Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A chilly but sunny day brought a visitor for play time.

Happily, one of my guardian homes is right here in town and we get to visit Hannah McCall quite often. The first time she came to meet Gunny, it was not a friendly visit at all! We were all so disappointed as we had hoped they would thoroughly enjoy each other because they are so similar in age.

However today was a totally different experience! They took to each other immediately and played chase, dove through tunnels, dug together under the playhouse and just had the very best time! Golly, was I a happy camper to see this!

Gunny missed her social interaction time as a youngster due to her breeder's illness. I knew this ahead of time but felt with lots of exposure and slow interactions, Gunny would learn to accept strange dogs and people. We have made great strides and today was the frosting on the cake! :+)

Hannah, the black and white parti is a social butterfly - nothing makes her happier than to engage with new dogs or people. She is the girl I kept back from the Charlotte x Rocky mating. Having a girl that is so confident and friendly like Hannah, provides Gunny, who is learning to embrace a more confident persona, a furry friend to lean on and learn from.

They had a ball and I know Gunny came in after all that playing and headed for a soft bed to take a nap.  :+)

They are very close in age and size.

Hannah typically comes through the tunnel like a bullet, but Gunny was waiting for her this time!

Wrestling like they were littermates. They are not.

Whose turn to run??

Looks like it is Gunny's turn.

Chase, chase and more chasing.

A friendly duo takes a break. 

This outing is huge for Gunny and has proven to me that she can and will adapt well. I will continue to expose and train her until the right guardian family comes along.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Oh boy... another LOOOOOONNNGGGG read about the Lyme Vaccine and its problems.

Here is the link for those of you who wish to have more info before giving this vaccine to your doodles.  Copy and paste into your browser.

Friday, April 22, 2016

The FIGGY X KEEFER mating is successful!

Miss Figgy went for her pregnancy comfirmation ultra sound this morning and is indeed pregnant! She is happy, healthy and looking 'round'.

We expect puppies around May 19th or so.

These four families are on her list at this time: W. Janvier, K. Murray, M. Meier and J. Gilberti (Mac Gregor and Wood on Wait List).  If you change your mind and do not want to remain on Figgy's list, let me know asap so I can accept other applicants.  Take home date is tentatively scheduled for July 23rd, so please be sure that time frame is something you can work with as I do not hold pups over their 9 week birthdate (+/- a day or two). If this window of time interferes with vacations or weddings/etc. - better you go with another litter or breeder. Pups go home at 9 weeks and that date is TOTALLY DEPENDENT on when the litter is whelped so please be aware of Mother Nature's schedule. A confirmation date for pick up will be posted when the litter is actually born.

I will continue to take applications for a Wait List if she should have more than her u/s showed which is pretty common.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Beautiful Gunny had a local guardian but was returned due to asthma issues. (Remained here at ADNE)

I certainly was thrilled that Louise had all that I was looking for in a guardian, we were not aware the asthma medication she took would not work with Gunny.

Due to this unfortunate incident, I would like to refrain from a placement with anyone suffering with asthma or severe allergies. Gunny has a beautiful dark chocolate coat (that could lighten) with no shedding or dandruff. She would do well with families that have an adult at home, retirees, active adults or a single adult looking for a great companion to socialize with.

Gunny is an exceptional Cockapoo for new dna at ADNE. As always, I put health and temperament first in the creation of new Australian Labradoodle lines.

Gunny looks so much like an Australian Labradoodle! Her new DNA will certainly enhance my program. She is such a sturdy miniature with exceptional boning and a perfect saber tail. Her softly curling fleece is lush with no undercoat. Although I would consider Gunny  'slow to warm' to strangers when not in her comfort zone, she DOES warm up with a gentle and encouraging hand. You will need patience. She has bonded to me exceptionally well. Gunny would love a home with another dog and adults who have the time to continue her socialization with other dogs and people of all types.

Gunny has mesmerizing eyes, a very soft mouth (no nipping or grabbing) and gentle manners.
She does really well in a car (no sickness) and is learning how to walk better on a leash. 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Hazel2 x Emmett pups have all gone home. Bye little ones, I will miss you!

Saturday was very busy with the five families that picked up their babies. So many subjects to cover in the packets and lots of excitement in the air! Of course, I inadvertantly switched pup vests during one part of it but we got it all straightened out.  :+)

On Sunday, late in the afternoon, the last two went home.  Then I spent time cleaning the puppy room and will soon set it up all over again to welcome the Figgy x Keefer litter sometime in May. Till then, I get a bit of a break and will use it to visit our children/grandchildren and clean up some gardens.

The Albuquerques are first time dog owners! Hopefully, Apollo won't be their last. :+)

The Grants are newlyweds and so excited to add Charlie to their lives.

Retirement and a new puppy, what could be better? Raggs will provide lots of entertainment and cuddles.

Little Miss Raven has a cockapoo 'Big Brother' named Coffee waiting at home for her arrival. :+)

Oh those kisses! I do believe lots more are in Teddy's future!
Sunday, late in the afternoon, Hadley met her family and all fell in love. :+)
Jules is this family's second doodle from ADNE. Mac is going to have a big surprise upon her arrival. :+)

Friday, April 8, 2016

A reminder for pick ups of the Hazel x Emmett litter.

Puppy pick ups have finally arrived! I want to confirm pick up times first:


  • 10 am - APOLLO
  • 3 pm - TEDDY
  • 4 pm - HADLEY  and JULES

Please remember to read my Contract & Warranty before you arrive so that you can quickly re-read it here before signing.

Check out the Pup Supply List on the AnnaBlog so you can be prepared. Please don't buy everything on there as it is not necessary. Wait and see what your pup will need once the basic necessities are purchased. Always bring your pup with you to get the proper size car harness which I highly recommend. 

Make sure you make an appointment with your vet within the 7 day grace period. Have the food you plan to feed him or her and your trainer in place for starting on the right foot from the beginning.

Consider Wondercide as a Flea and Tick preventative rather than the vet chemical treatments. The less chemicals placed in or on your pet, the better. Wondercide products are human friendly!

Be prepared for your trip here with wet towels, paper towels, plastic bags to contain any vomit/potty accidents and a frozen Kong. Be sure you have stuff to clean yourself as well.  :+) I am not expecting any problems but like to be prepared for the worse.

:+)  Joyce

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The pups did wonderfully on their trip to have eye examinations.

What a great group of car riders! I hope they will be as good when they go home with their owners. Providing a bully stick or two does provide entertainment though!!

The 'Doodle Mobile' makes my job easier and they were all looking around the waiting room. 

Dr. Cassotis and his attendant are wonderful with the pups and every puppy was cooperative for the exam.

Tomorrow is their last vet appointment to have vaccines and a Health Certificate exam. A couple of pups have pulled their stitches a bit and I am using Peroxide and Colloidal Silver to help keep them clean and sanitary. My vet will check the incisions and add an antibiotic if necessary. There is no way to keep pups still hence this is a common occurrence. Most just heal on their own but a vet check will put my mind at ease.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A new morning!

Bright and early, this group was up and ready for action! They had a hefty helping of breakfast and had a brief encounter outdoors, in the alley only, then promptly back into their pen for a few hours.

They will have some breaks outdoors in the alley but otherwise will be contained in their pen. This is to minimize running, jumping or rough play as the incisions heal.

Monday, April 4, 2016

We are Home!

All went well with the surgeries/microchips and I just gave them all a bit of food and introduced them to a re-arranged pen. I added two small crates (without doors) and expanded the potty and play area.

This is an introduction to crates and also to contain them for a few days for a good start to healing. They will not be happy that they cannot go outside for a few days. :+(

The vet techs loved on these pups and said 'They are so sweet and well behaved'. :+)

On Wednesday we go for our eye exams and Thursday is another trip to the vet for vaccines and re-check on their surgeries. Thankfully, they are all excellent in the car and hardly a complaint can be heard. So far, no vomiting or wet muzzles either.

The room was bleached and ready for the new patients.

The vet techs love my babies and they get lots of cuddles after they wake up from surgery.

Once home and fed a bit, I took pics of my patients in their 'bedroom'. Some were sleepy and others were wide awake and ready to play! You have to wonder how some can feel so good after a surgery!

Charlie/Lime - 5.8 lbs. at 8.1 weeks. Still a bit sleepy.

Teddy/Navy - 5.1 lbs. and WIDE awake ready for wrestling - his favorite past time. There were no takers today.  8.1 wks.

Oh goodness! Is this a hangover (8.1 wks.) or is he working the room for sympathy? Apollo/Checkers - 4.6 lbs. 

Raggs/Copper would also like some extra hugs and cuddles. 5.4 lbs. at 8.1 wks.

'Really? I need to be photographed NOW?"  Hadley/Lilac  4.4 lbs. at 8.1 wks.

'Can I have a pillow, please?' Jules/Rose She and Raven just cuddled together in the crate - 5.4 lbs. at 8.1 wks.

There was no keeping Raven/Denim awake. She was done in! 4.2 lbs. at 8.1 wks.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Busy day!

First apologies for not doing individuals today - the day was a bit hectic with puppy social class, pup visitors and 7 pup baths before their surgeries tomorrow.

Finally, pups are done and finishing their drying time in the pen. All the towels and  bedding are being washed along with their toys. A new fresh bed was placed in the pen as well as new toys added for them to entertain themselves. I will be feeding them individually tonight so that I know all have had their full allotment. They will also have another 'snack' at 10 pm to keep their glucose 'up' during the night.

Small dogs use up their calories quickly so it is important that they have a bit of extra food before having surgery. My vet will also give them some glucose just prior to the surgery. As always, I will have bloodwork done on each pup to further assure that all is normal prior to anesthesia./surgery.

As soon as I know they are all done, I will update here. Typically, I do not have the pups back until late afternoon or early evening.  These pics show the pups in various degrees of drying up from their baths. Miss Raven is in there tucked deep into the bedding - if you look carefully, you can see a bit of her in the second pic.

Happily, they were all very, very good as I bath them in my kitchen sink. I also used my hair dryer and they did not mind at all.  Although all of them were extremely compliant, I have to say that both black girls (Jules and Raven) were the most compliant. They laid there and let me do my thing. :+)

Saturday, April 2, 2016

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Friday, April 1, 2016


Lilac Girl is now sold.

Lilac Girl is:
  • smart, brave and not needy. 
  • She likes to explore her environment both indoors and out. 
  • enjoys both cuddles as well as being somewhat of a 'tomboy'
  • needs a 'positive training' type leader that will earn her respect
  • has energy but not hyper
  • I would not call Lilac a 'lap dog'- she has an independent soul but is very willing to be cuddled.
  • confident under most normal experiences
Lilac is a true miniature who will probably be around 18 to 22 lbs. at maturity.  She weighs just about 4 lbs. at almost 8 weeks of age. Her soft non-shedding coat will have some loose curls.