Friday, August 26, 2011

Attenion Olive x Coriander littermates!

Figgy came to visit me for a haircut the other day and I thought it would be nice to share her pics.

She arrived looking like a big brown bear with at least 4 inches of hair length. When I was done, she was much shorter. On September 1st, this litter will be 8 months old, so THIS IS THE TIME to have them cut short so that you can prevent severe matting during the coat changeover. The 'shedding' of the pup coat to the developing mature coat can be daunting if you do not stay on top of it. To miss a brushing/combing equates with a necessary and COMPLETE shave down of your doodle. Far better to cut them to about 3/4 inches now, than have a 'bald' doodle!! :+)

Figgy is going to be the color of her grandfather, Rumple Sticks. A gorgeous Lavender. You can see all the highlights developing all over her coat.

Fig is just about 16 inches and 27 lbs.

Just LOVE that face!

It would be great if her siblings had pics that I could share on this post! If you email me with updated pics of the siblings, I may be able to post them here. Any takers???

Thanks, Tracey! Newman is just as handsome as his namesake - look at that luscious coat! Is he still getting out of your yard? Such a little devil. It seems the more mischievous they are, the more you love them. :+)

Here is Bali's adorable face. I just adore that black nose and those expressive eyes. Her eyelashes are unbelievably long!!! :+)

And, one of her enjoying the comforts of her home.