Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Puppies are coming! Puppies are coming!

Well, after a harrowing day of re-routing at least four times, we arrived at the vets for our ultra sounds. For those that don't know, the New England states have been slammed with lots of rain and flooding for a few days. Bridges are washed away, roads a flooded, and getting from 'here to there' was like negotiating an agility course! :+(

The good news is Harriet Potter's little belly showed about nine puppies! The other good news is Miss Annabelle only showed one. Why is this good? Because the puppies will enjoy TWO lunch bars as both mommies will share the feeding duties. Both girls are excellent mothers and I just have to switch the pups around every now and again.

Of course, surprises can always happen and either one could have more since U/S isn't done for numbers, but rather to determine pregnancy (some pups hide - little stinkers!). I will do x-rays closer to their delivery time to have exact numbers.

So, although these past few days in N.E. have been a bit soggy, life is good!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Zaccheus of Connecticut Labradoodles

(remember to click the pic for enlargements!)
I didn't know what to expect when I made the trip to meet Zack with Harriet Potter. I had always used artificial insemination with my other litters and this was to be our first 'natural' mating. Well, it was 'love at first site' for both Harriet and me. An absolute sweetheart in every way. He is gentle, has a real desire to please, smart, obedient and calm. His coat is a soft wool blend, non-shedding with enough curl to spiral if left long and enough 'body' when kept short.

But since I don't live with Zack, I asked that his owner say a few words about him. Here is what April said.

'He loves to play ball, especially if I have two balls and Peeka joins in. He gets along with everyone and really enjoys life.....always so happy and content. If you ask him "What does a good boy do?" He immediately sits down (he is very proud that he learned this trick and always looks at Peeka like....see what I just did!).

Zack is extremely smart, loves to learn new things and then show off what he has learned. He also has a mischievous side that is just too funny. He has never done anything out of spite. He always checks with me when he is doing something wrong - almost like asking "What do you think....should I be doing this or not?" When I tell him 'Not', he happily goes along to find one of his toys and then looks at me as if to say "this ok?"

Zack is such a little bundle of joy - loves to cuddle and kiss. He actually puts his arms around me when he is in my lap to give me a hug.....extremely affectionate. He loves to play with my 6 year old son and is very gentle with him. When they are done playing, Zack almost always gives my son a kiss.

Alright, I'm done bragging about Zack - can you tell he is my little pride and joy??? He has so much personality it just amazes me. He is my best friend. :+)

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Saturday, April 7, 2007

What a sweet match!

This full shot of Zaccheus (left) shows how well these two are suited. They are such a perfect couple! Both have soft wool/fleece coats that do not shed and are great for those with 'coat' allergies. Their pups should be simply adorable! :+)

I am expecting a rainbow litter from these two in a variety of creams/apricots, a couple cafe's and perhaps a lovely black or two. These will be miniature in size. (under 17 inches)