Friday, January 28, 2011

Olive & Cori's litter is 4 weeks old tomorrow!

With visitors coming both days this weekend, I felt that it would be better to get their pics up today. I did not think anyone would complain.

These pups are really getting the hang of the feed dish and there is less 'oatmeal' footprints being tracked back to the crate. We have tried three different potty type containers, trying to find the one they prefer using as 'the bathroom' rather than a 'sleeping area'. Happens all the time, but I keep taking them out and putting them back on the cushion or stuffed animal. I know the potty areas are being used - but so is the floor, cushion, toys, etc. They will get it eventually. We must all remember they are still babies. :+)

They do have periods of playing. It is brief, but that will expand as they grow. Sizes are beginning to take shape. I believe, Orange Boy, Rose and Rainbow Girls will fall in Coriander's category while the others seem to favor Olive's size. Time will tell. The pups like to be held and are very good about getting their eyes trimmed. Hopefully, that will continue to be something they tolerate well.

They are seeing better but still frightened of sharp or loud noises - so children visiting must be gentle and use 'inside voices' please! :+)


For this photo shoot, I placed them in a green wagon I usually have a pile of toys in. It contained them well and kept them safe but there is a bit of a 'greenish haze' in some areas of the pics.

The coats on these pups are full and will be wonderful to groom. They will grow quickly, so please be sure to get them use to brushing so that your groomer will be happy to see them and your doodle will have a pleasant experience.

I adore the lovely wide heads, nicely spaced eyes and soft expressions. :+)

Orange Boy - 3 & 1/4 lbs.

Blue Boy - 4 lbs.

Fudge Girl - 4 lbs.

Black Boy - 4 & 1/8 lbs.

Rainbow Girl - 3 & 1/8 lbs.

Rose Girl - 3 & 1/4 lbs.

Teal Boy - 3 & 3/4 lbs.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We have moved! (Olive x Cori)

Olive's pups are now three weeks old and they can see, hear, wobble, drink water and eat gruel. Of course, this now means lots more noise and definitely piles of messes that I now take care of not Olive. It comes with the territory. :+)

They are liking their new surroundings and certainly interested in the small world they now live in. From this time forward, each week will bring them new sites, sounds, textures, food intros and experiences. This is also the time that I must be very careful that they not get traumatized but also not live in a bubble. It can be a fine line. :+)


Here they all are on moving day. They know my voice and have been having a wonderful time climbing out of their pool in the office - even after wrapping it in a baby bumper. They are ready to do some exploring and were letting me know.

Once moved, the new experience was 'dorm eating'. I believe I would call this a 'food fight'!! They wobbled out of their crate onto the 'dining room' and dove in. Oatmeal gruel blended with Goat's Milk and Gerber's baby food meat was everywhere including them. Oi!

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Clara x Clifford at 8 weeks. (Two posts!)

The pups have been enjoying their kitchen time immensely. They adore snuggling with the large stuffed Caterpillar that lies on the floor for most of the day. Many times, Olive is in the kitchen with them and does not mind them around her. She is teaching excellent 'doggie' manners which normally their mother would provide. It is critical for puppies to have this exposure as it is teaching them how to behave properly in a dog world.

P.S. The pups went for their first puppy shots today and all did very well! I was thrilled that not a one of them complained in the car at all - no salivating, no barking, no whining, no vomiting - totally content. :+) No parasites either as I had their stools checked. My vet said they were exceptionally easy pups to examine and handle. Way to go pups!!!


Red Boy, who is now 9 1/4 lbs., loves to grab a toy and run around with the others chasing him.

Green Boy at 6 1/2 lbs. still prefers to snuggle and cuddle. I am glad to see him stick up for himself now though. He wrestles and growls with his playmates but is definitely a 'lover not a fighter'.

And in true Hazel style, why should she sit when she can drape? Hazel is now 7 1/4 lbs.
Please inquire.
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Let's have a fiesta!! (Clara x Clifford)

Although the pups are totally enjoying the snow (and even the cold!), they are looking for a change of pace. So, I decided to dress them up in Hawaiian outfits and think SUNSHINE and WARMTH.

They were so very cooperative and I think they even enjoyed wearing the outfits. :+)


Green Boy is definitely thinking about learning how to surf. Who could resist a strawberry blond guy with curls???

Red Boy is PRAYING for some 'fun in the sun' soon! He is ready for a bikini doggie parade.

Hazel Mae is is showing off her outfit with all the attitude she can muster. I do believe she is waiting for some 'bling' to be added. Hazel is available for a local guardian home placement.
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Eloise is a candidate for a local guardian home.


A total sweetheart who loves to play fetch and is very respectful of other dogs. Elle gives lots of kisses and loves to be held and groomed. I easily trim her eyes and clip her nails. She is not touch sensitive. Eloise uses a doggie door very well and sits on command. We are still working on leash walking and coming when called. :+)

At 16 weeks old, Eloise weighs 6 lbs. and is not quite 10 inches tall to the top of her shoulders. Her expected mature size should be around 12 to 15 lbs. and approximately the same for height as well - a true little treasure 'box'. :+)

We adore this little mop of red hair and want the perfect guardian for her. Must be local and have experience with dogs. A fenced yard is a must unless YOU are on the other end of her leash!

Interested parties, please email: or call 207-676-5579.

Eloise Moppet on her Caterpillar.

Elle trying to initiate Harriet Potter to play.

Elle's adorable face. Does she not resemble her namesake children's book 'Eloise'??? I need to add a red bow!

Elle's coat is AMAZING! Soft as a feather, blows in the wind, brushes out easily and a gorgeous color.
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We are Three Weeks!

Oh my, my, my. What a group of lush coats, large heads and chunky physiques! Olive's group continues to nurse heartily. They also lap up Goat's Milk in between feedings just to ease Olive's incredible demands by her 'porker' babies.

The pups are still in my office for a few more days due to the cold snap we are under. I am looking forward to putting them in the Puppy Room soon though!

Black Boy is still the whopper of the group at 3.48 lbs.

Orange Boy weighs 2.94 lbs. and is right on target. He shows the darkest hue of the cream colored pups.

Teal is very light in color - I would almost call him Chalk instead of Cream, but the Labradoodle community would call him 'White Chocolate' as he reflects that image beautifully. Yum!

Fudge is what fudge looks like - melted chocolate! She weighs 3.54 lbs.

Rainbow, weighing in at 2.90 lbs. is the smallest girl.

Blue is another 'White Chocolate'. Smooth & soft.... just melts in your hands. He weighs 3.64 lbs.

Rose looks small but is a chunk at 3.20 lbs. She was very alert for the photo shot.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Here are our 7 wk. pics and weights! (Clara x Clifford)

After the pups enjoyed the snow, they settled down and dried off. I placed each of them on my chair in our den and took a pic of their heads and one of them sitting down. They did really well and are developing into lovely Labradoodles. :+)

Hazel is first this week and she will have dark liver pigment and hazel eyes. (I guess she was aptly named, huh?) Hazel weighs 6 & 1/2 lbs. at seven wks. old.

Red Boy tilted his head just as I snapped. I just LOVE pups that do head tilts! As you can see he has black nose pigment. Still a whopper at 7 & 3/4 lbs. at the seven week marker.

Our little Green Boy is chock full of curls and cuddles. He always wants to be close to you just in case a kiss or pat is available. Like Hazel, he has liver pigment. The smallest of the pups at 5 & 1/2 lbs. at seven weeks.

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Pups enjoy the new falling snow! (Clara Belle x Clifford litter)

On Clara's pups 7th week birthday, we woke up to more falling snow. These babies love the snow as do most of my puppies. Here are some shots of them frolicking.

Green Boy was dashing hither and dither chasing his littermates.

Here are the two brothers running to meet up with their sister, Hazel.

Hazel was ready and waiting for them to join her.

Red Boy thinks snow is yummy!

Olive later joined them to play. She is very good with them. Lord knows, she will be repeating this with her own litter very soon.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pics with Mr. Snowman at 2 wks. (Olive x Cori Litter)

Although we did not make any snowmen outside, there is certainly plenty of snow to make a family of them! I am sure most of you have plenty to share yourselves.

Olive's litter has a couple of 'early peepers' but most of them choose to keep their eyes closed for a bit longer. I bet by next week's pics, all of them will be trying to focus on their world beyond mommy's milk bar. It appears the ladies of this group are the most curious as two of the three have opened their eyes. :+)

All of the pups are on a perfect weight gain per age chart. As in all things growing, they are all over the normal range.

Miss Rose peeked at her world today! She weighs 2.34 lbs.

Miss Fudge wants to keep her eyes closed for now, but I expect them to open very soon! 2.54 lbs.

Miss Rainbow opened her eyes yesterday and has not shut them since, I think! 2.16 lbs.

Black Boy is still the roly poly of the group at 2.72 lbs.

Teal Boy is going to be very curious when he grows up, I think. Every time I want to photograph him, he has to check everything out first. I have to put my camera on 'Sport'. 2.46 lbs.

Orange Boy has the most color in the group of creams. He also has very cute abstract markings. He weighs the least of the boys at 2.22 lbs.

Blue Boy reminds me very much of his daddy in looks. I think he will have his big 'slipper feet' too. :+) 2.64 lbs.
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