Saturday, October 14, 2017


After an incredibly busy week, today has culminated with all these families meeting each other and enjoying their new addition to their family.  Hopefully, all will go well over the next few nights in their new home.

After everyone left, I had another family visit for my spring litter and then I laid down! :+)  Here are the pics of all these furry babies with their owners.

Louie -  Louis has been adopted by the Jones family.

Simba joins the Kasell family.

Little Rosie joins the Prellwitz family.

Ziggy Stardust is adopted by the Blumbergs.

Montana joins the Swartz family.

Lots of big smiles as Piper joins the Walsh family.

Barrister will be an armful indeed for the Farzan family.

Maggie Lutsk will be the special companion for her owner.

Ms. Sadie Benz and her Guardian Family.

Enjoy your babies as you all venture into the world of puppydom!  It is challenging but incredibly rewarding.  :+)

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