Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Ms. Sadie Benz

I am beyond 'over the moon' with the guardian family who visited to meet myself and Sadie on Monday. It could not have been a more perfect applicant. Ms. Sadie will be dropped off at her new home in Rochester, NH on Thursday morning.

Some things are just worth waiting for.  :+)

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Daisy and Sadie playing together.

Sadie (10 weeks) is always trying to play with the adult doodles around here and typically just gets bowled over by them.  Today, I had the opportunity to have just a 'Mother and Daughter' playdate. Sadie was thrilled to have her mom all to herself to chase, tug  and wrestle with.

Daisy Mae is a wonderful mom and very gentle but in some of these pics you would think they are killing each other!! 

Sadie looks like she has a strangle hold on Daisy!

Sadie taunting her mom.

'Oh, I love you sooooo much'!

'Play nice, Sadie or mommy will leave.'

'Okay mommy, I will - I promise.'
Such cuties!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Ms. Sadie Benz is still looking for a Guardian Home.

What a great pup Sadie is. Calm for a girl just 10 weeks of age (8 lbs.).  She is doing very well with sitting in front of you when called and sitting for her meals.  This little girl is a miniature Labradoodle who will be about 25 lbs. at maturity. She is learning to calm down quicker when placed in her crate area. Each night there is less and less objection - maybe 3 minutes.  :+)

I was away for about a week and upon my return, she was cheerful and engaging, not shy or reclusive. Sadie is not a hyper pup but does love attention and cuddles. She likes to play with a ball and loves interacting with all the adult doodles here.

Sadie would truly love another dog to live with but would also acclimate easily with someone who is home and wants furry company. She would do great with well behaved, gentle children. 

Ms. Sadie Benz has a soft, sweet (not timid) temperament and completely settles when held.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

If I don't answer right away.... UPDATE!

I will be taking a few days off attending a 5 day Labradoodle seminar in NYC!  Hubby will be in charge of doodles while I am gone.  So, please be aware I may not respond as quickly as normal to questions and such.  It will be a hectic but fun time!

:+)  Joyce

UPDATE:  Although I will be gone again tomorrow through Monday to attend our grandson's birthday party in another state, I think I will still be able to answer emails. It sure has been a whirlwind few days! I can't wait to get into my bed tonight.

Saturday, October 14, 2017


After an incredibly busy week, today has culminated with all these families meeting each other and enjoying their new addition to their family.  Hopefully, all will go well over the next few nights in their new home.

After everyone left, I had another family visit for my spring litter and then I laid down! :+)  Here are the pics of all these furry babies with their owners.

Louie -  Louis has been adopted by the Jones family.

Simba joins the Kasell family.

Little Rosie joins the Prellwitz family.

Ziggy Stardust is adopted by the Blumbergs.

Montana joins the Swartz family.

Lots of big smiles as Piper joins the Walsh family.

Barrister will be an armful indeed for the Farzan family.

Maggie Lutsk will be the special companion for her owner.

Ms. Sadie Benz and her Guardian Family.

Enjoy your babies as you all venture into the world of puppydom!  It is challenging but incredibly rewarding.  :+)

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Surgeries today! MORNING AFTER PICS!

Early this morning, eight of the pups and I traveled to my vet for their surgeries. This was their second 'big' car trip this week. Friday is their last trip before they go home.  They have done very well in the car, so I am happy about that!

I picked them up early this evening as they also need to recoup and be able to urinate before leaving the vet facilities.

In the meantime, Ms. Sadie Benz has been home alone but she is such a good girl and kept herself perfectly entertained with toys and put herself in a crate for a nap. She happily watched me vacuum the pup area of leaves and debris, disinfect it and stack the play-yard toys in one area for their winter location.

Now that the pups are home, their play space will be quite limited until pick up. They will need to be monitored for 10 days which means more quiet time than 'rough-housing'. Yes, walks are fine and holding is fine but children definitely need to be supervised as the surgery heals.  They bounce back very quickly and want to wrestle and rock and roll, but 'surgery is surgery' and having them with their owner is far better for healing than the temptation of wrestling with 9 siblings!  It truly is impossible for me to prevent them from frolicking.  I guess if they were locked up in a crate all day and night and that would limit their space but just promote anxiety and loud barking - both of which I want to prevent.  Gentle playing is just fine, you just don't want them running hard for a ball or jumping all over the place as that will impair healing and possibly open up the surgical site and cause an infection. So, please follow the instruction sheet provided to you at pick up.

It is too late to post pics but I will tomorrow so you can see that they are all fine.  Rosie, Maggie and Piper are still under the effects of anesthesia and did not want to eat, just sleep.  This is when you follow their lead and leave them in an open crate.  I will offer them some food later if they are up.

Once again, I am grateful to my vets and their technicians for their surgical expertise and kindness to my pups.


The sun is shining and they are outdoors enjoying it.

They will only have access to these outdoor pens until they go home to keep their activity to a minimum.

Ms. Sadie Benz

What a great puppy!  So happy I chose her to be a future hopeful for ADNE. Sadie was home without her siblings all day (they were getting their surgeries) and was nary a problem. So self entertaining - played with toys, watched me work outdoors putting stuff away, had lunch and put herself in a crate for a nap afterwards. No barking, no crying, no complaining. She is so stable.  :+)

I took some pics of her because she is so photogenic and was happy to participate.  We are still hoping for a local guardian home for this great girl but in the meantime, Carl and I are enjoying her wonderful self.  My bet is that she will lighten as she ages and have a fabulous wavy coat.

My name is Ms. Sadie Benz, after that 'fancy' car.

My mommy says 'I have great lines' - not sure what that means.

She says 'My front grill is nice and wide'.

Then there is this thing she calls 'balanced'.

Sometimes, I think she is confused as to what I am!

This little charmer is 8  1/2 weeks in these shots and will grow to about 16 inches and 25 lbs. Her temperament is truly wonderful - focused, gentle and willing.

Sunday, October 8, 2017


By this time next week, the pups will all be in their new homes except for Sadie, who I have not found a guardian home for yet.  :+(  She will not be lonely though as she can then hang around with my adults.  Good exposure for her.

The pups are really growing now and a couple of the boys have now overcome Ms. Sadie for the heavyweight in the litter. Simba is now 7 hefty pounds and you can feel it when you pick him up!

Teeth are growing and in a few weeks will be replaced by their adult teeth so lots of chew toys will be needed. Don't forget those wonderful Kongs for filling with food & freezing for nutrition and entertainment.

This week's prop is our harvest basket. However the cutest 'vegetable' is your sweet puppy!

Maggie Lutsk - 8 wks., 5 lbs.

Ziggy Blumberg - 8 wks., 6 lbs.

Rosie Prellwitz - 8 wks., 4  1/4 lbs.

Piper Walsh - 8 wks., 6  1/4 lbs.
Ms. Sadie Benz - 8 wks., 6  1/2 lbs. (Guardian Home Candidate)

Montana Swartz - 8 wks., 6  3/4 lbs.

Louie Jones - 8 wks., 5  1/2 lbs.

Barrister Farzan - 8 wks., 6  1/4 lbs.

Simba Kasell - 8 wks., 7 lbs. He is a chunka chunka!

Saturday, October 7, 2017


I took some casual shots of the pups this morning. They literally make it impossible to walk normally outdoors with them clinging to my pants or shoes! They are certainly becoming rowdy at times and full of themselves the rest of the time.  Fortunately, they still like to be held and view me as their 'Chef n Chief'.  :+)

Pens are rearranged again getting ready for the upcoming, crazy busy week.

The Play Box is back down and Louis enjoys it.

Wrestling is pretty non-stop!

Entertaining themselves.

They like to play on and around the caterpillar.

Annabelle still likes to visit with the pups.

Thinking about taking a nap.

Well, maybe not.  

Wednesday, October 4, 2017



What can I say? This girl is such a great example of what I like to keep back and breed from if she passes testing at a year of age.  Although her yummy chocolate color may fade, her lovely personality will just continue to 'age like a great wine'.  I love that she has retriever instincts, likes to chase a ball, enjoys cuddles and focuses well.

When Sadie was born, I was taken with how well she was 'put together' even as a newborn. She was rock solid sturdy and beautiful.   She and her siblings come from really healthy lines with an excellent family tree.

Mercedes Benz - known for its quality and great lines - just like Sadie.  :+)

I love her broad head and her rear end is also well 'designed' with a nice wide stance - she is very balanced. This lovely vehicle and Sadie have a lot in common hence the twist on the name. Can't beat quality, great style or workmanship.  :+)

Sadie will be a sturdy miniature of about 25 lbs. and perhaps 16 inches in height. She is a nice blend of calm and playful. Impish enough to make you laugh and hearty enough for hiking, swimming, walks and just the perfect size for easy baths and traveling.  Sadie will not have a curly coat, it will be long and flowing like her mother Daisy Mae but in tones of chocolate/cafe. She will not shed.

If you live within an hour of our location in North Berwick, Maine, Or Southern Maine Vets in Lyman, Maine; or the location of my vet in Rochester, N.H., I would love to hear from you.

Monday, October 2, 2017

DAISY X EMMETT Assignments!

Later yesterday afternoon, my trainer Sue arrived to temperament test Daisy's litter.  We were very lucky the day was so terrific so the pups could be outside for a segment of the test.

Please know that this type of testing is not 'sealed' with cement! It is just a window of time to take a peek at the basic traits of a pup. It tells me what buyers should do to encourage each and every pup to develop into solid and confident Labradoodles.  Think of it as a critique of each pup so you can teach them the rules for improvement.

I decided to use the pics from the testing for assignments.  PLEASE send me names as soon as possible. Thank you to those that already gave them to me.  :+)

Showing us how brave he is to climb the stone steps.

Ziggy likes to be close as well as explore!

MAGGIE LUTSK aka Violet Collar.
An eager, cuddly and brave young lady.

LOUIE LOUIS JONES aka Green Collar.
A sweet, sensitive guy that loves to be cuddled and enjoys toys.

MS. SADIE BENZ - GH prospect.
I do think there is a retriever in our midst.  :+)

ROSIE PRELLWITZ aka Orange Collar.
This tiny lady may be a frequent flyer to visit her 'triplet' human siblings!

PIPER WALSH  aka Teal Collar.
Observant, respectful and collects 'bodyguards'!

SIMBA KASELL aka Brown Collar.
A social, confident pup that makes friends easily.

MONTANA SWARTZ aka Red Collar.
Sweet and fun loving sort of guy that is happiest with lots of attention.