Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Clara Belle is going to be a Mommy! Yippppeeee!

I can't tell you how thrilled I am to finally get this news! A month doesn't seem long to wait, but just getting that confirmation seems to take years. :+)

According to my canine charts, we should expect these lovely little ones in early November.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Clara Belle...the waiting is killing me


Here are some pics of this cutie as she enjoyed her visit with us playing with the girls and then getting bathed and groomed before being returned to her guardians after being mated. I won't have a pregnancy 'verdict' until early October, so we must all utilize patience. Hard to do though!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

What to look for in a healthy pedigree.

Since we are waiting for news regarding Clara Belle's pregnancy status, I thought this would be a good time to share some breeding subjects. I already talked about why I choose to not become a member of the various registry organizations; and I touched upon why I am not really keen on only producing pure Australian Labradoodles. If my thoughts ever scroll off before you get to read them, you can find the posts on the Index under 'Points to Ponder'.

I have seen breeding co-efficients (close breeding with common dogs) of almost 50% on some Poodle lines - unbelievable! The utilization of this practice is prevalent in most AKC dogs; and sadly, I am seeing this happening in Labradoodles as well. In the AKC world, this policy has been condoned for years and years to produce 'replica' puppies in litters. However, it also cements the recessive and dominant genes and that can and has lead to health and mental issues. Reading vet reports on the increasing rise of numerous health problems based not only on improper food quality, environmental pollution - as well as inbreeding, gives credence to the necessity of new blood to boost the genetic material that has been shared for too long. This is one of the reasons I always blend my Labradoodle matings with unrelated lines. There are very good reasons people do not marry within the same families...... why would that differ with dogs? DNA is DNA whether human or canine - you mate too close and you will have health and mental issues eventually.

Be informed and before buying a puppy, I suggest that you ask to view the pedigree of the pup you are considering and search for common names. A five generation gap before seeing a common name is a very good guide to adopt. Many puppy pedigrees do not show a five generation lineage, so ask to view the pedigrees of the parents and compare them side by side to verify no duplications for five generations.

Please note that a three generation pedigree is fine if you are purchasing an early generation Labradoodle because the 'founding' parents are a Labrador and a Poodle and they will be very evident on your pup's pedigree. However, if you are purchasing a pure Australian Labradoodle, this is simply not enough. The pure Australian Labradoodles have many generations behind them and a five generation pedigree should be required as proof of 'clean breedings'.

Be smart, be informed and require proof!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Labradoodle Registries and why I don't belong.

The brief answer is I don't like the politics of being in a club/registry.

They do have a function and some of them, especially the Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA) have a wonderful database of pedigrees which is extremely helpful to so many breeders of our hybrid. I thought of joining the newest 'kid in town' registry, namely the Association of Reputable Breeders (ARB) but when I questioned them regarding calling my vet about my testing protocol, they informed me that they did not ask that question at all, but just wanted to be sure that my dogs DID visit my vet for routine care. Hmmmmm.... that was all??? I found their testing requirements to be reputable well below my normal, routine testing requirements, so I passed on joining. They did have an interesting paragraph on being mediators if a problem should arise with a client, but if you are already honest, ethical and run a program with integrity, you should be able to mediate any issues that might occur.

Registries are quite simply - a club. I have been in many clubs in my lifetime and don't wish to join another at the moment. As I said, I don't like the politics. Yes, I have checked all of them out, but the goals I have set for my program have always exceeded every single registry available in the past and present. When there is one that is equal to what I do routinely in testing, I will consider joining. I do consider the goals that the registries provide for producing puppies that will improve on the breed very important and the proof of complying to this can be seen on my website via the puppy pics and adults. My testing protocol on every dog is also posted for all to see as explained on the Home Page of this website.

I like things simple and I prefer my website to be a place of information. I do not wish to banter on which type of Labradoodle is better; but rather which type of Labradoodle is the right one for you, the client. Yes, I definitely read the information on the many registries and I strive to produce Labradoodles of exceptional pet quality.

I love and own the Australian Labradoodle lines that include the American or English Spaniels and their Spoodle/Cockapoo blends over the other Australian lines that are primarily Poodle. By blending the American Labradoodles in my breeding program, I keep the Lab genes in the Labradoodle and prevent inbreeding by keeping the pedigrees clean. I adore using a quality tested Cockapoo hybrid as well to add nice coats and to keep the size to a medium with excellent boning. I like my formula and I hope you like it too.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Clara Belle and Chico Man have mated! Wahoo!!

I found out on Saturday that Clara Belle had finally ovulated and my bags were packed for a whirlwind trip to Rhode Island to visit our stud, Chico.

Sunday morning I picked up Clara Belle and off we went. They had a successful mating both Sunday evening and Monday late afternoon. Now, we anxiously wait for about a month to determine if she has pups growing - keep your fingers crossed!

We arrived back home today and I gave her an oatmeal bath and a nice trim so that she would look 'refreshed' for her guardians.

Clara Belle was a perfect house guest and I am so pleased that her guardians instilled good manners. Way to go Shawn and Erin!!

We are all very excited. :+)