and Augie on the left.  (Annabelle x Maestro)
Francis and Augie Dogie!  (Annabelle x Maestro)
Noodles with Jennifer and Peter.  (Maple x Rumple)
Tate O'Reilly with friend, Caitlin. (Clara Belle x Cowboy)
Alison with Lucia.  (Clara Belle x Chico)
Kathleen hugging Liam.  (Clara Belle x Chico)  Rory peeking in the back!
Molly and Friend..  (Harriet Potter x Rumple)
Benzi being hugged by Deb.  (Clara Belle x Chico)
Callie with mom, Kerry.  (Olive x Chico)
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Updated pics of our adorable Dancing Matilda!


Today, I met up with Tillie's guardian mom at the Canine Ophthalmologist 's office for her eye CERF.   She recently had a grooming and looked utterly adorable.

Tillie has had numerous classes in dog obedience as well as Therapy Dog training.  I was so proud of Tillie and extremely pleased with her wonderful guardian, Joanne, for doing such a great job with her.

As you can see, Tillie is a chocolate and white parti and I am hopeful, with the right mating, she will produce several parti-patterned furry babies in the near future.

On the smaller side of medium, my plans for Tillie are to produce large miniatures in the 20 to 25 lb. range in the near future.  I would love to breed her with my little guy Jaxon for black and white parti puppies but that will all depend on timing.  Jaxon should be ready for his early testing in September.  So, we shall see!

I was pleased as punch that Tillie had a PERFECT eye examination and will be CERF certified!  :+)
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