Thursday, April 27, 2017

Hazel's litter 'playing around'.

These pups are so animated. They seem very curious and exploratory. Some fun miscellaneous shots of them today.

Although both RED and BLUE boys are blurry, Pink Girl's face warranted this pic!

Elsie wrestling with her brother, Blue Boy.

Blue Boy just chillin'.

Pink, Elsie and Blue Boy checking out the ball and the water bowl.

I think Pink Girl is going to like the water.  :+)

Elsie with Green Boy. 

'Where is everyone'? Red Boy.

'Here they are - eating lunch'! Leave some for me!!!!

Our grandson enjoying the pups.

Little Pink Girl is using her charms on him.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I have to say I sure enjoy having room under my feet to type!  :+)

Hazel and the pups are doing awesome! The pups enjoy their 'milk' meals from both Hazel (and the prepared  formula).  Hazel's food has been slightly reduced and she sure does miss the 'extras' but it is a necessary step in weaning.

The pups are very cute. They are beginning to mingle with each other, especially after a meal when they get a spurt of energy. They are still so small but the pics make them look big - just keep that in mind when you visit. This weekend is the first one for visitations, so keep that in mind.

Hazel nurses standing a lot now. 

The litter box is being used more and more.  :+)

Some go potty and other begin to play after nursing.

The group meshing together.
Elsie Malloy is 2  3/4 lbs. and a hopeful guardian home placement.

This handsome male weighs 2  3/4 lbs. This is Blue Collar Boy and  has a guardian home interested in him.

Pink Girl (who I call Shirley Temple) is curly and curious. I think she is laughing! 2  1/2 lbs.

This little charmer is Red Collar Boy.  Such a serious face!  2  1/4 lbs.

Lots of white splashes on Green Collar Boy - has the cutest color pattern!  2  1/4 lbs.

Do you think they are trying to play 'Ring around the Rosey'?

Sunday, April 23, 2017


It is a couple of days before their fourth week but once the Daisy x Keefer pups were picked up, I got right into cleaning and preparing for Hazel's litter to move right in. Ahhhhhh..... I now have room under my desk for my feet!  :+)

They took to the new space wonderfully! Hazel also seems quite pleased with the extra room and sunshine.  I also decided to see if the pups would take to drinking some prepared Goat's Milk and they happily lapped it up with gusto! That prompted me to add a small bowl of water to their area as well. All these huge steps happening at once and this litter did not falter a whit! I am so pleased. Now, I can provide a couple of meals a day to the pups and ease them off of Hazel. It will still take a week or two for them to be fully weaned but it is nice to see that they are willing to begin the process.

Here are some pics showing their new space.

The group happily moving around their new space with mom supervising.
Big smile from Hazel.

Somehow, Elsie climbed up that caterpillar to be next to Hazel's head.

Nice and roomy.

I love the little face of Red Boy peeking out in the back. Blue Boy is buried underneath everyone.
Elsie is in front with Pink Girl in the middle and Green Boy in the back.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

DAISY (purple girl) left today. Updated with 'Going Home' pics.

I think her two siblings are happy to have their own space now.  Both Bindi and Wyatt did this on their own with no coaxing from me. It is my hope that they will be comfortable in their own crates when they go home tomorrow but I do expect them to complain a bit.

Hopefully both families are ready to welcome their new companions home. Tomorrow, I will post pics of all three pups with their families as we say 'Goodbye' to the Daisy x Keefer litter.

I just finished giving both Bindi and Wyatt their baths and I think all these pups favor their mom's love of the water! None of them complained at all and just settled in the sink and enjoyed the 'rub a dub dub' complete with bubbles.  :+)  Even using the dryer was a non issue.

So, baths are done, bags are packed and booklets are finished. We are ready!!! I have a clinic to attend to early in the morning and then look forward to your arrivals at 1:30 pm. Please remember to have a crate with you that is not too small - about a 16 inch tall crate is perfect for this trip. Don't forget paper towels and a spray for a clean up if it occurs and stuff for yourself as well. A plastic bag for poops, etc.

See you tomorrow!  :+)

Well here they all are! Happily in their new owners arms and off to an adventure. Before you know it, they will forget all about where they were born and stayed for nine weeks! I am thrilled with their placements and know they will be loved and well cared for. Thank you Woodard, Kelley and McKeon families!

Miss Daisy Woodard.

Miss Bindi Kelley.

Mr. Wyatt McKeon.

Friday, April 21, 2017

It appears Purple Girl has a family!

Tomorrow morning, I have a family coming to meet her and if all goes well, take her home. I love that they have a fenced yard, lots of dog experience and a young girl who was wishing for a mini apricot doodle to cuddle with.   :+)

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Daisy's pups saw my vet today.

I was amazed that none of them made a peep during the 35 minute trip to my vet. They were so quiet, and they continued to be quiet at the vets as well. I brought them all in with my carriage and they were so good.  :+)

The examinations went very well and each was given a worm medicine as a preventative. Heartbeats were good, ears clear and patellae normal. Each were given a Health Certificate.

Tomorrow morning, we are off again to visit the eye vet.  :+)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


By the end of the weekend, I hope to have Hazel's litter in the puppy room. It is getting quite 'tight' in my office! Typically, the litters are moved between two and three weeks of age. Daisy's active group love having the choice of playing for hours outdoors or to come in for a good nap and so the pup room is a necessity for their occupation at this time.

Thankfully, Hazel's litter is just barely scooting, so in a few more days, they will have the pup room all to themselves with possibly Daisy's Purple Girl for a room-mate until I place her in a home. :+)

Red Collar Boy weighs 1  3/4 lbs. at three weeks. He will be around 25 lbs. or so at maturity.

Elsie Malloy, my Guardian Home choice for a female in this litter, is a solid girl.
I expect her to be closer to 30 lbs. at maturity. She weighs the most at three weeks - 2  1/4 lbs.

Pink Girl weighs more than Red Boy!
At 1 lb. 15 ounces, she will be a mini with lots of curls and nice black nose pigment.

Green Boy is so sweet. He weighs 1  3/4 lbs. Another mini with an adult weight of about 25 lbs.

Blue Boy is hefty like Elsie at 2 lbs. 2 ounces. He does have a white chin
like Red Boy but you can't see it in this pic. A possible Guardian candidate.

Friday, April 14, 2017


The big news about these two week old pups is their eyes are now open! On Day 10, every pup had 'peepers' looking at me. I have not had a litter where all the pups eyes opened up on the same day - it is usually a two or three day event. Looks like this group is synchronized!  :+)

Hazel and her litter are still in my office and Hazel is finally more accepting of my other girls taking a peek every now and then. She still hovers, but is tolerant of their curiosity now.

All three of the males have an Abstract Pattern which means they have splashes of white on their muzzle, chest and white tips on some of their toes. Some consider it 'flashy' and I could not agree more! One of my favorite patterns.  If you look closely at the pics, you will notice the skin tone is two different colors on the muzzle. The darker shade will have apricot or black hair (on black pups) and the pinker tone will be where the white hair will grow.

Purple Girl - ELSIE MALLOY - A chunk at 1.14 lbs!
Looking for a local guardian home for Elsie who should be about 20 to 28 lbs. at maturity.

(Local means less than an hour from our location; or our vet in Rochester, NH)

Blue Boy - The other chunk weighs 1.14 lbs. as well.

Pink Girl - Her name should be Shirley Temple. She will have curls! 1.9 lbs.

Red Boy - The smallest pup in the litter at 1.7 lbs.

Green Boy - Like his black coated brothers, has the 'Abstract' pattern. 1.9 lbs.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Boy or boy, these pups are ready to rock and roll! They are doing great with the dogie door and so enjoy coming and going at will. I do put them in the pen several times a day for naps and chill time but they will also all huddle together on the step for snoozes as well.

Having the adult doodles outdoors with them is great for their development and understanding dog language - each adult has their own methods and the pups are learning from all.

Yesterday, I posted them having fun outdoors, today's photos are more studious.

Precocious Bindi is 6  3/4 lbs at 8 weeks.

Purple Girl is such a mini size, she can sit on the stool easily. 5  1/4 lbs. at 8 weeks.

I think Wyatt would dent the stool if he tried to sit on it - a whooping 9 lbs. at 8 weeks.

Monday, April 10, 2017

DAISY X KEEFER litter of fun snapshots outdoors!

The pups are just whizzing through our dogie door to go outside and play these days. They just love chasing each other and our other doodles. There are so many balls, toys, stuffed animals and such - it is like an extension of my house for picking up!

Little Purple Girl (needs a special home) is still healing from her left eye ulcer but doing very well and playing with her siblings without the cone on now. She chased the rake as I worked and is full of spunk!

Here are some pics for you to enjoy.  :+)

Purple Girl (L) with Bindi.

The three of them playing tug with a little toy.

Looks like Wyatt may be the winner this time around.

Bindi likes to 'collect' the toys and surround herself with them.

Here she is again looking for more. Gotta love a girl that enjoys 'bling'.  :+)

Wyatt has managed to keep a toy or two for himself.

OOPS! Look at this! The littlest pup has captured the prize and is strutting her winnings!

Just an adorable shot of Wyatt and Bindi.

Yep, wrestling is in full form.