Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We're fine! We're fine!

I equate the boys' getting neutered akin to baseball. :+)

My version:

If, at eight weeks, you have both testicles - GREAT JOB! It's a DOUBLE! :+)
If you are healthy enough via the pre-surgery bloodwork - an infield hit and you get to FIRST BASE.
A TRIPLE PLAY happens when all the above goes great and the surgery was on time and the pup came out of the surgery in good shape. WAHOO!

A HOMERUN? That is when the trip to and from the vet was relatively peaceful with no diarrhea (bad calls) or vomiting (pop ups!) in the car or on each other! We hit a homerun today!
KOBIE & CHARLIE were chewing their stitches, so they are in headcones! No stitch tampering!

The boys are trying to navigate their area with the cones on and bumping into things is common. They did use the potty box, devoured a small meal (another one will come in 2 hours or so) and are drinking. Good signs.

I gave them a Rimadyl (pain killer) and it works rather quickly. They want out!

Their sisters are close but cannot be mingling with them as they may play too hard. They will be kept separated for about a day. Tomorrow is suppose to be hot, so I will wash down one of the enclosed outside pens for the boys to be in while the girls romp in the playarea. It will be a bit noisy around here for the next 24 hours or so as I expect the boys will not be too pleased with the 'accommodations'. :+(

Monday, July 28, 2008

Busy weekend.

I was sweating it, but all our visitors arrived with minimum difficulty and we avoided getting wet! Everyone was gone before the heavy showers hit - thank goodness! It won't be long before all the pups will be in their forever homes. The next two weeks will be crazy busy for me with a number of vet appointment for surgeries, vaccines, eye checks, more visits, and paperwork galore.

Here little yellow girl is now known as BAILEY'S IRISH CREME! 'BAILEY' will be well loved by her family and especially little Julia who now has an animated teddy bear to add to her room! BAILEY now weighs 7 3/4 lbs. at 10 weeks old.

Pink Girl is now named 'DAISY' and this is the second doodle that this family has embraced into their home from Annabelle Doodles! DAISY will now be a great companion for Lily, their curly coated black doodle from Harriet's litter with Zack. They will look like piano keys when they begin playing in their yard! DAISY'S weight at 10 weeks is 8 lbs.

After much discussion, it has been decided that OSBORN aka 'OZZIE' will be most loved and cuddled in this household. He also will probably be extremely will read as the man of the house is an English professor and loves literature and his Mom works at MIT and they allow dogs to go to work with them! I am expecting a PHD after his name in a couple of years!! Continuing his bid for the heavyweight, OZZIE is 10 1/2 lbs. but still behind Blue Boy at 10 weeks.

It is good that Red Girl now known as 'MOLLY' will have an active boy to play with her! She likes to play! MOLLY likes cuddling too, so it seems she is a perfect fit! One of the more solid girls, MOLLY weighs 10 1/3 lbs at 10 weeks old.

Special treatment. :+)

A great day after the rain last night! :+)

Some of you have visited this weekend and spent some 'one on one' with your pups as well as playing with all the pups in general. But for the most part, your pup had all the petting and fun.

Not all of the pups had that special attention, so I spent today showering the 'non-visited' with extra freedom and TLC. :+)

TESSIE's new owners won't be able to meet with her until they actually pick her up. I took Tessie outside in the front yard for sniffs and romping as well as in the house to play with the big dogs. She and Olive played together quite well. Still the midget at 10 weeks - 7 1/2 lbs.

BLUE BOY is named 'DUFFY' and he too enjoyed the gardens and grass. He is so mello and sweet that I put him in a sit, and there he stayed. Amazing pup. Still holds the Heavyweight title at 11 1/4 lbs. at 10 weeks old. It just means more of him to love.

KOBIE POTTER's parents are on a cruise right now and live in Canada, so he won't be getting any visits until pick up time. This guy was in his glory running and plowing through the gardens like a mini tornado! At 10 weeks old, all 9 lbs. of him is full of life and laughter!! I let him do his thing until some of his energy wore off. What a character!

Ten weeks old and 9 lbs., LOLA's attention was geared to every detail in the garden. When she spotted her mother, however, she yelped and ran away! I don't know if she thought Harriet was a ghost or what! After a while, she recognized who it was and ran to her with tail wagging. It was hysterical to see though!

GREEN BOY's name is 'CHARLIE'. He was so delighted to romp away all over the front yard. He especially liked the wooded area and teasing his buddies who were behind the fence. A playful and confident pup who will do very well as a future therapy dog. His 10 week weight of 10 3/4 lbs. will be an asset for his 'occupation'. A size that is not intimidating but not too small to be squished either! My thoughts are that he will charm his way onto many beds!



Now that the time is becoming a reality, I am getting many emails asking lots of the same questions and I am repeating myself over and over. So, one client had an excellent assortment of many and I chose to copy her questions and my answers so ALL of you can read and hopefully find the answers. :+)

I CANNOT stress enough the IDOG link that is at the end of this post for tons and tons of info. It is well worth your perusing and reading as so much of it provides answers to your many questions.

Here are my answers to some of the repeated questions coming in:

1. Meals.
  • The pups need to be fed 3 times per day until they are around 6 months. You will know when to eliminate the mid-day meal when they start refusing to eat it. Then switch to 2 meals. Put them on YOUR time schedule NOT mine. Once your pup is with you, start them on a schedule that works for you. If you pup does not finish the meal in 15 minutes take it away until their next feeding!
A. What has been her typical daily schedule on her mealtimes.
  • Here it has been around 8 - 9 AM, 12 - 2 PM and 6 - 8 PM
B. What is she eating and should I continue to feed her the same way?
  • Again, your choice. They ONLY eat raw, organic chicken and bones here. I do use canned veggies or raw but not corn. Corn does not digest well.
C. What is the best place to read about increasing her food amounts as she gets bigger?
  • Depends on the diet. For raw - 10% of their weekly weight divided by the 3 meals. Commercial - follow package/vet instructions.
D. What kind of treats do you like
  • I like either those produced by Mother Hubbard or dried Liver Biscotti
2. Sleeping patterns.
  • Around here, they play when they want and sleep when they want. I have no schedule. After they eat, they have a burst of energy and then take a nap. I find they are usually napping at late morning and again around 2 PM. There is a burst of energy again around 9 - 10 PM and then lights out at 10:30 11:00 PM.
A. What are her current sleeping patterns? See #2.
B. How do you think they will change in the next 6 months?
  • Dogs tend to keep nap patterns but it does depend on their environment. People home may keep them busy. Alone, they will nap or get into trouble if not watched or contained. I don't think there will be much of a change at 6 months to the routine they are now on. Their whole world will change when they live with their new owners.
C. Will she need to go to the bathroom during the night?
  • Depends on when you feed her and how much she is played with. The last person going to bed should take the pup out for potty. Pups should be able to sleep through the night without getting up until 5 or 6 AM.
3. Commands. I currently use 'no bite', 'off' (not down), 'sit', 'good potty'
A. What commands are you currently using? See above.
4. Potty.
A. I know you tell her potty when you take her out and give her a treat and say good potty.
B. How often is she going out and when during the day and usually before or after her meal?
  • Please remember, I am dealing with an entire litter not one puppy. They all use the doggie door and go out as they feel the necessity. Many still use the kiddie pool potty or the grassy area. They go after they eat, and after they play hard.
5. Favorite Toys and other items.
  • They like soft squeaky toys, fuzzy toys, balls of all types, toys for tugging
A. What toys is she currently playing with and what do you suggest we buy for her? See above.
B. What kind of leash and collar do you recommend?
  • I prefer harnesses for puppies. Also, Buckle Collars (not snaps) when older or Martingale Collars.
C. What other items should I include for her the first time we bring her home. Should I get the flea and tick medicine from the Vet. We use frontline for our cat. Would you suggest that I put it on when we bring her home?
  • Follow the recommendations of your vet. If using Frontline, I prefer the 6 week not the 4 week dosage timeframe.
6. I know you send some information from a website on Biting which I found very good and I have a great book on puppies. Can you give me any other websites that you would recommend for resources?
  • This is a great link for info: http://idog.biz/ It is chock full of information on just about everything.
7. Any other things you can tell me that I forgot? Just email or call with anything, I am always here to help out. :+)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Do you see a resemblance?

This sort of has a connection to the litter, but it isn't about puppies. I had my camara with me and took this shot because I so very rarely have my girls lined up or still for more than a second! I was so pleased to be able to share this picture. :+)

From left to right:
  • Willis Mc Parti, the daughter of Harriet Potter - our chocolate and vanilla delight almost 2 years old. She is a pet.
  • Miss Harriet Potter - (lovingly called 'Dirty Harry' because she is such a mud mutt) who happens to be clean in this shot - another feat in itself! Harriet is almost 3 yrs. old and Annabelle's first daughter that we added to our program. (retired)
  • Olive Oyl, (7 months) the last daughter of Annabelle and potential breeder.
  • Annabelle, our Matriarch and Welcome Wagon Extrodinaire! At almost six, she is what Annabelle Doodles is all about! (Annabelle is now retired).

Monday, July 21, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring, dogs and cats are snoring.... NOT!


Just as soon as I was done snapping pics, heavy rain came down and the pups were back out running around in it. I have NEVER had a group of puppies so excited about rain. I bet everyone of these pups will like the water!

How much more charming can this pic be? This is Yellow Girl. :+)

I snapped one pic of Silver Boy and it was perfect! He is a great model. :+)

As usual, Neon Girl is 'giving me the look'! She is as sweet as can be, but you would never know it by her photo shoots!! Honest!!

'Hey everyone! It's raining AGAIN!' Green Boy gleefully announces.

Parti Girls insists the umbrella is to keep the sun off of her - not the rain. She LOVES rain! :+)

'Is this yellow thing REALLY necessary? Fortunately for Turquoise Boy, he IS the color of mud!

Sweet Red Girl has wonderful boning, just enough zip and such expression.

'Am I sitting still enough?' asks Blue Boy. (Don't you just want to pinch him?)

Demure and classy, this shot says it all. Pink Girl has unforgettable eyes.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The pups LOVE rain!

I don't know about your area, but we have been getting some downpours! I thought for sure the pups would be running for cover, but instead they ran OUTSIDE to play in it!! Just look at these crazy puppies!!! They were loving it.

Some of you have visited and know this is their foremost favorite spot in the playarea - it is their digging area and there are many 'comfy' holes for burying tasty items, getting cool and just exercising in general. They wrestle with the branches and love burrowing under them for the perfect shady 'chair' with a view.

So, we have run amuck, rolled in the dirt and NOW want to come in.

Are these not pathetic looking, soaked and dirty puppies???

Soon the rest join in to get dry and take a nap.

Now it gets good. They have dried, slept, ate, and are gearing up to do it again and again with me having the fun job of cleaning up their mess!! I hear we are in for several days of this weather. Boy are they going to be happy. Me? I am rolling my eyes. :+(

Stay tuned for more pics tomorrow (between the raindrops, of course!)


Yippeee! I spoke to the 'mediator' and he gave me a hint, I tried it and we have a truce! I hope we now can live in peace and harmony. (cross fingers!)

One of the things that I did finish today was Harriet's hair cut. She has been going through the typical coat and body changes that are perfectly normal for a whelping dog, but her surgeries and close call added more stess than typical. She is finally turning around and her added weight and trim has given her a new spring in her step! :+)

(Of course those silly front feet need more time to grow!)


Unfortunately, my camara and computer do not want to talk to each other at the moment. While they are having this 'argument', I am forced to only divulge puppy weights at this time. I am hoping that they will come to an agreement soon and I will be able to post new pics of the litter. Till then, I can only sit on the sidelines until the 'mediator' arrives and settles this squabble! Grrrrrr.

  • PARTI GIRL WEIGHS 6 3/4 LBS. (still the smallest)
  • YELLOW GIRL 7 1/4 LBS.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Swimming 'Hole'

Boy, it is hot and getting hotter as the week rolls into the weekend! I felt it was time to introduce the puppies to their swimming pool. :+)

I filled up the pool while they were busy inside the puppy room eating. Doesn't it look inviting? I must have lost the original plug to keep the water in, so I improvised by using a nice thick candle - worked like a charm! If you look closely, you can barely see the little 'white stick'. :+)

The first two adventurers were Green and Silver.

Then the others got curious with Silver boy taking the first plunge!

Not to be outdone, Blue stuck his paws in with Parti checking out the depth. Neon beat both into the water - I believe she will be quite happy playing in the surf at some beach. :+)

It appears Silver, Blue, Green and Parti are having a 'political discussion by the water cooler'.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

They love these toys!

It took me an afternoon to set this gym up so that they could have tugging toys of interest yet provide excellent jaw exercise as well as a teeth cleaner! The red yarn ball is suspended with stretch ties and causes the ball to bounce and weave. So much fun!

'You pull, I pull, they pull!' Group effort. :+)

I have this one all to myself! A budding athelete.

Doggie thoughts for the day. (8 wk. wts. too!)

'But I thought ruffage is good for the digestive system'. (Parti @ 6 1/8 lbs.)

' Parti said I should eat this.' (Neon Girl @ 7 1/2 lbs.)

'Where is everyone?' (Turquoise @ 7 1/2 lbs.)

'I wonder when I get big if I will be able to go out there.' (Yellow @ 6 3/4 lbs.)

'They all left me, but I don't mind.' (Pink @ 6 3/4 lbs.)

'I love having all this room to stretch!' (Silver @ 9 lbs.)

'Tee hee! I love playing hide and seek!' (Red @ 8 1/4 lbs.)

'Isn't this a good hiding place?' (Green @ 9 lbs.)

'I am told I take right after my mommy and should be named 'Dirty Harry'! (Blue @ 9 1/4 lbs.)

Busy, busy, busy......

I know I am late with this week's pics, but company, client visits, poultry requests and the fact that it is just the summer has kept me hopping! Be assured all is well and the pups are thriving!

We had our 8 week vet visit which included their first puppy shots and everyone but Neon Girl were troopers. She had to 'peep' at just about every poke and prod!! We all thought there was a squeaky toy in the room! LOL!! She IS fine, but has an 'opinion' on most everything. All their bites are good, there are no heart murmurs and they have no worms. I was quite pleased. The bonus was only one pup had car sickness and they all waited until they were on the vet's floor to piddle! (chuckle) The ride to and from elicited very little complaining. Except Silver Boy, who really should be named Houdini, got out of one of the crates! He was sitting very close to the top of one enjoying the wind in his face from all the open windows and sunroof! I still don't know how he got out!

With their first shots underway, they enjoyed romping in their new play area with lots of grass, dirt for digging holes, bushes to scramble under, a playgym with chewing toys dangling and best of all lots of running space! They tumbled, chased, rolled, dug, pulled, jumped, raced and spun to their heart's content today. There is also some nice shade for cool naps.

When I first let them in the area, they were so overwhelmed. It did not take them long to enjoy their new space.

Here you will notice the black tubing on the swing set poles. Underneath them, I put on pipe insulation for a buffer just in case one might run into them.

Parti and Turquoise are constantly wrestling with each other! They are the right size. :+)

Investigating their surroundings was such a wondrous experience!

MOMMA MIA! Look at all this running room!

Look at those ears! I think he might fly!

Can't you just feel their glee?

'You mean ... we can dig here?'