Thursday, November 29, 2018


I was really surprised but the ultra sound does not lie - definitely saw more than six embryos happily nestled in her uterus.

She is expected to whelp at the end of December or perhaps New Year's Eve.  Our winter months will be filled with little Daisy and Thaddeus pups.  I expect all pups to be around 25 to 29 lbs.  :+)

Applications are welcomed as long as you will be happy with all colors - black, cream, chocolate or cafe.  The color of a pup is the last consideration for pup placements - always temperament first and foremost.  :+)

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Defining 'grateful'. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!

Some of you might know but for those who don't, the week prior to Thanksgiving is a very busy one for us at The Tabor Homestead.  My husband's poultry business is chuck full of 'turkey growers' who need to provide their customers with a fresh bird for 'Gobbler Day'.  The phone rings off the hook and our driveway is chuck full of farmers delivering their feathered friends on one side and the other row of trucks and cars are picking up cleaned, packaged, fat turkeys on the other.  It is a busy time.

Fortunately, we have great workers and I provide them with a hardy meal to keep them fueled for the long, grueling days.  Yesterday is when our customers pick up the turkeys my husband raises and I am counting, labeling and organizing who gets which one based on requests - very similar to what I do with assigning puppies based on your application.  :+)

Happily, today begins our season of 'rest', so what am I grateful for?  Our tractor, who diligently did the job of cleaning up three dumpings of snow during our processing period and did not break down. All our customers who were patient, on time and in good humor.  Our workers who battled snow to get here; cleaned up our decks and pathways to keep things moving and still worked a grueling, long day.

It is during times of stress and hardship that you are the most grateful for people who are kind, patient, encouraging, diligent, cooperative and humorous.

Like Tom Turkey, we are truly stuffed with gratitude for another successful turkey season and we welcome the holiday festivities knowing the farm is now 'ready for it's winter nap'.


P. S.  Hopefully, the pitter patter of puppy feet may grace us at the end of December.  News on that front in about a week.

Monday, November 5, 2018

A visit with JONNIE CACHE!

Sunday's crisp temperature and sunshine was a great start to my trip to visit Jonnie Cache's guardian family.  Jonnie is just about 5  1/2 months now and I wanted to see how she was fitting into the family - especially since they own a male from one of ADNE's previous litters.

What a terrific visit we had!  Jonnie is very much loved, her training level is impressive and Murphy, their first doodle, is thrilled to have a little pesty sister to play tug with.

I laughed out loud when they told me that Jonnie has this 'game' of hiding her favorite toys under a chair that she CANNOT get under but knows they are safe from Murphy until sweeping time!  Who would have guessed that hiding them in a 'cache' would protect her 'treasures'?? 

Jonnie is a star pupil and her trainer uses her often as a helper in the class.  She loves all dogs and plays with them really well.  I am grateful that her guardians want to continue training so Jonnie can really excel.  Thanks guys! You are star pupils yourself!

Jonnie is a true mini - about 15 inches in height and 15 lbs.  I expect her mature size to be roughly 16 inches and maybe 17 lbs.  I could not be more please with this guardian family and Jonnie Cache!  I am hopeful Jonnie will pass all her tests and be a momma someday.

'Would you like me to sit and stay?'

'I can turn my head if you would like'.

'How about lying down'?

'Do you see my Melanistic Mask? I am told some Great Dane's carry this gene as well'.

'I can be absolutely still like a statue'!

Murphy is this family's first doodle and he loves his brushing time. Talk about being indulged!

Happy, content Murphy.  He is smiling.  :+)

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Mating achieved! :+)

This morning my inexperienced stud, THADDEUS DOOD had his first date!  Daisy was 'ready, willing and able' but Thaddeus was charming, sweet and unsure of himself.  It took about fifteen minutes of sniffing and cajoling but eventually Thaddeus got his groove on and bred Daisy.  Both his guardian and I sighed a breathe of relief.  I was not sure Thaddeus could reach Daisy as she is a bit taller than he is but score he did!  :+)

With any luck puppies will be arriving at the end of December with a going home date of early March.  I expect blacks, creams and chocolates if Mother Nature follows the rules.  There will be no phantoms or partis.  More than likely solids with a small possibility of a bit of white on a chest.  Please be open to all colors.  Weights will range from 25 to 30 lbs. and heights 16 to 18 inches at maturity.  I am accepting applications at this time.

I took some pics for you to enjoy.  Coats on both doodles are great.  Daisy is very gentle, sweet and compliant.  Thaddeus is a gentleman, who waits for you to go through the door first and is very obliging.  He has solid boning and a heavier set than Daisy who is light on her feet but sinewy like a ballerina.  :+)

Thaddeus showing off his markings to Daisy.  The light patch on his butt is proof of his phantom genes. 
You can see some lighter hair on his legs as well.
Thaddeus is a bit smaller than Daisy and has a silky, soft slight curl; whereas Daisy's is more wavy and cottony.

They were both quite happy after the mating and played ball together.  :+)