Saturday, January 30, 2010

We are two weeks old and have moved!

Finally! We are where we need to be. Mommy has plenty of room and so do the pups. As you can see they are getting rounder and rounder thanks to mommy's milk supply. :+)

Here is our group shot. I added some stuffed animals to motivate them to climb over as well as to snuggle with.

YES! Our eyes have just begun to open and Orange Boy was good enough to 'peek' when I snapped this shot. He is 1 lb. 10 oz.

Chocolate Girl cuddled with the bear as she is very sleepy after the good meal they just had. She weighs 1 lb. 8 oz.

Green Boy is smart enough to rest his chin on the bear's nose. Too cute! 1 lb. and 11 oz.

Blue Boy is showing off his better side! 1 lb. and 8 oz.

Red Boy seems to enjoy soft tummies. :+) 1 lb. and 8 oz.

Black Boy is no different and enjoys a nap after a full tummy. 1 lb. 12 oz.

Miss Pink Girl is a dainty one. 1 lb. 6 oz.

I think Purple Girl was attempting to open an eye, but did not quite make it. :+) 1 lb. 5 oz.

Teal Girl simply crashed and burned. Out like a light. 1 lb. 12 oz.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cadbury took a break from the pups today.

It is really nice out today and Cadbury was enjoying the fresh air and sunshine as much as I was. I also wanted people to see her coat colors in the daylight. She is still lightening up as it sometimes will take 3 years to complete.

There is a big pile of snow at the end of our driveway and she certainly enjoyed the view from the very top of it. :+)

Just chillin'.

A walk down the driveway to come see me. She is very attached.

Cadbury was listening intently for any 'wood noises'.

She still has lots of chocolate showing in her coat when in the shade.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A great shot of Rumple's face! For those interested!

Rumple is a gorgeous animal with a fabulous soft fleece coat that is gently curled. His color is so difficult to describe being a lovely blend of chocolate, taupe, lavender and cafe`. So, thanks to my breeder friend Stefani, I can provide this great shot of him so you can decide what to call him. I think now you can understand why it is so hard to give this color a name - except 'beautiful'! People always stop his guardians to admire him. I expect all the chocolate puppies in Cadbury's litter to turn into some version of this color given both Rumple and Cadbury are almost identical shades.

Have you ever seen such inviting, warm amber-brown eyes? :+)

It has been a full week! Wow!

Yep, just last week I was up all night with Cadbury watching the miracle of birth. Sunday morning appeared and I had to smile at the beauty and peace of mommy Cadbury and her large litter of chocolate/cafes and creams. :+)

The week has gone very well with Cadbury doing an excellent job of feeding and cleaning her large brood. They are all at a pound or more in weight which is right on schedule. :+) As I noted in one of my posts, I did have to change some collar colors to make it a bit easier for me to keep them identified.

Chocolate Girl is the one with the cute heart on her head.

Black Boy is gaining the fastest.

Teal Girl is a delightful chocolate drop!

I love Orange Boy's profile.

Look at that glistening coat on Purple Girl. :+)

Notice Green Boy's little paw?

I love that little white chin on Blue Boy!

Pink Girl settled right in for a nap in the basket.

I do believe that Red Boy is waving 'bye bye'!

They have gone home! Well.... most of them!

It was time to say goodbye to my furry babies from Clara Belle and Chico. This is always a bittersweet time for everybody.

Deb picked up Benzi on a whirlwind evening of events. At the very moment she was scheduled to pick Benzi up, I got a frantic call from my guardian that Miss Cadbury was having her babies! Oh my!! I gave orders to my husband, called Deb and explained and rushed to welcome my new litter of puppies. All did go rather well except, I did not load my card into my camara before I left and so Deb sent me this one from her phone. Never a dull moment. :+)

Miss Lucia charmed her 'parents' very early on. They are having a blast and learning a lot about raising a puppy. :+)

Skidder is a bundle of energy and intelligence. She will totally enjoy her new family which includes a Portuguese Water Dog. The kids swear that they will do all that is necessary for Skidder as mom heals from her accident. I believe them!

This family has already emailed me about how PERFECT Lexi is! She has just made herself at home and is doing marvelously!

As you might remember, Liam O' Kieran (Blue Boy) went to his guardians early on. This couple are very dear friends of ours and they wanted to enjoy early puppyhood along with their other doodle, Rory. As I understand it, both boys have already bonded. :+)

Talk about patience! This family wanted a puppy from our last litter, but they were all sold and so they have waited and waited for their precious Tug!

I will add a pic of Phineas and family when they pick him up next week. :+)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Cadbury's litter is not even a week old yet, but they are fattening right up!

Like little sausages in a row. I didn't quite get all nine though. :+(

Here is the proud mommy with babies just about the milk bar, snuggling with a paw and each other as well as some 'at the back entrance'. Hmmmmm....

Aren't they beauties? :+)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hi all!

The pups are all clear - yeay!!!! They can be picked up at any time. Thank you to those who have already scheduled their pick ups!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Cadbury's individual baby shots. :+)

For better identification, I did switch some of the color collars on the pups from my INITIAL post.

Purple Girl may be hiding her white chin. We will see what develops.

Orange Boy - Aren't those 'helicopter ears a riot???

Pink Girl - doesn't she look like she is about to sneeze??

Green Boy will proudly display his white goatee from his daddy's genes. :+)

Red Boy just wanted to sleep.

Chocolate Girl is wearing her heart on her forehead! Common with my pups.

Teal Girl is sporting her daddy's trademark white chin!

Black Boy has twisted his bowtie. Maybe he partied too hardy!

Blue Boy appears to have his daddy's white goatee.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

They have arrived!

Earlier than I expected, but Cadbury did her job and easily whelped 9 gorgeous puppies last night! We have 5 males and 4 females (I think) - I am still a bit tired. :+) Cadbury has been doing great so far and all appear to be thriving.

Friday, January 15, 2010

We have to wait a week.... :+(

Although we are fit as a fiddle, we caught a protozoa bug named 'Coccidia'. We have to be on meds for 8 days and will have to keep our families waiting just a bit longer. Thank you everyone for understanding that this is a minor setback. :+)

They had so much fun at the vets and everyone thinks they are just adorable. When they got back lunch was served. Dessert was the Albon as it smells and tastes like butterscotch. All the pups were licking each others faces and mouths - very cute.

Perfect timing allowed some pics today, so enjoy.

I think this is a New England' calendar shot. Tug is simply a perfect model. :+)

Skidder is forever exploring. She has managed to find a tiny piece of straw. Can you see it dangling from her mouth?

A quick snap from my new camara caught Benzi in a wonderful gaze. He has amazing eye contact.

Not a comfy place to lie down in my opinion, but Lexi seems to be quite comfortable!

A glamour shot for sure! Lucia posing just for me. :+)

Lastly is Phineas T. Barnum. He loves to watch everything that is going on around him.