Saturday, December 31, 2011

Muddie Pearl - RETIRED

My ballerina.  Pearl is a gorgeous Lavender colored girl that really needs to compete in Doggie Dancing.  She literally can meet and greet you standing on her hind legs. I do believe she thinks she is human.

Grace with Pearl at a year.
Pearl is a lovable creature who enjoys running with her human mom; sitting with her human dad and is the furry sister of her human youngster. 

A coat that is non-shedding and lush, Pearl is the true version of a real teddy bear and just as comforting.  Pearl is smart and has a good dose of energy that balances  perfectly with her guardian family.  She loves to be physical but also will snuggle with you as soon as you are on a couch (or floor) for pats and belly rubbing. 

This is what her guardians have to say about her:

Pearl is very, very smart, energetic, loving, comical, spectacularly beautiful, alert, patient and playful. She also has periods of  mellow, quiet thoughtfulness. 

Pearl has never met a lap she doesn't like. When loading the wood stove, we can always expect loving, furry company.  Pearl is in Nirvana when a member of our family invites her to cuddle and snuggle on the furniture with them. Wise Pearl asks Mom for on-the-furniture snuggles only occasionally; and usually when Mom's guard is down.

A curiosity about Pearl is that she is not a dog motivated by food. She often leaves yummy treats on the floor when they have been offered to her. Perhaps if there were competition from another dog it would be different. 

She loves to go outside for leashed walks and can always keep up with me on my around town runs; and is great with our 9 year old and her friends. However, she wants to be in the center of the action so is sometimes 'uninvited' to play with them.  Often, she plays hide and seek with our daughter, staying in the 'stay' position while Grace hides, then very quickly finding her when released.
Pearl at about 9 weeks.

We were originally interested in a labradoodle because our daughter has pretty intrusive asthma. Having Pearl in the household has not irritated Grace's asthma at all. Though she didn't test as allergic to dogs, Grace's asthma doctor told me that if we were serious about getting a dog, we should definitely go the hypoallergenic route just to stay on the safer side. 

She lets us know when there is a car in the driveway, or in the neighbor's driveway, and when the school bus is nearing Grace's stop.  Pearl loves our next door neighbor's free range chickens. Our yard is part of their range and Pearl will happily follow their movement around the yard, peering out and skittering from window to window to keep tabs on them. 

When company arrives at the door, we put Pearl into her crate for about 15 minutes, until the person has acclimated to our house. Pearl is so smart that, often, if someone is coming to the door, Pearl will head for her crate while sending out warning barks that someone is here. 
Pearl with Dad.  Still diluting in color.
When she is feeling more pensive, she will sit directly in front of the door of the wood stove and stare at the lazy flames. At these times, I like to imagine that she is planning the next chapter in the novel she is secretly writing.

Pearl is the perfect fit for our family. Even my husband, who is not a traditional 'dog man' thinks Pearl is pretty great. Neither of us ever imagined that we would be people with the type of dog who looks like Pearl - longer haired, needing grooming, more poodle-appearing than the all purpose lab but she is just perfect for us...... and her non shedding feature is priceless.

Pearl's mature color is called 'Lavender'.  It is a dilution color
from the chocolate gene family.  People stop to ask questions
all the time because her color is so uniquely beautiful.

Stats and Certifications:
  • DOB:  January 16, 2010 from Annabelle's Cadbury Nougat and Rumple Sticks, both Australian Labradoodles.  
  • Size/Color/Coat:  17 1/2 inches tall and about 31 lbs.  Color DNA is bbEe (lavender) and her coat is a lightly curling, non-shedding, soft fleece.
  • von Willebrand's Disease - 'Clear' through parental DNA.  Copies provided.
  • Annual Thyroid/Blood Work/Chemistry's and TgAA - 3/8/12 all 'Normal' #HML32648; 1/18/11 all 'Normal' #IRBD80622242.
  • Hips - PennHIP done on 1/17/11 is .56/.51 and OFA Prelim is rated as 'Good'.  OFA certification #NOREG1490618 is 'GOOD'.
  • Patellar Luxation (knees) - 2/7/11 is 'Normal'.  OFA #HY-PA271/12F/P-VPI
  • Elbows - 3/19/12 is 'Normal'.  OFA certification #NOREG1490618
  • Legg-Calves-Perthes - 2/7/11 is 'Normal'.  OFA certification #HY-LP39/12F-VPI.
  • Annual Eye CERFS - On 2/27/10 is 'Normal'.  9/24/11, 6/08/12 one Distichia on Right eye. Left eye is Normal.  On 11/03/13 Both eyes are 'Normal'.
  • PRA/prcd - On 3/19/10 is 'Normal'.  Optigen #10-1828
  • Heart - Auscultation 10/3/11 by Canine Cardiologist is 'Normal'.  OFA # HY-CA547/20F/C-VPI


With Coriander on 11/17/12:

Eloise Moppet

10 wks. old.
Oh my goodness, Miss Eloise Moppet!!!  What a shock I had when I went to pick up this delightful munchkin.  I knew Eloise was going to be small but I really thought her breeder made a mistake when he wrote down her weight, he did not.  I could barely find her in the tiny crate.  When I got home, however, and finally got her out, my husband and I looked at each other and instantly said - 'Oh...... how adorable are you'?  Eloise is the most charming lady (in furs) that you will ever have the pleasure of meeting.  Her personality is calm, friendly, playful, intelligent, focused, compliant with just enough mischief to make you laugh often.

Ellie at 16 weeks.

Everyone who meets Eloise falls in love with this 'Thumbelina' version of a Labradoodle.  For lack of an official size category, I am calling her a 'Micro Labradoodle'.  At 8.5 lbs. +/-, what else fits??? 

Eloise at 2 years old.

Ellie has a lot of Poodle in her genes but her grand dam was a very small Labrador of just 40 lbs., so considered very small for her breed.  Her grand dad was a Toy Poodle and it is very obvious, Miss Ellie takes after her Poodle side.  In any language, Eloise Moppet is the 'cat's meow' (and just as big!).  Although Jaxon had been her initial intended stud, he grew too big for such a tiny girl.  Hence,  I made the sad decision to have Eloise spayed and retired with never having a litter.  Finding a qualified, micro mini, well tested stud to use with her became an overwhelming obstacle.  It is more important to me to allow her guardians to spay her and be the Little Princess she is without dealing with all the hormonal effects of remaining intact.

What her guardians say about Eloise:

Eloise at about 1 yr.
Although Ellie is only 8.2 pounds and approximately 12 inches tall, she has a big dog's heart in a tiny body. Ellie Belly is snugly and sweet but she has tons of energy and loves to play. She is wonderful with children and is a big hit with our 3 year old grandson and 15 month old granddaughter. She makes friends easily with humans and other pets and knows our neighbors better than we do. She loves to play with our nine year old cats and is particularly fond of our male cat, Charlie. 

Ellie loves to chase a ball or a little Frisbee but she also enjoys sitting near us when we watch TV or read. She will frequently go right up the the TV and bark when dogs come on the screen or a door bell rings on TV. 

She does well when she is home alone but prefers to be by our side at all times. We adore her and couldn't ask for a better friend.

Stats and Certifications:
  • DOB:  October 3, 2010 from a mating of Sharwood Toby Jr., a red miniature Poodle and Scknookum, an F1B, cream colored American Labradoodle.
  • Size/Color/Coat:  9 lbs.  and 14 inches tall.  Color DNA is BBee, reddish/apricot, does not carry for chocolate.  A totally non-shedding curly coat of soft, soft wool.
  • von Willebrand's Disease Type 1 - 6/7/12  is 'Negative'.  InGen #0003035953
  • Thyroid/Blood Work/Chemistry's and TgAA - Done on 12/25/12 by  Hemolife HML#42788 - All 'NORMAL'.  TgAA <1 .="">
  • Hips - PennHIP done on 2/22/11 is .56/.48 with no evidence of Degenerative Joint Disease.  OFA certification #HY-1102G26F-VPI  rated 'GOOD'.
  • Patellar Luxation (knees) - OFA certified  #HY-PA538/26F/P-VPI rated 'NORMAL'.
  • Elbows - OFA certified #HY-EL737F26-VPI rated 'NORMAL'.
  • Legg-Calves-Perthes -OFA certified #HY-LP47/26F-VPI rated "NORMAL'.
  • Eye CERFS - 'NORMAL' on 9/13/11;  9/30/12
  • PRA/prcd - DNA on 12/7/10 is 'Clear and Normal'.  Optigen #10-9280
  • Heart - Echocardiogram on 9/13/11 was completely 'Normal'.  Done two weeks shy of her first birthday for an OFA number.  On 11/8/12 an Auscultation of her heart was done.  Also 'NORMAL' - OFA certified #HY-CA741/23F/C-VPI.


 Felix Gumshoe - RETIRED.
Available for stud service to approved/tested dams.  Breeders read below.

Felix at 7 weeks.
As soon as Felix was born, I knew I wanted to keep him for my program.   His silky coat just glistened and this is what I strive for in in my Labradoodles.  The color black comes in many shades just like reds and chocolates.   If there are diluted colors in the parental lines, coats become shaded in silver, blue or smoky grey. This is what happened to Felix, he is the color of cooled charcoal and is still clearing out for his final shade.                    


Felix at 18 weeks with mom, Olive.

Felix at 2 yrs. just beginning to show his dilute color.

'Charcoal' Felix at 3 yrs.

 Words from his guardians:

Felix is truly a family dog and likes to greet each one of us enthusiastically by 'talking and rubbing against us like his namesake'.  Then he immediately rolls over for a tummy rub.  It is typical of him to have a stuffed animal in his mouth; or he might nibble or tug at your clothing in a very gentle way to say 'Good Morning'!

He loves everyone that he meets and his back end wiggles back and forth as he verbalizes his happiness.  He loves to play with other dogs and has never uttered an angry growl.  

Felix has the sweetest disposition and temperament.  He is very smart and loves to retrieve.  This was helpful as Felix liked the water, but did not want to swim. He would jump along on his back legs with his head above the water for as long as he could.  So it was necessary to give him a swimming lesson and now he loves to retrieve his "dummy" from the water and will go swimming any chance he gets.

Felix loves to be with us and will cry and carry on when greeting you even if you have only been gone for ten minutes.  He is very content by himself, but prefers to be with us and can always be found curled up at my feet as soon as I sit down.  If you are on the couch, then he will come up and snuggle with you or "ask" my husband (Tom) to throw the ball for him.  He has the softest, silkiest, blue fleece coat to snuggle with and is just so fun to cuddle and snuggle. 

He loves to chew on his toys and 'talks' to them while doing so.  
His favorite movie is "Marley and Me"  and he wants desperately to play with Marley and spends most of the movie expressing this desire.  He also loves to watch commercials and hunting shows (a trait he inherited from his mom). 

He has the sweetest head tilt when spoken to and listens intently to every word.  His vocabulary is building and he will go and see each member of the family that he is asked to go find.   The neighbors and kids love to "shake his paw" and have him "high five" them.  Felix is just the sweetest dog and is loved by all who meet him.

Stats and Certifications:  

  • DOB:  May 5, 2010 from Willson's Chico of Puppy Love, F1B American Labradoodle, red, non-shedding, wavy fleece (Bbee) and Annabelle's Olive Oyl - an Australian Labradoodle, black, (BbEe) non-shedding wavy fleece.  
  • Size/Color/Coat:  18 inches and 32 lbs.  Color DNA is 'BbEe', a black dilute  that has turned to charcoal but carries for all the colors.  The parti gene possibility has not been determined as yet.  Felix's coat is a wavy, soft fleece that does not shed.  He is 'Clear' for the Improper Coat gene.
  • von Willebrand's Disease - 'Clear' through parental DNA.  Copies provided.
  • Annual Thyroid/Blood Work/Chemistry's and TgAA - 6/8/11 'Normal'.  HML #23106; 5/22/12 is 'Normal' HML #35312.
  • Hips - 9/21/10 (10 months) PennHIP is Left .44/Right .49 (70%).  OFA Prelim was 'Good'.  OFA Certification #HY-1007G24M-VPI rated as 'GOOD'.
  • Patellar Luxation (knees) - 5/15/12  'Normal' - OFA #HY-PA462/24M/P-VPI
  • Elbows -5/29/12 'Normal' - OFA #HY-EL653M24-VPI
  • Legg-Calves-Perthes -5/29/12 'Normal' - OFA #HY-LP43/24M-VPI
  • Eye CERF - 7/19/10, 9/24/11, 11/2/12, 11/19/13, 11/16/15 -  'Normal and Clear'.
  • PRA/prcd - 'Clear and Normal' through parental DNA.  Copies provided.
  • Heart - 10/3/11 Echocardiogram with Dr. MacGregor  is 'Normal' with no evidence of congenital cardiac disease.  OFA #HY-CA543/16M/C-VPI-ECHO
  • CANINE GOOD CITIZENSHIP - achieved in May, 2013.  
  • IMPROPER COAT - 'Clear' (FF).


My philosophy as a provider of possible stud service is solely for improvement of our hybrid in health, temperament and conformation to the best of my ability.  The following criteria will not fit everyone's program nor is it meant to.  I am hopeful that by 'raising the bar' on my studs, I will eventually work with breeders with the same goals and testing protocol.
  • All dams must have a recent Brucellosis test and be free of parasites before breeding.
  • Full pedigree must be submitted. 
  • Friendly temperament. Felix has an exuberant personality.
  • Testing of Dam must include the following:  Current CERF, Clear/Carrier PRA and von Willebrand's Disease (parental clearances must have hard copy paperwork), Current Thyroid with TgAA results, PennHIP of 50% or above or passing OFA Certification for Hips (no prelims or Dr. Wallace opinions unless accompanied with a minimum of 50% PennHIP), vet clearances for Patellae, OFA Elbows and OFA Heart.

Phineas T. Barnum

Phineas T. Barnum - Stud. 
Available for stud service to approved/tested dams.  No kennels, please.
Read below.

Phineas au naturale.

Affectionately called Phinny by his guardians, he is a sweet boy who loves to be with people as well as other dogs of any type.  When I had Phin here for grooming, he was a perfect gentleman.  At the vets, he is well mannered, can be handled by any tech and is non aggressive to other dogs.  He has a wonderful, stable temperament and is a pleasure to be with.  He has a thick, non-shedding coat that looks best when kept short on the body with a bit of length on his head and legs.  I look forward to see what he will bring to our Labradoodle community.

Phineas 3 yrs. old.

Words from his guardians:

Phineas at 6 months.

Phineas is a  sensitive, loving, loyal, playful, athletic and extremely sweet boy.    Phineas wakes Mommy up at 6:00 sharp every day with kisses and little nudges, no alarm clock needed .  We haven’t yet been able to teach him about Saturdays and Sundays.  He then immediately presents his ball, letting us know it is time to play.  When playing ball he will continuously fetch and return until you stop.  If he spots a squirrel out the corner of his eye however, he is in motion and runs his very own self built obstacle course through the woods on our property.  It takes him over and under downed trees, weaving at top speed!  He has made a very distinctive walking path for the rest of us.  He just loves to be outside.   Phineas also can keep himself occupied inside with his balls.  He loves to lay on his back and amazingly place his ball between his two paws and hold it in the air. 

After play time, Phineas loves to join the family all cuddled up watching a movie. Although very much a mommy’s boy,  he prefers when the entire family is home and safely together.  When one of the Owens clan is missing, he will wait at the top of the stairs for them to get home before settling into his bed for the night.  When you do arrive home, he greets you very enthusiastically, even when only gone for a few minutes.

Phineas also has a lot of friends in the neighborhood.  When going for walks he knows where all his human and dogie friends live and loves to stop and socialize.   Phineas is also very obedient and extremely sensitive.  We have learned there is no reason to be very sharp with him.  Just give him the right look and he’ll roll and give you the look as if he is truly saying he is sorry.   All Phinny needs is hugs, kisses and a ball, and he is a very happy boy.  :+)

Stats and Certifications:    Phineas surpasses the OFA 'CHIC' Status Level of Testing 
  • DOB: October 27, 2009 from a mating of Willson's Chico, F1B American Labradoodle, non-shedding and Clara Belle, Australian Labradoodle, non-shedding, curly fleece/soft wool combo. 
  • Size:  18 inches and 30.7 lbs. at three years old.  Color DNA is ay/ay, Kb/Ky, bbee - Caramel. Carries for cream and chocolate. Once Phineas finished the puppy transition stage, his coat matured to a gorgeous light apricot color of soft fleece/wool curls and is completely non shedding.
  • von Willebrand's Disease - 'Clear' through parental DNA  (copies provided)
  • Annual Thyroid/Blood Work/Chemistry's and TgAA - 4/14/16 'Normal' HML87474; 6/24/14 'Normal' HML62728; 11/12/12 'NORMAL' HML41442; 11/17/11 'Normal'  HML29057.
  • Hips - 8/16/10. PennHIP at 10 months is .42 on Left and .35 on Right (80%).  OFA Certification at two years on 11/28/11 is:  'Good'.  OFA #:HY-936G24M-VPI
  • Patella Luxation (knees) - 11/28/11 is  'Normal'.  OFA #:  HY-PA392/24M/P-VPI
  • Elbows - 11/28/11 is  'Normal'.  OFA#:  HY-EL592M24-VPI
  • Legg Calves Perthes - 11/28/11 is  'Normal'.  OFA #:  HY-LP41/24M-VPI
  • Annual eye CERFS - 9/24/11 shows minor PPMs. Clear/Normal on 9/6/12, 11/03/13, 4/12/15, 4/19/16, 5/5/17 OFA#: HY-EYE10/89N-VPI
  • PRA/prcd - 'Clear/Normal' through parental DNA.  Copies provided.

  • Heart - 10/3/11 Echocardiogram is 'Normal'.  OFA #: HY-CA542/22M/C-VPI-ECHO.  No evidence of congenital cardiac disease. 
  • I.C. DNA coat test through Optigen is 'Normal'.
  • DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) is Normal.


My philosophy as a provider of possible stud service is solely for improvement of our hybrid in health, temperament and conformation to the best of my ability.  The following criteria will not fit everyone's program nor is it meant to.  I am hopeful that by 'raising the bar' on my studs, I will eventually work with breeders with the same goals and testing protocol.
  • All dams must have a recent Brucellosis test and be free of parasites before breeding.
  • Full pedigree must be submitted. 
  • Friendly temperament.
  • Testing of Dam must include the following:  Current CERF, Clear/Carrier PRA and von Willebrand's Disease (parental clearances must have hard copy paperwork), Current Thyroid & TgAA results, PennHIP of 50% or above or passing OFA Certification for Hips (no prelims or Dr. Wallace opinions unless accompanied with a minimum of 50% PennHIP), vet clearances for Patellae, OFA Elbows and OFA Heart.

Litters Phineas has sired:  

With Blueberry Cottage Lady Contessa, a litter of nine.  (natural)
With ADNE's  Muddie Pearl, a litter of five.  (Side by Side A.I.)

Olive Oyl - Retired

Olive year and a half old.

Olive, my shadow dancer - always near or by me.  She has a joyful prance that is delightful to watch.  Her happy spirit keeps her curly tail very busy.  Olive's goal in life is to please me.  Sometimes, I think she is part cat as she loves to rub and wrap herself around my legs trying very hard to keep the other dogs away so that I can only pat her.  Naturally, I make her wait as I pay attention to the rest of my crew; much to her annoyance. 

Olive adores watching t.v. and is quite hysterical when interacting with pet commercials.  I even had to put her in another room, watching a DIFFERENT t.v. when the Westminister show was on, as she could not stop herself from 'mingling' with all those dogs!!!

Olive about 4 years old, ungroomed.
Olive at 5 weeks.  

Olive wants to get to know strangers by back tracking a bit and sniffing your hand on her terms and I respect that.  Be patient and she will be in your lap showering you with hugs and kisses.

A conversation with Olive is very engaging as she intently stares at you as if every word is so important.  Her beautiful cocoa brown eyes twinkle mischieviously when she manages to climb onto your lap without permission and her soft, flowing coat is so easy to manage and care for.

Olive is the whole package - beauty, intelligence, carefree, silly and intuitive.  Generally, her puppies are soft natured and make the most wonderful, gentle companions. 

The 5 week baby pic on the left, shows at such an early age, how compliant Olive was even then.  She is the same today.  No need to ever raise your voice at Olive as just a look tells her you are not happy and her heart is broken.

Stats and Certifications:
  • DOB:  December 13, 2007 from Annabelle and Rumple Sticks.
  • Size/Color/Coat:  18+ inches and 34 lbs.  Color DNA is BbEe - (Black) but carries for all colors and also the parti gene.  Olive has the most easy care coat of all my Labradoodles.  A soft, wavy silkiness that begs for patting.  She does not shed but is not my best recommendation for people with serious allergies. 
  • von Willebrand's Disease - DNA on 5/2/08 is 'Clear'.  PID Profile #0001054949
  • Annual Thyroid/Blood Work/Chemistry's and TgAA - 5/11/12, 9/22/10, and 5/16/09 are 'Normal' with no genetic thyroid issues present.  TgAA is under 1.  HML#34980
  • Hips - PennHIP done on 5/7/08 is .53/.47 which is 50%.  Dr. Wallace evaluation was rated as 'Good to Excellent' and OFA certification #HY-703F24F-VPI is 'Fair' on 1/4/10.
  • Patellar Luxuation (knees) - 6/1/09 is 'Normal'.  OFA #HY-CA229/17F/P-VPI
  • Elbows - 1/4/10 is 'Normal'.  OFA #HY-PA143/17F/P-VPI
  • Legg-Calves-Perthes - 6/1/09 is 'Normal'.  OFA #HY-LP31/17F-VPI
  • Annual Eye CERFS - 2/28/08, 5/3/09, 9/12/10 and 9/24/11 shows Persistent Pupillary Membranes in the right eye and is not a breeding concern.
  • PRA/prcd - DNA on 5/2/08 is 'Clear'.  PID Profile #0001054949
  • Heart - Auscultation via Cardiologist is 'Normal'.  OFA #HY-CA229/17F/P-VPI


With Chico on 5/15/10:

With Coriander on 1/1/11:

With Southern Maine's Hales Lil Buddy on 3/3/12:

With Spring Creek's Dancin' With a Cowboy on 9/16/12:

Friday, December 30, 2011

Dancing Matilda aka 'Tillie'

Tillie at 5 months.

 When Tillie was born, I absolutely adored her sweet markings and little face.  She was exactly what I was hoping for in the litter of Ocean States Jazzy and my stud, Rumple Sticks.  Except for one pup, the entire litter was parti marked which was a wonderful surprise.

When it was time for me to pick my puppy, I traveled down and played with the litter.  Little Tillie just stood out to me.  I loved her mannerisms, sweet gentle temperament, coat type, pattern, and focus.   I took her home and realized what a little gem I had in this lovely little girl.

Tillie meshed with my puppies and adults wonderfully and she was soon scooped up by a lovely semi retired couple that wanted to spend their time raising and enjoying the antics of a new puppy.  God bless!!

Tillie at 5 weeks.

Tillie was soon enrolled in obedience class(es) and went on to enjoy 'higher education' and is now a therapy dog.  Both Tillie and her guardian enjoy what a therapy dog has to offer both children and older adults and are doing remarkably well.

What her guardian says about Tillie:

Tillie at 17 weeks.
Dancing Matilda (Tillie) made her first appearance in our lives on the Internet and it was love at first sight. From her brown button nose to the tip of her perfect “C” tail, she is simply Doodle-licious! Her adult coat is soft and wavy and tangle-free. She is sweet and gentle, happy to interact with people of all ages, from a rambunctious two-year old to those in their 80’s. She is active and playful, enjoying hikes, long walks on the beach, romping with her friends at day care, catching and hiding balls, and systematically emptying her toy bins. She likes to garden-- happily digging holes, smelling the flowers, “raking” the mulch. She is a budding interior designer, re-arranging & moving throw pillows several times a  day.

Tillie is also a certified Therapy Dog, working with both children and adults. Her training began at 14 weeks with her first obedience class, followed by three more obedience classes, and her Canine Good Citizenship certification. At the same time, she was introduced to a variety of environments and populations—spending time with a hospice patient and comforting the bereaved, sitting patiently while being read to by young children, visiting residents in a retirement and continuing care facility, participating in a Reader Dog Program, attending book club meetings. She approached each new situation cautiously, but quickly adjusted to each new person. She has gained self-confidence and we look forward to new opportunities.

Stats and Certifications:
  • DOB:  March 11, 2010 from a mating of Annabelle's Rumple Sticks and Ocean States Parti Time aka 'Jazzy'.  
  • Size/Color/Coat: Tillie is 16 inches and about 23 lbs.  Color DNA is bbEe, she carries for only chocolate and creams and is a fully marked parti Labradoodle.  Her coat is a soft, curling fleece that is non-shedding.  She carries for the Improper Coat gene.
  • von Willebrand's Disease - Type I is 'Negative'.  InGen #0002001063.
  • Annual Thyroid/Blood Work/Chemistry's and TgAA - 4/10/12 is normal through Hemolife Diagnostics.  Accession No. HML33745.
  • Hips - PennHIP is .44/.44 - 80th percentile.  OFA Certification #LD-134G24F-VPI is 'GOOD'.
  • Patellar Luxation (knees) is 'Normal'.  OFA #HY-PA373/19F/P-VPI
  • Elbows - OFA Certification #LD-EL163F24-VPI is 'NORMAL'. 
  • Legg-Calves-Perthes - X-ray on 4/18/12 is 'NORMAL'.  OFA #LD-LP3/24F-VPI
  • Annual Eye CERFS - 3/29/11 PPM both; 6/20/12, 11/06/13 - 'NORMAL'.
  • PRA/prcd - Cleared through parental DNA.  Also 'Negative' through InGen #0002001063.
  • Heart - Echocardiogram is 'Normal'.  OFA #HY-CA458/12F/C-VPI-ECHO
  • I.C. - Carrier: Vetgen ID #14278


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Olive has a date tomorrow!

I do believe we have hit the magic time for Olive to meet her mate.  Right now, the plan is to arrive in the late morning.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that Miss Olive will be receptive to Ari's advances and that all will be well after a few minutes of frolicking! 
Of course, Olive is no one night stand, so another date has been arranged for Sunday.   Wine and dinner will be requested.  :+)

Olive hasn't packed her bags yet, but she is waiting on the porch for her Knight in Shining Armor to arrive.

The handsome ARI with Karina.

Update on Friday, Dec. 30, 2011:  We had hoped that this duo would happily do the deed but needed to do an artificial insemination (A.I.) today.  After conversing with other breeders, I am going to wait until Sunday to breed again and hope they will make music.    Second stud is 'on hold' until this plays out.

Update on Monday, Jan. 2, 2012 - I ended up having a second A.I. done on Sunday with ARI.  The semen looked very good and all went well.  Now it is all up to Mother Nature.  :+)  I am not going to use the second stud.

Camden Rose

Camden at one year.
Camden has big shoes to fill as I have retired her mom Maple Sugar, who I felt was as close to Annabelle's personality as I could hope for.  When you have such an exceptional dog for your foundation stock, you really seek the pup that shows those qualities to continue in your lines.

 Like her mom and grand mom, Camden adapts well to people and dogs of all sizes.  So lovable and smart with just enough mischief to keep things interesting.  She lives with  her guardian and 'extended family' on her lovely property close by. 

In the shot on the left, Camden is six months and I just finished grooming her.  I love the length of her legs and short hocks. She has a medium build with nice width to her chest and nice bone structure - not overdone to be 'cloddy'.  If I were describing Camden in 'people terms', I would say she is an athlete - sinewy, balanced, graceful and well muscled. She is 'up' on her toes which adds to that lovely prance so loved by Doodle breeders and clients.

Camden is full of gumption but also loves settling near you for pats or belly rubs.

Camden is a wonderful mother to her puppies. This pic is of her first mating to Percy Jaxon which is why I wanted to repeat it. It was a great mating choice.

Her guardian says:

With a mission to please, Camden Rose, also known as Cami, is a friendly dog full of energy who loves to play.  She watches television with me in the evenings and will sit right next to the TV if it's a dog commercial and talks back.  She likes to cuddle and stays close to me wherever I am.  She's smart, easily trained and loves people.  We live on a lake, so she has grown to love the water and really enjoys socializing on the beach as well. 

She has a beautiful warm thick coat of very soft blond hair with apricot ears.  Her fabulous eyelashes boast a full two and a half inches in length!

She is loyal, caring and a wonderful companion to me. The grand kids   and I are so glad she is part of our family.

Stats and Certifications:
  • DOB:  March 2, 2010 from a mating of Maple Sugar (F3) and Rumple Sticks (A1).
  • Size/Color/Coat:  19 inches and 30 lbs.  Color DNA is Bbee - dominant for cream/apricot/red but carries for black, chocolate and the parti gene.  Camden has a loosely curled coat of soft wool that is allergy friendly and non-shedding.
  • von Willebrand's Disease is 'Clear' through parentage.  Copies provided.
  • Annual Thyroid/Blood Work/Chemistry's and TgAA - 2/3/12 'Normal'. TgAA is >1.
  • Hips - PennHIP on 7/6/10 is .42/.40 (80%).  OFA Certification #HY-1024G27F-VPI 'GOOD'.
  • Patellar Luxation (knees) - OFA certification #HY-PA473/27F/P-VPI - NORMAL.
  • Elbows -OFA certification #HY-EL669F27-VPI - NORMAL.
  • Legg-Calves-Perthes - OFA certification #HY-LP44/27F-VPI - NORMAL.
  • Annual Eye CERFS - 5/4/10, 6/20/12, 11/03/13 - 'Normal'
  • PRA/prcd - is 'Clear' through parentage.  Copies provided.
  • Heart - Auscultation by Cardiologist is 'Normal' on 10/3/11.  OFA #HY-CA548/18F/C-VPI

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Clara Belle

Clara is an adorable apricot and white full parti marked Australian Labradoodle who lives with her guardians nearby.  A friendly, gentle girl who loves to play fetch for hours and hours.

An absolute water baby who loves to play on the water's edge looking for fish or on their boat enjoying the wind on her face.  Clara Belle gets along with other dogs very well and we always look forward to her 'maternity' stays.  She is a big favorite at her vets and if you meet her, you would understand why.

Stats and Certifications:  RETIRED
  • DOB:  12/13/07 from a mating of Annabelle (F2) and Rumple (A1) ALAA #007227.
  • Size/Color/Coat:  18 inches and 31 lbs.  Color DNA is Bbee, she carries for chocolate and black and is a full parti.  Her coat is a curly fleece/wool combo that is soft and non-shedding.
  • von Willebrand's Disease - 4/15/08 is 'Clear' through P.I.D. #0001054428.
  • Annual Thyroid/Blood Work/Chemistry's and TgAA - 6/17/09, 4/08/10 and 11/19/11 are all 'Normal' with TgAA at 1%.  HML #29155
  • Hips - PennHIP done on 4/29/08 is .53/.47 with Dr. Wallace prelim evaluation of 'Excellent' and an OFA certification at two years old of  'Fair' on 4/28/10.  OFA #HY-748F27F-VPI
  • Patellar Luxation (knees) - 6/23/09 is 'Normal'.  OFA #HY-PA151/18F/P-VPI
  • Elbows - 4/28/10 is 'Normal'.  OFA #HY-EL-436F27-VPI.
  • Legg-Calves-Perthes - 4/28/10 is 'Normal'.  OFA #HY-LP36/27F-VPI.
  • Annual Eye CERFS - 2/28/08, 2/3/09, 9/12/10 and 9/24/11 are all 'Normal'.
  • PRA/prcd - DNA on 3/12/08  is 'Clear'.  PID #0001054428
  • Heart - 6/23/09 - certified 'Normal'.  OFA #HY-CA233/18F/P-VPI.


With Chico on 10/27/09

With Clifford on 11/30/10

With Cowboy on 9/16/12

Willson's Chico

When Chico (RETIRED) was purchased, he already had a very successful breeding career in Canada.  I had admired him and his puppies from afar until serendipity appeared and I was able to purchase him along with another breeder for our programs.  A more happy guy would be hard to find!  Chico greets you at the door with friendly barks and a wildly wagging tail.  He has definitely earned a well deserved retirement.

Stats and Certifications:
  • DOB:  12/31/05.  Chico is an F1B Labradoodle.  Willson's Honest Abraham, an apricot mini Poodle is his sire and a red F1 Labradoodle named Willson's Chica is his mom.
  • Size/Color/Coat:  17 inches and 30 lbs.  Color DNA is Bbee, so he carries for chocolate and has a lovely light red, wavy, non-shedding coat.
  • von Willebrand's Disease - DNA on 2/7/07 is 'Clear'.  VetGen #46019
  • Annual Thyroid/Blood Work/Chemistry's and TgAA on 3/2/09 was 'Normal'. On  9/14/10 was within normal limits.  Results from his 10/19/11 test showed a slightly low T3 and T4.  All his TgAA genetic levels are absolutely normal.  HML #28095
  • Hips - PennHIP done on 11/17/06 is .47/.35 and OFA prelim was 'Good' at 11 months old.
  • Patellar Luxation (knees) - 9/27/10 is 'Normal'.   OFA #LD-PA47/56M/P-VPI
  • Elbows - 11/28/06 was prelim of 'Normal' at 11 months.
  • Annual Eye CERFS - 8/18/09 and 8/27/10 were 'Normal'.
  • PRA/prcd - DNA on 5/9/07 is 'Normal'.  Optigen Accession #: 07-3974.
  • Heart - 9/27/10 is 'Normal'.  OFA #LD-CA46/56M/P-VPI



Coriander (RETIRED) is a 'Diamond in the Rough'.  Cori is a first generation Cockapoo who was brought up in a kennel setting and was shined up by his guardians with lots of love and patience to bring out the sparkle in his eyes and the spring in his step.  Cori charms all my girls when he comes over for a visit.  I swear, he makes Harriet Potter swoon.

Totally non aggressive with people and other dogs, Coriander is an easy guy to have around.  He adores his big Labradoodle brother, Patton, and loves the water, playing fetch and exploring the woods.

Cori loving the water!
Cori playing with other dogs.

Stats and Certifications:
  •  DOB:  11/20/06 - Coriander is a foundation breed approved F1 Cockapoo ALAA #017781.  Both his parents are AKC registered.
  • Size/Color/Coat:  Height is 16 1/2 inches and Cori weighs 28 lbs.  Color DNA is bbee - Chocolate Dilute aka 'Caramel'.  He has Liver pigment and will produce only caramels and chocolates.  This boy sports a non-shedding, loose curl that feels more like human hair.
  • von Willebrand's Disease - 12/14/07 is DNA 'Clear'.  PID #0001052919
  • Annual Thyroid/Blood Work/Chemistry's and TgAA - All 'Normal' on 12/09/08, 9/08/10 and 3/12/10 - HML #15325.  On 9/12/12 - HML39433 thyroid levels 'Normal' for T4/T3/TgAA .
  • Hips - PennHIP is .55/.44 with OFA certification #COP-5G24M-VPI on 1/12/09 of  'Good'. 
  • Patellar Luxation (knees) - 1/12/09 'Normal'.  OFA #COP-PA47/24M/P-VPI
  • Elbows - 1/12/09 - 'Normal'.  OFA #COP-EL1M24-VPI
  • Legg-Calves-Perthes - 3/17/10 -  'Normal'.  OFA #COP-LP1/24M-VPI
  • Annual Eye CERFS - 11/08/08 and  9/12/10 were 'Normal'.   
  • PRA/prcd - 8/21/07 is 'Normal'.  Optigen Accession #:  07-7834.
  • Heart - 1/12/09 'Normal'.  OFA #COP-CA1/25M/P-VPI


Rumple Sticks

Rumple (RETIRED) is all class from his stylish prance to his soft flowing fleece coat.  His personality is rather quiet but he will sound the alarm, by barking, if anyone comes to the door or your yard.  He loves to cuddle and be close to his owners.

Rump sired great looking puppies with our girls and his litters always held a surprise or two because he carried the parti gene.  I expect many of his progeny will carry this 'fun' gene as well and have retired Rumple to a life of luxury with his owners.

Stats and Certifications:
  • DOB:  November 5, 2006
  • Size/Color/Coat:  Although listed as a miniature on the ALAA database, Rumple grew to be a standard at 21+ inches tall and 35 lbs.  His color DNA is bbEe and he carries for creams but no black.  Rumple is a Lavender and has a perfect wavy, non-shedding fleece coat.
  • von Willebrand's Disease - DNA on 3/6/07 is 'Clear'.  PID #0001050137
  • Annual Thyroid/Blood Work/Chemistry's and TgAA - 3/6/07, 11/14/08, 11/20/09, 10/14/10 and 7/7/11 are all 'Normal'.  HNL #24264
  • Hips - PennHIP results done on 12/20/07 was .56/.47 with no Degenerative Joint Disease noted.  OFA certification #LD-37F24M-VPI at two years was rated as 'Fair'.
  • Patellar Luxation (knees) - 12/12/07 is 'Normal'.  OFA #LDPA2/12M/P-PI
  • Elbows - 11/25/08 is 'Normal'.  OFA #EL36M24-VPI
  • Legg-Calve-Perthes - 11/25/08 certified 'Normal'.  OFA #LD-LP1/24M-VPI
  • Annual Eye CERFS - All 'Normal' on 2/19/07, 3/6/08, 5/3/09 and 3/14/10.
  • PRA/prcd - DNA on 1/28/08 is 'Clear and Normal'.  PID #0001050137
  • Heart - Echocardiogram on 9/27/10 is 'Normal'.  OFA #LD-CA5/46M/C-VOI-ECHO
  • Sebaceous Adenitis - 12/10/08 is 'Normal'.  OFA #LD-SA1/24M-VPI

Maple Sugar

Another Annabelle daughter, Maple (RETIRED) mimics her mom right down to the cute head tilts that she makes when you talk to her.  It is so endearing you can't help but smile.  Maple loves to take rides in the car and is also an avid lover of the Maine snows.  She follows the tracks made by her owner instead of using all her energy forging ahead.  Aptly named, Maple Sugar is as sweet as they come and the color of fall maple leaves.  Her favorite thing in the world is food.

Stats and Certifications:
  • DOB:  5/21/07 from a mating of Annabelle (F2) to Willson's Trout (F1B) of Lakeside Labradoodles
  • Size/Color/Coat:  19 inches tall and 34 lbs.  Color DNA is BBee and she has a silky, curly, non-shedding coat of a deep apricot with white abstract markings.  Maple carries the parti gene and has produced several parti puppies for my program.
  • von Willebrand's Disease - DNA 'Clear'.  PID #0001055037
  • Annual Thyroid, Blood Work, Chemistry's and TgAA - 8/9/07, 10/29/08, 10/28/09 and 10/14/10 - all within 'Normal' limits.  HML #16230
  • Hips - PennHIP done on 9/24/07 is .47/.47 and OFA certification #HY-634G24F-VPI of 'Good'.
  • Patellar Luxation (knees) - 6/10/09 is 'Normal'.  OFA #HY-PA146/24F/P-VPI
  • Elbows - 6/10/09 is 'Normal'.  OFA #HY-EL336F24-VPI
  • Legg-Calves-Perthes - 11/5/08 is 'Normal'.  OFA #HY-LP29/17F-VPI
  • Annual Eye CERFS - On 8/9/07. 8/28/08 and 5/23/09 showed extra eyelashes.  On 9/12/10 exam was 'Clear and Normal'.
  • PRA/prcd - DNA on 5/2/08 is 'Clear'.  PID #0001055037
  • Heart - Heart certified as 'Normal'.  OFA #HY-CA174/17F/P-VPI



Litter with Coriander on 2/8/09:

Litter with Rumple Sticks on 3/2/10

Litter with Rumple Sticks on 3/21/11

Cadbury Nougat

Cadbury (RETIRED) lives a charmed life.  She is the animated teddy bear of her owners.  As a youngster, Cadbury was a lovely chocolate color which prompted her name.  I figured she would lighten to a cafe` due to her DNA color genes and she did.  She has the most gorgeous tail of all my doodles - a plume that just waves and blows in the gentlest of winds.  I originally thought Cadbury would be a miniature, like her dad, but she is a well built medium.  She reminds me of a ballerina - dainty and sinewy in the same package.  Sadly, Cadbury's breeding career was cut short due to her developing kidney stones.  I did not want to take any risks, so she is spayed.

Stats and Certifications:
  • DOB:  May 21, 2007 from a mating of Harriet Potter and Zaccheus from Connecticut Labradoodles.
  • Size/Color/Coat:  18 inches and 30 lbs.  Color DNA is bbEe and her coat is a lovely wavy fleece that is completely non-shedding
  • von Willebrand's Disease - 5/2/08 is Clear.  PID #0001055029
  • Annual Thyroid/Blood Work/Chemistry's and TgAA - 1/7/09 all normal.  HML #00000438
  • Hips - PennHIP done on 7/31/08 is .56/.44 and OFA certification #HY-637G24F-VPI was done on 6/17/09 and rated as 'Good'. 
  • Patellar Luxation (knees) - 6/15/09 is 'Normal'.  OFA #HY-PA147/24F/P-VPI
  • Elbows - 6/17/09 is 'Normal'.  OFA #HY-EL338F24-VPI
  • Legg-Calve-Perthes - 6/29/09 Certified 'Normal'.  OFA #HY-LP32/13F-VPI
  • Annual Eye CERFS - On 8/7/07 is 'Normal'; 8/11/08 and 5/3/09 has extra eyelashes in right eye.  On 9/12/10 is 'Normal'.
  • PRA/prcd - DNA on 5/2/08 is 'Carrier'.  PID #0001055029
  • Heart - Echocardiogram on 10/18/10 is 'Normal'.  OFA#HY-CA390/39F/C-VPI-ECHO



With Rumple Sticks on 1/16/10

Due to Cadbury developing crystals in her urine, I decided to spay her after the above litter.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Harriet Potter

When sweet Harriet (RETIRED) was born from Annabelle and Brickie, my husband insisted we keep a pup from that mating.  I am so glad he did.  'Harry' has been called an 'old soul'.  I have never had a dog simply gaze into my eyes with such love and devotion, as she.  Her creamy wool coat is typically filled with dirt and debris which is why I lovingly call her 'Dirty Harry' most of the time.

Stats and Certifications:
  • DOB:  January 6, 2005. 
  • Size/Color/Coat:  Just under 17 inches and 33 lbs.  Color DNA is Bbee (carries for chocolate and black) and her coat is a completely non-shedding, curly wool.
  • von Willebrand's Disease - 4/4/06 is DNA Clear.  PID #0001053891
  • Annual Thyroid/Bloodwork/Chemistries/TgAA on 3/29/06, 1/23/07, 1/28/08 HPBC00272486
  • Hips - PennHIP done on 4/3/06 with .44/.44 with no Degenerative Joint Disease.  OFA certification #HY-367G25F-PI at two years old was rated as 'Good'  on 2/28/07.
  • Patellar Luxation (knees) - 2/27/04 is 'Normal'.  OFA#HY-PA11/13/F/P-PI
  • Elbows - On 2/28/07 at two years old are 'Normal'.  OFA#HY-EL141F25-PI
  • Annual Eye CERF - Clear and Normal on 3/4/06; Breeder Option A3 on 2/8/07; and Clear and Normal on 3/6/08.
  • PRA/prcd - 5/2/08 is 'Clear'.  PID #0001053891
  • Heart - Electrocardiogram on 1/6/05 was Normal.  OFA certification #HY-CA39/14F/P-PI



With RM's Lil Brett on 10/10/06:

With Connecticut's Zaccheus on 5/21/07:

With Rumple Sticks on 5/18/08: